Boris Johnson (7)

Isn’t Boris, well…just a little bit of a cunt ?
“Pretty” Patel wanted to limit / ban incoming flights from virus-affected areas; Boris, he say no, because he worries people might be upset…
Ex Met and Square Mile police chief suggests baton rounds, tasers, and possibly something stronger; he says he found videos of the Indian police beating people with sticks quite interesting (I thought they did that all the time, but there you go…).
This is a major health issue, whichever way you look at it; we ALL know there are vermin out there who will stop at nothing; so, occasionally, if some scratter gets offed, well the cuntry is pretty overpoulated.
Boris is in danger of straying into Joyce Grenfell territory: “George, DON’T do that !”

Nominated by HBelindaHubbard

184 thoughts on “Boris Johnson (7)

  1. Back on track. Boris is a cunt. He’s our cunt. Every fucker has differing opinions on what to do. Sweden is doing the herd version, Germany seems to be doing ok with their version. Who fucking knows? The Chinese are lying cunts. A million dead is my guess.
    Keep safe you degenerate cunts.

  2. I get the staying home from Mon-Fri thing but surely it’s okay to go about your business as usual on Saturdays and Sundays if you’ve got a weekend immune system….

  3. Not sure if this has been mentioned but anyone have Julie Felix in the Deadpool.? Not seen anything about in the news but she’s sung her last folk song.

  4. Is it time for regime change in China? Huge job but maybe in the end it will have to done. Why?
    Raging Capitalism bringing enormous wealth ruled over by an Authoritarian Communist government with expansionist plans.
    We all think ‘Socialism is dead’. But It is not. They still have the ‘Marxist mindset’. They still believe in. It And remember it was and still is the duty of every good communist to spread the word. And as we know more often than not by force of arms.
    As I say if you were to look at Shanghai skyline you would think that is a typical modern capitalist city. But the people working therein are working yes for themselves but more importantly for the country. And that means the Communist Party for most Chinese.
    The Communist Party has ruled China since the 1930s and even though millions were killed in the Cultural Revolution it is still reigns absolutely supreme to this day.. That shows you how impenetrable the Communist fortress is.
    We can increasingly see the CCP will stop at nothing to make sure they have the resources to keep building their economy. I believe that will Include conquest soon.
    It is the last great Communist state and needs like Carthage of old to be destroyed. The communist government/apparatus I mean.
    Communism killed millions in the last century. It may take a few more million to finally kill it in this.

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