UK Border Force, HM Coastguard and the UK Government

UK Border Force, HM Coastguard and the UK Government ably assisted 90 illegal immigrants onto UK shores yesterday. This successful breach of the UK border by these illegal immigrants was reported by the media, and no doubt seen online on their Iphones by the next lot waiting for lift off in France, and voila! Today we have another 102 illegals arriving and safely helped ashore by the aforementioned co-ordinated, tax payer-funded, taxi service cunts.

Never mind the eyesis brides like Eebygum Treebor and all the ex-freedom fighters going through the law courts trying to get back here to resume their stiff upper lip Britishness. There’s an easier way back in..

Any cunt on a Lilo can just paddle across from France and be helped onto shore for a nice cup of tea and biscuits, bed, board and benefits. Any and all of these people helped onto our shores by the pseudo defenders of our borders could be absolutely anyone, and considering they saw fit not to claim asylum through the legal channels, but roll in illegally with likely no documentation, they are as likely to be rapists, murderers, religious fanatics or just plain and simple Jihadists as they are to be genuine refugees fleeing a war torn country.

If they are fleeing war, conflict or oppression, where are their mothers, where are their sisters, where are their grandparents, where are all the wimmin? Left to fend for themselves in the war zone, while in all the news reports I see a club 18-30 for fighting and breeding age young men rolling up for rescue? I’m not buying it! Are you? If it was a genuine thing, the first people heading out to safety would be the wimmin and children with the elderly in tow. Not fighting age geezers.

So, our Border Force and associated crews should be sending these people back and defending our shores, rather than flicking the kettle on before they jump on their boats every night and pan around with their search lights shouting, “How many sugars?!”

Cunts, one and all of them.

Nominated by Cuntry Cunt

75 thoughts on “UK Border Force, HM Coastguard and the UK Government

  1. Human rights old boy.

    Here’s an interpretation of human rights for you. Humans have the right to cross oceans and nations have the right to sink any boat entering their waters illegally.

  2. Excellent and thorough cunting. A bunch of illegals tried to escape Brexit Britain back into France the other day and were sent back to us, despite having no legal right to enter, which is apparently a reciprocal agreement that ‘France is able to return asylum seekers who are facing criminal charges in the UK or who have already applied for asylum here’. Well as entering a country without authorisation from that country is a crime, whether they’ve been charged or not we should send them back and let the lawyers sort it out.

    Or just drop the cunts from a great height and broadcast the footage around the world as a deterrent which would be my preference.

    • We should send ALL of these cunts back to France because that’s their final stop before paradise. Any lawyer determined to tell us why they have a right to appeal can fuck off with their client and launch proceedings from a beach in France, and get the French to pay the fucking legal fees.

  3. Straight back on the boat, over the channel and kick them out at whatever beach comes first.

    And why aren’t the government sorting out the fucking French, the cunts are buying the boats somewhere.

  4. When this country had some backbone, it held back the highly trained and mechanised might of the Third Reich.
    We stood alone ( USA have never been on time for a World War ).
    The death, destruction, sacrifice and suffering was immense.
    We triumphed, and we all know Churchill’s words.
    Fast forward to 21st century Britain, and it’s a very different story. We can’t keep a motley bunch of the World’s dross in rubber dinghies at bay.
    It really is a fucking disgrace, and I for one, absolutely despair at the pathetic state of a once great nation.
    We are a joke.

    • Sad tale if viewed on face value LB. Sad cunts swallow this crap I mean.

      Escaping poverty in Pakistan but admits it’s cost him thousands of Euros.

      Pakistani fella try’s to enter Europe illegally and attempts it in the last part of Europe where the people give a fuck about their own borders.

      Fuck off mate, you lot whined when Europeans ran India and whined more so India had to be separated and a large chunk given over to Muzlim rule in the shape of Pakistan.

      Now you’re not happy that same rule has left you poor? You’re cake pal, fuck off home and eat it.

      Shame the article didn’t bother to compare the Croat police with the Pakistani police.

      • I can tell you a funny story about that too,
        A Pakistani citizen was detained in Okruzni Zatvor Pula,
        He was sentenced to 30 days and deportation He became overly distressed and I was called in to talk to him (calm him down)
        Now I am reasonably open, the chap had a passport and I was briefed, he had tried an illegal border crossing from Croatia to Slovenia, his name was something Horshit, I sort of bulked at that (apparently Horshit is a common family name in Lahore)
        So off we went to an interview room where I met a tiny little chap, he was ragged and grazed and he told me his story.
        He bought a cup of coffee in Pula and looked at the map on the packet, and decided to chance his arm and jump the border into Italy .
        In his defence I will say that no body had updated their sugar stock so the new border with Slovinia was omitted.
        Any way he made his way to the border, he triggered the attention of one of the Slovenian border dog’s, as he said it the dog kicked off on a number of times and the Dog received a beating for being a twat.
        On the last time the Dog was released and by fuck did it make short work of him, the poor chap was missing one arm from his jacket and the arse was ripped out of his trousers.
        Sadly we did not have any clothes from Karitas to clothe him because he was so small.
        But we fed him for 30 days and off to Dugo Cella.

        It was funny though, I looked at my oppo and said this passport says horse shit, have you checked him? Konje Govna!
        poor chap, but fucked off to whence he came, he also had 3 false $100 bills in his possession that he shoved behind the seat of the retrieving vehicle, Naughty boy.

    • The ‘EU’ keep going on about protecting their external borders but expect it to be done without cracking heads unfortunately they don’t live in the real world.

      Sadly our cockless political cunts only talk about rescuing, it’s no wonder the fuckers keep coming, but I blame the French, they need to take responsibility for illegals in their country, letting them run free is a disgrace. Then the charities and others step in to facility them just ‘hanging around’ in France.
      If the illegals don’t have any ID or passports they need locking up and not released until the give details of who they are and country so they can be repatriated. All the liberals cunts who complain about detention should locked up with them!

  5. I watched a “Humanitarian” on the Croatian border doing the bleeding heart shit, one of the by standers put her right in her place saying “They are not refugees they are cowards, they are all young men of fighting age, but they run and leave their women and children behind, when the war came to us we stood and fought and sent our women away”.
    What he said was reasonably true but I do recall lots of reserve battalions forming in Germany (Cowardly fucks).
    It is purely an economical rush for freebees and a better life, I note that the Swedish experiment has not panned out that well at all, and I think the German one is very unreported because if you say anything you are branded a Nazi.

    I have often thought of creating a reality TV show where the contestants are sent too some of these countries to claim asylum and we see how they are getting on, obviously there would have to be some significant payoff for the survivors at the end of the series.

    • Sweden has kept very quiet about the fucking mess the politicians have caused by importing a barrel of shite!

      • Sweden has not ‘kept quiet’, rather it is functioning on its merry way as the first official eye-slimic state in Western Europe.

  6. The photo with the nomination is supremely telling. As stated by others, all the “refugees” look like young men in their fighting prime, which must surely give even the most woke liberal pause for thought.

    A thought occurs to me though. If indeed these men are fleeing (ha!) persecution or whatever , then the photo also announces loudly that our swarthy friends are a bunch of Nancy-boy wankers, who are first out of the gate and happy to leave the women and family to fight for them.

    Middle eastern “men”…. cuckolds and chickens apparently.

    • But look at the transformation when they get to the UK. Fearlessly blowing women and children apart at concerts, bravely attacking innocent and unaware men, women and children with machetes and heroically raping drunk/drugged teenage white girls without any thought for their own safety.

  7. ‘Taxi!’
    ‘Certainly sir! Welcome aboard. Where to?’
    ‘UK. Where me get money when me get there?’
    ‘No problem sir. Go to the nearest benefits office. Passport please’.
    ‘Down toilet’
    ‘I see. Well accidents happen. It’ll all be sorted when we get to Blighty’
    ‘Me want human rights lawyer’
    ‘All in good times sir. Now let’s get you into the swing of things with some free food, clothing and medical attention’
    ‘And you be quick about it kaffir or me complain’
    ‘Of course sir. We’re here to help’

    • I’d pay to do that. I’d feel like I’d defended my country and done the world a favour, go home a sleep like a baby.

      • An alternative would be to reinstate the 15inch naval guns sitting outside the Imperial war museum for anti migrant duties

    • Guillotine for me and make them all watch and see the horror on there faces of what;s to come . I’d taunt the bastards as well , i’d be like “are you ready here it comes 1,2,3 , only kidding ” . “Right lets try again , 1,2,3 , oh fuck it’s stuck hang on a minute ” . I’d be like “would you mind if i put a few carrots at the side of you as i’m making a casserole tonight and won’t have time to cut the veg” .

  8. Sometimes watch these TV shows about Border Force at Heathrow etc. What a bunch of fucking fannies they seem, right up through management too. Some brazilian fucker turns up with dodgy paperwork and a folding bicycle and they fucking let him in. I’m screaming at the telly that the twat is obviously going to disappear into the gig economy and he’s already tooled up with his bike for Deliveroo. Fucking twats either can’t see it or their hands are tied. Soft cunts!

  9. A timely cunting considering news from Italy.

    “Italy’s Senate has voted to allow prosecutors to put far-right leader Matteo Salvini on trial over charges of holding migrants at sea.
    Mr Salvini, who previously served as Italy’s interior minister, is accused of illegally keeping people on a boat off Sicily for days in August 2019.
    Some 116 migrants remained aboard the Gregoretti for close to a week.”

    Italy fucks it’s own for daring to preserve the integrity of Italy’s borders.

    A sad day

      • Radio 4 whining about foreign criminals being deported now, interviewing them to get their sob stories.

    • They should have just returned them to part of the Med where they were found, popped them back in their original boats and given them directions back to Libya.

    • Vote my arse. SOROS paid for it to happen. Maddy-fucking cunt seriously needs to be taken out.

  10. Border force are totally unfit for purpose. Cunts!

    Let the Navy take charge. Simply machine gun any fucking boats illegally entering our territory, video the death throes of the drowning invaders and post the vids publicly with a stark warning to all – This is what’s waiting for you in Blighty!

    That should dissuade a few of the fuckers! Vermin!

  11. The media are to blame for a lot of this shit, in my opinion.

    Once upon a time they would have broadcast the facts exactly as they were. However, at some point in time, an editor or producer, had the vision that “pity sells” and hence forth a boo-hoo woe is the migrant spin was rapidly introduced.

    Coupled with an entire generation of soy sipping, panty wearing libtards, and the die is well and truly cast for this saga to continue for a good while yet.

    • Yes they are all future Nobel Prize winners, doctors and engineers. Poor as church mice save the iPhone , almost exclusively young men, children in fact. With stubble. But we cant do dental checks to verify age, that’s racist. Lucky NZ is a long way from anywhere or there would be a flotilla of dinghies and pedalo’s ready to culturally enrich Middle Earth.

      • Morning LL.

        There are quite a few of the hardy boat people that keep going, bypass Aussie and attempt to reach our little outpost. Luckily the Australian navy take a very dim view of any of these cunts in their waters and promptly either return them from whence they came, or happily give them a lift to Manus Island. Bed, board and a meal each day, so what’s not to like about that?
        Oh, that’s right, the Ockers run it like a prison and not a holiday camp! Why other nations don’t have a similar setup is beyond me.

        Auntie Jacinda reckons we should be allowed to bring the Manus detainees over here but, somewhat amusingly, the Aussie PM repeatedly tells her to butt out and fuck off interfering.

      • Evening Kiwi, Shergar tribute act Jacinda is just the sort of bedwetting gimmigrant loving sell out that would be welcomed into the EU with open arms. The whole headscarf thing after the Christchurch attack and hugging every towelhead in sight was really sickening.

    • It’s depressing, isn’t it? Just when you think we can’t have many more people, can’t build more houses, can’t squeeze any more onto the Hospital/A&E waiting lists, cant squeeze any more onto public transport, can’t control crime, can’t contain the drug-dealers, can’t find enough money for free education, can’t fit any more into the bulging prisons, we roll out the red carpet for hundreds more clicking, smirking Somalian rapists* every week who strangely are all men. I’d respect Border Patrol more if they were more honest and changed their name to EU Taxis.

      *other nationalities of rapist are available.

      • Who’s to say what these parasites are carrying? Monkeypox? Ebola knob-rot? Some other 19th century disease we thought had been eradicated long ago.

      • I once worked with a bloated Somali female “refugee” who became pregnant as soon as she gained permission to live in the U.K. and was given a permanent contract. Went on maternity soon as possible and demanded a dedicated “prayer” room as a so-called “right”. She was of course pandered to. She Wore all of the primitive Burkha nonsense and contributed nothing to the workplace. Didn’t come back to work after spawning as , by then she had her house and benefits. Scamming CUNT

  12. How about this, H.M. government builds some large detention centres with adequate numbers of trained staff paid a good wage and expected to earn wage. All persons arriving by rubber dingy, clapped out pleasure cruisers, under or in the bodywork of vehicles if apprehended are taken straight away to one of the designated holding centre. The illegals are processed photo, dna, fingerprints, ear prints. Medical assistance is provided if required. If no documents are held by the illegal then after processing they are returned to their point of departure no appeals nothing back to France within the week. Those with paperwork are assessed as to reason for entering country illegally, country of Origen etc. Most of these will be sent back as well as they will be no benefit or use to the country. Facilities will be basic but most likely better than many of them are used to. The international Red Cross will be the only organisation allowed unrestricted access to the detention camps. The detainees will be treated fairly and be expected to cooperate with the camp staff. Failure to comply with lawful instructions will result in immediate removal. An ability to speak English will count toward the decision re removal or restricted residence.. Entering the country illegally is an offence therefore the persons who enter illegally will be called illegals not refugees or migrants. Rant over

      • I would further add that they have to work while they stay there, sewing bags, pushing plumbing pipes together, etc. Prison labour for state profit.

        Fighting, especially with weapons, could be encouraged.

        It’d be like a giant quarantine.

        It can be a bit

  13. I’ll tell you what I’m finding particularly irksome with this shower of human filth shite , the government keep talking up getting more navy cutters in the channel to intercept these fucking chancers! , sounds good right? WRONG
    Because they are being used as a fucking taxi service , If they intercepted these cunts are just dumped them back on a French beach fair enough but they bring the fuckers to Blighty , it’s tea biscuits and blankets all the way, followed by the cunty liberal lawyers arguing every case at the tax payers expense!!!
    utter bollocks ……

    • Perhaps we’ve been thinking it all wrong. Perhaps, instead of preventing these future rapists from landing, we should be pushing for Pedalo Racing in the Tokyo Olympics then enrol these cunts. Five-Mile, Ten-Mile, and we’d clean up at the 22-Mile. Let them meet Mo Farah if they win Gold medal, and meet him twice if they score Silver.

      We could also try to introduce the event Selling Drugs on Waterskis, although the Albanians’d be a shoe-in.

      Evening Q, esq.

  14. I’d have my own solution for there final journey , I’d give them there cup of tea and biscuits ( jaffa cakes if i was in a good mood) let them chill out for a little while . Then i’d be ” right you lot all moblie phones and jewelry etc in this box ” , “now just make you way into that building over there and you can have a nice hot shower “. I’ll let you lot work out the rest.

  15. Perhaps my geography knowledge is a shambles but how the fuck did Britain become the nearest safe haven for Afghanistan?
    Or any other of the shitholes these rats crawl out of?
    It’s all a crock of shit.
    I’d napalm the cunts then go for a pint.
    Fuck off.

    • A dumping ground for the human shite of the world, and non human by the looks of some,
      Top the country up fit to bursting with 3rd world filth, and the politicians are enabling it?!!!
      What a fuckin joke.
      This shite can never be British , and the politicians fat trough rooting corrupt fuckers should swing from lamp posts,
      And these, the ‘cream’ of the 3rd world should be rendered for soap, glue and lantern fuel.

      • Well i don’t think you would find many in Pontefract when you go MNC but saying that i haven’t been there for sometime . Our old man went there today to do some shopping so i should of asked him there 3 world situation.

      • Just rang me dad and asked him NMC and his reply was is there chuff i didn’t see any and he go’s quite a’lot

      • Evening Telly, yeah there this weekend, rescheduled in time to get blown all over the motorway!
        Storms coming an hes called Dennis!!

      • Yes pal, im up an down the m62 like the zipper on Barrymores pants.
        Hopefully back in time for taking mrs miserable out for Valentine’s meal!

      • I wanna buy stott hall farm and stand on the roof sticking my fingers up to the traffic going both ways shouting fuck you cunts lol. My ex wife was massively into valentines and i always took her for meals if i wasn’t called away she loved all that stuff etc.

  16. These boards have become a torture fantasy for who can think of the most gruesome punishment, we are medieval fuckers 😂

    • Now the medieval’s really knew how to inflict torture , apart from the old hung drawn and quartered there was very tasty ones available . The tub was a good one but one of my favourite one’s was the brass bull that must have been horrendous . Another good one was where they hung you upside down and sawn you from between your legs , the idea of hanging you upside down was to have the blood rush to your head and keep you alive longer. Bring back those fucking days .

  17. Sorry to sound all leftie, but you can’t blame economic migrants seeking to make a more financially rewarding life for themselves. Human nature – they will exploit an opportunity.

    I blame the spineless politicians for not implementing a robust immigration policy. Those cunts should swing in Hades for letting us down, along with our homegrown bleeding hearts, who deserve to be gassed like badgers.

    • Agreed Paul.
      Our political masters shoulder the blame.
      Not the fleas its the rats that spread the plague.

  18. I have the misfortune of (currently, but hopefully not forever) living in Dover.

    The migrants are here in force. They’ve been dumped in the slum housing at the bottom of my road. The ‘boys’ are nasty little cunts, already dressing and acting like the London silvery spoons, swaggering about, eyefucking you as you walk past. Kids of 15. But you dare not take your eye off them because they are all nasty little blade merchant cunts. I’m a fairly big bloke and I did my apprenticeship in a pretty rough south east london school but there’s no way I would get into a confrontation with one, because you know you’ll be swarmed by them in seconds.

    In an enclave of about 200 of these ‘migrants’ there is not a single female.

    I’m gradually withdrawing from public life and will live in a rural area soon. I’ll let the young idiots that are the
    cheerleaders for letting these animals in deal with the world that will be left to them.

    • One of the things I’m going to thoroughly enjoy is watching the scenes of liberals, woke and snowflakes being rounded up and sent to their ‘conversion’ camps, or face the kaffir tax or otherwise death, and them all pathetically snivelling, “But, but, we were NICE to you!!” It will positively give me a non-discriminatory hard-on, as they will naturally all be ‘non-binary’.

    • That story really depresses me m-r. I’m staggered that this vermin is just allowed to wander freely in Dover! And what’s with their attitude? Shit, they’ve been rescued and they’re egging for a fight with locals like yourself.

      They have this idea that coming to paradise where they will be treated like royalty and when they get put in a disused housing block they get disappointed and then furious with the hosts. Fucking entitled little shitrags. My anger towards these economically motivated piss takers has just moved up a notch. 🙁

  19. British criteria for immigrants .
    1 must be foreign (obviously)
    2 must be black or shit colour
    3 must have the state of the art mobile phone ( if not we will provide you with one)
    4 must and we mean MUST have at least committed a violent crime , rape , murder ,terrorism , etc.
    5 can barely speak English , apart from the words “me speaka no English , that always helps when pulled by the cops .
    6 Have the ability to prey on young white girls ( this will always give you immigrant credibility).
    7 always complain about how hard done by you are in this country and you suffer persecution for being an immigrant.
    8 commit at least one crime a month ( again this will help credibility)
    9 treat this country like it owes you a living and treat it with total disrespect and disregard for the English people
    10 remember this isn’t your country so you can do what the fuck you like and we will always stand by you and stick up for you and provide you with a free barrister.
    Keep these simple rules in mind and you will have a successful and enriched life in this country , remember fuck the English.

    • Anyone else who can add to that list would be most welcome as i know you guys can come up with some seriously funny true shit . I’m gonna watch reservoir dogs now on telly so i’ll bid you all cuntnight.

      PS fucking immigrant cunts.

  20. I don’t care what the reasons were, they are limpets who will turn into parasites. Coronovirus has come along at the right time. Fill a shit-ton of crop-dusters with it and fly them over Africa and the Middle (except Israel) East.

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