Rayan Crawford and the BBC

I would like to nominate Rayan Crawford and or the BBC.

Rayan was deported to Jamaica earlier this week along with 16 other low life’s. The BBC has an ongoing sob sorry about this wretched creature. It would appear that he ‘only’ has ten convictions and he feels hard done by. He claims that he no longer has access to the medicine he needs for arthritis and Jamaica does not offer the same opportunities ( he doesn’t clarify if he means work or thieving) and he is a reformed character having been released last December.
Well, on behalf of the normal U.K. citizen I would like to say ‘Tough shit. You made poor decisions and are back where you belong’.

Nominated by Guzziguy

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95 thoughts on “Rayan Crawford and the BBC

  1. BBC are far left, subversive cunts. Their rampant propaganda worms its way into virtually everything they produce. One can only assume the Tories keep them on the public tit ’cause they all went to the same schools. That and all govs like divisions in society, which our evil Auntie does everything to promote.
    Boris surely knows how popular revoking the telly tax would be, right?

    End the beeb.

  2. ‘Deportation is a cruel punishment for ex-offenders and their families’.
    … says somebody in ‘The Guardian’.
    Well countries like Jamaica have been dumping criminals on us for years. Have a few of the cunts back with our blessing guys.

  3. I was listening to BBC Radio 4 in my car when the interview with this black crim came on. He’s back in Jamaica having been deported. I seriously could not believe that they were giving him the time of day, or indeed any oxygen.

    17 is a drop in the ocean. There are approx. 49,983+ more to be deported

    There is another article doing the rounds, of the last batch to be deported, 5 have been murdered in Jamaica. So fucking what. Good enough for them.

  4. His parents were monumental cunts, not just for spawning this bastard, but elevating the name Ryan to a new level of twatterry by misspelling it on the B. Cert…

  5. There is this piss••boiling snowflake called Matt Stadler… who covers the overnite slot on LBC, who went on about this twats plight…saying ‘ he has children, and the crime he was sent down for has now been decrimilised’….he did the same for some Somalian criminal cunt..saying in that mawkish manner about the Somalian, ,’ he was a cute lad’….fuck off you woke cunt….The more they kick out the merrier…..

    Anyhow, don’t people over here bust their nuts to spend holidays in Jamaica?….some of my afro Carib mates don’t go a bundle on a lot of Jamaicans…Somali s are dodgy fuckers also….

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