Matt Healy (2)

A cunting, if you please, for Matt Healy, frontman for a band called “The 1975”. (Nope, me neither.)

This utter cuck has announced that from now on, he and his Soy Boy band will only perform at festivals with a gender-balanced lineup, following a tweet from Laura Snape, Deputy Music Editor for that most cuntish of newspapers, “The Guardian”.

Apparently, Snape demanded that they “add a condition to your rider that says you’ll only play festivals that commit to X% (ideally 50%!) acts that include women and non-binary performers”. Instead of telling the silly bint to fuck off, Healy agreed to acquiesce to her request, saying: “Take this as me signing this contract – I have agreed to some festivals already that may not adhere to this and I would never let fans down who already have tickets. But from now I will, and believe this is how male artists can be true allies.”

Now forgive me for being old-fashioned, but time was when a music festival booked performers who were good, or at least popular. But in today’s race to the bottom, it’s all about being seen to be woke and “progressive” (whatever the fuck that means). Jesus Christ, if the Beatles were starting out today the only way they’d ever be allowed to perform is if John and Paul were bum-fucking each other nightly, George decided he was gender neutral, and Ringo was a drummer of peace.

Fuck you all to hell.

Nominated by Le Cunt Noir

44 thoughts on “Matt Healy (2)

  1. The whole world is now total cunt with the notable exceptions of the good cunts on this site. Oh, and Tyson Fury is obviously waycist for beating the fuck out of that uppity nigra Wilder. Fucking good, the cunt!

    • Matt Healy is puddled like his spunk bucket mum Denise and cuckold dad Tim.
      Shite band, shite music for snowflakes.
      @Tyson Fury
      White heavyweight world champ, an a extremely tall northerner?
      Hats of to you Gypsy King.

        • Great to see Gypsy King Tyson beat the Um Bongo drinker. I’ll bet Fat Lammy is still weeping. Hahahahaha.

        • And a big fuck you to Wylders fiancee who sent Fury a text I think saying he was literally going to get killed. You’re not gloating now are you evil bitch?

  2. What the fuck is this bullshit.

    In future I shall only be treated in hospitals that have 50% male nurses, I will not send my kids to a primary school unless that has 50% male staff. I give up and these cunts are just pandering to it.

    Meanwhile I see Deonty Wilders efforts to turn the fight into a black v white battle worked a treat. His attempts all week and during his walk on to inject Race into something where there wan’t any was pathetic and I’m so chuffed that Fury just told him to do one. Seen this type of thing somewhere before, with people like Lammy. Let’s make everything about race, not ability, skill or style. Happily The only person doing the race baiting wasn’t the winner.

  3. What the ………………?- this shit is spreading like a wildfire – soon you won’t be able to go in your own kitchen unless there’s a ‘balanced’ number of people in the house – fuck these cunts right off

  4. The kids are boring fucking cunts. It’s all been done to death you dull unoriginal wankers. The whole thing went to shit as soon as the wanker millennials came of age and generation Z is even worse. Fuck off you dull cunts.

  5. It would be funny if organisers simply booked bands that were happy to play to their fans, and ignored this cunt altogether. I wonder how happy his band mates would be at getting no bookings because of their stance on something that most people couldn’t give a flying fuck about.

  6. She ‘DEMANDED’ ?wtf!!
    Some journo demanding a band follow her agenda,
    Cant image Led Zeppelin,Motorhead, the Who listening to some hack on the rags ranting.
    Gary Glitter wouldnt have stood for it!
    Hed of dragged her in the dressing room an dry bummed her.

    • Morning Cuntflap!
      Breakfast was a surprisingly sensible and sober couple of slices of toast and a strong coffee,
      No meat at all!
      Sure i got capt magnanimous breakfast by mistake!
      Yeah Lemmy would of laughed at the journo!
      Got her pissed up, end of the night shed of won the pubs wet tshirt contest and had a tattoo on her arse saying “property of motorhead’😁

      • Sounds good that, Cuntflap.
        Be having a roast later on to make up for it, Beef obviously, im a englishman!😁
        Just watching ‘challenged mathematician’ Di Abbott on sophie Ridge an her wigs started to slide slightly hahaha!

      • Not exactly a kings breakfast MNC ,I on the other hand had some meaty shite chilli and cheese sausages from Aldi on a sarnie.Readying my guts for the ale I’ll costume watching the rugby later.

        • Morning Crusty,
          Yeah feel bit let down by breakfast if im honest,
          Dogs got roast chicken an turkey in its bowl!
          Comes to something when envying the dogs meals eh?!!

      • MNC if you had my breakfast then you’d start to be as lithe and handsome as me. Leave my muesli and Twining’s alone and persevere with your bat-soup.

        👉 🦇

  7. These cunts are determined to infest every part of our lives. This seems to be something that is reserved by and large for the south of England. I don’t see any of this crap up here in the North. I know women who just role their eyes and sneer at this garbage.
    This is all London centric lefty pish.
    There seems to be a huge lack of common sense now. Like that dozy labour cunt , what’s her name Nandy or summit, saying children aren’t boys or girls when born. They can pick their own gender. So established scientific fact is refuted by a senior labour politician. You can now decide you’re a woman and enter women’s sports,go into women’s toilets,be called Mrs or miss or what fucking ever.
    Everyone I know and meet thinks it’s insanity.

    Flat Earth denying cunts .

  8. Never heard of the cunt but i’ve heard of his mother who, allegedly, has a fanny which has had more traffic than the A303 on a Bank Holiday.
    Anyway he’s white so what chance has he got in the music biz these days? I suppose he could always go tranny but I don’t give a fuck anyway.

  9. This mahoosive wizard sleeve and his merry band of non binary poofters are the ‘musicians’ who released some random squeaks and burbles as the backing for little St Greta Thundersperg not so long ago.
    Regardless of anything else these soy infused melts say or do, that is enough to spell out their incipient mincery in foot high letters.

  10. I’ll also add, while I’m decently riled with this shite, that I wish it actually was 1975 and could sit back with a pie and a pint while this bag of dicks got a proper shoeing at a pub gig for those actions.

  11. Shit band no fans. Should’ve called themselves 1984.

    Something kooky in that fam. Dad’s a transformer, mum’s a popular girl and he’s a fag. Hopefully they’ll be reduced to a twisted Johnny Cash tribute act, performing on the nonce wings at HMP.

  12. The 1975 are as relevant to music from 1975 as Dianne Abbott is relevant to nuclear fusion physics.

    Back in 1975 we had Roxy Music, Bowie, Led Zep, The Who, Queen, Pink Floyd, ELO, 10cc and many other greats. The list is endless.

    Fast forward to 2020, the 1975 is about as good as it gets for modern music. Cuckolded, woke little dungtrumpet potholers whose music is banal dogshit for kids with the IQ of a butternut squash.


  13. I thought you booked acts on demand not gender, very few females I’d pay to see, those that have the talent make it to the top.

    Tyson fury is a cunt, he’s ruined black history month.

  14. Has the silly journalist woman demanded the same parity from rappers? Because that’s a genre which celebrates diversity.

  15. Please dear lord somebody start a war so we can have a thin out of tossers like this , they wont fight but all cower together around a peace candle vigil in one place one misplaced piece of ordanance problems solved, utter wet spineless cunts of the first water twats to a man or whatever gender the wankers are that day.
    My glorious Albion morphing into a lunatic asylum as we stand by and watch.

  16. Virtue-signalling cunts. This cunt stunt will only last until they realise they are losing money due to not being asked to play at events or having to back out of playing at said events due to a lack of balance.

    I would have more respect for the little prick if he had come out and said “I’ll only play at events with more crumpet so that I have more of a chance of getting my dick wet back stage.

    Little fucking fanny.

    • Exactly. Whatever happened to randy bands that were only interested in shafting any piece of skirt that came near them? I remember being at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland – which had rock bands despite its title – many year ago and the guy who organized it – Claude Nobs (great name!) – was so pissed off with the outrageous demands of some the performers that he posted them on the wall for everyone to see. One American outfit whose name I have forgotten demanded things like 6 bottles of Jack Daniels, 100 Budweisers, 40 cartons of Marlboro and dozens of packets of “ball-covering strawberry-flavored condoms”. I´ve always wondered what ball-covering FLs look like.

  17. This cunt, and his shite excuse for a band, appeared at last year’s Shit Awards. His opening line was “Misogyny in the music business…”
    Limp-wristed talentless nancy cunt. May the ghosts of Jim Morrison, Keith Moon and Lemmy haunt and torture you forever, you fucking disgrace.

  18. Once we had Zep, Purple, Sabbath, Free, Faces, Tull, Floyd, Yes, Slade, T-Rex, Moody Blues, Genesis, Who, Stones… As far as rock was concerned, no cunt could fucking touch us…

    Now? Ed Sheercunt. Lewis Cuntpaldi, and this poodle permed poof Healy and his crappy named 1975… If only it was nineteen seventy fucking five….

  19. Yeah I nominated this utter bellend some time ago for his gay rights stand in some god foresaken shithole. Wish they’d thrown him in prison for that and he could have spent the last months having his ring piece loosened by Goat shaggers. At least he’d have also lost his voice momentarily whilst his mouth was full of cock.

  20. This seems to be the trend with these woke wankers these days. Down here in Aus the woke media will post articles detailing the make up of the festivals etc. I last went to a festival ten years ago and there was none of this shit, just a good day out with some great, popular bands. Now everything is audited by crazy feminists and woke cunts.

    A couple of years ago a popular group pulled out of a Uni music festival whinging that there weren’t enough bands with women, ironically their band had the only woman in the entire lineup, the irony was lost of the daft fuckers.

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