Ghost Hunters

‘Holy crap….what was that!?…I’m freaking out right now…holy shit…did you hear that?…dude…dude, are you alright?…I’m trying to get my head around this right now…

I actually believe in ghosts. Or rather the Supernatural. So, to my mind, they are playing with fire. I better say it’s Mrs P who likes to watch them.Yes, playing with fire, because I do hear things on them that are disconcerting. You know, cunters, the possession of the boy (changed to girl for the film) that ‘The Exorcist’ was based on came from him playing the Ouija board with a Spiritualist aunt. So I firmly believe in demonic possession. So playing, fucking about with the supernatural is dangerous.

Back to our modern day Ghost Hunters. There they are, with their magnetic field readings and digital cameras – the snowflakiest of snowflakes out for a thrill. They’re ‘researching’, you see. It’s pitiful really. They’re so jumpy…even the slightest sound and they’re off running. And when its all over, the ‘what have we learned?’. ‘We’ve faced our fear and I’m proud of that’. The evidence? A tiny spot of light or ‘orb’, as they called it. Grainy footage of some slight movement at the end of a corridor. Bullshit really. But there was that noise me and Mrs P pricked our ears up at. Yes, what was that? Mrs P has gone to sleep now and I’m ok writing this, but I often feel funny when I have watched one of them. Funny coincidences in my mind. Not moving objects or anything, just strange things in my mind.

I feel unnerved. As though a spirit has come through the television set and is affecting me.

Nominated by Miles Plastic

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  1. The American Bigfoot chaser shows beggar belief. Four good ol’ boys visit the woods. Don night goggles. Film it all on cheap head cams. Spend the night blundering about talking bullshit to each other. Observe and present utterly fuck all of any kind of evidence. Conclude that there “definitely are lots of bigfoots here”. Similar for the ghost hunters.

    It’s simple to me the conclusion DO NOT fit the premises

    • I’m amazed we haven’t found Bigfoot yet, or come to the conclusion they died out or were made up in the first place ( The guy who provided that famous video footage was a showman). You would have thought they would have native Americans helping, since they are so old. What’s even more fascinating is that similar creatures have been reported in other countries, like the Gairen of China and the Yowie of Australia.

    • Isn’t there a show on Discovery called ‘Finding Bigfoot’? Not finding Bigfoot would probably be a better title, or waste of fucking time. Discovery channel used to be good years ago, but now the only discovery to be made there is that people will believe any old shit, and watch it. There was a programme on there recently about mermaids for fucks sake. The History channel has gone the same way. An ex girlfriend used to call it the Hitler channel, because of all the WW2 documentaries, lots of them worth watching. Now it’s full of shit like ancient aliens, bible crap, and pointless reality shite like Axe men or ice road truckers. Hardly history, although to justify this load of wank, the tag line for the channel is ‘history, made every day’. Bollocks.

      • These days TDC shows a heavy dose of lefty virtue signalling crap. Exploration, scientific analysis, discover reporting, etc. all but gone out the window.

        Some shows I absolutely cannot understand how they’re getting away with because they’re showing illegal activity. There’s a should on Yank TDC called Moonshiners. I’ve only ever seen the trailers, but it’s basically the cat and mouse game between the cops and toothless cunts making illegal alcohol in the woods. How is that on TV? Then we have another show called Street Outlaws (I think). Again, the trailers suggest its a show about cunts who do drag racing on public roads. Why is that on TV? It’s just almost total crap now.

        • Its to encourage us to commit more crimes as the police need more reasons to make arrests.

  2. “I actually believe in ghosts. Or rather the Supernatural.” Hmm.

    “[T]he possession of the boy (changed to girl for the film) that ‘The Exorcist’ was based on came from him playing the Ouija board with a Spiritualist aunt. So I firmly believe in demonic possession. So playing, fucking about with the supernatural is dangerous.” Seriously?

    Evidence? Rationality? The Enlightenment? Science and the scientific method?

    I sometimes feel my mind falling into a bottomless pit of despair and hopelessness. I hope this nomination is a pisstake because I thought ISAC was a haven from this sort of thing.

    • For the last ten years, practically everyone carries a camera, on their mobile phone. Still and video, especially in the last five years, of excellent quality, and the awaiting internet, a portal to the world, where anything of interest (but mostly not) can be shared with the world instantly. Yet, no ghosts, no Bigfoot, no ufos. At least none that are remotely convincing. Wankers.

      • Was going to make the same point, GJ. We don’t have to rely on some ancient and grainy footage of some grey shape seeming to move around and conclude it must be a ghost.

        Millions of people have HD cameras in their pockets and surprise surprise, zilch when it comes to definitive evidence of anything ‘super natural’.

        It’s hardly surprising people buy into this stuff. I hear religion is still quite popular in some parts and that’s all bollocks too.

  3. Im addicted to shows like this, never seen a ghost, ufo, or cryptid animal but would love too.
    Just because the eggheads an boffins say something isnt so,
    Doesn’t mean it is,
    Know for a fact we have big cats prowling here,
    And my local woods are full of green parakeets,
    That shouldnt be there.
    My favourite ghost hunter was scouse Derek and his ghostly sidekick Sam.
    “Is dere anybody dere?”

  4. I had a shite yesterday after a double helping of spicy lamb curry and 4 cans of Guinness.

    Now that was supernatural…

    • Three paratroopers jump out of a plane. Two die on impact, but one lands safely…thats para-normal.

  5. They could improve this shit by dressing up an axe murderer in a bed sheet and let him have at the presenters.
    Be worth a watch then.
    Otherwise fuck these daft cunts.

  6. Fuck me, you believe all this shit and you may as well swallow the bible and that other book the p*k*s are always going on about. Can’t remember what it’s called now but I know those bastards pretend to believe in it, praise the lord!

  7. I used to watch “Most Haunted” with Derek Acorah and some Scouse bint/hubby.

    The first couple of series weren’t too bad even though they’re investigations were a bit amateurish and every little orb or creak was ramped up big style.

    They used to carry webcams but always seemed to point them at their fellow ghost hunters rather than dark corners of rooms. And I would have thought wearing headcams would have been far more appropriate as that would have caught whatever it was they think they saw. But they never bothered with that.

    As the series went on the more desperate it all became, and then Yvette Fielding (the star/director/producer/twat), fucked over Derek with some bogus character and made him look like the fake twat he really is.

    Could have been a decent show but it was branded as a “entertainment program” rather than anything marginally serious or scientific. So you just knew it was one big pisstake.

  8. Miles has a point here. Quite rightly, he denounces the rubbish ghost programs. And whilst the supernatural might not be scientifically proven, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I’ll qualify this.

    I’ve never seen a ghost. I’ve lived opposite a Norman graveyard and done night duty in a former WW2 morgue. Not a peep of an apparition. Regardless, we all know perfectly rational people who have experienced “something”. Maybe some things are beyond our current scientific abilities.

    Personally, I hope there isn’t an afterlife, because I think a single lifetime putting up with cunts is enough.

    I’ll end with the tale of a priest I once knew. He would see an aura around a person that was soon to die. This indicator of the imminent death never failed him.

  9. I might not believe in ghosts,but I certainly don’t believe that Science knows everything either.

    Mankind,in it’s hubris,believes that Science has all the answers. Mankind is so clever,so advanced,that it can explain anything and everything…and perhaps in time Science will be able to explain everything (as long as this clever,advanced Mankind hasn’t already wiped the fucking Planet and itself out,of course),but at the moment it can’t.

    Perhaps ghoulie,ghosties and long-legged beasties are just the figment of someone’s imagination…I’ve got no idea,never seen one. However I am prepared to admit that I believe that there is more to this World than just what Science is prepared to accept.

    Sneering and writing-off anything that current Science can’t explain is hardly the act of an open-minded,enquiring mind…in fact it’s on a par with with the militants and extremists amongst the Godbotherers who refuse to accept any other viewpoint.

    We should be more open to accepting that we don’t know and understand everything.

    • Glad to see you’re safe and well Dick. Some feared you may have succümbed to the dreaded lurgi. Oh they of little faith.

        • Science may not have claimed to have all the answers….some Scientists certainly give the give the impression that they believe in their own infallibility though.

      • In theory less ramblers for the hounds to chase after despite the good whether. I saw your post from a few days ago Fiddler, about the two eastern European women taking the piss at the local supermarket and making multiple trips. I hope your outburst of public-spiritedness was just temporary, and cunt mode has been resumed.

        • It’s difficult to reach full Cunt-mode when there are no ramblers or cyclists about,LL……can’t believe I’m going to say this….I miss the Cunts (but wouldn’t if I could get a clear shot)

      • Just really busy,RTC….can’t get on with any tree-work so have got the digger out and made a start clearing out some old land-drains…been meaning it do it for years,now seems as good a time as any.

        • Mr Fiddler has a bigger one than RT or C’sMC. Philosophy I mean. He can allow for the idea of the supernatural wheras they AREN’T ALLOWED to even think of the possibility of a supernaturual realm stuck in the Materialist mindset that they are. Just sayin’.


  10. All demons come from religion.

    Rather than deal with reality, cunts prefer to believe in gods, ghosts, demons and dictators. It’s foolishness and a bluff and a scam and a con, and it leads to great tragedy. It stops you thinking. It keeps you in a state of permanent mindless acceptance.

    Good morning.

    • Im with Dick on this.
      Its conceited as fuck to dismiss everything as though science has all the answers.
      Years ago people laughed at me when i said id saw little green parrots in the woods, some snotty cunt said id misidentified them, now its common knowledge that ringtailed parrakeets have breed and adapted to the uk.
      I ve never seen a ghost or anything not religious,
      But doesnt mean theres no such thing.

        • Morning mate,
          I know the parrots are real, as are the non native big cats,
          Ghosts i dont know either way.
          Did a job where I had to spend the night alone in the oldest pub in Manchester, the wellington built in (1535 i think) making sure no naughty boys broke in,
          I was dead excited as its rumoured to be haunted,
          …not a fuckin thing.
          But know people who arent mental, liars, easily influenced etc
          Swear theyve seen a ghost.
          Im open minded.

          • I did a similar thing MNC, I stayed overnight in Hawksyard Priory to keep a watch on a truck load of copper pipe while the place was being renovated. Just me in a 60 room mansion set in 120 acres……..and a monks graveyard outside the window of the room I was dossing in.
            I can honestly say that even though I got up every couple of hours to flash the torch around (no power on in the entire building) it was the most peaceful night I have ever spent away from home. The corridors were so long the beam from the torch got tired before it reached the end.
            I have however seen and heard things on other occasions that there was no rational explanation for.
            Ghost hunting programmes are made up shite for TV.

    • Is it any more “mindless acceptance” than accepting only what Science tells you and refusing to consider anything that something may exist that can’t be proved in a laboratory? As we all know,of course,Science has never been wrong,has it?
      I’d have thought that a truly inquiring mind would be humble enough to accept that Man doesn’t have all the answers instead of just mindlessly accepting what Professor Egghead has to say on the matter.

      • With you there Prof Fiddler, given the poindexters now have various theories regarding multiple dimensions, infinite universes etc, who knows what’s possible.

        I’ve seen a couple of ghost hunter shows and like most reality TV they are total shit.

        • That’s it SV….. I suppose it’s a bit like “God”..can’t be proved that there is but can’t be proved there isn’t either….perhaps “God”, whatever it may, be is something that is beyond our ken at the present time?

          • You’re in good company Dick:

            “I believe in everything until it’s disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it’s in your mind.”
            (John Lennon)

          • John Lennon & Derek Acorah would of made the best ghosthunting team ever!!
            ‘Scouse hunters’
            Wha’s dat John?
            ‘Dunno wha dat was like dek!”
            “‘Ee are la, skin up im gettin der fear like”
            ”Imagine dat dek, a ghost hunter an dey stopped me dole like”

          • I never said that I either believed or disbelieved,RTC…all I said was that I’m prepared to accept that there may well be things beyond the current scientific understanding… when “believers” can prove it or non-believers disprove it….fair enough…but neither side can,so I prefer to keep an open mind.

      • Science can’t answer everything but that doesn’t mean lurid takes of ghosts or gobblins is the answer. We have a need to know so when science cannot answer it our minds search frantically for something to fill the gap.
        Now I think there are things in the universe we cannot explain and may never understand but science is our best bet. It’s not infallible or perfect but everything we do in life is based on science. Food,drugs, technology, cosmetics you name it. Nothing happens without science.
        You’d be as well having a debate about religion v science or evolution v creationism.
        Homeopathy. Crap. If you dilute something until there is nothing left it is harmless or has no beneficial effect.
        Crystals. Nope not having it.
        However copper bangles do work . Supposedly by …. I don’t know.
        Magnetic bracelets. Nope. Iron in your blood is not magnetic. If it were you’d be ripped apart when you went for an MRI scan.
        So ladies and germs in short all advances have been achieved through science not superstition.
        Ghosts? Well that would suggest an afterlife.
        Hang on what the fuck is that over there in the dimly lite corner of my room…..

    • My friend, the idea of daemons and angels was around long before any of these religions came about. They just appropriated them for their own purposes.

  11. I watched a full episode once ( and it was only ever once ) Whatr a complete crock of orchestrated shite. I tell you, that fucking Moron Mirror captures some really fucking “needy” viewers! What a load of bullocks danglers.

  12. Dickheads who scare themselves and try to communicate with ghosts are utter fucking retards, get a life and a job you cunts, if you need to be huanted check out Rodrigo Alves, that fuckers scares the bejeezes out of me..

    • My other half is known as Bigfoot. I thought it was just a nickname but now I’m not so sure. Should I alert the authorities?

  13. Good nom this Miles!👍
    Like it when you ‘upset the apple cart’ and mention anything religious or supernatural!
    More of this please!😁😁

    • I should never have responded Miserable. It’s contrary to my guidelines to engage with religious nuts, cranks and conspiracy theorists.

      I’ll get my lab coat.

      • Heehee, soon be another nom that we all agree on,
        Hey, you see that?
        Some ghostly girl in mini skirt?
        And now ive got ectoplasm all over my hands!!

        • As scouse Derek would say, “Dats a lorra lorra of activity, she’s got me hubcaps too! Call the bizzies”!

      • Some conspiracy theories have been proved true: Oswald didnt kill JFK for one.

  14. Funny though when that scouse ghost hunter (I think he’s dead now) ‘channelled’ the spirits and shouted, ”Mary loves Dick! Mary loves Dick!”

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    Happy Social Distancing.

    That is all.

    • @ Admin – GGRF’s unfeasibly long Cunts post has fucked up the view on my iPad.

      Could you cut them down to around10 Cunts or put spaces between them or summat? Cheers.


      RTC ❤️

  16. I have watched the Derek Acorah ghosthunt thingy a few times. What a massive bag of contrived wank. Electronic gadgets suggesting spectres beckoning the team to “take a look here at this old cupboard”. Shockingly bad. I loved MNC’s post above re Lennon and Acorah’s fantasy scouse hunt. “Deh don’t do dat doh, do, deh, doh?”

    Talking about the Exorcist (above), what happened to the poster called “Your Cunting Daughter”. The best handle ever, IMHO.

  17. Science certainly does have all the answers.
    Unfortunately our current Scientists do not.
    Britain’s Most haunted, watched by Britain’s most gullible…

  18. Always remember bits of fluff being passed off as an orb on Most Haunted and thought it was contrived bollocks.

    My mother told me of a time that she and members of the family (before I was born) held an ouija board session. The table they were doing this on was a drop leaf and it started flailing about the room, leaves flapping and ramming into the walls. Everyone left the room, terrified and shut the door on it. The table carried on like this for a day.

    • I dispute your mothers claim. Ouija boards are a parlour game, with no connection to spirits or daemons.

  19. My theory, for what it’s worth (basically fuck all) naughty neutrinos, I don’t know how or why but the rare interaction of a little neutrino with our world.

    Demonic possession is real! It’s called Islam

    Although I have no evidence my theory has any validity to explain to unexplained it’s certainly as valid as ghosts.

  20. Excellent nomination, Miles. 🙂
    It is very thought provoking

    I’m a firm believer in the possibility that there are things out there that cannot be explained or proven but do exist.

  21. Modern poltergeists should be switching off all the millennials’ phones and logging them off of Facebook and Instagram.

  22. Now that Derek Acorah has ‘passed over’ to the ‘other side’, will he be some other charlatans’ spirit guide? Acorah was proof that not all scousers are thieves, some of them are con men.

  23. I did once have a ‘spooky’ incident when I was I was about 16 or 17. I was awake in bed about 2 a.m. Lights were off and my bedroom door suddenly opened. It looked like a smallish male figure in the night shadows. I assumed it was my brother who was about 12 at the time.

    Anyway, I said something like, “Get out of my room you twat, it’s 2 o’clock.”

    Anyway the drawers at the other side of the bedroom (near the door the figure had entered) were then opened and shut. To which, I said “Get the fuck out now or I’ll knock you out you little shit!” (brotherly love).

    The figure then left the room.

    I assumed my brother may have been looking for a ‘grumble magazine’ (art pamphlet) of which I had none. This was the late 80s so it was hard for a teenager to find such wonderment.

    But to this day, my brother denies he came into my room. He and others have said that I must’ve been dreaming, but no fucking way- I was wide awake (I used to have trouble sleeping as a youth).

    Woo ooooo! Spooky…

    (Or my brain is just a bit spasticated)

  24. I reckon our house (which is in mid rebuild) may be haunted by the previous elderly couple who lived there (and possibly the chap’s parents prior).

    I have smelt strong floral perfume (in the middle of the hall, which is currently in bare plaster). There have also been massive temperature variations in some places – going from a mild temperature to fookin freezing cold. The most chilling episode was when I was working in the main bedroom (which we have significantly extended and re-worked), I could hear (not aloud but in my head) a loud voice ordering me to “get out”.

    Ringpiece twitching like a rabbit’s nose…

  25. First of all, all the current versions of these programmes are total bullshit, and for ‘entertainment’ only. Though I dont find anything entertaining about 4 or 5 muppets in a building at night jumping at every creak. Some of the crap they ‘hear’ on their devices is total bull ‘oh, I heard ‘kill them’ just then’ NO YOU FUCKING DIDN’T YOU TWAT! These shit programmes are made on purpose to make us doubt the paranormal. And in the older, better and serious, ones there was usually some science cunt at the end trying to tell us it was all fake. Also, any program or horror film with a ouija board or contains the word Devil in the title is SHIT…!

  26. Simply put: spirits are real, though they may not be what people think they are. Also, we may never have the equipment required to record them, but we could speak with them if THEY wanted us to. I have encountered a couple in my time, none have spoken to me. I have also seen UFOs, that being an aircraft I couldnt identify (not necessarily saying an alien spaceship).

    • Diablo@
      Awhile back on here we talked about UFOs.
      I was up in the hills one afternoon in Lancashire and saw a saucer shape light fly through the clouds!
      As you can imagine i was a bit shocked,
      Then saw another! An another, then noticed down below whenever a car drove past thats when i saw the UFO!
      It was some sort of atmospheric condition, cloud density, or something reflecting the headlights of traffic.
      Someone on here mentioned they used something similar in WW2 for signalling tanks.

      • Demonic stuff Miserable. Oft-told story about Black Sabbath. All happened around the same time. They were originally hippyish! ‘Ocean’ I think was their first name. Anyway ‘Geezer’ Butler the bassist went to see the film ‘Black Sabbath’ with Karlof. Was struck by the queue round the corner to see it. Said to the rest of the band ‘why don’t we play every music?’ That night he had a dream of a ‘dark figure’at the foot if his bed. Ozzy incorporated into the song ‘ Black Sabbath-‘What is this that stands before me…figure in black that points at me’. I’m ahead of myself here. So they were hippyish but then Tony Iommi the lead guitarist had an accident at work and had the tops of two fingertips cut off. To make playing easier he tuned the strings DOWN. That’s where you get the signature Black Sabbath sound. Eery, dark, disturbing.
        It was all coming together as it were.
        To return to their scariest song ‘Black Sabbath’ Tony Iommi found out afterwards that the three notes he used (just trying to write scarh stuff) were in fact a progression called ‘The Devil’s Interval’. It was banned by the Church and composers couldn’t use it. Tony Iommi only found out about it afterwards as I say.
        Something darkly supernatural was going on with that band in my humble.

        • Know the story well Miles, im a fan of Sabbath, ‘war pigs’ being a favourite.
          They were all working class lads from the midlands,
          Something i doubt youd get now?
          Ozzy being a very naughty boy indeed.
          But nothing dark about them as people or a band, just a angle on the rock sound of the time.

          • Agree – truly great band, original USP – their first album bowled me over.
            Didn’t take themselves too seriously, unlike Led Zep.

          • No nothing dark or evil about them as people at all Miserable. In fact War Pigs is a very moral song. Just the SOUND.
            Maybe (God moves in mysterious ways) used them in some way.
            Yes, it was after the hippies bringing us back to REALITY as it were. Bringing back the old truths of Good and Evil in the world. Or something.
            Yes normal working class fellas. Really like all of them.

          • Very tiresome RT someone putting a long line in their posts. The thread is tiny, slipping all over my screen.
            I have lost my preview. When you type and it drops down…and there it is to check what it will look like. Any help?

  27. If only more people could apply simple logic to the situation and come to a reasonable conclusion. Alas, this does seem beyond many. For example:

    If ghosts are a real and naturally occurring phenomena then they’re not “paranormal” by definition. Again, if they’re real and are really in the physical world, then we should be able to detect them using current technology like photography, sound recording and so on. If we don’t yet have the tech to detect them, then all the alleged photos, recordings, etc. of ghosts are bullshit. You can’t have it both ways.

    Let’s look at other aspects of so called ghosts. Some say they can move objects, slam doors, etc. Others say they just appear and walk through walls. If they can walk through walls and not physically impact the wall in anyway, how come they can affect physical objects like doors? You can’t have it both ways.

    If ghosts are supposed to be the spiritual embodiment of a dead human, what are ‘ghost’ horse and carriages then? Or whatever non-human ghostly apparition you care to name. Like fully clothed ghosts.

    People believe in ghosts because they choose to. In much the same way people choose to believe in a god. If people choose to do that in the face of zero physical evidence whatsoever, that’s fine. These ghost hunter TV shows do nothing to further research unexplained noises or alleged sightings and are merely entertainment in the same way ghost/horror movies are. The giveaway should be, after setting up all their ghost detecting equipment, they turn the lights off and creep around in the dark with just the aid of a torch or two. Why? How would the lights being on or off have any bearing on the presence or absence of ghosts? Of course it’s nonsense and is done for nothing other than dramatic effect. The fact that any of these clowns go along with this is down to one thing and one thing only – they get paid to. Cunts.

    • They are real, but they are not naturally occuring. They are beyond our plane, beyond our existence, and partly beyond our perception. They appear to those who would not quickly dismiss them, yet most of those people just shit themselves and run away. As daemons (correct spelling) have been mentioned, I will say this of them: no pathetic christian exorcist can get rid of them. So any film showing this is bullshit, daemons do not fear ‘the words’ of any fictional god, they would laugh at a priest. Its also a christian misconception that a daemon couldnt enter a church (they would burst into flames is the usual claim).

      • What would unnaturally occurring look like? What evidence can you reference which backs up your statement they’re real?

        “They appear to those who would not quickly dismiss them”. OK, how would they know that? Are they able to monitor everything everyone has ever said about them and therefore know in advance whether or not a particular individual would or would not dismiss them? Perhaps they’re telepathic and can read minds? Either way, it would suggest they’re more than just energy, as a degree of intelligence would need to be involved to ascertain an individual’s proclivity to dismiss them or not. Either way, what evidence can you reference to support that is what is going on?

        If they do unnaturally occur to people who would not dismiss them, to what end exactly?

        • Anyone can see them, if they want to. But most adults try to rationalise everything ‘oh it was trick of the light’ or ‘i was very tired’. Dismission (is that a word? It is now) of things by ‘rationality’ is the reason lots of people dont believe in ghosts and take the piss out of those who do. Children, some adults, even dogs and cats can see spirits. The othes adults just refuse to accept what they saw.

  28. “Orb” makes me think of Rambling Syd Rumpo –
    “When my orbs grow dim
    and me pubes grow white
    and me cordwangle makes an ugly sight…”

    The trailers alone were just laughable.
    Somewhere, a cat farts, and a load of daft tits run for cover, screeching inanely…Whooaaa dude, jeez, wtf was that, bro ? Like, terrifying…

  29. What a load of wank there are no ghosts or supernatural or even god for that matter, so all this ghost hunting nonsense is pure drama

    • I agree god is bullshit. However there is recorded evidence of ghosts/spirits, you want to dispute those? That would be a great arguement for the parapsychologists.

  30. Its the power of suggestion Miles. If someone tells you that you are being observed, then this will naturally put you on edge, prompt your nervous system to release slightly more adrenaline into your bloodstream, and suddenly it feels like you are being scrutinised by an unseen observer (even though you almost certainly aren’t).

    Or alternatively, it could be an invisible supernatural Beastie prowling around looking to cause mischief. I wouldn’t worry about it anyhow, the world has plenty of tangible threats and annoyances, so don’t pay the invisible gremlins any mind.

  31. I never mean to be disrespectful of others beliefs, but it’s so fucking difficult. If someone came up to you in the street and said Star Wars was a documentary, or Lord of the Rings was a historical fact, you would laugh in their faces, and that’s how I feel about religion and the supernatural.

    • Oddly, the original christians didnt believe jesus REALLY existed at all, or that any shit in the bible REALLY happened.

  32. Why would any spirit (or daemon for that matter) want to contact any of these stupid, jumpy muppets anyway? ‘hello, are there any spirits here?’ *creak* *bang* ‘holy shit, did you hear that?’ ‘dude, that shit me up’ ‘is that you? Did you die here?’ *slighht knock* ‘holy shit, that was right behind you, dude’ OH FUCK OFF YOU AMATEUR UNENTERTAINING BUNCH OF PUSSIES!

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