Dead Pool [161]

Congratulations to Dick de Pfeffel Fox Chaser Fiddler who correctly predicted Rock and Roller Little Richard would be next to conk out aged 87 from bone cancer.

On to Deadpool 161:

The rules

1)Pick 5 famous cunts you think will be next to snuff it.It is first come first serve.No duplicates.You can always be a cunt and steal someone else’s nominations from previous threads ( Like Black and White Cunt frequently does).

2)Anyone who nominates the World’s oldest man or woman is a cunt who will be ignored .

3)It must be a newsworthy cunt we have heard of.

My picks (Shaun)

John Hemingway (The Few)
Leon Spinks
Willie Thorne
Derek Draper
Tom Smith (Rugby)

97 thoughts on “Dead Pool [161]

  1. This time I’ll take
    Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead bassist)
    Vivien Campbell (Def Leppard)
    Shane MacGowan (Pogues)
    Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath)
    Vera Lynn

    • Oh I mean Chas C just saw the above comment timing is a cunt Dick but you are both winners in my book but congrats Chas

      You know I haven’t listened to much of little Richard discograhpy aside from his hits like tutti-frutti or good golly miss molly I like a bit of classic old timey rock n roll. I know hes a wicked piano player and had hell of a voice. Also Prince probably wouldn’t exist if not for him

  2. Well done Dick

    Flight Lieutenant William Clarke
    Flying Officer John Hemingway
    Chuck Yeager
    Glynis Johns
    Ted Dexter

  3. VP Mike Pence (coronavirus ftom smelling his aides knickers)
    Dick Cheney
    Jimmy Tarbuck
    Christopher Plummer
    Robert Redford

  4. John Carpenter
    Hal Holbrook
    Al Leong
    Derren Nesbitt
    Chrissie Hynde

    Congrats Dick… err Chas err… oh fuck it… 😆

  5. Lily FUCKING Allen
    Keith Allen
    Geraldine Lynton-Evans (that fucking fat talentless cocksucking cunt Michael Winner’s widow)
    Ruggero Deodato (cruel piece of shit film director)
    Lily FUCKING Allen (again, just in case)

  6. In there, Dickie.

    I hear that Kraftwerk bloke copped it and all.

    Tommy Docherty
    Frank O’ Farrell
    Henry Woolf
    Patsy King
    Norman ‘Groupie’ Pilcher

  7. Sonny Barger
    Richard O’Sullivan
    Ray Brooks
    Mel Brooks
    The Bluebottle that’s flying round my fucking living room.

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