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The BBC are a bunch of cunts. They’re a bunch of cunts for many reasons, but there is one reason specific to this nomination. In what I see as a sign that they’ve realised their legalised extortion racket (in its current form) is coming to end, the BBC have made a suggestion. Rather than see the T.V. tax decriminalised, they want us to pay to watch their shite through either a broadband tax or by taking a slice of council tax. Fuck…that.

What the fuck has our access to the internet go to do with the BBC? Nothing. And by forcing internet providers to pay a slice of their profits to the BBC, it means a rise in charges for the privilege of getting on the net. Also, not everybody owns a television, but under the BBC’s plan, those people will have to pay for something they neither receive nor want. That is plainly unfair. Likewise with council tax. We pay council tax for things like policing (even though most of us don’t get any), refuse collection, street lighting, etc. None of that involves watching a bunch of overpaid, woke, far left tossers fannying about on television, radio or some office.

Here’s a better idea, subscription service. Go the way of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video etc. Ah, but there’s a problem with that. The BBC knows that only people of a similar mindset to them would actually pay to watch the BBC. The rest of us wouldn’t touch it with bargepole, which obviously means a massive drop in revenue. So Lineker would either have to take a big pay cut, or shift a lot more crisps.

There is another potential solution. Win back viewers. Get rid of the woke bullshit and start making decent programmes that people actually want to watch. But we all know that they won’t do that.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

Yet another cunting for the fucking BBC please.
You might well ask “what on earth could they have possibly added to their extensive list of dubious, nefarious acts of utter piss boiling cuntery?”

And asking that question would be fair, because quite frankly you could not make this up:

Yes, that’s right, broadcasting muslim prayer. What the fuck is wrong with this lot? Why would they do that?

I have to go now, the pressure is affecting my vision.
Over to you lot.

Nominated by Cuntflap

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  1. The BBC are the shit on my shoes….I hate them.

    Can you imagine in 1941, the national broadcaster being allowed to get away with gross exaggeration, scare tactics and all the propaganda they spew forth?

    I detest them with every fibre of my being.

    • Churchill would have had the lot of them hanged for treason. Assuming the British people hadn’t gotten to them first.

  2. What TV licence?
    Look up TV licence goons on YouTube and see how little they can do and what your rights are.
    For legal aspects visit etc.
    My pile of menacing letters from them continues to grow but their threats to visit my home to ‘investigate’ falls a little short in these times. I’m tempted to send Crapita an anonymous email sticking two fingers in their faces, wotcha gonna do about that?
    Cunts to a grammar school educated, comfortable upper/middle class ‘person’.

    • Just imagine how many elderly or vulnerable there though that are now panicked and hurrying out to the post office under the fear of their empty threats. You know if they are sending them to you, they surely are to those people too. Especially as the fee is set to be scrapped for those same people, you just know those cunts are going to try and recoup as much of their lost revenue as possible.

      But yes, you are right, so long as you don’t admit to them you own a TV capable of BBC broadcast, or allow them to see/hear it themselves, then there is fuck all they can ever do. They will never be able to provide reasonable grounds to have an entry warrant issued by any court.

      • In most other walks of life those letters would be construed as issuing threats with menace.
        yes, it’s intimidation tactics,they know who the vulnerable are which strengthens my resolve to give them not a single penny. Not that I have a propaganda set in my home.

        • Capita know me well, they are terrified of me – I used to work for them and have been in regular contact with their CEO Jonathon Lewis, as has my MP, and my solicitor.
          I have just had a complaint upheld by OFCOM against the BBC pertaining to the blatant and illegal breach of my Human rights and age discrimination after the BBC Question Time special where over 30’s were barred from participating.
          And now working on legal action and embarrassing publicity, and compensation. My former partner is a Barrister, we are still on good terms and she is happy to represent me Pro Bono. Lift your skirts up BBC – I am just about to take you to school.
          Cold, I am.

    • Good double nom – the BBC used to be accurate, impartial and respected, but are now a propaganda mouthpiece for the loony left.
      And I pay for broadband so I can look at porn and amusing cats – not to fund the f*cking BBC! 😄👍

      • Section 40 of the Administration of Justice Act 1970 states, it is an offence to coerce another person to pay money claimed from the other as a debt due to under contract if he or she:

        (a) harasses the other with demands for payment which by their frequency, or the manner or occasion of their making, or any accompanying threat or publicity are calculated to subject him or his family or household to alarm, distress or humiliation

        I would love to see someone with some supremely large cojones and deep pockets test this legilsation in court again the Al Ja Beeba cunts. Despite politely writing to them and my wife speaking to them to explain the reasons for the lack of TV licence at our address (the house is being rebuilt and doesn’t have a working TV or aerial), the cunts still write to me and threaten that my property is “now under investigation”.

        Fuck them. Try and investigate me, I would love to see some fucking goon turn up at my building site to have a gander at the telly and aerial they seem to be so sure are there. I live down a private road so as soon as they set foot on that road without my permission, they are breaking the law.


        • I had exactly the same correspondence a couple of years ago whilst renting a first floor flat where only key holders could gain entry.

          Initially I was paying my licence fee but the constant biased coverage of Brexit boiled my piss to a point that I actually couldn’t justify to myself paying for the constant barrage of shit.

          So I cancelled my direct debit and some months later started to get letters to say my address was under investigation.

          So good luck with that you cunts I thought and after several notes put in my letter box over 2/3 months to tell me the same again and the fine / punishment I would face they finally gave up.

          Capita monkeys have no right of entry to your property so fuck them.

          Living in a first floor flat as I did at the time they couldn’t even see if I had a telly through the window.

          When I was a kid back in the 70’s they used to run those adverts saying ‘The TV detector van is in your area…..’ it showed a van full of high tech equipment being operated by some bloke, homing in on your address, I always remember my dad saying it was a load of crap and it was all a prop.

          How right he was too.

          At the Commercial Vehicle museum in Leyland they have one such example of these vans and the write up accompanying it does indeed confirm what my dad used to say.


          • Had a company penthouse in Norwich some years back. Secure as fuck.

            You needed a clicker to get the gates to open, a fob to get into the building and a dogtag kind of thing for the lift to allow access to the top floor.

            One summer evening, while preparing a sumptuous repast for the shagpiece, there came a very rude buzzing sound from the door entry system handset…..

            TV cunt: “I have reason to believe you are watching TV without a license”.

            Me: “Who the fuck is this?”

            TV cunt: “I have reason to believe you are watching TV without a license. Can you let me in?”

            Me: “WHO THE FUCK IS THIS!”

            TV cunt: “Please stop swearing. Can you let me in?”

            Me: Listen retard, this is a private complex and without formal identification or an invitation I am not letting you in. ”

            TV cunt: “I have formal identification on me. If you can come and open the gate I can show you.”

            Me: “what makes you think I have a TV?”

            TV cunt: “You have a TV aerial on your roof.”

            Me: “I also have a pint of milk in the fridge. Doesn’t mean I have a cow in the garden does it, you fucking moron.”

            (sound of door entry intercom hanging up).

            Fair play to the cunt, he stood there for a full five minutes trying every flat and no fucker was letting him in.

            This may seem a bit harsh and undiplomatic, but the viagra was kicking in, dinner was almost ready and had that twelve toe cunt somehow managed to get in, they would have found him several days later floating face down in the river Wensum.

  3. No. Just no. About time the cunts stood on their own feet. How dare the cunts (sounding like Greta now) try and force us to pay as part of a broadband payment? Fuck off! It’s got fuck all to do with you, you cunts. And what the flying fuck has council tax got to do with Al-Beeb.

    These gimps of the sewer, have been pushing Stormzy as some kind of hero. A man who laughs and wishes our Prime Minister dead after contracting the China flu. Fuck these cunts, right into the hole of Satan’s ringpiece.

    And the call to prayer seems to still be going on all over the UK anyway, with plod turning a blind eye to them gathering outside mosques on Fridays.

    I was curious why they had such high numbers in certain areas but now I get it. Problem is, the cunts pass it on to others. Media silence on this though, from Al Beeb.

    Fuck the BBC! Cunts!

  4. Only the gays and non whites need apply. I haven’t watched it, but from what I heard they managed to completely fuck up one of my favourite books, ‘War of the Worlds’. If they’d stuck to the story it would’ve been a piece of piss.

    What did they do, by all accounts? Go full woke and feminist and forgot the important part. The fucking alien invasion and subsequent war.

    Absolute pricks.

    • I was looking forward to that then made the mistake of watching/suffering the first 10 minutes. The only thing it seemed to have in common with the book was the title.

    • I watched it, and I really wish I hadn’t. To be fair, it wasn’t AS woke as I thought would be. However, it was poorly written, the effects were pretty shite and the acting wasn’t much better. And the actual Martians, when we saw them, were disappointing. They literally look like lumps of shit with three legs. The current version currently being shown on Fox on Thursdays is much better, and it isn’t even that great. Despite the claims it was made as close to the book as possible, it isn’t. Still, it’s better than the BBC version.

  5. Muslim prayers? Muslim fucking prayers? Muslim? Prayers? Fucking Muslim prayers? I’ll give ‘em Muslim fucking prayers. Fuck off with your Muslim prayers you cunts.
    Close the bastards down or let the fucking EU pay for it…….it’s their fucking propaganda.

    • Why do muslims bow down to a black rock in Mecca. While cutting off the heads of everyone who worships idols?

      • Aye, never got that one. Idolatry is ‘haram’ in islam.

        And yet, they all seem to call themselves Mohammed, grow a beard like Mohammed and try to live just like Mohammed.

        Seems like 100% idolatry to me…

        • They have been marrying their first cousins for so long I don’t think they have a clue what they are doing.

          • Sye Ten has produced a load of animated films about our favourite religion of peace and they are really fucking funny.
            Also check out Darkmatter2525 if you into the whole anti-religion thing.
            I would post links but I can’t be arsed to work out how to do it on my phone.
            Altogether now….
            🎶🎶Driving down the road in The Truck of Peace🎶🎶

      • There was an interesting video about the black rock, some legends say it is the fallen star and that it is evil incarnate.

        It’s an interesting foreboding piece of space rock to look at.

  6. Probably not the best time to be organising a petition to parliament, but it’s time the BBC propaganda machine was finally bent over and royally fucked in the arse. They’ve been doing it to the population for years. They just don’t offer anything anymore and haven’t for years. Stop them now before Songs of Praise has to fight for a prime spot against Friday prayers or something else rammed down our throats. If Friday prayers goes ahead it’ll probably be hosted by Hook hand Hamza and will be their final insult. Bunch of Lefty cunts.

    • I’ve always, the moment that they come for Songs of Praise and get that removed in favour of something more “tolerant” that there will finally be that long overdue national outrage that’s long overdue.
      I mean I personally don’t follow one fairy tale or the other, or watch the cunts, but I can just imagine that a British staple like that being attacked and erased in the name of acceptance would surely trigger a national outrage. I have even had ideas of putting on my best dictatorial voice and becoming Mohammed for a day just to demand that the BBC do as I say and see what happens. We all know that’s all it takes, 1 “minority” voice claims preeminence over 1,000,000 white ones.

  7. The BBC want to keep the racket going and the gravy train on track by going from a direct tax to an indirect tax.

    The BBC can never be cunted enough.

  8. I’ve been meaning to ask you Governor………i’m feeling increasingly drawn toward Mecca.

    Mecca? MECCA Archer? You’ll see the Chaplain in the morning and we’ll have no more talk of MECCA in this institution!!

  9. And furthermore – why would I pay for a TV Licence when most of the time I am not even a transvestite?
    Er, I mean, when I am not even a transvestite, ahem.
    Glad we cleared that one up then! 😄

    • No matter how much you, ahem, dress it up, Vernon. I think you have outed yourself. Go in the corner with Izzard.

      • I can’t make it all that way in these f*cking heels! 😄
        Right, off to do me gardening contract, need to burn off some energy and it’s helpful extra cash – yeay!

  10. Fuck the BBC and their constant “Coronavirus Specials” and News Reports – 5% “news” and 95% tittle tattle and speculation. I think I’d rather have news about the fun and games in Dame Kweer’s shadow cabinet than any more of their doomsday scenarios. The practically had poor old Boris buried on Wireless 4 yesterday.

  11. A once great organisation that brought us Round the Horne, Hancock, only Fools and Fawlty Towers. I used to be proud that I’d freelanced for them. Now I wouldn’t mention it out of embarrasment. They are, without question, the biggest bunch of cunts in the UK today. I don’t pay the licence fee and I don’t watch it, bastards.

  12. Dear mr quick draw. The BBC is no longer capable of producing non woke content. They are patient zero. A few brimstones should do the trick.

  13. I read that the Al Ja Beeba may bring back Life on Mars.

    Really? I mean, fucking really? That was a great series that came along in 2006, before the Beeb became too badly infected with Woke disease. If they bring it back it won’t have Gene Hunt in it or he will be seriously toned down. The PC brigade would never let it happen. The cunts.

    • He’d come back as ‘Jean Hunt’ if you get my drift? Probably in a wheelchair too and with the job of ‘Diversity Officer’ for the MET.

    • He’ll be replaced by wpc Jean Cunt, a black cross gender bean flicking raspberry.

    • No mention of Gene Hunt’s return. Is supect this is a stipulation of Al Ja Beeba.

  14. Good News everybody! Vine, Bruce, Kuntsberg & Mar have all resigned!! Due to extreme whiteness they are to be replaced by Flabbott effective immediately. Apparently she has made only one stipulation and that is she only to wear an eye patch, a string bikini top and a massive cod piece. All other programmes are unaffected but will only feature the voice portion as the pictures are to be replaced with pre-recorded footage of the Flabbott winking ring-piece. Now that’s what I call progress, why fuck about?

  15. License fees worth it for dancing on ice alone.
    Although admittedly more of a Al-jeeza man myself.

  16. I’ve just read the justification from this cunt.

    Apparently the Head of Al-Beeb Radio says they also broadcast Sunday Service on Radio 4.

    Well you bastard cunt that’s because the U.K. is still a Christian country.

    Under Henry VIII we formed the Church of England and the Head of State (the Queen) is also Head of C of E not Mohammed of Mecca you cunt.

    And why aren’t you broadcasting from the synagogues you cunts, it’s all about balance after all.

    I wonder how many Muslims this cunt lives amongst and socialises with?

    Answers on the back of a postage stamp.

  17. Propaganda by parasites.
    I hope I live to see them bankrupt.
    Fucking traitors.

  18. I can’t see what’s hard about just paying for it if you want it i.e like satellite tv. I’m sure it’s possible to just put a block on your Sky box etc as for other shows you don’t subscribe too. Or put it as BBC pay per view like the porn channels, you could watch cunts, tits, pricks and arseholes and vice versa on the porn channels.

  19. BBC should be made very definitely into a subscription channel ( discounted of course for mongs )

  20. The BBC cunts are beyond belief. So they want their tax to be added to either broadband or the council tax. Well fuck off you scrounging fuckin leaches, Do you think we all came down with the last fuckin shower of rain. They’d love to hide thier thieving tax in one if these charges, it would become totally fuckin lost in all the other shit that goes with what we pay. Fuck off, finance and support yourselves you cunts like all the other tv stations do.

  21. It’s pure desperation. They know their woke crap wont get them subscribers so plan to steal money via some other means.

    Absolute cunts.

  22. I know a lot of my fellow posters have no time for football – this horsesh*t is like me getting Sky Sports and expecting all the rest of you to pay for it – not on!
    Subscription service for this broadcaster, and imagine the expense of that shared out between seven people!
    F*ck them, I am just in the amusing process of lifting Auntie Beeb’s skirts and administering a darned good tanning – they brought it on themselves and as a certain lady we shall only call “Shami the sham” found out some Years ago before being forced, er, sorry “deciding to leave” to leave “Liberty” I am forensic and unrelenting when needed.
    Horrid I am, simply horrid! 😄

  23. That Laura Kronenborg is a fucking munter, legs, arms, who cares she’s a shagnasty spade faced bint.
    Please keep her.

  24. TV licence? We receive ALL the UK channels very well indeed over here in Cyprus – doesn’t cost us a penny! Which is why I feel sorry for those left in Blighty. The ONLY way to go is to release the BBC to fighting for ADVERTISING with all the others. Trust me they would soon have to slim down, become efficient, and forget their leftist ideals.

  25. The ‘Beeb’ pondered this searching question on their website today…

    ‘What does a drag queen do during lockdown?’

    Nobody knows and nobody fucking well cares!

    These ulcerous vermin would peddle this shit even if the bomb was about to drop. When this is all over I hope Bozza kills the ‘Corporation’ off for good!

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