Mahatma Khandi

A nomination for Mahatma Khandi, a drag artist, and the Historic Royal Palaces, who have hired this ‘drag raven’ to lead visitors on “all singing, all-dancing” tours of the Tower of London, to show its LGBT+ history.

This creep will be clad in black PVC and a feather boa, reminiscent of the captive ravens that are said to protect the tower and the Crown. Yes, that’s definitely the best way of showing tourists around one of the most popular attractions in London.

Whoever thought this was a good idea needs a good kick in the crown jewels.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

122 thoughts on “Mahatma Khandi

  1. As we all know it was benders, trannies and Africans that made the modern world. Inventions, buildings such as the tower, an end to slavery, defeat of the Nazis and the fall of the Berlin wall. Where would medicine, science and democracy without trannies?
    You cant argue with that or it’s hate speech.

  2. Yet another talentless dickhead that likes playing dress-up and gets paid for it. Drag queens are stupid, useless cunts, the lot of them. I sincerely hope that the tower’s ravens pick this cunts eyes out then strangle the cunt with his feather boa.

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