Lisa Nandy (3)

A “for the many not the few” cunting please, for Labour leader wannabe, Lisa, she of the bouncing knockers and strangely alluring smile, who has “demanded” Boris “agree with the EU to delay Brexit”:

Lisa, darling, you could give me a soapy tit-wank any day of the week, but does she realise how pathetic and weak she makes herself – and the rest of us in Britain – sound?

Old Barnier has a touch of the lurgy and we have to not only mop his fevered brow (through all the Max Factor he plasters over his decrepit mug), but stop him feeling any more stress by doing what we should have done four years ago. If he is too old and ill to do his job, he should fuck off to retirement.

No doubt Qweer Charmer feels the same way, but he is too cowardly to admit it. Becky probably has no view – she doubtless enjoyed the partying last night before the pubs closed, and is suffering from disco minge this morning. Richard Burgeon or Dawn Butler will lick her clean when they arise from their pits.

I hate to say lovely Lisa is a cunt – but she is, not least for not realising how little relevance her tottering party is to anybody, except the three gurning bleeders who want to lead it (over the cliff if possible)

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

67 thoughts on “Lisa Nandy (3)

  1. A tit wank from Lisa would be a most marvellous and joyous experience, other than that she is irrelevant, as is the rest of the Labour Party.

    • Lispy Lisa Labour Loony.
      No ones listening Litha,
      Sounds harsh but nobody listens to people with speech impediments.
      True fact, people hear a stutterer or lispers they dont take them seriously,
      An with people worried about infection at the moment theyll give you a wide berth.
      No one likes someone who spits when talking.

      • Roy Hattersley stood for Labour leader in 1983 and look what happened to him… beaten by Kinnock!

        “Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.” (Winston Churchill, House of Commons, 1948)

        Litha Nandy, take note luv.

        • Regrettably Labour refuse to recognise Churchill given that he was a xenophobic racist etc.

          If Labour ever had their way it would have been the Gays, the former colonies and the Wimminz that won WW2 for Britain

    • Yeah, id try to push little miserable out through her ribcage LL,😜
      But her shitty politics an spitting when talking would be verboten.

  2. The bitch can shut her whore mouth. We’ve waited long enough to get out and the present bollocks makes it all the more urgent. We need to get the fuck out and with no deal that involves those bastards getting their dirty hands on our fish.
    If they want fish they can poke around up Lisa’s minge box.

    • “If they want fish they can poke around up Lisa’s minge box”

      Fucking brilliant Freddie, I’ve just had a spit spray on my screen that even Litha would have been proud of! It’s a crying shame how someone so heavy on knockers can be so light on brains. And I agree, if you go fumbling around in her knicks you’ll probably come out with a handful of sprats.

  3. My missus caught my lad as he was mid-wank.
    Shortly after that I caught my daughter with a large dildo rammed up her arse.
    Not your average family trapeze act I’ll admit, but we do get the occasional booking….

  4. What a prick she is.
    Labour may have a chance if Rear Stormer gets the job…the last Labour PM was a bit of a bender type.

    • Yes Anthony was very camp. I think his Poet Laurette, Lord Adonis, penned a little verse:

      I like the boys who say they will,
      I like the boys who don’t
      I hate the boy who says he will
      And then he says he won’t
      But the type of boy I like the most –
      And I’m sure you’ll say I’m right
      Is the boy who says he never does…
      But he looks as though he might.

  5. If “Brexit” was delayed would we still be liable to bear some of the costs of the massive bail-out that some EU member States will need in the near future?

    • Yes because we’d still he bound by their laws and our obligations.
      Once we leave on 31st December then all payments stop

      • Except we won’t leave then. Trade deal negotiations have already been suspended till further notice. Boris (or whoever’s PM by then) will apply for the inevitable extension, you can wank on it.

        • If he does he’s in trouble.
          I don’t think he will. Talks will resume on April/May. Plenty time.
          He knows his head is on the block .

  6. Catweazle appeared on the News the other day. Gordon F Bennett. It suddenly felt like ‘63 ie 1863.

    If ever there was a case for crowdfunding the gibbering, piss-smelling, irrelevant, old cunt on a one way ticket to Dignitas, that was it.

    • Yes, but he won all the arguments and has forced the government to enact all his policies and everything in the Labour manifesto and he’s the best leader in Labour’s history EVER according to the membership, so he’s got the last laugh, ha-ha…

      If a General Election were held tomorrow Labour would win by a landslide! 🙄

        • Afternoon RK – the contributors are discussing the merits of Litha (I saw a puthy cat) Nandy – little to talk about there then!
          The EU are sly little shitweasels who will use any excuse to extend our sentence – what’s next – leaves on the line?
          Out on WTO terms, no extension, I have not gone through nearly four Years of this to take more shit from these dictatorial b*stards.

  7. Nandy Pandy has also called for a cabinet of “national unity.” Oh just fuck off. I think we made it clear we don’t want any of your lot anywhere near the reins of power. Just stick to crying about trannies and other weirdos you dozy mare.

  8. When all this shit with chinky flu comes to an end the EU will be fucked, Germany will still have a stash of Nazi gold so will be fine, Italy down the pan, Spain down the pan, France stuck in the U bend and the rest are just hangers on, if we have an extension we will be more fucked than leaving with no formal deal.
    If anything this virus has shown when it comes down to it the country can survive as an independent country, ok we may have to buy stuff at a higher price but fuck it it’s not the end of the world.
    So fuck off Litha, we don’t need the EU, rule fucking Britannia.

  9. Lisping Lisa Nandy
    Makes me feel randy
    Imagining licking her flaps
    Or sticking my dick between her baps
    Makes me have a hand shandy

  10. I’m glad for Boris Johnson that he got corona’d now he can test out that herd immunity that he was talking about… lol get fucked bojo you tousle towheaded chin roll cunt maybe take the wuflu more seriously next time

  11. I was.wondering when some bellend or bellendess would start bringing Brexit into this cunt situation.
    What a surprise it’s Lisa Nandy, well she can fuck off.
    These EU fanatics cannot seem to understand what the fuck the population want or expect, after a proper pounding in the election they are still on abaaaaaht staying in whilst this never ending Corona bollocks plays out.
    I suppose she wants us to stay in so we can help all the poor countries in the EU, this is the problem with most (not all) women…ruled by their hearts not their heads, too soft and not willing to be a proper cunt.
    If we stay in the bill to bail out Romania, Poland and all the other shit hole countries will make our massive bill seem like pocket change. I hope this virus kills the EU.
    (I’ve stopped my little one month relationship with smoking so I am ready to kill 😡😡😡)
    Piss off.

    • You can bet your house on it that the EU wants an extension for one reason and one reason only. They’ll expect to continue plundering our resources for as long as they possibly can.
      Personally I see no reason not to extend the trade deal negotiations beyond December for the obvious reason, but if the government agrees to continue being bound by EU regulation, and continues to shell out cash that the EU will think itself entitled to, then Johnson is fish bait.

      • The EU know there is a massive bill coming down the line, and they want to keep us in so they can twist as much out of us as possible – how does “bollocks” sound?
        Greedy sly conniving opportunistic f*cking rodents.
        No extension – under any circumstances, and lithping Litha shows her Britain hating commie hand yet again.
        Pushing the Labour agenda is like getting people to eat dog s*it – “it tastes lovely, you just haven’t listened to me telling you that enough, that’s all – eat up”!

  12. It’s well known that there are dozens of genders as the BBC and Litha have told me.
    But, incredibly, so far only two, male and female, have died of covid19.

  13. The soppy bint is more into promoting transsexuals rights over everybody else’s than getting to grips with the real issues that concern ordinary people.

  14. The lothely Litha should pack this shit in, get those large knockers out, oil them up and put a home vid on Xhamster. She would be more of a success than some, in perpetuity, back-seat La-bore MP.

    Some whipped cream, nipple tonguing and strumming would give us ISAC men some solid entertainment during this lonely period of social distancing.

    • Just had a word with Lithping Litha PM – she’s up for that as she is a Labour MP and therefore permanently has nothing to do but wants some sweets first!

  15. I would. My type looks wise.

    She looks a bit posh and mental. In my experience, posh, mental birds Go like the clappers.

    Not wife or girlfriend material, but a great night in. You’ll probably be injured a little afterwards though. And ignore the 500 phone calls and threats of suicide afterwards.

    Like all females though, she has no place in running the country. I think she’d make a good dinner lady or wife for a squire who knew how to ‘tame a shrew.’

    Fuck off and put the kettle on. Grab the Hob Nobs and close the curtains, I’m watching the cricket.

  16. I believe Sir Fiddler is looking for new domestic staff Cunty – a few have left alleging cruel treatment meted out to the new Head of Housekeeping Ms Arterton, apparently she keeps crying and demanding to be released!
    Some gals have no gratitude! 😃

    • I believe Ms Nandy would fit the bill for Lord Fiddler’s domestic help. As long as she didn’t backchat or cut her hair too short, I think she’d do fine at the Towers.
      Perhaps we could arrange an interview?

      • Well, I believe Ms Nandy is free!
        (She was reasonably priced but unfortunately no takers – “take ’em off Lisa”! “No – I’m chathing that puthy cat, ith fluffy”!)
        Of all the Labour circus she seems the least insane, just clueless and a bit slow, although appearing that way is a good method for being underestimated.

  17. Yeah, admittedly I’d fuck it anally until I spunked up my own chirrotic liver but apart from that I hate the cunt. Does that shouting over won’t stop talking thing that all political youngsters do when challenged for talking shit. Fucking twat!

    • Little children always shout, however old they are.
      Because the strident snowflakes think that’s how they win an argument – not realising, understanding or admitting that you have to have substance over abusive volume.
      But things are changing, and the hate baiters are in a whole new World where continually calling someone “fascist, racist, bigot” etc won’t make this virus too afraid to speak.
      That’s it Owen – hide behind Mummy until the bad thing goes away.

  18. Oh Nandy
    Well you came
    And you jiggled your titties
    So I came on your face
    Oh Nandy
    You lisped and you gobbed
    On my bellend
    So I peed on your face
    Oh Nandy

  19. I find her distasteful. She deserves to be served up to you men on isac, maybe in a big iced sponge cake or lying amid a monstrous raspberry jelly with cream piped around the edge. You could be let loose one at a time (given social distancing) rather than all in one mad stampede. There again, it’s doubtful you’d be able to tow the line and hold your places, so it would just be one crazy cunt rush of lust.

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