Sir Richard Branson

Now all of us on here know that Richard Branson is a complete cunt. However this time he has gone one step further and made the entire nation realise he is a 110% total CUNT. At this time of crisis, does this bearded bell end dip his hand in his pocket and save the well being of his workers? No, he pleads poverty and asks them to take unpaid leave. He has probably done this while getting a reach around from Lineker or Flabbott on his private Caribbean island.

My advice Dickie, is to get your hands into your pocket, sell your fucking island and pay your hard up staff. Or alternatively, make all of your businesses available to the NHS and key workers. I notice the Neville brothers have done just this and when this is over, you should be stripped of your knighthood and have it placed on the shoulders of the Nevilles, or any key worker who kept going and going to help others.

You are not some self made billionaire (I’ve looked it up. You are a privileged twat) you are mummy and daddy’s little boy and you are an embarrassment to this nation. Do us a favour Rich, if your islands got a 50m cliff, please jump off it at the earliest opportunity, you fucking shit, piss, wank CUNT.

Nominated by Cuntsince1066

Richard Branson is a bit of a vintage cunt, isn’t he?,He’s gone cap in hand to the government saying pity poor me, my business needs propping up for the price of, wait for it, £7.5 Billion!!!

Where one of the Neville brothers is paying his staff full wages and letting NHS staff stay for free at his hotels, Branson, the cunt who could easily with his vast wealth pay his staff, won’t.

I hope his business fucking flops, his staff find a better employer and he goes and stay on his island, probably staffed by young girls. Epstein was a friend of Branson, wasn’t he?

Nominated by Once a cunt always a cunt

82 thoughts on “Sir Richard Branson

  1. It fills me with a lovely warm glow, when I read all the vitriolic comments about this bearded, twatting leech.
    It will hopefully make his head explode, like a character out of ‘ Scanners ‘.

  2. A great exposure of this Controlling Unscrupulous Narcissistic Twat. He is nothing more than a small person standing on an extremely high platform trying to look bigger but when on level ground he is smaller. He is 99.999% quantity and only 0.001% quality.

  3. Working out (I have f*ck all better to do at the mo!) the amount of Corporate Tax the Virgin Group owe the British Treasury – over a Billion.
    Fuckoff “Sir” Richard – pay US what you OWE us, then fuckoff back to your private island to sit on comely Kate Winslett and your bags of gold.
    Plastic hippy cunt. (And take Bono with you mate – go on, you would be much more popular if you did!)
    Right, back to bouncing my baseball against the wall of “Ze cooler”!

    • Just sent Dirty Dick Branson a quick email:

      Dear Sir Richard

      I am mortified to discover the money you have saved by forcing your badly underpaid employees to take two Months off work unpaid is not balancing the books and you feel you need a Government (IE – the taxpayer) bailout.

      I have an idea – sell your Carribean island, stop spending a fortune on playing at space travel and get your hand – for the first time ever – in your OWN F*CKING POCKET!

      Yours, from a very angry sole trader who is about to lose his business as I cannot ring up good old Boris to tip me a few Billion like you apparently can – any chance of tapping a few quid from you? No? Are you not happy with an Island, are you saving up our taxpayers money for a Continent?

      Feeling your pain Dick – because let’s face it – we’re all in this together, and I am heartened to see you are not taking advantage of a disaster to line your own greedy pockets.


      I await my response 😃👍

      • You’ll wait a while for your reply,Vernon. I’ve been regularly sending the bastard abusive mail for 40 odd years and heard bugger-all off the grasping bearded Pisspot.

        • I am on it DF – I am very good at winkling out contact details they do not want you to have, and this motherf*cker is going to give me some answers – and if he doesn’t no problem – with the new long range fuel tanks on The Black Pig it can now make it all the way to Necker!
          Via France of course – got some business there first 😃👍

    • Branson, along with all the other useless, braindead, millionaire cunts needs to fuck off & die.
      Instead of giving these greedy cunts another penny of public money, let’s get the army in, declare martial law, seize all this cunts money & declare it collection of unpaid taxes.
      Put these fuckers on a bonfire & watch them burn. that will be their only contribution to society.

      Fuck all celebs off. Stop paying footballers millions to kick a ball along the grass. Pay doctors, nurses, coppers & firemen their real worth. Stop paying lazy cunts to keep having kids. Bring back national service & teach teenagers some discipline & respect.

      We need a new world order. Time for change plebs

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