Boris Johnson (7)

Isn’t Boris, well…just a little bit of a cunt ?
“Pretty” Patel wanted to limit / ban incoming flights from virus-affected areas; Boris, he say no, because he worries people might be upset…
Ex Met and Square Mile police chief suggests baton rounds, tasers, and possibly something stronger; he says he found videos of the Indian police beating people with sticks quite interesting (I thought they did that all the time, but there you go…).
This is a major health issue, whichever way you look at it; we ALL know there are vermin out there who will stop at nothing; so, occasionally, if some scratter gets offed, well the cuntry is pretty overpoulated.
Boris is in danger of straying into Joyce Grenfell territory: “George, DON’T do that !”

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    • It contains the ISAC fiver you won for troll spotting RTC! 👍😀
      Boris, thick c*nt – stop the f*cking flights – we are on our knees and getting off them to welcome our “diverse and peaceful friends” will only weaken us further.
      We need flights OUT not IN!

      • Appalling waste of public money Vernon. Must have cost £20 million in 2nd Class stamps alone! Or £23 million 1st Class.

        And if Boris licked the envelopes that’ll be 30,000,000 infected at a stroke!

        Anything coming through my letterbox goes straight into quarantine for 24 hours anyway, so I’ll be alright Jack.

  1. He may have made a few bad choices but I know who I’d rather be steering the good ship Great Britain through this turbulent period. Can you imagine Steptoe and Abbots response? I shudder at the thought

    • I know you!
      Laughing gravy after the laurel&Hardy film,
      You was my goldfish.
      Nice to see your well.
      Sorry I buried you in backgarden, thought you were a gonner.

      • Laughing Gravy? Superb film MNC! “The chimp is also excellent – that beast is more talented than most of modern Hollywoke!

        • Hello Foxy, one of my favourites!
          Thats why i named my goldfish after it, never expected to see him on ISAC!!😁

          • Afternoon MNC – quality always prevails!
            Noticed your earlier post – I used to work as a volunteer legal and debt adviser for the CAB – priority debt always takes precedence (rent/mortgage, gas, water, electricity, food) and corporations/companies in the UK have virtually nothing in the way of recovery powers – they are legally required to accept what is termed ” a reasonable offer” in terms of financial liabilities provided they receive a (slightly massaged!) statement of income and expenditure, but especially if any benefits are being paid.
            F*ck them – don’t let them get you down Sir!
            And I am officially a scumbag unemployed scrounger, had to put the business on ice, bite the bullet and claim UC – I feel soooo good about myself right now! 😀🤦‍♂️

          • Me too mate, whats that digidentity bollocks about?
            Fucking thing wont process me!
            Keeps saying my email address is already taken..yeah by me!
            Bag of shite .
            Wondering if I can get something driving in a key worker role, while my business is in bubble wrap.
            We’ll be alright mate, you an me are Northmen!
            Corona would get a fever an feel ill off us!😁
            As Ali said “im so bad i make medicine sick!”

  2. I think in general he is trying his best but I would like to push a few fingers in to that horny little ‘sort’ Privvy Patel…oh yes please….

    • The constant little smirk on her face tells me she sits there daydreaming about being fucked hard over her desk in the commons offices all day…horny little mare

      • No time for albinos,
        Especially this womble.
        Didnt trust him before he was PM, dont trust him now.
        Testing positive or negative hes a grade A twat either way.

        • Boris simply does not have a good record regarding honesty and getting things done. Mind you, he is still preferable to Corbyn and Co. It speaks volumes about how far the country has sunk.
          We are all fucked, get used to it.

        • Politicians? They are like a platter of multicoloured turds, whatever colour they are – red, blue, green, yellow – whichever one you pick will leave a bad taste and piss you off.
          I am still saddened by the departure of “The Beast of Bolsover” – good Man was Dennis!
          He would have sorted this with his knuckleduster and his hired muscle Stormin’ Norm the semi tame polecat in ten minutes!

          • Nah, Skinner’s another filthy smelly socks socialist commie bastard shitcunt Vernon. Glad we’ve heard the last of his pathetically unfunny quips at the State Opening of Parliament, fuck him. I still get a warm feeling knowing he lost his seat to a Tory, ha-ha.

  3. The on the spot ‘fine’ is no deterrent at all…. Most of the vermin who will get these fines will not pay them or even be bothered about paying them… They will act up as badly as possible and know that that they will get a few hours ‘community service’ which means picking up crisp packets or working in a charity shop…. These sort of filth simply don’t care because they know their ‘punishments’ will be next to fuck all…. The cozzers need to get brutal with these human muck and crack a few heads… One can imagine some Little Britain type slag or spicehead menace blabbing ‘Thirty quid fine? So fuckin what? Not fuckin payin it!’ Then there’s the ‘Me No speaky English! Dooshka Dooshka!’ hordes, who are already overstretching our police…. Time to get the rubber coshes and CS gas out… Get the fucking cunts…

    • Just read reports of the police breaking up what’s described as a ‘huge’ karaoke party somewhere in Derbyshire. It’s reported that the organisers have been ‘dealt with’.
      Tasered? Battered with a truncheon? Thrown in the slammer for six months?
      …Slapped on the wrist?

    • You know what,we could do with Boris’s water cannons yer know the ones Treason May got rid of coz she wouldn’t sanction using them on feralunts.

  4. Boris is doing ok, for now.

    Priti Patel is built like a fat staffy, cute face but the body, nah. I’m partial to a hot Indian, she isn’t one.

    • “Built like a fat Staffie” – superb SV! 😃
      My ex is of Indian heritage – she looked identical to the Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty and often got mistaken for her!

  5. Mind you, if one of those Bogos or Somalifilth gets offed we could have Moss Side and Toxteth 81 Mark II on our hands… And that’s the last thing we need… Might bring Meghan Markle Fucking Ono Of Sussex and that human turd Lammy out of their holes to score some race card points though…

    • Good article Dick. Many people I know are feeling the same. The amount of suicides will far outnumber the amount of people who will die from the virus. The Donald said the cure is worse than the disease, I couldn’t agree more. Panic and hysteria from the BBC news. Not one mention of the 20 plus million that have been let into the country in the past 25 years so that the NHS can’t cope. Lunatics clearly are running the asylum.

    • Good article. I went to a practically empty Tesco yesterday and just got barked at by officious 17 year olds. My greatest satisfaction was knowing that their future is buggered.

      • You don’t need to go to Tescos for that experience Betty, it happens everywhere if you are white!
        Wish I was seventeen and knew absolutely everything.

      • Yes,Betty…We really have “stolen their future” this time….HOW DARE WE?
        Between bankrupting the economy and pollution, I’m beginning to think that poor Greta Thundercunt has a point…..serves the moaning Cow and her ilk right.

    • Global fuckwittery. Too much zombie apocalypse on TV, people scared of a bit of shit on their fingers. Governments take their chance to test their preferred systems

    • I’ve got a lot of time for this Hitchin chap and he makes good points but what would he have actually done in the PM’s shoes? A runner most likely. It’s a cunt of a mess now but why, when other countries around the world are imposing lockdown, would the UK fare better without? Stopping the flights from Italy, Spain and Batshit Chongsville with immediate effect might have helped but no, we got told to self isolate while another merry band of gimmigrants and possible infecters were allowed unhindered access in their thousands after travelling through Italy and Spain. They didn’t fucking teleport did they now?
      Once the houses of cuntship impose new laws they don’t like rescinding them and if the people are panicking then have a word with the media barons and tell them to STFU.
      But no, keep them borders open, keep the disease riddled coming in, it’s not as if Tower Hamlets didn’t get a resurgence of TB due to Bangla peacefuls coming in by the plane load.
      Barbara ra ra Lerner Specter must be rubbing her little claws together with glee. Plenty more peacefuls available if the current lot of nasty Whites get wiped out.
      The only answer I’m hearing is “we don’t know”.
      Fat lot of good that is, well done, experts. I’d love to think this will turn more people away from their unremitting trust in the establishment and start thinking for themselves, it’s highly unlikely though.
      I wish their was a hotline to call here in the sticks, that little cunt upstairs would be shopped before he could say snowflake. And it would save me the blood spatter and subsequent gaol time.

  6. I wonder who the first dead famous cunt will be? Boris will be fine the toffee nosed cunt , as will Hancock.
    How come all these rich fuckers get tested yet the majority of NHS staff actually dealing with Covid cunts are’nt?
    It’s a disgrace, going back to Corona Pool…my money is on Prince Edward The Duke of Kent.
    The way this whole thing has been handled is bollocks and the liberal don’t offend any cunt attitude will bite us on the arse, lets see how liberal these cunts are when it’s their arse on the line.
    After seeing what was going on in Italy they should have stopped ALL flights, ships, Euro tunnel trains from coming in…the whole lot.
    They didn’t though as they wanted to keep the economy going…well the economy is truly fucked now ain’t it.
    As an Island we had a good opportunity and we fucked it.
    Piss off.

  7. There is no way people will lockdown for another couple of months. I won’t.Boris knows the British. Bet he’s working on a plan out of this bollox.

    • Mass testing in single area with proven cases, a city of say 250000 people. You can then ascertain its distribution among the general population instead of just testing those with symptoms. Which seeing as we have no specific treatment seems like a complete waste of time unless you want to sensationalise death rates.

    • He’s got two more weeks of this bullshit then people will say fuck off I’m opening my business. Read the article Dick supplied,and others,and no one is reporting the experts who disagree. Outrageous. Once again the fucking press reporting one side only.
      It’s more like the old GDR every day.
      Spinning cunts.

  8. Lockdown is necessary for slowing the spread of the virus – but the Government are also using it to see how far we can be pushed, frightened and controlled.
    Let’s see how the lockdown is going in the peaceful areas. (It’s not, but the Police are doing nothing and the media are not reporting it).

    • “Lockdown is necessary for slowing the spread of the virus”….I think that’s what a lot of people don’t grasp.Vernon. They seem to think that after the lockdown, the virus will have magically disappeared…it will not. As far as I understand it,the lockdown will ease the sudden flood of cases but ,sooner or later,virtually everyone will be exposed.

      At the risk of sounding callous, I wonder if it’s a bit like removing a sticking-plaster…would it not be better in the long run to just accept the short,sharp shock rather than trash the economy and accept the introduction of suspension of personal freedom? Again,to be brutal, apparently many of those who died would have probably died within a year anyhow…their deaths are being recorded as Coronavirus but dying with coronavirus present and being killed directly by coronavirus are different things.
      If the figures are correct and say a few thousand mainly vulnerable people died of a bug a few years ago,we’d have just shrugged our shoulders and said “Aye,it’s been a bad year for offing the okdies,hasn’t it?”… we seem to have moved into some plague of mass hysteria.

      Having said all that, I can quite understand peoples worries and certainly wish everyone well. I’m aware that what I’ve written may sound to be crass and uncaring..that is not my intention and I apologise if anyone sees it that way.

      • Firstly Dick, the shock you speak of will neither be short nor sharp. It would be catastrophic.
        The very reason we are avoiding this is to prevent the NHS being overwhelmed. If that happens, we are all completely fucked.

        • When the country is in social and financial meltdown the NHS will be just as useless as any other institution.

          You can delay the inevitable but that’s all it is, a delay.

      • Afternoon DF – as far as I am aware it’s to preclude the possibility of overwhelming the NHS – it goes into freefall every winter so a mass outbreak will not be good and more people will die than necessary.
        But this one will run and run and we have the strong possibility that we will have control measures until Christmas (now renamed Moholiday to avoid causing offence!) – this will get a hell of a lot worse before it gets better then we have to cope with a huge recession straight after.
        Not the best of times, but with the burden of 10 plus million extra without the relevant funding uplift we are skating on seriously thin ice with regard to health provision.
        And I am still hunting “the Branson” Sir Fiddler – he won’t get away! 😀
        And your common sense and balanced view based on experience would be difficult to label as crass DF! 👍

      • I do understand your point Bertie. It would be catastrophic but the point I an trying to make (admittedly very clumsily)is that a lot of those who died would probably have died within a year anyhow. A brutal and unpleasant view,,I accept.

        I suppose it comes down in my case to an admitted lack of empathy and a thoroughly unpleasant way of putting humans on a par with animals…sometimes hard decisions have to taken for the long term benefit of the herd.

        Again, I apologise to you and anyone else offended…I would prefer to see everyone,regardless of age,ethnicity,vulnerability etc. survive this illness…but we know that they won’t.

        • You are certainly not offending me Dick! (makes a change mind!). 😀
          I think you’re right about people would probably have died in a year or two and cause of death could not really be put down to the virus i.e they will die with it but not because of it. I just think we’ve basically got it right at the moment. I take people’s point that lockdown cannot go on indefinitely and once we get over this first peak, then conditions must be eased to allow some normality of life. This would continue after hopefully, each lower peak.
          Your plan could admittedly work in a more rural committee but if adopted for everyone, I couldn’t see you rushing to rub cheek by jowl with those in a Newcastle supermarket!

          Looking on the gloomy side, I’ve asked Mrs B to arrange a virtual service for me down at the Crem, should the worse come to the worst.
          I’ve already chosen my 3 pieces of music . . . . . . . . . . .
          The Air that I Breathe (Hollies)
          Fever (Peggy Lee)
          Burning Love (Elvis)

          • Is Percy computer savvy Bertie, and able to take over cunting duties? I hope he knows his trigger words and verboten legal issues.

          • I wouldn’t be seen dead in a Newcastle supermarket at the best of times,Bertie.
            🙂 .

          • Did you not hear LL? He flew off the other day and has not returned. He was last seen heading towards Miserable’s place in search of the wild parakeets he mentioned that live in the woods near him!

          • No I didn’t Bertie, as long as stays out range from Fiddler Towers now all the ramblers are self-isolating.

        • Personally I am not offended to me to an extent this is perhaps the best of the Darwin awards.
          I noticed that the chap above me who has not worked for the past 20 years plus has become bored and commutes to the town center to join a number of his unemployable friends (No loss there, all undernourished and thieving cunts) Then we have a number of the aging stupid (no offense Bertie) this is a collection of the local vultures dressed in various fashions from the 80’s to the 60’s who are “Exercising” and shouting through letter boxes and over fences, they also do not need to be out.
          I also had a minor disaster today when someone tipped their cup of tea over my lap top…….Durring the “Dry out time” I developed a craving for pork scratching’s.
          Having seen enough B horror films I know enough not to go down to the wood shed at this precise time.
          Other news, well the chemist is going to have to do something about the methadone program, as you can imagine they are not keen on queuing or the 2 meter distance, so roll on Darwins theory on that lot (This is a local problem in Beirut )

          • I’d imagine that the likes of your Greyhound and other animal charities will be struggling at the moment,Lord B. I feel more sorry for them than I do for a bunch of methodone users…I’d happily enough “isolate” that type in a cold-turkey style Camp somewhere where they couldn’t blight the lives of everyone who has to put up with their whining,selfish existence.

          • Well that’s a mental picture that I could have done without, MNC. My blow-up doll ( I stick a photo of Gemma Arterton over it’s face after poking a suitable mouth-hole in the picture) have been quite put off our stroke.

            I hope you’re happy with yourself.

  9. Honey Monster Johnson is just about doing enough and better his leading the country than some scarecrow bumpkin Corbyn or the latest Lib Dems messiah. The problem occurs if it has to be deferred: weak Rabb, Asian private schoolboy with his piggy bank, or not-so-Pritti-anymore Patel who’s ballooned since going on the Diane Flabbot salty chicken corpse diet.


    • “Honey Monster” – lol Cap’n.
      In my opinion, as long as he doesn’t stiff us on Brexit he can have all the honey he wants.

      • He probably will betray us on Brexit, Johnny. If his fathering of children, from many an old trout, is anything to go by, he can’t be trusted.

        • How many bumbling jizz mopped haired kids of his are out there? I’ll be like the coronavirus updates, “Three more cases of Bojo offspring were confirmed today in Stoke and another suspected case in nearby Burton upon Trent”.

  10. I’d also like to someone to explain to me why it’s alleged that the peak will be in two weeks time, by which time we’ll have been in varying degrees of lockdown for almost a month, and the average incubation period before symptoms is 5 days.

    Unless I’m missing something?

    • I don’t understand if rather didn’t understand the ‘phases’. There was the ‘containment phase’ then the ‘delay phase’ then ‘research phase’ now we’re in the ‘mitigation phase’. Why was was there this gradual response when we could see from Italy and elsewhere what was coming?

    • The prediction of the peak in 2 weeks time is something to do with a statistical model that some poyndexters in a university have come up with.

      Something to do with a combination of the varying rates of incubation during which time people can be both asymptomatic and contagious, the infection rate (average 3 per person) and they probably base their estimate of the peak on the point at which the lockdown was fully implemented and the processes that have been put in place.

      Or they may have just derived that guess rectally.

      • Prof Ferguson who is responsible for the ‘modelling’ that gave rise to a million dying has now said , not that he was wrong of course, that the figure should be downgraded to about 20,000 – no more than ordinary flu then – this cunt gave raise to all the foot & mouth hysteria and more years ago – he’s a fucking cunt – should be shot at dawn – and then remove the lockdown – this is everything those who died in the war fought against!! FFS – kill the cunt, Boris is a patsy

        • Quite. Doubtless he got a nice fat pay cheque for his model which was based on data from the bastion of free speach and openness that is the CCP. I notice the cunt is now “self isolating” as well.

          Like most “scientists” they’ll say what they have to to get paid. Up until the mid 80s they were largely proffering the next ice age. We should have run out of oil by now as well. Or Be dead from SARS, Mars, ebola, swine flu, bird flu, aids or the plauge/MRSA as no antibiotics work anymore.

          They can’t even decide how many units of booze you should have a week from one year to the next FFS.

    • We have been in full lockdown here in Spain for over two weeks now and our death rate is still rocketing and infections are growing as well. Something is not working.

  11. I said it before, as long as all the essentials are kept running the rest can be put on hold for a month or two.
    I agree that filling the country with crap over the last 15 years was a mistake, not stopping free movement two months ago was a mistake but that’s all water under the bridge.
    Stay at home, go out for shopping and work, exercise once a day… it’s not fucking difficult.
    If enforcement is needed then put the army on the streets!

    What is the alternative, just open everything up, let everyone get the virus and if people die then that’s just tough luck!

    • Everyone has to get the virus to be able to fight it. It’s never going to disappear so we have to build up a tolerance to it.

      • The herd immunity theory means that we won’t all get it because there will be less people spreading, but that has to happen over a long period, eventually there will be a vaccine to protect the old and slightly fucked.

    • I am a reclusive shut in who shuns human company and only leaves the house to go to work and go shopping for beer and maybe some food.. This lockdown has really taken it’s toll on me.

      • #MeToo TITS. This lockdown has so far had zero impact on my day to day existence.

        Psychologically I have already waved goodbye to the notion that my not inconsiderable life savings and investments will be worth more than a hill of beans once this hysteria finally passes.

        Consequently I have entered full Alfred E. Neuman mode.

        “What, me worry?”

  12. The Tango Man is contemplating shutting down New York State while we have 22 flights from New York coming in to Heathrow today.
    Fucking crazy.

    • A flight from China has landed in the States today, it’s carrying medical aid, it is the first of a number that will arrive over the next thirty days.
      China has already sent aid to Italy.
      If this isn’t an indication of a global power shift, then I don’t know what is.
      A global pandemic starts in China, within several months they have it contained and start flying aid around the world ? Hmmmmmmm.
      Apparently, Chinese folk are hurling abuse and throwing rocks at any foreigners they come across, they’re afraid of the China Virus being reimported. The cheeky, dirty, bat eating cunts.
      Get To Fuck.

      • “If this isn’t an indication of a global power shift, then I don’t know what is.”
        Could it be an indication of guilt and an attempt to reduce the upcoming backlash against China? Fuck you, you Chinese bastards.

        • The Chinese are incapable of feeling guilt. And when our economy is f*cked, the Chinese state funded companies have bought up everything we have for knock down prices (which has been happening around the World for decades) the kind and benevolent Cines will be generously offering the UK yet another loan to add to the Trillions we already owe them, and the noose tightens.
          I utterly utterly hate these evil sly b*stards.

          • Anyone who skins dogs alive prior to cooking them is incapable of feeling guilt.

        • I think it’s China flexing its muscles,sending a message that they’re serious contenders. Let’s face it, they’ve got global manufacturing cornered.
          The Chinese don’t do guilt.
          Evening Bertie.

          • Evening Jack. Lockdown near me is like your average day in Widnes! I’ve got my machete at hand in case the zombies cross the border.

          • I bet the Gemini Centre is still full of hordes of mindless shoppers, shuffling along like zombies, looking for a store that’s still open.
            ” Oh God, Edna. Even Ikea is shut ! “

  13. Facts based on science and medical insight are hard to come by.
    Stats mean nowt.
    The media is a fucking disgrace.
    Political cowardice means the country is rammed with the world’s human garbage.
    I suspect a taxpayer revolt is to come when the workshy are offered another handout during the present caper.
    Time will tell.
    Panto of vile cunts.

  14. He will, leopards do not change their spots.
    But his head is in a noose, the people gave him a remit and he needs to placate us so he will spin whatever we get (f*cked over IMO) as being the best thing since sliced bread whilst actually delivering a couple of slices of mould.

        • TT Moggie @6:14 – from my underground bunker, but Percy keeps attacking it, gone completely feral after doing over some County lines parakeets (brutal scenes according to the 8 terrified SAS Men they sent in to stop the carnage) – they were cutting the trill with flour and selling s*it weights and Percy was having none of it!

  15. Although I voted for him ( best of a bad bunch I suppose ) I can’t say that I would trust him in all matters. I think ( as an example ) he will extend the transition period ,and pay the EU’s bills for them. I think he may even gift the Froggies our territorial waters. On this current issue, again I have no trust.
    The Con here is this. If we are printing money, then we borrow nothing, there is no creditor. His Chancellor has told us that we WILL repay. Really? And to whom ?

    Anyway, I digress. This is a timely and very appropriate cunting HB, and I take this opportunity to state the following……Y’ CUNT ! Johnson !

  16. I just saw my neighbour across the street alone his front room moving from one position to another, and then back again in a slow steady regular movement.
    It looked strange so I phoned him and asked if everything was OK.
    He said, “I’m fine, I’m self oscillating”….

  17. I like Boris, so don’t think he entirely deserves this cunting, because he is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t in this situation.

    Had he enforced a strict lockdown weeks back, when the situation in Italy started becoming very serious, he would have been slated for overreacting and stepping on people’s rights to freedom (and we all know who by – the Lefties of this country) He was, granted, a bit too slow off the mark (in my opinion) and people now say he was not harsh enough and these measures should have been in place weeks ago.

    The bloke cannot win.

    The only issue i have right now is that he is too lenient with this lockdown, by letting people go out for their supposed ‘one time of exercise’. Without a shadow of a doubt, that is being abused left, right and centre by cunts who just cannot stay put and be trusted to only go out once. It is a red rag to a bull to thoughtless twats as they KNOW it cannot be properly policed.

    He should have done as they are doing in Spain: They tolerate no shit from any fucker strolling about without good reason, bar the reasons they allow – going to work and back, going for food/money/medicine and going to a health centre. You also have to prove (somehow) you are doing this. There is none of this fucking ‘exercise time’. If you want to exercise, you can do that even if you live in a bedsit by watching a YouTube video, for fuck’s sake. They are also issuing very heavy fines – between 600 and 30,000 euros. They are much more likely to arrest you there though!

    I just think that BoJo has been wanting to keep the public happy, so his measures have been on the soft side here. He needs to be taking no shit from anyone who has a problem with this lockdown as certain cunts in society just will not adhere to it.

    • That’s it,isn’t it? It has to be all or nothing when it comes to this lock-down. Either go full “Police-State” mode or accept that a partial lockdown is pointless and let the chips fall where they may.


      • Afternoon Dick.

        Yeah, i think this half-baked shite just isn’t working. Too many cunts not complying and never will!

    • “He should have done as they are doing in Spain.”
      Sadly, though Nurse C, these measures haven’t stopped Spain from being second in the league table of deaths behind Italy.
      This has to be something to do with these Latin countries where generations live side by side, often within the same household?

      • That’s a good point Bertie, when you compare the data between Italy and Germany, the average age of the krauts who have chinky flu it is 46, in Italy it is 63… hence more deaths in Italy.

        • And the fact that the Italians (and the Spanish?) go around snogging each other at the drop of a hat must be like manna from heaven for the virus.

          We’re more like the Krauts. Don’t take kindly to cunts invading our private space.

      • There is a lot in the point you make here. Also the area around Bergamo was the centre of concrete production in Italy and asbestos related illness and cancers which are expected to be reaching their peak around now despite a ban being put in place 30 years ago.

      • True Bertie, but I know from years of travelling there – and from my Canarian other half, that the Spanish do not like their freedoms being taken away (probably because of the years of living under Franco) and how compliant they are, I don’t know. Not very, I would imagine. In one place (I think Madrid) they have issued over 900 fines for cunts out on the street for no good reason.

        How much are they complying with the very basic rules of hand washing too? Again, I would guess not much, given their ‘Manana, Manana, Que sera, sera’ attitude to most things.

        Who knows? I just think that given that fact, Boris needs to get tougher here.

    • Agree with most of this Nurse C.

      However, as a mathematician (apologies for that) I can say that the difference between a 100% lockdown and 90% or even 80% is actually negligible. So this will not get us further in the shit.


      What, on the other hand is inexcusable, is not using the opportunity to shoot the arseholes who are doing this. You don’t get many chances to get rid of this rubbish and get huge public support for doing so.

      Bojo has no real political choice but to thank those who observe the guidelines instead of slamming those who flout the rules. I can only hope that in private he is calling them cunts as much as we are.

      So ….. I’ll let him off for now. But get Brexit done – there is no excuse for delays.

  18. Bozza isn’t everybody’s cup of tea… But it could be worse.. Imagine if Suckdick Khan was in charge of the whole operation?…

  19. The amount of arsehole jogger cunts I have seen since this ‘lockdown’ is a joke… There’s loads of the bastards… Selfish sods… Throw them all into the pit….

  20. What’s the point of coming “out the other side” if there’s fuck all to come out to?

    In the 1980s you’d have heard “there’s a nasty bug around” and you would have heard a few thousand carking it and be like….mehhhhhh

    If the hand wringers think a the numbers of dead from prawn ball virus is bad wait until the great unwashed see their crap they hold so dear slipping into a morass of inaction and BBC hysteria.

    Six months of this will leave the UK a ruin…only an opinion but everyone has one.

      • I am still working,Dick. As I am a sole operator, who doesn’t need to be in contact with anyone.
        I must say I’ve received a few glares from people, as I drive past in the Land Rover, the giveaway that I’m working is the trailer, one fat arsed cow hurled a sarcy comment, I gave her a cheery wave.
        Fuck them.

        How are you faring ?

        • Haven’t been doing any tree-work,but it’ll be nesting time soon anyhow,so would be stopped. I’ve had the Kubota out replacing a few old land-drains at home….needed doing for ages…got plenty of maintenance jobs that I can get on with if I can be bothered.

          • There’s always something to do, I can’t sit on my arse all day, if I don’t keep moving I seize up, plus, I’ve always been the outdoor type, even as a kid, I only went home when I was hungry, even when it was pissing it down.

  21. Well, it’s at that that stage – I will have to text the good lady over the next few weeks to see if she’s still alive, if she’s not I’m twoccing a motor and emptying her f*cking freezer!
    The good lady currently holed up in one of her Helmsley mansions – I sooo feel for her privation! 😃

  22. “” Sexually transmitted diseases, deforestation, irreversibly progressive depletion of the global gene pool. It all adds up to oblivion, pal. Governments will fall, anarchies will reign. It’s a brave new world “”

    Name that quote LOL

    • Hey Lana, just tried to register i DONT want to donate organs and it wont let me!
      Saying my postcode isnt valid, which is bollocks.
      Its rigged for just I DO.
      Fuck that, getting nowt.

  23. I used to have a donor card.
    Thought if anything happened to me maybe I could help someone in need, kidney whatever.
    But that was then.
    Different times, different man.
    I dont want some cunt from the congo or Bengali benefiting from me croaking it,
    An fuck the goverment too.
    Now i want everything burnt nothing for anyone, happy been fed to pigs than thinking some sanddancer benefitted from my organs.

    • Krav wants your winkle….nothing to do with organ donation, I just thought that you’d like to know.

      • Nothing but adverts for new NHS staff on the idiot lantern.
        And any ISAC’ers finding Chris Whitty’s discarded shell please leave on top of his coffin! 😃

          • Yes the idiot lantern Vernon. Just seen Lineker, ‘Wrighty’, Shearer talking in one if their homes again about football. I would genuinely prefer the Union Jack on the screen, the Funeral March on.

  24. Try telling my (blind and c.10yr old) rescue Patterdale about a lockdown. Not fucking having it. Like a fucking coiled spring every time I rattle his lead. And even more of a miserable northern cunt than our very own MNC. Would offer any other cunt dog out, drop of a hat, blind or not. Neutered by the Dogs Trust before being bought by me, never seen a dog with such huge (non- existent) balls, the lovable idiot he is. Man’s best friend, never a truer phrase spoken, keeping me sane at the mo. even though the black cunt cost me £1200 in vets fees for his eye ops. “World’s most expensive rescue dog”. Wouldn’t change him for the world, though.

    Evening, Le Mis. hope you’re bearing up, and all ISaCers. We’ll get through this huge cuntageness, one way or t’other.
    BTW – seems I couldn’t reply to your correct Monty quote £5 claim (it’s in the post, promise). Went to same school as Withnail and Monty, posh silver-spoon cunt(er) that I am.

    About £7,000 so far of which £3000 was collateral damage, with a further £280 on vets and staples after some cunty terrier took a lump out of it’s shoulder because it is a little darling and does not need to be on a lead, Should have let mine kill it.

    • Evening FC, its a fine film isnt it?
      Must be one of the most quoted?
      Dogs are definitely our best friends, My Akita seems puzzled by how quiet the streets are and keeps going to my van,
      Trying to get us to go to the peak district,
      By 3weeks she’ll just take my keys an drive herself.
      You take care of you and yours, we are the bulldog breed an can take anything the yellow peril throw at us!!🇬🇧🇬🇧👍

      • Too fuckin’ right, my man. Made from strong genes, take more than some Chinky flu to drop us.
        Must make a trip to Blue John/Peak District when all this shit is a distant bizarre memory. Went to prep school in Bakewell (‘78-83) , ginger lad there reckoned his dad owned the BJ mine. Fuck me, you couldn’t afford the house prices there now though, eh? You seen them? Used to hate driving the 2 hours from Shropshire going back to school, now I’d bite your hand off to have a slice of it! Fuck Yorkshire (born in Red rose country) Peak District every day!

        • Was at Blue John on the 23rd walking dog on windy knoll, then into Castleton down winnats pass.
          Next day in news showing “irresponsible people” ignoring lock down..windy knoll😁
          L9ve the peak district thats the worst bit to this, not walking in the hills.
          Bakewell? Lovely!
          Go a lot,bit pricey the houses though.
          Was looking at moving to Buxton but on hold now.
          Live in a beautiful country dont we mate?👍

  25. One good thing about getting old is that time goes by incredibly quickly. Feels like a year passes in just a few weeks. Which means Trump may be right and this Coronavirus stuff will be over by Easter.

    • Your bloody loving this arent you Ruff?
      Made absolutely no impact on you at all, maybe didnt have your usual marmalade in the home delivery.
      Im like a caged tiger, pacing up an down,
      Worked on my van
      Built/fitted fence panels
      Tidied up garden
      Made a birdbox
      Shaped the ivy in garden
      Walked the dog into a coma.
      Im not made to be cooped up!
      Im a outdoorsman!

      • Sorry Miserable, don’t mean to make you feel bad. I’m not loving it any more than usual, honest.

        Just had three thick slices of toast and marmalade, scrummy. Having some ice cream next.

        Don’t know what else I can say to make you feel better, except I usually feel pretty depressed, my nails have stopped growing and are brittle – one nail is even receding! And my hair is falling out (save having it cut) and I sleep poorly if that’s any help?

          • Bertie @ 10.27 Really? Doubt I could get an appointment this side of Christmas if I tried. Do you think it’s serious? Now you’ve got me worried…

          • Joke!! Nails -out of hand!
            No, I’m afraid both are a sign of ageing. I’d only be concerned if your nails show any signs of changing colour.

        • Thats the spirit Ruff!👍
          Hehhee, naw, actually coping ok, dont want you miserable too, or any cunters!
          When i was younger read a fair bit of John Steinbeck, liked the picture he painted of 30s depression era America.
          When this is over we can experience it ourselves!
          “Brother can you spare a dime?”

          • Funny you should mention that Miserable. I re-read The Grapes of Wrath only 6 months ago – fan-fucking-tastic! Couldn’t get enough of Steinbeck when I was a teenager.

          • Steinbeck Kerouac an ken kesey were writers i liked when younger.
            Now its just “green eggs an ham” dr suess an ‘mein kampf’.
            Dont read dr suess.

      • Made record time on the bike today – no traffic, excellent!
        And off to the nature reserve for a walk before bed – this formerly utterly deserted place has now become a daytime magnet for Toby, Jocasta and their two perfect little soy baby daahlings to jog and cycle round in droves, and they all drive there to do it!
        Wonder if Stephen Kinnock (AKA The weedy Welsh wankstain) got slapped with a £60 fine for breaking lockdown legislation to visit his Father? (AKA the senior weedy Welsh wankstain) No, I don’t think so either – although from my experience of that chiselling self serving little scratter he would probably claim it on expenses!
        All in this together eh? All animals are equal, but some appear more equal than others..

    • A good time to start a new hobby Miserable. Learn Pashtu, knit the worlds biggest cardigan or mow rude words into your lawn.

      • When I worked nightshifts LL the pakistani blokes taught me some swear words,
        They were from a mountain region of pakistan meant to be beautiful, wonder if thats pashtu?
        Only remember “gandhu”=gay boy.
        They were odd culturally,
        Giggle like little kids at swearing, they hated the Africans, and the Africans hated them.
        International language, racism.😉

        • Shishi – chicken, learned that one to wind up a big peaceful b*stard who wouldn’t fight me!
          Check out “The Iceman” on film 4 tonight MNC – it’s a true story about a seriously scary guy called Richard Kuklinsky, psychopath and Mafia hitter with some “interesting” methods and techniques!

          • I’ll give it a go, heard about him, icepick?
            Family man to all observers.
            Saw some docümentary about him.

          • I read the (poorly written IMO) book VF, interesting use of flares, rock salt and ligatures.

  26. off topic but i’m watching the new BBC1 Drama ‘The Nest’. FFS for about the 5th BBC drama in a row there is what? a MIXED RACE COUPLE. why why why? just give it a fuckin rest. we don’t care but for some reason it seems very important to you. same with the fuckin ads.

    • You could run a fucking reactor on the vapour from my piss with this mixed-race couple bullshit. I am fucking sick of it and will NOT watch anything with it in, difficult, and will not buy/use a product with it in an advert.

  27. I was in Aberdeen during the typhoid outbreak in 1964. 400 cases and 3 deaths. Population about 50,000 then.. Was the best summer ever as a kid,brillant hot summer,out all the time as school closed. No self isolation or shit. Just wash all the time. Not saying its anythin like chinese flu of now just an observation from then.

  28. A spokesman for the German health ministry has confirmed that they only became aware that the virus had reached Germany when towels were spotted on hospital beds….

  29. feeling a bit low? can i recommend PG Wodehouse. I’ve downloaded ‘ The Inimitable Jeeves’ . it is literally laugh out loud funny. the mans a genius.. really cheered me up 99p on Kindle.

  30. Two fish in a tank – one says to the other “who’s driving this home then”?
    Aaargh, stop throwing those coats at me!

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