Ann Francke (No, not the little Dutch girl with a diary, it’s some other cunt)

‘Listen guys, d’you want to talk about the game? See you in the gent’s at coffee time…’

Would you believe it? Chat about football, cricket and other sports should be ‘actively curtailed’ in the workplace according to dingbat Ann Francke, Director of the Chartered Management Institute. According to Mizzz Francke, sports chat can exclude women, and can be (wait for it) ‘a gateway to more laddish behaviour’, and if unchecked, ‘is a signal of a more laddish culture’, such as boorish sexual banter.

Christ on a bike, where do they find the fuckwits who come up with this nonsense? In a stupid factory somewhere? For a start, these comments are actually sexist. Millions of women up and down the country follow, and indeed participate, in sport of all kinds. To suggest that they are poor little dears who might feel left out and unable to take part in a sport-related conversation is ludicrous. At the same time Francke suggests,rather oddly, that ‘talking about technical aspects of football, such as video assisted refereeing,could disproportionately exclude women’. She seems to be implying that in fact, women are too thick to appreciate such things, which doesn’t strike me as being a very consistent line of argument. Or indeed very sisterly.

What happens then, when the conversation turns to films, or kids, or the weather, or holidays? Is everyone who isn’t interested in these things presumed to be left feeling excluded? Taking Francke’s line of thinking to its logical conclusion, talk about anything other than work-related matters would have to be ‘curtailed’. And as for her assertion that sports chat can lead to a more uninhibited type of conversation, I can only respond by stating that in any of my places of work over the years, women have never been backward in coming forward as far as sexual banter is concerned. There’s a bit of a ‘ladette’ culture about as well, if my experience is anything to go by. No mention of that though by Francke.

I do find it odd then to think that all these strong, empowered women we keep hearing so much about are simultaneously in need of measures to protect against any bruising of their delicate sensibilities. I don’t know, maybe I’m just being a bit paranoid; maybe Francke’s comments are nothing more than another banal bit of SJW-type posturing, making what she thinks are the right noises. Yet these comments do seem to me to be indicative of the kind of thought police mentality we get so much of these days, putting men in the sights of the identity politics warriors again. Moreover they smack of hypocrisy. If some bloke suggested that women should be ‘curtailed’ from talking about make-up, handbags, clothes or whatever, this banshee would no doubt be wailing ‘misogyny!’ and ‘sexism!’, and ranting on about men wanting to control women. I conclude that this self-styled ‘expert on gender balance in the workplace’ only believes in free speech when people like her get to define what it actually is. Methinks that here’s another one who’d like to control the narrative to suit her own agenda.

I’m with Piers Morgan on this, who responded by saying ‘we’ve got to stop these virtue-signalling cretins sucking all the fun out of life’. No doubt many of you out there in IsACland will go further, and demand that this gobshite should get back in the kitchen and put her old man’s tea on.

Management potential, then? I’d say it’s more a case of sacked in the morning, you’re getting sacked in the morning…

Nominated by Ron Knee

80 thoughts on “Ann Francke (No, not the little Dutch girl with a diary, it’s some other cunt)

  1. Some of the women where I work practice sexual banter / behaviour every day. I’ve had my arse pinched , my bollocks groped and lewd comments made. Am I complaining ? The fuck I am… Bring it on. It creates a nice relaxed atmosphere in the work place as far as I’m concerned and the Christmas do is always a riot.

    • This is what I don’t get Fenton. Women are just as bad as men in the workplace, but you never hear of fuckwits like this woman ever acknowledging that. The cant of this cunt is ridiculous.
      The missus got properly annoyed by her too; she reckons it’s extremely patronising to suggest that women would feel left out by a bit of football talk, or go into an eye-fluttering swoon if some bloke says ‘bollocks’.

  2. Another erudite nom, Ron

    ……and after he’s had his tea and she’s done the washing up they can adjourn to the bedroom. I can envisage her wearing thigh high boots and nothing else teasing him mercilessly…..

  3. Women in the workplace have their own annoying habits. For example, why can’t they have their breakfast at home? I sit at my work station listening to cereal bowls being scraped clean. And there’s always a conversation about who’s sick/dying. I was contracted to assist due to a supposed manning (womanning?) shortfall. This I found was largely due to the sickness absence rate, with some of the lasses taking more time off than Santa. A common cold suddenly becomes more virulent than the corona virus.

    Otherwise a nice team to work with, probably due to the lack of millenial cunts….

  4. I’ve noticed that too Sgt Maj; all the women in my place have their cereal bowls and boxes of cereal in the office kitchen. FFS, you are not paid to munch Special K at your desk!

    Ann Francke sounds like yet another continental, dictatorial sausage munched. And a cunt.

    • Thirded PM and Sarge. I’m lucky in that I work remotely most of the time, on the unavoidable occasion I do have to go into an office lunch times seem to be a feral whirlwind of various bints competing to see who can pollute the whole office with the rancid stink of their (usually vegan, curry or fish-based) microwave meals

    • Don’t forget before they tuck into their fucking granola, they’ve plastered themselves with make up on the tube into work ….. what the fucks that about!!??? Watched some old trollope yesterday and at the end of it I thought why bother luv you need a bag not make up. Imagine having a wet shave on the District Line you’d be run out of town.

  5. She’s had her 5 minutes of fame so the bitter dried up cunt can fuck off again now.
    Make me some toast luv.
    Then fuck off again.

  6. I may be the only contributor to isac with any kind of horse in the race with this nomination – and only then because this skidmark on the dura mater of mankind sports a similar name to my given email address.

    By the way, Admin, what was all that cock about yesterday? Someone mentioned something about the tally of isac contributors who are putatively gay, which you concluded with some rant about “real”, “contactable” email addresses. I quote:

    It is quite simple, Some of his comments are valid, He fell off the pony once, actually twice with his false persona, but he has valid points, so he is let through, consider it detention.
    He has a contactable e-mail address, You do not. the complainant had a contactable e-mail address, they lodged a complaint with us, we looked at it considered it valid and acted appropriately.
    That’s how it works.
    If you are a total troll, we will just put your ISP and e-mail up in plain sight,fuck us around further and we will publish your personal details including home address, we have done it before we can do it again, note the .com we are off shore.
    Next question….. no you cant appeal as you are un contactable, therefore a troll in your own right, it is how it goes, one step wrong and you are on the shit list.

    I trust you will not be publishing my (slightly modified) Anne Franke work address… and hope my home address in Bell End, Worcestershire (near Kiddyfiddler) will remain sacrosanct. If you do, my employer is liable to purchase the site and shut you down. I suppose that way you’ll have made a tidy profit.

    Have I uncovered the grand strategem behind isac, like Mr White’s superb DSMO (Don’t Start Me Off) before it, I wonder? Mary Beard will not be involved on this occasion 😉. You’ve piqued my curiosity now.

  7. Another micro manager of free speech,
    She doesnt state what is acceptable talk in her brave new world,
    The importance of immigration?
    The rights of the trans community?
    The rise of the far right?
    Sorry Ann you boring fucker, but you cant control everything people say or talk about, thats oppressive.
    An stop taking my Trump poster down in the canteen!!!

  8. I also did a cunting so what a shame it wasn’t tagged on to Ron’s.

    What are we allowed to discuss? Love Island? Flower-arranging? Mumsnet? Frozen 2? You must allow people to talk. It doesn’t matter if it’s about somebody’s latest eyebrow stitching or how much of a cunt Mourhino or Guardiola is, or even if it’s about how this old crone resembles David Walliams in an Elton John wig.

    • I also wrote up the same nomination. Am I bitter that it was not chosen? Course I fuckin’ am!

      I was hoping to have had the honour of sharing the nom with one of the world’s most renown cunters. Alas it was not to be!

      I have been reading extracts from Ron’s biography in the Times Literary Supplement and one quote stood out . . . . . . . . .

      “Ron Knee is a LEGend in his own time, the likes of which we will probably never ever see again.”

  9. The very definition of a CUNT in a sinecure. Miserable, misandrist harridan. The only talk that needs to be banned is the type of shit that comes from her ilk’s mouths. Hopefully the ‘trans’ lobby will deduce that she’s being phobic and will jump up and down until she is sacked.

    • It would be interesting to know what sort of money this old bag is on, I bet it is well into 6 figures. Talk about stealing wages. Next stop for her will be Thursday night on Question Time.

  10. We all know the workplace conversation this fascist bitch would approve of :
    How shit Brexit is.
    What are you doing to save the planet?
    Have you seen that Owen Jones article in the Guardian?
    Who do you like best…..Markle the Sparkle or Greta Thunderbirds?
    Yeah, fuck off Mrs you boring sack of shit.

  11. I know almost nothing about sport as I have no interest so I just don’t take part in any conversation of that nature. I’ve never felt excluded at work or anywhere else.

    • Me too Mog, only sport I know anything about is MotoGP so I don’t bother pretending with anything else.

  12. Sports chat doesn’t and hasn’t excluded women on my tv for the last 18months. Football, rugby, you name it there’s a woman there with an opinion. Starting to piss me off, the amount of dinners, washing up, cleaning and ironing that is not getting done must be at a grand scale. This needs action and it needs it now.

  13. When I read of cunts like this Francke creature, I am just glad I am retired. It gives me time to get to the Rose and Crown to catch up with Dominic Grieve and his electric organ at his resendency there. Special guest today is Emily Thornberry, who, after a double gin will play her double chin, er sorry double bass.

    Seriously though, how can anybody “ban” ordinary discourse since we live in a “free cuntry”?. Dictatorial cunts.

  14. What healed-up-vagina harridans like this really mean when they talk like this is “I really wish a big hairy man reeking of beer and fags would kidnap me, tie me up and gag me, tear my pants off with his oil-stained meathooks, and stick his tongue up my arsehole until I scream”.
    Although if she thinks I’m doing it, she can fuck right off. Face like a smashed crab.

  15. Fucking women shouldn’t be in the workplace never mind yapping on about sports. They should be at home catering to their man’s every need and whim. If they’re too ugly to have a man,or are lezzas, they should get a job with Northumberland County Council,it’s stuffed full of the Cunts.

    Emily Wilding Davison was a Cunt.

    • We can talk about:
      Wimminz football
      Wimminz rugby
      Wimminz hockey
      Wimminz netball
      Wimminz darts
      Crying over nonsense
      – all fine to talk about, the success the ladies enjoy in their various sports provides breathtaking conversation!
      Love Island, Eastenders – fine but remove the “penis people” (real wimminz do not use the oppressive term MEN) – should keep the miserable old bitch happy!
      Every real Man knows ladies are too frail to play sports and to do so may compromise their fragrance – bad form fillies!
      That is all.

      • Yes that purple haired lezzie yank footballer wants equal pay for women footballers. As I have said before,let her turn out for say, Burton Albion and see how long it is before she is carried off nor substituted- ten minutes at most.

  16. A dyslexic bloke loaned the “Dairy of Anne Frank” from the library and subsequently complained to the librarian that there wasn’t a hint of cream, butter or milk to be seen in it anywhere!

    Bah-dum-tish! I’m ‘ere all week!


    Once again, another leftist killjoy who thinks that excluding/banning everything includes everyone by default, it doesn’t.

    I had to sit through hours of recounts of the previous evenings Game of Thrones episodes (soys and wimmenz alike), NeverEnders, who ate what in Celebrity Up the Jungle, etc. None of which I had any interest in and so I’d just switch off.

    That’s what it’s called Ann “to be perfectly” Francke – you joyless cunt – you switch off, and don’t listen, because you simply DON’T CARE!

    What new virtual-oppression he’ll is this!?!

    So we should just be good little worker units, talking “the job” solely for the next 8-10hrs, just like the fucking robots that will eventually replace us?

    Well that may be great for “da man” and their profits, but no so good for the workforce’s morale nor mental well-being!

    You’d have us all like the proles in Orwell’s1984, which you’d probably applaud given you’re no doubt a – yet another – wealthy socialist/communist cunt!

    The truth of the matter is that there are several conversations on the go at any given time, in any office/shop floor, and nobody gives a fuck. We don’t all need to be sat round the campfire – kum-by-yah style – listening to everyone’s 2 minute tale with intense interest!

    Banter conversation is dynamic, it’s not scripted, and those who are interested will gravitate towards it, those that aren’t, won’t, and who are more than free (for now at least) to start their own little repartee. And anyone who feels “left out” needs to be sectioned because they’re quite clearly nuts!

    So Ann Francke, stop trying to micromanage every fucking aspect of our lives, how we should think and feel, so fuck off back to your Ministry of Truth!


    • What is brown and hides in the attic ?

      The diarrhea of Anne Frank.

      This does not deny in any shape, way or form, the holocaust. I would like to point that out, so there is no misunderstanding.

  17. Sorry to be a pedantic cunt, but can we not support the Reality TV-popularised use of the word ‘banter’. We already have badinage and repartee, which are perfectly good enough and do not need substitutes.

    • Banter isn’t a substitute, it’s a late 17th century English word. Not that I use it much, but I’m fucked if I’m going to let Reality TV dictate my vocabulary.

      • Surely banter as a word is ok, but it’s shortened variation used by the young ‘bantz’ is a crime against language. If I hear some cunt saying that or ‘totes’ for totally, I get the urge to start a thousand year reich.

  18. I don’t give a fuck about sport, I would also counter her argument with “Love island” a conversation piece that excludes men and rational women.
    I made my point clear when I said to the main ambassador for the show that I would only watch love island if Anders Behring Breivik put in a guest appearance.

  19. Like any other woman, she can’t keep her trap shut, therefore will spout any old tripe, just to keep her jaw in motion, and her brain on standby.
    Get To Fuck.

  20. This poor deluded lady is suffering from the common pc affliction “spending someone else’s money” this is a very common outcome in libtard/lefty circles. Obtain some fantasy position through brown nosing or gender merit or some such bollocks then begin justifying your salary and perceived world position by creating a codex of pc wankery which you then promote to the unlearned outsiders as the new gospels. Thus securing your salary and position until someone who pretends to be more woke/wank usurps you so you move on to some other parasitic organisation, preferably a charity that gets most of its money from the government.

  21. The implication is men are wrong and worse still women who engage with men as fellow human beings and not treat them as the enemy are even more wrong.

    It’s not a war on men, it’s a war in humanity, they’ve divided the family and now they are dividing the building blocks of the family itself.

  22. Snp finance Secretary Derek Mackay has just quit over his sending of 270 messages to a 16yr old boy, inviting him out to social events, this a few week before Alex the Salmon is in the dock for allegations of being a bit naughty too.
    Why is it the SNP cant find love?

    • He may have just wanted to chat about sport and man stuff, or maybe not 😂

      Nice that he is SNP, take that Wee Jimmy!!!

    • “Well he was not seventeen”
      “if you know what I mean”
      “And before too long I was sexting him”!
      “I’ll never mince with another – oooh”!
      “When I saw him on Grindr”..

      It was either that or a date in an S&M club with “The Sturgeon” or a “wee drinkies party” with “The Salmond”!

  23. Personally I think it’s good to see Communism and Capitalism actually finding some common ground together.
    The stupid cunt…

  24. Help him with his biology homework?
    Fancy playing naked leapfrog?
    That sort of thing?😁

  25. I have my own office and have so far successfully resisted all attempts to socialise me, which would involve having to listen, and even make relevant contributions to, endless discussions about football, who’s pregnant, babies, the crap on TV, office politics and the weather. I can see the cuntee’s point, but I see no reason to restrict it to sport.

    Other cunters have mentioned food, and I am with them on curried veggie microwave crap, which permeates the entire building at lunchtime. Iniquitous intrusion on my olfactory space, to which I can only respond with explosive and noisesome farts as I walk past the microwave room.

      • Some of my co-workers bring their latest contribution to the gene pool in to be admired.
        Cue: “Ooooo! He looks just like you! A cunt!

  26. Did… did she just imply that it is impossible for women to enjoy sports? Not very inclusive that.

    • Well, girls are silly and should not be allowed near sports unless they are dressed in bikinis – ask any progressive Woman who knows she can speak with authority for every Woman in the World!

      • Oh I don’t know Vernon. I always found the sight of healthy young ladies in gymslips working up a sweat on the netball court to be quite alluring.

        • Exactly RK! Healthy sport for vigorous fillies, excellent form!
          I was filming the great crested bullrush warbler which had made a nest in the netball court, a most exciting event for a committed twitcher like me!
          This was misinterpreted by the teachers, local Police and a baying mob..

  27. Sport bores me to tears, cunts on tv or radio talking about sports bores me to death, and so does people I know in work or the pub talking about fucking sport. But, as I seem to be the odd one out, it’s my problem, so I avoid the crap in the media, and endure it when it arises in everyday life. Equally as fucking boring is listening to a load of women talking. If you have no interest in shoes and handbags, shite TV such as soaps and reality drivel, children, more shoes and handbags, zzzzzzz. Are they going to fuck up yapping about that banal shit? I doubt it.

  28. What a stupid fucking bitchcunt. As others have mentioned, is she honestly so thick/self-absorbed that she cannot see how sexist her comments are? According to her ‘logic’, there shouldn’t be any female sports presenters on TV as they don’t know what they are talking about and don’t understand sport. Actually, she has a point there as they should be at home cooking and ironing (these things don’t get done by themselves, you know) but the problem is most of the male sports presenters don’t know what they are talking about either. This is another example of stifling free speech, a bit like the recent no platforming thread. The Leftish viewpoint is such a hypocritical one, anyone who disagrees with them should be gagged – who are the real Fascists?

  29. Talking about the original Anne Frank, someone wrote this summary of her diary:

    Day 1 Hid
    Day 2 Hid
    Day 3 Hid
    Day 4 Hid
    Day 5 Hid
    Day 6 Bugger

    • Fucking hell Allan, I’m halfway through this and now you’ve gone and given away the ending!

    • Joan Rivers, bemoaning her lack of any awards for her many literary works, when fellow juden Anne Frank was given one posthumously:

      She wrote ONE book!! And it doesn’t even have an ending!! “And the Nazis are coming up the -”


  30. “We are proud wimmin. We are strong, independent, and we want to be treated exactly the same as men”
    Bloke:-“Hey Dave, did you see the match last night? What a shit-show that was”.
    Bird:-“Stop!! I am a delicate female and I’m extremely upset and hurt at this conversation which excludes me and therefore denies me from opening my trap and spouting my usual girly nonsensical drivel. I think this conversation is sexist and I need to find my safe space. PS who saw Loose Wimmin yesterday?Ah wasn’t it great? ”
    Fuck off.

  31. I couldn’t give too fucks what anyone talks about at work. Frankly, I just wish they would all stop chatting shit and shut the fuck up, men, women or anything in between.

    So ludicrous to think this could ever be policed anyway.

    Given the choice of listening to blokes talk about sport (which would ordinarily have me sticking pins in my eyeballs) or listening to the utter pile of cunt that I had to put up with when on the wards, I know which I would prefer. Nursing being so female, it was an endless stream of the following:

    Their bloody kids
    School and school runs
    Their latest holiday
    Whining like fuck about their rostered shifts
    “I’m so fucking tired”
    “Cubicle 9’s mother is a pain in the arse”

    and it went on and on……all bollocks and tedious as fuck and making you want to reach for the nearest scalpel, for either your own throat or theirs.

    I never understood it. I barely had time for small talk when I was working as I was running about like a blue arsed fly all fucking day, while these usual suspect cunts were holed up in the store room hiding and talking shit as above.

  32. Wouldn’t have happened in Matron’s day!

    How you doing Nurse? Well as can be expected I hope!

    • Definitely not, Ron! You would have got a slap in the chops with a bedpan (not literally of course, though I wouldn’t put it past ’em)

      I’m ok thanks, Ron. Hope all is well with you too and the ‘Knee Household’! 😀

  33. If there is ever a conversation about babies, i join in an mention that I love them. Especially the ones that are the perfect size for my oven. *dead silence*

    Oh such bliss! 😀

  34. Women are weird..Some examples of subjects i’ve been told to stop talking about by women;

    Stop talking about football

    Stop talking about politics

    Stop talking about Star Wars (even though I was saying how crap one of the new films was)

    Stop talking about history

    Stop talking about cosmology

    Stop talking about intelligent.things

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