Greta Thunberg (7)

Greta Thunberg – once again a publicity-seeking cunt. Cant say it better than the BBC news item:-

‘Greta Thunberg believes she had coronavirus’.

‘Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has said it was, “extremely likely” that she fell ill with Coronavirus, but has now recovered.

The 17-year-old said she felt “tired, had shivers, a sore throat and coughed”, after returning from a trip in Europe, so self-isolated for two weeks.

“Everyone feeling ill are told to stay at home and isolate themselves. I have therefore not been tested for Covid-19, but it’s extremely likely that I’ve had it, given the combined symptoms and circumstances,” she wrote on Instagram.

She warned people to stay at home because “our actions can be the difference between life and death” for others’.

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116 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg (7)

  1. Is there anything else this know nothing, self important bitch wants to lecture us about?
    Just shut up cunt, nobody cares.

  2. highly likely she had the virus
    highly likely we’re all gonna die
    highly likely we’ve ruined her life

  3. If the gobshite is convinced she had Coronavirus, then thanks for travelling the world spreading it along with your hackneyed, boring message.

  4. I’ve yet to work out whether she has a face I want to slap, or one that just has been. “I’ve had CV but I don’t want to be tested.” Yeah, and I have a 12″ cock but I’m not going to show it to anybody.

          • My good lady called me last night saying she was “frustrated” (Ahem!) and demanding a c*ck pic – she was somewhat miffed when she got an image of Foghorn Leghorn!

          • MNC, is self isolation getting to you? Asking for cock shots on ISAC? Get yourself some rough bourbon bruv.

    • Deffo has been slapped and if i had my way would be again repeatedly and very hard until the stupid cunts head fell off, anyone for a game of soccer??

  5. Stay at home Greta, please never leave your home again, or at least stay off the internet and away from the media.

    Now shut up and fuck off!

  6. Hard to believe that pricks round the planet listened to the girl. It seems that she has caught that (look at me I am a star disorder). As if the poor cow hasn’t enough wrong already. Keep well cunters it’s going to get worse. How are we going to pay for this ???

  7. Ah, little St Greta Thundercunt, once again hectoring the world on things her privileged, inexperienced life has no concept of unless it’s written into a script she can read in front of an audience of sycophants.
    Tell us St Garbage, why should you demand we stay at home while your own government say carry on as before? Do your social media bonus points go up a notch every time you mouthfart?

  8. She’s been quiet for a bit, so it’s nice to hear from her again. I for one can’t wait for the next pronouncement from one of the most profound thinkers of our time.

  9. This special needs bitch has confused the symptoms of corona with the effects of foetal alcohol syndrome. And I’ll bet her recent jolly in Bristol caused a number of her acolytes to spread the virus too…maybe she should hold more rallies in sanctimonious lefty cunt central (Bristol), with every Guardian-reading type expected to attend. It’d be like a west country “oo-arrrr” version of 28 Days Later.

    • Do my eyes deceive me?

      Is that really you Mr Cunt Engine?

      Welcome back old boy!

      • Hi RTC, how’s it going?
        Enjoying your goverment-sanctioned house arrest?

        • I’d love to complain Mr Cunt Engine, but so far the lockdown has had absolutely zero impact on my already cosseted day to day existence here in Portmeirion, much to the annoyance of my fellow cunters.

          I still go shopping every day at The Village shoppe for essentials like McVitie’s milk chocolate digestives and mushrooms. And an hour’s brisk walk in the park with Steely Dan of an afternoon invariably sets me up for a nice wank in the evening and a sound night’s sleep until 6.30am when the day breaks groundhog fashion once more.

          But enough about me. How’s things with you and your award winning collection of hardcore filth?

          Good evening.

    • Shame what happened to Bristol. It’s become a new Twatopolis for the white Londonistanis trying to deny there is a problem with the capital.
      London’s just soooo a-maaazing’
      ‘Why did you leave?’

  10. Nope.
    Shes right!
    Shut all borders, stay in your own indigenous countries, no immigration.
    Message is clear.
    Be green!
    Send em back!-!👍👍👍

  11. Fuckin ugly little bitch. She would be slightly more bearable if she was a bit of eye candy, but the cunt is one ugly little fucker.

    • Talking of candy, I wonder whether Greta sneaks a few Mars Bars into her Mum’s trolley.

      • Naw, shes not that exciting.
        Be those vegetarian energy bar things fit for fuckin squirrels.

        • “Vegetarian”? Explains my recent malaise, for tea recently I had mediterranean vegetable quiche, grapes and an apple – came over all mardy and protesty about wimminz rights etc I did – terrible it was!
          Normal service was resumed after an emergency ingestion of homemade spicy beef stew – laaaaarlvy! 😀

          • Hiya Foxy, you have to be careful!
            I had a vegetarian quiche once, an 9 month later had a baby.

  12. Little scowling cunt, she’s the personification of every single petulant teenager on the planet.

    Who cares if she’s had corona virus, shut the fuck up, we’re all going to get it at some point…

  13. Was the picture in the header taken as she was saying, “Oi! Cunt! Outside Now”….

    • I think she was just asked what she knows about climate change. To which her reply was, “I know nuffink abaaaaaaat it”.

  14. The point at which this leftist mouthpiece has achieved the following, I’ll respect it’s opinion:

    – explained the difference between weather and climate (let’s start off with an easy one);
    – gained an advanced degree in Meteorology;
    – gained an advanced degree in Climate Science;
    – conducted extensive statistical research into climate cycles dating back millennia, focusing on cause and effect;
    – researched the connection between the funding provided by ‘green’ energy companies to the scientists who publish ‘evidence’ of man-made climate change;
    – researched the connection between the funding provided by fossil fuel energy companies to the scientists who publish a ‘lack of evidence’ of mad-made climate change;
    – explained how the planet’s climate has changed dramatically multiple times before the invention of the internal combustion engine;
    – explained how increasing global temperatures cause an increase in atmospheric CO2 concentrations and not the other way around as Al Gore would have us believe;
    – explained how she has convinced, agreed and policed a massive reduction in pollutants generated by the Chinese and Indian economies – the two largest polluting nations on earth;
    – extensively studied the position, research and data published by scientists who hold the opposite point of view and conclusively dismantled their arguments thus proving they are totally wrong;
    – explained how we can control or prevent volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, decomposition of organic materials, etc. all of which create massive quantities of greenhouse gases;
    – explained how the sun’s activity impacts the earth’s climate or not;
    – explained how all the doomsday climate predictions dating back to the 1970s have never materialised;
    – explained how she has such credibility that she now conducts peer reviews of other scientists’ work in this field;

    Until then you mong, you’re just a politically manipulated child which the left thinks will influence the rest of us due to your age. Now fuck off and do your homework. While you’re at it, perhaps use your alleged worldly wisdom to explain to your parents how shit their parenting skills are.

    • Excellent post IY – but I feel we could stop 50% of noxious emissions by sticking a cork in Ms Thunbergs mouth.

        • In all honesty, the cock is probably the solution, no pun intended, to this particular problem! And erm, I’m more than happy to help out!

        • Yeah, yeah, yeah…we know that’s what you said, but was it what you were thinking? Now now, be honest. 😄

          • Actually, I was thinking of getting my girlfriends to give her a soapy massage, then hold her down while I teabag, her!

          • I kid you not IY – she looks like a bleached sprout!
            And as a vegan I think the only thing lifting her blankets is tofu farts!

          • The last time I had a black cock was when I slipped, shitfaced, climbing over a high fence.

        • Grizyly big bore anti-tank sniper rifle shoved up the pussy, it would blow her guts out of her head and take most of the head out too.

  15. Fucking fed up with all these attention seeking sleb cunts telling us they’ve had Corbyn19 or whining about their “lockdown experience” and their mental elf. I’ve never heard of half the wankers anyway.
    I’d like to say nobody gives a fuck about your bullshit but, quite clearly, people do. And there my friends, is the tragedy.
    Yes, that’s right, i’m going mental…….look at me, feel sorry for me ……’s all about me you unfeeling cunts.

    • The one good thing to come out of all of this is that hopefully, finally, the cud-chewing flids who idolise these worthless false idols might realise they’ve been wasting their lives with celebrity worship.
      I’ve also got my fingers crossed for the end of feminists and the utter dismissal of those #metoo slags.

    • The one good thing to come out of all of this is that hopefully, finally, the cud-chewing flîdś who idolise these worthless false idols might realise they’ve been wasting their lives with celebrity worship.
      I’ve also got my fingers crossed for the end of feminists and the utter dismissal of those #metoo slags

    • One of her middle names is Tintin. Explains everything as far as I’m concerned.

          • Snowy just arrested for woke name theft and waaycism!
            Greta, sweater – silly bed wetter.

        • Evening Spoons. It’s good to hear from you. I was getting a little worried we’d not heard from you for a while. Are you well?

    • The cruel thing that these self isolating slebs do to us is fucking survive; I would be happy if 50% of them croaked.

      • Over to Brucie’s Play your cards right – “50% of slebs dead”?
        “Higher!” “Higher!”
        “Ooooh, Brucie – I’ve got a Queen!”
        “Hello duckie – I’m Labour leader now!”
        “F*ckoff Lady Miss Keir!”
        #cwyingfacenancyboy 😢

  16. Considering there are fuck all cars on the road, fuck all planes in the sky and everyone who works in every kind of industry sheltering at home, I would like to see the figures for the reduction in global polution.

    If they are what I think they are going to be, then Greta Potatohead and her handlers are going to be out of a job.

    If nothing else, this lockdown is going to prove that there is zero need for office workers to commute into town five days of the week, making their lives a misery and ramping up their carbon footprint.

    I see big changes coming and they are nothing to do with Greta Thundercunt. Just a realisation that it is not vital for office drones to spend several thousand a year lining some substandard rail companies pockets to not get them to work on time.

    This is only one of the benefits of the lockdown. Greta now needs to STFU as she (her handlers and parents) have succeeded in their only goal, but not by the method that the window licker wished they had.

    • Great points, Odin. Well said.

      I work in IT (between gigs right now which is a cunt), so remote work is part and parcel of how we do things. However, millions of office workers have now proved it’s possible to work and be productive without needing to physically be in an office.

      It’s more often the case that management’s insistence people be physically present is down to their own insecurities and lack of trust in the people THEY hired. Cunts.

      • I was amused when I was told by a manager they couldn’t let me login to the company server from home despite me having better security on my desktop than they would ever pay for at work and being able to do my whole day’s work by lunchtime. If management can’t see you, they assume you’re skiving, because that’s what they’d do. Arseholes of the first order.

      • Aye. Or as I call it, ‘Cunts justifying their own existence.’

        Once work for the DWP or whatever they call it now. Had about 5 bosses. All useless cunts who avoided dealing with angry ‘customers’ (that’s what we had to call them!) and just looked for mistakes or counted numbers. Never answered the phone either. It would’ve made no difference had they not come to work.

        A bit like this:

        “Get me the manager!”

        “OK, sir. I’ll go and ask if he can speak with you.”

        “We’ve got a really angry guy refusing to accept the decision to reject his claim based on earnings. I pointed out the law used to reach the decision and that he can appeal but that unless there is a legal change by government, it will be unsuccessful. He still wasn’t happy and demanded to speak with you.”

        “It’s your job to deal with that. He can put any complaint to me in writing.”

        “He won’t leave until you speak to him.”

        “Not happening.”

        Staff member then goes outside and gets a torrent of abuse and guy refuses to leave and starts smashing stuff up until security arrives. That sort of useless cunt.

      • I am an international assassin. Fuck, I shouldnt have said that…thankful for this site’s anonymity.

  17. This rubber faced little mong never had the virus at all and she fucking well knew it.
    It was all a stunt and a surefire way to get even more pubilicty.
    ‘i think I had it, but then I realised I didn’t have it’? Do fuck off and don’t insult our intelligence.

    Naturally, the media in general have not batted an eyelid at their sainted spaz pulling such a shameless and dirty trick and using a worldwide crisis for her own ends. Bottom line is she has abused whatever position she has now got/been given and lied about a very serious issue in order to get more publicity and, quite frankly, that is fucking disgraceful.

    The little fucker needs a slap.

    • Aye kick the cunt off a cliff into some proper climate change.
      A volcano would be good.

  18. Greta? truculent twisted truant tramp, self – serving liar.
    And now a Millionaire.
    That is all.

  19. We’re all going to die horribly in eleven years time (or is it ten now? I lose count) anyway. At least that’s what the experts at Extinction Rebellion say, so who gives a fuck whether the Blessed Virgin Greta’s had Corbyn-19 or a tickly cough or not? Yeah, one person maybe, but apart from him?

    Instead of lecturing us about her personal health issues should stick to doing what she does best, lecturing us about how wrong it all is that she should be up her own chuff instead of back in primary school stealing sweets with her empty words and dreams. She’s one of the lucky ones so damn well cheer up you bitch.

    Cunts are suffering. Cunts are dying. Entire colostomy bags are collapsing and and all we can talk about is Coronavirus and social distancing?

    • Afternoon RTC – failing that just slap her petulant arse and send her back to school.
      ( I was going to add “then she might learn something” but education is indoctrination, history denial and brainwashing under our current system).

    • Wouldn’t it be great if Extinction Rebellion decided that now was a good time to glue themselves to things. I would pay to watch Plod let off the leftish lead and finally allowed to express their feelings. The stupid cunts at ER are daft enough to do it!

  20. Get ready for a serious return of this delusional fiction spinner. It is a fact that air will get cleaner, the waters of Venice might run clear, LA might even lose a bit of smog. Be sure she will be on the highest pillar spouting off all kinds of shite to the similar thinking cunts of the world that it should be made mandatory that the human race should be on permanent lock down…..for her future.

  21. I’d love it if Corbyn-19 had caused terrible problems with botoxed lips – perhaps turning them to some horrible, festering sludge, that starts eating up the faces they are attached to, eventually causing heads to implode and collapse…

  22. If the spoon faced window licking mong really had it I suggest she self isolates for at least 50 years in order to prevent the specious toxic bollocks she spouts spreading any further. Fuck off you creepy little ventriloquists doll and do something useful for once in your life.

  23. Capitalism has brought this virus here. It’s as to do with The Market. The ‘wet’ market in Wuhan. Thousands of miles away. It has been transported, delivered here. Even though we did not want it.
    It’s a bi- ‘product’ of international capitalism.
    We flitter about (like bats) in and out of countries. It’s not healthy-coming into contact with disparate cultures. Spreading what would have been a local health issue.
    Now it’s distributed throughout the world.

    • Forgot the main point- that Greta has had he eyes on Aviation from the word go.

      • I’ve said it before Miles. We should never have come down from the trees. In fact we should never have left the sea!

        • Yes RT I am getting a uni-bomber type hatred for technology.

          On the very rare occasions I have been in an aeroplane I have felt like clutching the Trolley Dolly’s arm and exclaiming-‘Why was I persuaded to do this, this is an insane situation, we weren’t meant to be 30, 000 feet in the sky! Its not natural!

          Just been reading about Barnsley Market. Given it’s Royal Charter in 1249.

          I think I would have been a happier person if I had lived in 1249.

          • Like some people are born in the wrong sexed body, you were born in the wrong time, in a 20th Century body. Maybe you should self identify as an 11th Century cunt?

            I’m sure the government would bend over backwards to falsify your birth certificate to read “Born in 1249” or whenever. The trouble is:
            God made man
            But he used the monkey to do it
            Apes in the plan
            We’re all here to prove it
            I can walk like an ape, talk like an ape, do what monkey do
            God made man
            But a monkey supplied the glue. 🎶

            As Mark Mothersbaugh sang in Jocko Homo

        • Birds are cunts too Miserable.

          Migrating all over the world, no respect for national borders. And who took any notice? I’ll tell you who took any notice: fucking no-one! That’s who took any notice! Fucking no-one mate!

          • My fuckin’ Percy crossed the Stockport border and still hasn’t returned.

          • Saw him in the woods yesterday, wasnt with the green parrakeets though.
            Hanging out with the buzzards!
            Hes a fairfeather friend,
            Must have got religious
            If he thinks hes a bird of pray….
            Cant afford a taxi.
            Ill walk.

  24. Greta has the ability to reinvent herself. It won’t be long before she’s back as an eminent epidemiologist. Certificates are available for 50 Krona(or should that be Corona) from Malmo University.

  25. At the age of 17 how many cuntings has Saint Greta had on here already? It must be some kind of record and I suspect this Establishment puppet will appear many more times in the future. She can fuck right off but I fear she will be back time and again, eventually with her own demented, non binary brats with names like Peace and Petal Rose and similar bollocks.

    7 possibly 8, she is doing well.

    • I think that 20 minutes of B&WC’s best efforts would ensure that she stays at 2 metres from any living creature for the rest of her life.

  26. I have the unsettling impression that Sweden is full of lunatics. Anyway, with so many lovely (albeit bonkers) women wandering around no wonder she’s so pissed off, shame that they’ll all be wearing burkas if things don’t change. Greta, sweetie, do fuck off.

  27. I like to see the positive in everything, If as she suspects she had covid19 and “Got over it” then the lucky little mare will have the required antibody’s to protect her self.
    We all know that she is without doubt a very selfless person and has all peoples well being at heart, perhaps she should walk down to Italy or France and help out on the wards there, just think as she is immune she will not require that nasty disposable PPE they are all using so double whammy, helps people helps planet.

    You up for it Gretta?

  28. I thought she had some syndrome which meant she couldn’t deal with reality , well miss G did you have a temperature, a sore throat and a cough… it was probably a cold you dip stick!

    Every twat and his dog will be claiming Covid 19, me, me, me, I had, I had it….


  29. Just got back from the allotment, not a particularly enjoyable day unlike on previous visits.

    All ok until a mindless cunt in a block of flats decided to put his/her music on at full blast. Tuneless bass thumping talentless drivel. This lasted probably for about an hour, thought about the poor neighbours forced to listen to the cunts noise.

    Soon after was a young girl from he same block of flats who screamed many times for no obvious reason other than to fuck me off. That set off the dogs barking.

    Later in the day saw a black van drive far too quickly to a plot about 100 or so yards from me, spewing 8 or 9 dooshkas, and old white lady. Silence broken by much typical shouting followed by the male cunt starting a large bit of diesel machinery.

    Decided at that point to leave, by the car noticed 8 adult dooshkas standing in a group, chatting and drinking alcohol. Also nearby was a barbecue alight, but not theirs I think.

    There are clear instructions (in various languages) on the entry gates that groups are limited to two people (same family) the two metre distancing rule applies to everyone. Any breaches will jeopardise the allotment access for all.

    I am very much against house arrest as threatened by Matt “useless fucking cunt” Hancock and heavy handed police tactics but there are some selfish fuckers out there who don’t give a shit about anyone else but themselves.

    Tempted to report them however if I did fairly sure the allotment would be closed to all.

    Cunts. And Eastern European ones at that. Shouldn’t be here.

    Fuck off.

    • Bloody hell Willie, where is your allotment located – downtown Gdansk?

      • It sometimes feels like that Bertie but actually Ipswich, Suffolk,

        Major infestation of dooshkas here, 8 times the national average according to the statistics.

    • The old lady wasn’t Emma Ratbag trying to sneak back in from Venice, I hope ?

  30. Shame she did not get a lethal dose.
    Spszmatronic Joey Deaconite.

    • NC last spotted leathering three of our “peaceful friends” who were caught stealing medical supplies – go girl, get the boot in! 😄

  31. I hope Sir Limply is safe and well in these troubled times.

    Gawd bless the old bugger…

  32. What the…? How the fuck did she escape? She’s been tied to my bed for 2 weeks, routinely being rammed hard several times a day in between my explaining the truth about climate change! I was just about to start charging others for a go. Haha.

  33. I’ve sufficiently lengthened and widened her pussy and ass, put a pint or two of cum down her throat (no girl spits mine out!) and there’s probably a wee Diablo on the way. This should stop her shit-spouting, you can thank me later.

  34. What a terrible picture.

    She looks like a puppet from a Paul Verhoven or David Cronenberg film.

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