Jack Grealish

Jack Grealish
IsAC regulars will be aware that, for my sins, I’m an Aston Villa supporter. Following in the footsteps of my dad and grandad, I attended my first game at Villa Park in 1958, a 3-0 win over Burnley. The programme from that match hangs in a claret and blue frame on my wall, and I’ve been to goodness knows how many games home and away since. We’ve occasionally hit the heights over the years, but for the most part, following the Villa hasn’t been easy. It’s been a labour of love, not about the pursuit of glory.
Having laid out my Villa ‘credentials’ so to speak, you’ll understand my pain with regard to this particular cunting, but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. I’m calling out Villa star Jack Grealish for making a twat of himself and bringing the club into disrepute (again).
Grealish recently put a post on soshul meeja, strongly urging his followers to adhere to government advice during the Coronavirus emergency; to stay home, only leave for essentials such as food and medicines, and observe ‘social distancing’. Good work Jack, you might think, that’s a responsible thing to do. However, what did ‘Brain of Britain’ candidate Jacko then do only a few hours later? Why, he went to what reports are calling a ‘late night party’ at the home of former Villa waste of space Ross McCormack. On leaving the party, he crashed his Range Rover, damaging two other cars in the process. I assume that in so doing, hypocrite Jack has broken club stipulations on player behaviour at the moment.
Grealish has since apologised for his ‘stupidity’. The word is that Villa are fining him £150k, which is going straight to charity. Now Grealish has shown this season that he’s a very fine player, with the potential to become an exceptional one, and it seemed that he’d matured, leaving his ‘Jack the Lad’ reputation behind. Now he’s gone and shot himself in the foot again, demonstrating that he’s another potential role model who just can’t quite step up. He says that he’s sorry for what he’s done, but is it a case of regret at being found out?
Made yourself look a bit of a cunt again, haven’t you Jack?

Nominated by Ron Knee

48 thoughts on “Jack Grealish

  1. What the deal with his eyebrows?
    Looks like Liza Minelli!
    What a cunt.

  2. No different from other Premier League footballers during the current crisis.

    Wasn’t there a story of a couple of footballing twats having a late night sex party with a couple of tarts? They got found out by the media and have apologised, but that’s no fucking excuse when you’re supposed to be setting an example and telling fans to stay indoors and don’t fuck about!

  3. Can’t disagree with anything you’ve said Ron. I too am a long standing Villa fan originally from Aston and was christened at Aston Church in the shadow of Villa Park. Jack may have matured on the pitch but this latest escapade has yet again proved that he’s still an immature little boy off it.

    • I went to a wedding at St Mary’s church in Handsworth a while back. I had to drive past Aston Villa (who were at home so traffic was shite). Handsworth must have been a great place when the West Midlands was an industrial power-house. Bit of a shit-hole now. I think it shows how far we have dropped as a nation.

  4. They’re all the fuckin same, from politicians to ‘slebs, keep preaching to stay home yet they’re still going to second homes getting arseholed and bangin prozzies, the rest of us would get a telling off the BIB but all these fuckers seem to get away with it, let’s be honest 150 grand fine for jacky boy is fuck all, tossers the lot of them

  5. Good nom. I am in full agreement, in fact you should include all of Villa. I’m not bitter but as a Derby fan it should have been us getting thumped every week in the prem not you.

    • I see the granny-scuttling, wig-wearer Rooney was doing a Grealish as well last week. Dirty cunt.

      • He was also twining (along with the PFA) about why should footballers be the ones to take pay cuts due to coronavirus, perhaps because you earn more money per hour worked than any fucker in the country, also I’m certain there’s been a few players (if not all of the tax dodging wankers) that set themselves up as a ltd business so they pay a pittance in tax, whereas knobheads like me work 70 hrs a week and pay a fortune, I love footy, just a shame the players are all cocks

        • Players’ foot-stamping and selfishness has made me feel queasy, GrandC.

          Perhaps we could use this nom’s name as a new adjective to describe how we feel. The footballers’ behaviour made me feel a bit grealish.

  6. I started reading this cunting and thought, ‘fuck, it’s about football’ and nearly stopped – glad I didn’t.

    This cunt deserves to have the book thrown at him, and not the referee’s one either.

    As an aside, there was some commotion at the top of my street a few days ago, police where there having a very animated conversation with what I thought at the time was a carer (a woman)

    She was wearing a blue uniform with a badge etc etc. Turns out this crafty cunt was a mobile hairdresser who had already been cautioned for still doing peoples hair.

    She decided to disguise herself as a carer, but some eagle eyed curtain twitcher had spotted her ruse and dobbed her in…

    Just give it one more month and it will feel like we are in East Germany.

    Keep germ free fellow cunters…

      • “Them at number 12 have got a new car”..
        Ive wrote the reg down just in case…☺

        • It’s a false plate MNC! Slippery, these cake delivering Politicians – but the Fox remains vigilant!
          Footballer? Stupid? Nah!
          Soon to be Manchester United player Grealish (sorry Ron but looking very likely) shows that money doesn’t buy brains.
          Off to do some more on the gardening contract shortly, I can still do it according to the legislation and I must have been doing a good job – half the neighbours want me to do theirs as well – a real financial lifesaver at the moment!

          • Nice one Foxy,👍im chuffed for you, nowt like earning your corn is there?
            Im back working this Thursday coming, cant wait, same as you, got to adjust to do it,but if thats what it takes…
            Seems the moneys in doing footballers eyebrows though!
            £££££ like the kid above,
            The search for spock.

    • Oh – so true 3D. The Stasi or Gestapo would have found fertile ground round here. Self-appointed movement and socialising police. Also had some stupid cunt in Tescos going on about “following the arrows”. We would have been packing off the Jews and political prisoners in a thrice.

  7. Fuck me Ron, if you think it is tough supporting the Villa try being a Pompey fan. You don’t know you’re born.

    • I know mate; deepest sympathies to you! There’s nothing truer than the old saying that there’s always some poor cunt worse off than you. Up Pompey!

      • Live near Pompey, but Reading supporter.
        Looks like we may be in trouble with finances.
        Overpaid under-performing players for far too long.
        PUP Come on URZZZZ

        I’ll get my coat, if I could go outside

        • I think that wonderful Pompey v Reading match when they were both in the Premiership still holds the record for goals. I don’t intend to embarrass you by mentioning the score; liiving near God’s favourite place is punishment enough.

          • Was there Guzzi, down the Milton End and 7-4 cracking game.
            I have family in Pompey and when I didn’t watch Reading play, I went to Fratton Park.
            Great atmosphere.

  8. Grealish went up in my estimation after the Birmingham derby last season when he was thumped on the pitch by a fan. Captain for the day and scored after being hit, and was composed enough in the interview afterwards not to go over the top with his response. Football lifestyle and mentality breeds boredom. It’s probably worse now as up to the 90s some players boozed when not training or playing. Now they can’t get away with it as they are forever scrutinised. He is still young and has been a knob, and worse when it’s your club and Captain who has dropped a bollock, but by comparison I think the ‘Special One’ has a lot more to answer to. I’d call Jack Grealish stupid, but Jose Mourinho (who is older and led others) an arrogant dangerous cunt.

    • Bang on Rob. That incident in the Brum derby made a lot of people, me included, think that he’d really matured both on and off the pitch, and respect for him grew a lot.
      Trouble is, like many of his ilk, he never seems to be more than a footstep away from acting the cunt again.
      I really concur with your closing comments tho. Didn’t Moaninho have his squad out training together last week in breach of lockdown guidelines?

      • He certainly did. To make matters worse him and 4 players were photographed by an Arsenal fan. These football ‘God’s’ appear to be having a wake up call in the fact that they have to abide by civil laws and are being treated just like everyone else. It must be killing them. Another bit of news from football is that Liverpool have dug up the Anfield pitch to plant potatoes, so that they have something to lift in May.

  9. I am unaware of this cunts sporting prowess, but to me he looks like a typical chav, riding around in a blinged up corsa, it’s noisy exhaust heard from three miles away making far more noise than a 1.2 litre engine needs to, filled with his chav mates who he refers to as ‘blud’ and ‘fam’, smelling of weed and lynx. Which he no doubt would be if he couldn’t kick a ball. Cunt.

  10. Could of stayed at home enjoying the luxury that comes from being seriously rich, decided to go partying to establish cunt credentials most already knew he possessed.

  11. Footballers sometimes can be the biggest cunts and also the biggest hypocrites 👎
    Too much money it fries their tiny pea like brains 👎👎

  12. Hmm, born in 1995 so barely scraping into the Millennial bracket yet has managed to arse lick and virtue signal his way up the greasy pole of semi-cuntiousness and achieved entrance via the back door.
    Fuck off Jacko, take your facial caterpillars and bum fluff back to your safe space and let the grown ups do the talking..
    You are an irritating little boy who kicks a ball of air around punctuated with occasional balletic moves and end-of-pier theatrical tumbles.
    You are not A team, you are Gay team now fuck off.

  13. Not a bad player, but massively overrated.

    I’ve heard figures like £100 million being thrown about for this halfwit. Drifts in and out of games. Invisible quite a few matches this season. £100 million my arse.

    Fuck me, if he’s worth that then I’m worth £50m at least. And I’m fucking shite.

    Mind you, United will spunk stupid amounts on any overhyped twat these days.

  14. Football players aren’t known for having brains but a lot of them are known for being in the public eye and having a lot of money. “Stay at home you plebs while I go round my mate’s and have a few beers and a shag.”
    Then again, Chief Medical Officers are supposed to have brains but apparently have the same attitude as numb footballers. They all come under the heading ‘selfish twats’.

  15. Ron Knee. That makes 2 of us. Or 1% of VP. jacks a price. A selfish, fanny pack of a manlet.
    Hopefully people turn their backs on football, season tickets, matches, shirts, sky and BT.
    They’ve shown their true colours and what tiny bit of respect I had for them has now eroded.
    Premier League? Relegate villa for being incompetent and shit. Dont care anymore

  16. Even Pinochio was less ‘wooden’ in his performance. I’d say he was reading that but I’m not going to credit him with the ability to read.

  17. If you want to see some proper sport, Sky are showing Ben Stokes’ innings against the Aussie cunts in the Ashes tomorrow. I think they’re showing it in full (it’s on for 8 hours).

    That’s the sort of shit they should be showing during this bollocks. I think they’re repeating the cricket world cup final (England v New Zealand) in full on Sunday too.

    At last, something to fucking watch!

  18. With respect Ron, Grealish was already a cunt for that stupid fucking hair do. Or rather hair don’t.

    Seems to me he’s going to be another Gazza. Lots of tricks, flicks, style and guile but zero discipline. Rumour has it he’s on Man U’s radar. That could have been the making of him if old Bacon Nose had still been in charge. He’d have whipped him into shape no problem. The man’s a lege. Ole’s a lightweight midget with no form. Grealish would run rings around him, literally and figuratively.

    He’ll get his big money move, earn even more, have even less of an idea what to do with it and end up a ‘could-have-been’. Welcome to Tottenham my son! 🙂

  19. What a miserable, and boring, sounding cunt. One can only assume, and hope, that the Range Rover crash was a suicide attempt. Better luck next time cunt.

  20. Ron.
    I once attended a rare game at Villa Park v Liverpool in the League. You might remember the occasion when Juan Pablo Angel was introduced to the fans at half time? Great fanfare from the bloke with the mike whipping up the fans; ruined by Angel strolling out clapping his hands at his new supporters to his left…. oblivious to the fact he’d gone to the Away end!!! The Kop immediately sang “who the fucking hell are you?” and the fella beamed with pleasure thinking it was a compliment. Eventually some flunkey or other directed him towards the Holte.
    Always had a soft spot for the Villa and that European Cup side built by Ron Saunders really was top dollar. Deadly Doug’s interviews on Football Focus were always priceless…..lauding eg Brian Little to the skies one month; sacking him the next.
    Good luck to the Villa in the relegation battle ahead too.
    I wish I could say I cared about any modern day football but the reason you have cunted Grealish is just one small example why I couldn’t give a flying fuck about the entire sport these days.

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