Rayan Crawford and the BBC

I would like to nominate Rayan Crawford and or the BBC.

Rayan was deported to Jamaica earlier this week along with 16 other low life’s. The BBC has an ongoing sob sorry about this wretched creature. It would appear that he ‘only’ has ten convictions and he feels hard done by. He claims that he no longer has access to the medicine he needs for arthritis and Jamaica does not offer the same opportunities ( he doesn’t clarify if he means work or thieving) and he is a reformed character having been released last December.
Well, on behalf of the normal U.K. citizen I would like to say ‘Tough shit. You made poor decisions and are back where you belong’.

Nominated by Guzziguy

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95 thoughts on “Rayan Crawford and the BBC

  1. 1, medication for arthritis, bit young for arthritis isn’t he? and the hot climate generally alleviates that sort of problem.
    2, How about a contra documentary “The victims of Rayan Crawford” a little insight into the damage he did to their lives and the knock on effect it had on their friends and family?

    Utter toss, fuck off good bye end of, and who the fuck gave him such a silly name

    • As well as being a criminal he’s using our NHS . The cunt expects the country he’s committing criminal acts in to look after him.
      Fuck off you parasitic deadbeat.

    • If his deportation is a result of Brexit, then I declare Brexit a complete success. And for the record, Cuntbyn would have and in fact is against deporting this scum, imagine having that prick in power the country would be overrun with these fucking low life’s. Good riddance.

  2. Hope his arthritis affects his mouth soon then he can expire quietly in the corner of some Jamaican rat hole .

    Bye bye cunt.

  3. He’s a cunt, no doubt. What are the BBC doing sticking their oar in? It’s a disgrace they spend our fucking taxes on low life cunts like this. The Lord Benny (takes a bow) is right, where’s the TV prog on the victims of cunts like this.

  4. Greta will kill this little cunt for having the BBCistan film crew following him about over thousands of miles thusly polluting everything all at once.
    Anyhow I wish this rat would get some proper medicine,as per Dr.Mengele.
    Just fuck off.

  5. Al Bibi likes defending criminals as we know and keeping them on the streets to offend again. A fucking disgrace they should lose their charter for this shit.

  6. Pathetic cunt.

    So it took ten convictions and 22 offences before he saw the light and ‘reformed’?

    This cunt’s other half is apparently moaning and whining that he is ‘disabled’ and won’t have access to medical care. Well, he wasn’t so fucking disabled when he was out committing offences and burglarising people’s homes, was he bitch?

    He and all the rest of those scumbags can suck it up and go and get fucked. If you want to be a deviant, do it in your own country, not here.

    • So it took ten convictions and 22 offences before he saw the light and ‘reformed’?

      More like one deportation to see the light and reformed.
      If he hadn’t have been deported it would be 10 convictions and 22 offences and rising I would hazard a guess.
      Needs re-forming into dog meat and fed to the hounds.

  7. If black people in this country want you here so much ask them to pay for your housing, your hospital treatment, your whole fucking life in Jamaica, so that you can sit on your bone-idle arse you fucking parasite.

    • that is what “go fund me” is for, I would love to see the proliferation of it.
      ” My name is akhmed, I am a curry chef, I was perfecting the bazooka masala, when the police arrested me for my relationship with a young girl that is legal in my country, she led me on and demanded alcohol and drugs, forbidden by my religion, but I succumbed to her and she and her friends have got me in plenty trouble, please donate on my go fund me page for legal protection I will die back there, please help me.

  8. Plenty of Ganja out there, that’s supposed to help arthritis isn’t it? Presumably the fucking low life shitcunt got paid for this interview. That’s right, boys and gals, your TV licence money is going into the pockets of scumbags like him. It’s about time there was a public enquiry into the shenanigans of dear old Auntie. Fucking CUNTS!!!!

    • Questionable, I have been interviewed by Martin bell on two occasions, (worlds apart) .
      However if i were to see him again I would probably kick him right in the bollocks, fucking wanker.

  9. I wouldn’t mind being deported to Jamaica, get my own little tin shed, warmth and food all year round.
    I used to fantasise about settling on Pitcairn http://www.immigration.gov.pn/ but unfortunately Mrs B would not be able to do it and to be honest medically I would be stupid to do it, nice pipe dream though.

  10. Well, I’m glad the cunt is moaning about it in Jamaica, rather than here in the UK. He’s out of the country, so who gives a shit (apart from the BBC). I’m just surprised Lilly Mong hasn’t been out there yet.

  11. The fucking BBC are cunts, are they appealing to the great British public, hoping for Owen Jones to start a petition.
    The law states that foreign born criminals convicted of an offence with a sentence of 12 months or more are deported back to the country of Birth, the only thing wrong with the law is it is not tough enough!
    I guess Rayan suddenly reformed when plod knocked on his door and said bring your passport, you’re off on a long holiday.

    • Considering that to get a six month sentence these days one needs to have done something fairly serious it really isn’t tough enough. I’d make it 60 days in prison.

    • Ahh played that game in my old Job (MPU), if the detainee will receive a punishment worse than the local one you can not send them on.
      So you can not send them to a death penalty ect.
      That’s were the UNHCR comes in, you designate an area as UN territory fence it up and chuck them in there.
      It becomes a UN problem, (quick dodge there)

      • LB when you say you was in the MPU was it the met marine policing unit by any chance or British Army MPU ?.

  12. Fuck off cunt and stay fucked off you thieving bastard. Every real person in the country is fully behind this. The only cunts who aren’t are the usual crowd of weeping libtards as represented by the B.B. fucking C.
    Those cunts need sorting. Come on Boris, get your finger out and make those cunts pay their own way. It’s no less than they deserve, the cunts have been taking the piss for far too long.

  13. Me backfoot…him is a dutty criminal. Send him back to Jamaica…the raasclaaat idiot bwoy.
    In other news, I think I’ve broken my big toe…what a cunt. It’s killing me.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • That’s the problem when you are prowling around strange bedrooms, furniture is unforgiving 😂

      • Should have known better than to expect some sympathy from you lot. Can’t even walk properly now.

        • You’ve stubbed it. It hurts. Stop whining, it’ll be back to normal in a couple of days.

          At least that’s what Nurse Cunty told me to tell you.

          • I wish I’d stubbed it RTCP, nah dropped a heavy bit of wood on it from a height.

          • You have my sympathy B&WC.

            Nurse Cunty now says to wrap a bag of frozen peas round it, down a bottle of Jack Daniels and get down to A&E asap.

            Pick up a face mask on your way – good luck young fella!

    • Sounds good Cuntflap, I’m taking strong painkillers though. Going to go hospital I think. Maybe I’ll meet s sexy nurse wearing suspenders.

      • few whiskeys with a few zipain or tramadol will certainly sort you out , i do that a few times even when i’m not in pain.

        • Well since it’s Jamaican rum and distilled there B&WC could always get in touch with Rayan Crawford to send him some over . Saying that it depends if B&WC doesn’t mind receiving stolen goods lol.

    • Fuck, I do sympathise B&WC. Many years ago I fell down the stairs and broke my little toe (I wasn’t even pissed either!) Bloody excruciatingly painful.

      As RTC said, keep it elevated and peas or summat else from the freezer wrapped in a towel on it, but if it doesn’t calm down, swells up and you can’t put your foot to the floor, get yourself up to the shit hole for an X-ray …oops sorry, I meant Urgent Care or A&E.

      Your man for advice here is DCI Gene Cunt. Better advice from him than my waffle, I’m sure. Hope it feels better soon and it turns out NOT to be a break.

      • Thanks Nurse Cunty, it’s killing me.
        Must be broke, debating whether to risk getting Corona virus by going in A+E, that or some unknown Somalian disease.
        Dear cunters if I don’t make it tell everyone I enjoyed life and also tell them to go fuck themselves.

        • To get thing straight, I have little sympathy but done it myself, fell down the stars carrying an old dog up there, I slipped and flipped to protect my cargo, went down the stairs with a decrepit greyhound on my chest and hit the wall, fucked my feet up no end.
          The answer? steel toe caps, there is a steel insole as well it is like a splint in its self, there is fuck all that they can do to fix it, so get youre toe caps on and walk it through,

        • In a nutshell BWC just take the pain , there is nothing they can do for broken toes apart from just strap it up . Just make a splint put it between the broken toe and the one at the side and tape it up . If you get pain just drink your tipple of choice and call everyone a cunt , works every time.

      • Phone 101 or 111? And ask if you can make an outpatient appointment. You’ll be waiting for hours in A&E at the weekend.

      • Nurse Cunty, whilst we all admire your compassion you must remember that it is B&WC that is the subject. A few days of being relatively immobile and unable to insert his tongue into anything swifter than Diane Abbott will be of great benefit to us all.

      • You’re very sympathetic Nurse Cunty!
        When he said he “ dropped a heavy bit of wood on it from a height.” – I thought you were going to call him a right plank.

        However, I do wish him a speedy recovery.

      • Last time I put peas on a painful injury I ended up having to buy a fish tank.

        It was 3 in the morning hand hurting like fuck went to the freezer, got out the packet of peas, had to whack it on the counter to break them up, didn’t see the pack was open in one corner so peas went everywhere. So it’s dark I’m on my hands and knees rolling peas into a pile and then my shoulder hits this big clothes rack and it teeters over crunch straight into the aquarium, a breach like the fucking Mohne dam cascading water aver the carpet, glass and goldfish all over the fucking floor etc etc.

  14. The threat of the law didn’t stop the cunt from committing 22 offences and so being convicted for 10 of them. He ignored the law and presumably was perfectly content taking on the risk of receiving the sentences associated with those convictions, otherwise he or any sane person would have stopped after the first offence, surely?

    The same law has now decreed that this p0nce is shipped off back to Jamaica. He doesn’t seem to like that one. Sorry, matey but you can’t pick and choose what UK laws suit you.

    Au revoir and fuck off. Good riddance to bad sheet n bludclat ting cunt.

  15. So long, farewell, auf weidersein, goodbye, you stinking lump of rancid dogshite. I hope ALL these cunts end up getting fucked out, along with the stupid hand-wringing cunts that support them. Fuck the BBC, they can scrunch their licence into a little ball and stick it as far as it’ll go up their banana fritter. Cunts.

  16. way off topic, but sort of a reflection of public feeling, allow me to introduce the jalal brothers, yes they have been arrested on numerous occasions, but to my suprise not shot by the police yet……..


  17. Bit harsh, they are just obeying the law. The cunts who force people to pay under the threat of imprisonment are the real reprobates here.

  18. The UK is clearly suffering Cuntvid-19 by the looks of this weeks slew of cuntings.

    I still reckon the white working to middle-class male population should go on strike for a week. No ifs no buts.

    Leccy would cease, taps would run dry, the gas would go off, no food would be delivered or shipped, no ships would sail and no planes would take off or land, fires would go unquenched, letters and packages would go undelivered. It would be apocalyptic.

    I don’t give a shit who lives here as long as they pay their way and make a positive contribution, and recognise the fact that Britain has given the world so much, in health, education, engineering, sciences and blood, millions of litres of blood.

    These fuckers want to have a little think about how shit would be if we’d decided in 1939, that Hitler was making sense and we ought to get on board. I imagine the world would be pretty much white by now, and in the long run, the gene pool would suffer the consequences of that to its detriment.

    I hope this woke epidemic burns itself out, it’s exacerbating the sense of division it’s highlighting.

  19. “There’s nothing to do here. There are no jobs.” What a fucking laugh. I’d like to know when was the last time this piece of trash did a day’s work?
    You could also ask the same question of the anti British propagandists at Savile House.

    • Yeah what he means is: nobody’s earning money so no taxes I can leech off, and no cunts with money whose houses I can rob that aren’t gated and guarded. Either get a job or become a better criminal you filth.

  20. I was a bit of a big noise back in the ’80’s on the mean streets of Plymouth. I stopped all that shit though quite some time ago and became a mild mannered family man with a professional career in public health.

    The above has absolutely no bearing on the statement below, just thought I’d Billy big bollcoks it a bit.

    That said, cunts like this not only need sending back to the shithole they came from but I’d like to put them in a barrel up to there necks in sand then cut there heads off with spade. Cunts!

  21. Lets see how long before this cunt commits another crime over there , the BBC is a fucking disgrace for even interviewing this useless pile of shit. They say crime doesn’t but it paid for him to have a one way ticket to the Caribbean . I wonder if the whole 16 of them went on a regular flight or a private charter flight , if it was regular i wonder what class they went on. Either way he’s a cunt and i wonder how long it will be before there is a campaign to bring him or some others back.

  22. The Aussies don’t give a rats ass how long a foreigner has been there. Do the crime, serve your time and P1$$ Off| They did it last year to some paedo git but forgot he was supposed to get off the flight well over the Pacific. No sympathy at all, DNA test them, fingerprint them and ban every member of their family from returning for a minimum of a century. If you don’t want to be permanently expelled, don’t break the law, simples. Or are these the “people” that the SJW’s and dogooders tell us enrich us by sponging off us? Well they can all sod off.

    • The ultimate irony that a penal colony is now less tolerant of these sort of cunts than we are. Personally I’d hang the useless egg and spoon and save the air fare.

      • I am reminded of the brilliant Tony Hancock episode where he applies to move to Australia. The pompous official asks ‘Do you have a criminal record? ‘ to which Tony replies’ I had no idea you still needed one!’

        • Something of an afterthought. Tony Hancock, a complex man , killed himself because he thought that he wasn’t funny. I do wish the majority of modern ‘comedians ‘ would follow his example.

          • There wouldn’t be enough petrol to burn the corpses.

            As for that shitcunt E I Addio, I’d just skewer him, and serve him as kebabs

  23. I thought we’d got rid of this cunt so that the motherfucker couldn’t make our lives a misery any more.
    The last thing I want to do is pay to see or hear this shit in my own living room.
    The BBC, (Biased Bullshitting Cunts), should be ditched along with the EU.

      • Yes, he’s an irritating shit stirrer, always winding people up. His whiny nasal voice doesn’t help either. I usually keep radio 2 on in the background, but when that twat comes on the air, I switch to a CD.

      • ‘Tim from Lancashire’…Miserable is quiet this evening that’s all I’m saying.

        • Miserable is moving this weekend to my neck of the woods so i’m guessing he is busy sorting things out .

  24. Everyone should cease paying the licence fee. BBC is rubbish.

    I stopped paying and stopped watching broadcast telly ages ago. I stick to watching DVDs when watching the telly, and an occasional videogame.

  25. Talking of dirty criminals….

    Man City you bunch of scummy, cheating Arabs. Fuck you.

    • I didn’t think UEFA had the guts, or probably more likely a hatred of English clubs. The abuse of inflated sponsorship contracts is wide open, glad to see fascists being made an example of. And their dictator owner’s supremely unethical use of their state’s money should not be permitted, it’s a crime against humanity.

      • The soft power angle is one I hadn’t even considered. Surely there’s some sort of rule against that as well? Ban will probably be reduced on appeal though, maybe even revoked.

      • Yes I think PSG did the same thing and just had a fine, but fingers crossed and Islamic Citeh will still get some kind of ban.

    • Just watching the Wolves game. Who’d o’ thought, we’ve all been wrong about the offside rule our whole lives. Even master tactician Phil Neville had always believed the ball had to be played forward to be offside. Mind blower.

      • VAR is a total pisstake Shagga. I thought it was supposed to only overturn clear and obvious errors… more fool me. Obviously there’s a lot of buzz about Sheffield United right now and rightly so but without VAR they would be nestled relatively comfortably in the top 4 already at Chelsea’s expense.

      • I could swear I’ve seen in the past two players bearing down on goal, not a defender in sight, and one player will square to the other to tap in, and it’s not been offside because the balls not been played forward. Sure I have…

          • I don’t know what’s happening Shagga but it’s fucking up the whole game. I’m like you in that I thought the ball had to be played forward. The whole idea that attackers were to be given the benefit of the doubt has been turned on its head. All this crap about someone’s bloody armpit being offside! I’ve said for some time why not just base offside on the relative positions of each players head?
            If VAR is to have any future then we need to start afresh. Just saying!

  26. How much did that flight cost to charter?

    Hemptwist rope is only £2 per meter and it is reusable and recyclable..

    Greta would be pleased.

  27. BBC are far left, subversive cunts. Their rampant propaganda worms its way into virtually everything they produce. One can only assume the Tories keep them on the public tit ’cause they all went to the same schools. That and all govs like divisions in society, which our evil Auntie does everything to promote.
    Boris surely knows how popular revoking the telly tax would be, right?

    End the beeb.

  28. ‘Deportation is a cruel punishment for ex-offenders and their families’.
    … says somebody in ‘The Guardian’.
    Well countries like Jamaica have been dumping criminals on us for years. Have a few of the cunts back with our blessing guys.

  29. I was listening to BBC Radio 4 in my car when the interview with this black crim came on. He’s back in Jamaica having been deported. I seriously could not believe that they were giving him the time of day, or indeed any oxygen.

    17 is a drop in the ocean. There are approx. 49,983+ more to be deported

    There is another article doing the rounds, of the last batch to be deported, 5 have been murdered in Jamaica. So fucking what. Good enough for them.

  30. His parents were monumental cunts, not just for spawning this bastard, but elevating the name Ryan to a new level of twatterry by misspelling it on the B. Cert…

  31. There is this piss••boiling snowflake called Matt Stadler… who covers the overnite slot on LBC, who went on about this twats plight…saying ‘ he has children, and the crime he was sent down for has now been decrimilised’….he did the same for some Somalian criminal cunt..saying in that mawkish manner about the Somalian, ,’ he was a cute lad’….fuck off you woke cunt….The more they kick out the merrier…..

    Anyhow, don’t people over here bust their nuts to spend holidays in Jamaica?….some of my afro Carib mates don’t go a bundle on a lot of Jamaicans…Somali s are dodgy fuckers also….

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