David Icke (4)

David Icke, and his balloon head followers.

This shit stirring lump of bat jizz has been peddling his conspiracy bollocks for years, and most people will just laugh in his stupid face when he starts his nonsense about six foot galactic lizards ruling the world, moon is a spaceship, blah fucking blah. But, being the astute conman that he is, he’s turned his mental illness into a goldmine, by preying on the fears and stupidity of cunts even duller than him. By trawling the internet, especially social media, he has not so much jumped on other conspiracy bandwagons, but has hijacked those conspiracies and woven them into his own deluded fantasy. This has brought him to a larger audience of suggestible who will buy into his shit (literally), even if they don’t believe the lizard crap.
His latest crackpot addition is the anti 5G mob, where he is now spreading the story than Coronavirus is merely a symptom of 5G exposure. Normally, the 3am loners and stoners that swallow all this horse shit will just repost and comment on it, using words like ‘sheeple’ and ‘truther’, but some of the more shallow end of that particular gene pool have taken action, and have attempted to burn down mobile phone masts, be them 5G or not.
This has now prompted the government to look into this bellend, as his rantings are encouraging thick people to carry out criminal acts. Of course, Icke has told his flock of cocks that this is just an attempt to silence him because he’s telling the truth, which of course the retards will believe every word he tells them.
Surely, if there was the slightest bit of truth in any of the shite this cunt has spouted in the last 35 years, these lizard cunts would have silenced him? Instead, they let him grass them up 24/7 on the internet, and write books and go on tours around the world, where he waves his weird club hands around filling empty heads with tripe that even a Scientologist wouldn’t believe. The cunt.

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

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  1. It is a well written nomination. Listening to David Icke you receive more truth than listening to mainstream UK/US news and politicians.
    David Icke has stood the test of time for over 30 years, and his research and understanding has only grown more serious knowledgeable and sophisticated.
    He has more followers than many political parties, he has more followers than most newspapers.
    It wasn’t the Government that shut him down it was the Social media companies that shut him down under the control of the NWO and the Jewry and the shadow government.
    If David Icke only spoke untruths then the people that run the world wouldn’t be concerned about him.
    It has taken the COVID19 global situation for David Icke to become more relevant now than at any time during the last 30+ years, and finally he has been shutdown (Facebook, YouTube, etc.)

    • Conspiracy theorist cunts always stick in a few facts and little bit of truth to make us mugs think the rest of their bollocks could be true. Most of the time it depends on how much we want to believe their nonsense, not the amount of water their theories hold. You can go a long way by pandering to gullible cunts’ fears and prejudices.

      Icke was shut down, not because he was telling the truth, but because he was inciting cunts to criminality, setting fire to 5G masts and thereby endangering life and damage to property.

      • Too right, RTC. And, he hasn’t really been shut down, as his followers can get their fill of his funky facts at his website, or can own his rantings in hardback for twenty quid a pop.
        Basically, blame the dustbin lids for everything, and you will have an instant army of admirers.

        • If I may be so bold but the correct rhyming slang for the adherents of that particular faith is “front wheel skid” or “four be two” to be more PC.
          Saucepans and dustbins were traditionally references to children.
          Back on topic, I think Icke would gain more respect if he dropped the ‘reptilians’ term and just used the catch all title of cunts.
          Cunts are running the world, probably from inside a hollowed out Morris Minor in low earth orbit or something.

          • You are probably right, he would get more popular if he dropped the lizard shit and just let his auntie sea might rantings reach an even wider audience. Is that term ok?

    • David Icke is as full of shit as the BBC, NY Times, CNN. Just a different sort of shit.

      I’m not someone who says this without having given him a chance. I’ve taken time to watch several of his talks, including his address at the Oxford Union.

      I dont think Youtube banning his London Real interview did anyone any good. Banning peoppe gives their ideas more allure, the Steisand Effect.

      That said i agree 100% with the nom. Icke frequently goes out of his depth, even when not talking about moonships and lizards, and uses fallacious reasoning, such s cherry-picking evidence to support a pre-determined conclusion, a tactic he openly admitted to in so many words in a recent video on the Coronavirus crisis.

      As RTC pointed put, conspiracy theorists using certain facts to support their theory do so to maintain relevance, but 2 + 2 + 2 doesnt equall 11.

      • Not a real nutter – Just an amateur nutter.

        Colonel Ghaddafi – wearing a Muumuu & holding up an umbrella to protect himself from Imperialist American bombs – now there was a real loon.

  2. Icke was spot on with his hilarious encounter with Ted Heath though:

    “What I had been told about Heath did not surprise me after my own experience with him in 1989 at the London Sky News studio where I was being interviewed as a national spokesman for the Green Party on an EU election results programme.

    “When I arrived I was taken into a make-up room and told that someone would be along in a moment to see me. I thought I had been left alone, but then as I sat down facing the wall of mirrors something caught my eye and there hidden behind an open door was Edward Heath who had just been interviewed and was waiting for his make-up to be removed. I said ‘hello’ but Heath did not even acknowledge me. He gave me a long inquisitive look that seemed to say ‘Mmmm, what’s this?’

    “Heath continued to stare intently without speaking and his eyes moved to the top of my head and slowly scanned down to my feet and back again. It was the weirdest experience and about to get weirder. At one point as his eyes were ‘scanning’ they turned jet black. I mean all of them, including the whites. I was looking at two black holes and at no point was there a point to make ‘eye contact’ in the sense that the blackness seemed to have no end and continued through him into wherever. His ‘eyes’ returned to normal and he turned away to look at the mirror in front of him.

    “Not a word was spoken the entire time. I didn’t say anything publicly about this at first because you question if you actually saw what you appeared to see, but later I began to come across stories and accounts from around the world about the ‘black-eyed people’ when the same experience was being described. Heath was one evil human being and controlled by an Archontic force not of this world.”



    • Ha ha!
      Morning RTC.
      That made me laugh, but the Satanic ritual? Well seeing it was Heath could have some truth.

    • Fuck me, I didn’t know he’d been a member of the Green Party, let alone be allowed to speak on their behalf. I know they are loonies, but I didn’t think they were that mental.

      • “In 1991 Green Party spokesman and TV sports presenter David Icke created considerable embarrassment for the Party when he revealed his extreme political and spiritual beliefs. He was subsequently forced to leave the party.”

        (From Wikipedia History of the Green Party)

        • RTCI think if he arrived in a clown outfit on a unicycle at a 7 year old’s birthday bash he would be asked to leave the party! Strange fella

  3. Quote “This shit stirring lump of bat jizz”

    That had me laughing and coughing into my breakfast you bastards. That should be written on his tombstone when he finally crokes it.

    In fact I’m still struggling for breath after laughing so hard. Is this a conspiracy to kill us all off I wonder?

  4. I’m cannot agree with this cunting, David Icke is an interesting man with interesting views…who can prove he is wrong? I don’t believe everything he says but he has some interesting points about history etc.
    Not sure abaaaaaht the 5g shite but there is definitely an agenda being pursued/pushed on us and I for one will not be having any vaccine or be using the Government’s track and trace app.
    I value my privacy and right to do what the fuck I want in this great FREE country. My ancestors fought in the both World War’s alongside many others so we can enjoy the freedoms we have.
    The Government have introduced some alarming law’s during this pandemic and some of the Police’s reaction has been totally aaaaht of order.
    The Government have totally messed their response up and the fact we have the highest death toll after we had more time to prepare than Italy, Spain etc is a joke.
    I seriously wonder abaaaaaht this Governments ability to Govern.

    • I agree B&W about the “track and trace crap”. Coronavirus today, but what if another government inherits it’s capabilities?. I can see Kweer Charmer tracking me and others down because we might say something disagreeable about one of his mincing pansies like Russell Moyle or something upsetting wimmin like Butch Phillips. Old Kweer wouldn’t do the job himself, of course, he would outsource it to Alcoholic Ali and his henchmen. No doubt the towelheads would “deal” with those who have an issue with Islam and Hammy Lammy ditto for the Dark Keys. Homophobia, Islamaphobia and all the other phobias are already used as weapons with no proof whatsoever.

      “Track and Trace” sounds like something out of 1984. When I first heard it mentioned in (Matt) Hancock’s Half Hour, I just pictured Peter Cushing and Andre Morrell in that never to be forgotten version of 1984.

      • Haha it’s true W. C. Boggs, perhaps in five years time your phone/tablet will alert the Government that you typed ‘I don’t like Feminists’ and they’ll send Joe Brand round and your only way to avoid court is to give her pussy a good licking. 😂

      • I shan’t be downloading that contact-tracing app either.

        Cos frankly my dears I don’t have an iPhone.

        Cunts with iPhones are hapless tools of the NWO and the Elders of Zion.

        • Definitely with you on the iPhone or whoever the device is made by.
          Bumped into someone I hadn’t seen for a couple of years. Asked me for my cell number. I pointed out that I wasn’t in a prison!
          I see whole families out together, all of them on the fucking phone. Even the nippers seem to have phones.
          Totally lacking in self awareness. Cunts.
          Should be called Dumb Phones.

    • @BWC I agree with everything you said except the UK having the highest death toll for which MSM seem to have a hard on reporting it. Andrew Neil commented the other day that Spain and Italy have not been including their care home Covid deaths in their death toll figures and France intermittently put them in.

      • Fair enough Cuntologist,
        It still makes me wonder how we managed to fuck it all up considering we were a few weeks behind them. I still think they are letting cunts waltz in to Heathrow.

        • Totally agree. Back in January we all saw the reports coming out of China. Even the dimwits on GoogleBox said they could see it coming.
          Why in the hell didn’t they shut down flights here, except repatriation and freight, and put us on lockdown back then? Flights are still happening as far as I know.

          BWC for PM!

          • I was sitting in my daughter’s garden yesterday (yeah I know) and she has an app on her phone that gives you the details of the planes flying above. All afternoon there were probably 8-10 planes, and they were all going to or from Heathrow and one of the yellow lands out East.

  5. To me, David is an interesting fella.
    I believe there may be things in this world that are beyond what can be explained or proven scientifically but do exist.
    I wrote a similar thing in a response to a nomination but I forget which one.

  6. The problem with humans is we have to or need to be able to explain and understand everything.
    Some things are beyond our comprehension…it’s as simple as that.
    I have a lot of time for science but science can’t explain everything.
    Can science tell how and when the Universe we know was created? If it was a big bang who started the big bang? Did the big bang appear from nothing.
    They can fuck right off, arrogant cunts who put all their faith in some scientist’s. The fact we can’t even get to Mars yet some scientist cunt types claim to know what the fuck is in a black hole is a joke.
    Go fuck yourselves.

  7. 1990/91 Son of ‘God’, turquoise shell suit, off his head… makes a living from being nuttier than a fruit cake, mostly harmless apart from the 5G bollocks.


  8. Who is to be believed in this day and age? Politicians who literally lie everyday and us mugs vote them in again and again or this cunt Icke.
    I choose to believe what my gut tells me…our gut feeling should never be ignored, it’s what we have built in which has evolved over millennia.
    It’s like when you read one of my posts and think that Black and White cunt seems to be a bit of a cunt…your right.

  9. The 5g corona conspiracy never made much sense to me, but if there is side effects like radiation from 5g its worth looking at.

    I like the high speed downloads I get from 5g I can stream porn with no problem and get almost no lag when I play online games. I found it odd Israel banned its usage but that might be because of the orthodox community there doesn’t want it i dunno

    • The 5g frequency bands range from as low as 450MHZ (higher than the VHF Bowman radio used by the Army) to as high as 86GHZ.

      The problem of radiation exposure comes with proximity to the tx as it’s at it’s most concentrated before it’s become subject to wave propagation – that’s why guys working on the towers had to wear hazmat suits.

      It’s also why in the Signals we were instructed never to put our hand in front of the wave guild apperture otherwise we would suffer RF burns (purely from a dense concentration of radio waves).

      As for 5G causing Covid or Covid-like symptoms I’m unaware of such things being possible. Infrasonic sound waves (sub 1KHZ) can cause confusion, irritability, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and fainting as the MOD found out when they used the Squawkbox for crowd control during the Northern Irish Troubles.

      As for upper frequency radiowaves causing respiratory symptoms or the genesis of actual viral cells……….. no evidence for it. That which is ascerted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

      Icke isn’t worth listening to on this 5G stuff as he is fucking clueless.

  10. Talking abaaaaaht science, hasn’t the Government been saying everyday at their at their shite press conferences…’We are following the science’.
    Well that’s worked aaaaht well ain’t it you useless cunts.
    If I was in charge I would have done the lockdown earlier stopped ALL flight’s coming in…I don’t give a fuck where you are tough shit.
    Let the young/healthy cunts get to work and tell the old cunts to stay in or risk it…give the people some responsibility.
    I reckon there would have been less deaths than this useless bunch of cunts in power have allowed to happen.
    We may have a bit of herd immunity and a better economy than we do now.
    The science will save you cunters…😂

    • “The science” always sounds as inept and clueless as rappers talking about “de music” innit. Everything from “Our NHS” (rather than the NHS) to “social distancing” and “social justice” sounds as if an advertising junior had dreamt up the scripts they all spout – and none of them know what the fuck they are talking about.

    • It was a political decision by the Conservative party, they didn’t want their core voters dying off in droves, if the virus was killing off the 20/30 year olds it would have been ‘keep calm and carry on’

      The ‘science’ said your voters will die!

      • An interesting theory there Sick of it, I think there is something to it…save the old cunts get the young to pay for it.😂

          • Actually, Covid-19 was originally a Labour Party /Chinese Communist Party conspiracy to kill off Tory voters and Brexit supporters.

            The phoney epidemic has also served to destroy the economy and repeat the oft told lie that without the Labour Party there would be no NHS, not to mention another opportunity for dark keys to whine on abaaaaht institutional raaaacism again.

            This country is finished.

  11. Government, the media and big tech have removed Icke and the like from the big platforms. Whether we agree with Icke or not it should concern us all that we are moving towards a world where alternative ideas and voices are silenced.

    History repeats itself, the dark ages and the Nazi book burnings are both mirrored in the sanitising of the big media platforms.

    What is allowed is telling, the climate change fanatics spewing death to humanity are still available on big tech platforms, Islamic fanatics who’s aim is the downfall of western civilisation are also easily found. They silence those who warn us about big tech and globalism and allow those preaching white man bad the only voice in the debate.

    Eisenhower warmed us in his farewell address and Reagan famously said.

    “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help. ”

    I doubt anyone on here believes that governments have acted in the best interests of the people this country in living memory or before.

    • One of the reasons I’m a daily visitor here is that amongst the hilarious noms there’s often an angle on a situation that has escaped me – cheers 6DV.

    • One of the reasons I’m a daily visitor here is that amongst the hilarious noms there’s often an angle on a situation that has escaped me – cheers 6DV.

    • While I think he talks absolute bollocks, I also think he has a right to free speech. He should not be de-platformed.

  12. Jasper Carrot once said

    David Icke says he’s here to save the world…… well he saved fuck all in goal for Coventry City.

    Cunted in the 1980’s. A man with an eye to the future of the internet perhaps? Sounds a little conspiratorial to me……

    • I like him.
      Id encourage him in his theories just as I would with any delusional nutter.
      Hes entertaining and entitled to his viewpoint.
      Wouldnt book him as a babysitter though.

  13. I’ve watched David Icke on YouTube and I’m amazed the amount of people that believe his bullshit. He doesn’t come out with mild conspiracy theories, he spouts full on retard mental health conspiracies.
    What I’ve noticed most about him is that he can talk for an hour but not say anything. Just talk shit and his sad followers lap it up.
    And now he’s been banned from making comments about 5G has only reinforced idiots beliefs that theirs something in what he’s saying and Governments are trying to silence him. He should be allowed to say what ever he wants so we can have a good laugh.

    • I’ve had the same reaction as you.

      I’ve seen and listened to people like Icke and Alex Jones over 20 years, always interested to hear what they have to say but never quite believing any of it.

      That the media and big tech firms ban them is quite pathetic and says more about ‘what passes for minds’ (a conservative writer whose name escapes me) at the BBC, YouTube and Facebook than it does Icke and Jones.

  14. In my younger and more vulnerable years I went on an animal rights march which culminated in a series of speeches in central London. Icke was one of the speakers and he was very good indeed. So for the next few months I was telling everyone how he spoke a lot of sense. Totally unaware that he’d recently appeared on Wogan making a laughing stock of himself.

    I’m not the marching type these days, having grown the fuck up. Although I still prefer animals to most people and believe treating them humanely is the hallmark of a civilised society (animals that is, couldn’t give a fuck about people).

    • I’d go on an animal rights march but only if dressed as a gorilla with a stereo on my shoulder playing ‘Jungle Love’ by Morris Day and the Time.

      No doubt i’d be sent home for having too much fun by the green/ blue-haired, wan-faced vegans.

  15. I’ve not read his books. This nomination inspired me to order one. I shall give it read and let you all know how I get on.

  16. Fuck 5G, I wish he had said something similar abaaaaaht speed cameras, we could have done with a few of those fuckers knocked out.

  17. I used to be that 3am stoner conspiracy minded pasty cunt, so I’m very familiar with all this. Though I never once entertained his reptilian idea, or liked Icke – I’m not sure Icke even believes the reptilian idea anymore, but he can’t backtrack because it’s his market selling point.

    I do have my suspicions though that the people right at the top are and have always been turbo nonces, with a penchant for ritualistic murder. And, in my opinion, this does open them up to some sort of entity possession. Not alien overlords or anything, but a mental parasite that prompts them to do it again and again, an addiction with no cure. Ol’ Saville exposed the tip of nonce iceberg at the heart of the British establishment. They all knew and covered it up until he died, instead of exposing him. Why? Mafioso rules. The same reason why Epstein was murdered in his cell.

    The thing with Icke is he brings together many strands that do need investigating, many legitimate issues with our governments etc, but weaves a web of unprovable tosh. Alex Jones does the same. I agree they should be allowed to speak, but fucks sake they make legitimate concerns look utterly retarded by association with their particular cherry on the cake bullshit like reptilians.

  18. The funniest shite I hear about him is that most of what he says is true, it’s just the space lizard thing that’s a bit loony.

    Well my dears, the problem with that is that ALL of this cunt’s conspiracy theories are based on the lizards being the ones responsible. You can’t say you think he’s right, unless you too believe that the Queen of England is a man eating lizard, who drags her/its prey into a cave and scoffs the bugger of an evening.

    My verdict is that he had a breakdown and ruined his career. He then realised he could make a few quid by peddling his nonsense in books and on stage to mentals and peacefuls (they love a bit of Jew bashing).

    He’s making s fucking fortune out of ‘exposing’ the lizards from space. And as others have pointed out, if there really were illuminati space lizards disguised as jews and royalty controlling the world, I get the feeling he’d have had an ‘accident’ of sorts by now.

    A conman praying on the mentals. Nothing more.

  19. I’ve tried, quite a few times, to listen impartially to Mr Icke on YouTube. Trouble is, his delivery is so ponderous that I’ve given up every single time.

    He might have the odd point but I’m fucked if I can be bothered listen to the cunt waflle on and on and on….

    PS – Admin – I’ve changed my surname by Deed Poll – Can I please retain that Fruit Salad coloured avatar, as I’ve grown strangely fond of it ?

  20. Is anything Mr Icke has to say anymore farfetched than the utter bollocks written in the Bible, Quran or any other religious fairytale book?

  21. It’s hilarious how Icke is seen as a ‘nutter’ (OK, he is) but the likes of the BBC and the Grauniad who are dumbing down and attempting to destroy their own country and its people aren’t. What the ‘Beeb’ do by promoting apartheid in reverse, spreading hateful misandry, being ashamed to be British, actually wanting an EU Nazi state. turning a blind eye to peaceful rapists and murderers, conveniently ignoring gang/knife crime and who is responsible for it, and making every single fucking thing female and/or black is far more insane than Icke’s antics and much more dangerous.

  22. Icke? Believe nothing he says. Do you hear me – nothing!
    I don’t suppose any of you can jump start a spaceship, this, er, friend of mine needs to get back to the Moon.
    But remember, don’t believe a word Icke says..
    Going to my room now, trapped my lizard tail in the f*cking door! 😀

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