Paul Mason (3)

The ex-BBC journalist and Marxist piece of crap that occupies the same rarified air as Owen Jones, Ash Sarker, and that type of cunt. Professional whingers who never have a good word for anything.

The fucking dreg is a regular on the beeb, rallying against hate and division by spouting er, hate and division. On this momentous day that we gained our independence from the EU, Mason tweeted his apology to his supporters and the continent of Europe, who are obviously hanging off every word:

“I fought to stop Brexit. At least I can look my European brothers/sisters, and the next generation in the eye. Ignore the people gathering to celebrate xenophobia, let’s have our own European internationalist sing-along… starting with 1/ La Carmagnole”, said the turnip headed cunt.

What annoys me more than the poisonous little turd saying it, is that he and his fellow Guardian-type cunts regularly spout this shite on the TV and other media without any challenge. And they call brexiteers thick! I can tell the difference between the continent and the peoples of Europe apart from the corrupt and increasingly federalist political body that calls itself the European Union. If there was some Greek, or Spanish, or Irish, or even Scottish Cunt saying they hated the Tories, would he be calling them out as racist? Of course not, he would defend them, saying they hate the politics, not the people…

…which is exactly the same as Brexit Paul, as well you know, you nasty Marxist twat.

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

35 thoughts on “Paul Mason (3)

  1. Never heard of him before but since he is on here Paul Mason you are a cunt ! , I’ll just do a little homework on him so i can slag him off knowing what i’m slagging him off for.

  2. Democracy can be a right bastard.
    Now stop crying and try drinking more than one pint a week.
    Lemming cunts.
    Choke on a snail.

  3. Just looked this bloke up . He attended a teacher training college and got a certificate in music and politics. Somewhere along the line he became an expert in economics! I can only think that it was a Saul on the road to Damascus moment. I know that J M Keynes did not have a degree in economics but I would be very surprised if Mr Mason was the intellectual equal of that great man.

  4. Oh dear, poor Paul, must be hard,
    Being right about everything and no one listening.
    Unless youve a degree in media studies you shouldn’t have been able to vote!
    What will our EU brothers an sisters think?
    Bet they think your racist Paul?
    Oh NO!!
    Yeah bet they do, thick racist englishman that has st George’s flags all over his house, and cant appreciate wine and fine cheese!!
    Do the right thing Paul, cant go on like this……😁

    • “I would like to apologise to everyone in Europe for the uneducated British scum spouting that dangerous free speech nonsense, and given half a chance I’ll put a stop to it”!
      Thanks for your contribution to Humanity there Ad*lf St*lin – will you be off to Europe anytime soon then?
      “Fuck that, it’s full of m*rdering I*lamic scum”!
      “And always remember – free speech is f*scism – just ask Owen if you are not sure”!
      Detest these c*nts, stealing our Country, identity, politics and rights in the name of self promotion and political correctness – need them gone.

  5. He’s not just a cunt he’s a fucking poor loser cunt. He thinks sour grapes are fine wine.

    Great nom, perfect excuse to laugh at the loser cunt.

    Muh ha ha

  6. This cunt was the Newsnight economics editor for the BBC, can you fucking believe it. Your “unbiased and impartial” BBC economic news filtered through this Marxist piece of shit. Beggars belief.

    I saw him do what was supposed to be a high level talk on left-wing economics at a university a while back, first question he was asked to give a brief summary of XYZ, to which he sat there silent for a good twenty seconds looking like he’d just been punched in the stomach before coming back to the questioner with, “well what do you think about XYZ?” to which he got the reply “well that’s why we invited you Paul” – watching him squirm for the next few minutes whilst he proved beyond reasonable doubt what a spastic he is was priceless.

    Fuck him and the BBC, this is why I don’t pay those cunts.

  7. Never heard of this cunt. But if he walks into my town I’m going to smash in the face with a brick.

  8. Never heard of this cunt but that denim shirt automatically makes him a cunt.
    Another anti white anti British pro EU traitor who hates Britain but loves the Reich.
    His brothers and sisters … hahahaha what a said old Marxist fossil.
    Ignore the cunt ,he and his ilk are yesterday.
    You can add Major, Blair,Clegg Campbell and the rest.

  9. He “never has a good word for anything”?

    He had a lot of good words for Corbyn. 🤣

  10. He likes a sing along, cant be all bad?!
    Dunno what la carmagnole is though?
    Although he doesnt like xylophone
    Says hes xylophobic or something..

  11. I would say that I could answer 98% of all the listings with 3 words.

    “I do worry”

    I have no idea why, I do not actively seek these cunts, but I seem to trip over them on such a regular basis.

  12. Mason is not all bad. He has described Rebecca Long Bailey as a ‘misogynistic thug of the Vatican’ over her views on abortion.

  13. They do so make me laugh, they talk about freedom etc yet ignore a democratic vote. Can’t they see the irony? Can’t they see what tits they’re making themselves look like? Had one moaning at work for the past month, actually said he wouldn’t bring a baby into this world of Boris Johnson and Brexit. Jesus wept you’d think we had Hitler as PM and Pol Pot as his deputy. What a bunch of fannies.

  14. Mason is madder than a two boxes of frogs.
    Like little Owen, everyone who doesn’t agree with him is a facist/nazi/far far right.
    Mad twat.

  15. Misandric rat is Ms Long-Bailey, it was funny to see them last night talking their sh*t via their BBC puppet vehicle – Mong Bailey, lithping Litha, Miss Piggy and of course Pwincess rear stormer – they still seem to have no idea whatsoever why a political party run by evil self serving Jew hating working class hating Marxist and terr*rist supporting economy economy wreckers got utterly decimated at the election.
    And they carry on into political oblivion.

    • Economy economy wreckers? So good I named it twice! Need a grown up to supervise me when typing (but they may see what I am putting and be afraid!)

  16. I have no idea why cunts like Mason and the majority of people who voted to Remain appear to think that they are somehow intellectually and morally superior to everyone else. I bet loads of them secretly loathe being in the EU but to admit that they seem to think will put them in the same bracket as the thick, racist, xenophobic, little Englanders who voted for Brexit. And how this fucking cunt ended up Newsnight economics editor for the BBC really sums up all you need to know about that rotten and decrepit organisation.

  17. Paul Spart.
    I’ll never forget this ‘impartial economics journalist’ presenting reports for Channel 4 at the height of the Greek crisis with all the zeal and overexcitement of a serial bedwetter.
    You’d think Ch4 would be his natural home but even they gave this cunt the push in the end.
    As for that pathetic lineup of losers on Newsnight last night it was amusing to see Irma Bunt stick it to Mrs Merton. The Panto dame of course tried to look both ways at once as usual in a failed attempt to broaden his appeal. Nandy was the only one making any sense god help them.

  18. I remember this prick saying that UKIP supporters were “ the type of toe rags who would steal your bicycle “
    All coming from a cunt who would steal Brexit from under your nose!
    Just another intolerant, loud mouthed , bigoted left wing prick…..
    Both sides of the argument have people like this but don’t expect cunts like this to ever admit that………

    • Aaah – so we get to the truth about who filched my Sisters Raleigh bike in 1974 – UKIP Supporters! (She is still hunting them, mean old b*tch she is!).
      I was too young to know anything about it, but I recall she was miffed – watch out you time travelling UKIP Supporters!
      Probably the same buggers pinching our fish, and Judi Dench would have had a little yellow hand in it to feed her brethren in China – “we so likey fish, not flied, raw velly good, we a likey the diseases”!
      Sneaky disease spreading Chinese fish felons!

      • I’m convinced that back in ’83, Nigel Farage nicked my Millenium Falcon, my X-wing fighter and my AT-AT. I can’t prove it, but I know it was him.

  19. I can also look my European brothers and sisters in the eye. And I can do that, because I only voted to leave the FUCKING EU! I’m still European, I don’t suddenly hate ordinary European people just because the UK is no longer a member of a corrupt, undemocratic, money stealing political construct, with ambitions of becoming the new Soviet Union.

    What is it with remainers that they constantly have to try to mislead people that we’ve left Europe, when we haven’t? We physically can’t leave the continent of Europe. We’ve only left the EU, which is different. And these cunts have the nerve to call us thick?

  20. Wow, I have not seen a more punchable face since Philip Schofield, Owen Jones & Jo Swinson

    That face is literally screaming “Punch me, I’m a cunt”

    • Ah ….. Big Tits Swinson.
      One minute prospective next PM; then in the blink of an eye political oblivion.
      Now earning a living giving hand shandies somewhere in a Gorbals crack den?

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