Madonna (7)

Madonna is a cunt…

This particular cunt has never had any real talent to speak of (substandard disco, or out of her range ballads lapped up by doughnut punchers) and she has always been an unpleasant individual, but in recent years, old ‘Madge’ has become an even bigger cunt than she was in her step-on-anybody prime, which is no mean feat.

As she ages and her star fades, the daft cow tries to look and act years younger than she actually is. Every video and photo shoot is photoshopped to hell and she’s still doing now what she was doing in the late 80s and early 90s (i.e. acting like a slag in saucy underwear in her videos). If any other woman in her 60s went around flashing her tits or her snatch, they would be sectioned and/or certified. She sold sex in her younger days (she did nothing but), but when she’s still doing it? It’s pathetic and sickening. The obligatory toy boy (usually a foreign, or dark type) is also laughably weird.

Then there’s the jumping on current trends to get noticed and appear ‘controversial’, though she has always done this. The deliberate saying of the word ‘Shit’ at Live Aid and then the totally contrived saying of ‘Fuck’ at Live 8 twenty years later. Recent instances include the deaths of David Bowie and Prince. While never mentioning either man when they were alive, Madogga suddenly becomes a ‘lifelong fan’ and gushes tributes on social media. Her out of nowhere stories about going to a Bowie gig in the 70s were horribly inaccurate and blatantly made up. That’s the thing though: the dead artist has to get enough publicity for her. She didn’t say a word when the great Scott Walker (RIP) passed away. This is probably down to two things: she is too ignorant, or stupid to know who the man was and also because there wasn’t enough publicity or Twitter mileage in eulogising Scott. Same goes for terrorist targets. Lights a candle in Paris after Charlie Hebdo, TV cameras and press all over the shop naturally. Manchester and London got fuck all in way of tribute. It all depends on what she can get out of it.

Then there was the absurd ‘Me Too’ patronage. After years of acting like a prossie with a record contract and doing fuck all for women’s causes, Madogga suddenly decides she is and always has been a feminist. A feminist that hangs out and works with rapists (like Mike Tyson)? A feminist that simulated rape, degradation and calling her men ‘Daddy’ in her ridiculous ‘Sex’ book? It actually shows how thick modern ‘feminists’ are, when this trollop is seen as a feminist icon. Again, it is trying to stay relevant as the knacker’s yard looms on the horizon. And her ‘Bomb the White House’ remarks aimed at Big Don and his family? She deflected whatever criticism she got by immediately parading her bought and brown babies in a tacky and staged photo shoot. Virtue-signalling made to order and cynical as fuck, after condoning acts of terrorism on the American President, of course.

Now the old fish wagon has surpassed even her own levels of staggering cuntitude. ‘Self isolating’ and filming yourself is cuntish enough, but coming out with crap like Covid-19 is ‘wonderful’ and a ‘leveller’?! She even uses this to appear ‘shocking’ and even tries to make death and tragedy all about her. She’s always been a despicable cunt, but this is astonishing cuntitude, even by her stinking standards (or lack of them). One of the biggest (and most overused) cunts of all time.

Nominated by Norman

120 thoughts on “Madonna (7)

  1. Didn’t this rancid boiler go jogging in a London park once, with her minders shoving people out of the way?
    Ghastly old harpy. Fuck off…

    • Well remembered, Baron B. You’re right! During the period of the love in with Guy Richie. Vomit.

  2. Never liked the old trout, even at the height of “Madonna mania” back in the 80’s.
    And I will NEVER forgive her for that hand ball at the ’86 World Cup in Mexico. Cheating old bag.

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