I’d like to nominate Greggs for a flaky-baked, virtue-signalling cunting.

Greggs have awarded Stormzy their first ever “Black” Card, thus allowing him free pastries for life:

Well, I’m sure the multimillionaire Stormzy needs a hand up in this respect. He quite clearly has no means to buy his own food, and so I expect this to be featured as one of the teary-eyed stories in the upcoming “Comic Relief” pageant.

“And now Davina McCall plays white-saviour to Stormzy’s oppressed BAME arse, by feeding him a cheese and onion pastie and a chocolate eclair!”

Yeah, the homeless/struggling veterans don’t need Greggs “Black” Cards do they? They can just fucking starve! I mean all they have done is serve the country they love, as opposed to denigrating/hating the country/people that welcomed and accepted them into their society.

Boo destitute veterans! Yay millionaire grime artists!

Given this, I’d recommend that the common sense folk out there boycott Greggs, as a show of disapproval towards their virtue-signalling bias.

Get woke, go broke! You get what you fucking deserve!


Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

99 thoughts on “Greggs

  1. Fuckmit !
    Only been in Greggs twice (once last night) and had steak bake both times. Found them to be pretty good but having seen what they have done with that Stormzy cunt will never go through their doors again.
    Why do these companies have to jump on the woke (cunts word that is as well) bandwagon and not just stick to what they do best.

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