The Barnett Formula

If one of the regions of the UK had significantly less money spent there than the others, it would be a case of ‘we must become independent, England is stealing all our money!’ Well, the latest figures have been released and no surprises once again – it’s England who are being neglected, with the regions who have their own assemblies, but never stop complaining about neglect and oppression, who are bleeding English taxpayers.

Even if the regions had an equal amount spent they would still whinge that England MUST pay them – for what? What the fuck is in it for us? This has to be looked at again. Maybe it’s time to ditch the monarchy, ditch the UK, and each country manage it’s itself and watch Wales and Scotland begging England in five to ten years to come back into the Great British fold.

Spending per head:
•Northern Ireland at £11,590
•Scotland at £11,247
•Wales at £10,656
•England at £9,296

Net fiscal deficit per head:
•Northern Ireland at £4,978
•Wales at £4,289
•Scotland at £2,713
•England at £68

Nominated by Dr Shagga and His Cunt Munching Machine

30 thoughts on “The Barnett Formula

  1. I’ve long given up trying to make any sense of this financial / political tomfoolery.
    The UK is around 1.7 trillion in debt, yet throws money around like confetti.
    Not just on schemes like this, which do nothing to encourage incompetents like the SNP to do their job properly, but things like foreign aid, HS2, Grenfell, Crossrail, House of Cunts Royalty, etc. etc.
    It’s not just MagicGrandpa who has a money tree, all the politico’s have got one.
    They preach fiscal responsibility and then do the opposite. Is it any wonder that the ordinary Joe says ‘fuck it ‘ and goes berserk with the credit card ?
    One thing’s for sure, it can’t go on for ever. There’ll be a resetting of the clocks.
    No prizes for guessing who’ll pick the bill up for that.
    Fucking Cunts, the lot of them.
    Good morning.

  2. To be honest Shagga i thought ‘the Barnett formula’ was a shampoo.
    Not sure how the figures are compiled but does sound unfair without wishing to upset any scottish or welsh cunters.

    • Come on now MNC, you’re being deliberately antagonistic there; you know they prefer to be called “scotch” people

        • XD is that a real insult?!? I always thought they were called Broons. Any other insults flying around?

          • There are two Scots who live near me – I used to work with one, good grafter, good Man, worked all his life and someone I am genuinely proud to call a friend – the other piece of s*it fucker has not worked in 30 Years, worked abroad when he did (before being deported for d*ug dealing) thus paying no tax whatsoever and gets a free house, a fortune in handouts even though there is nothing to stop him working and refuses to look for work claiming a mysterious disability (BO, from my experience), and if he is told to do anything he does not want to do he shouts – wait for it – “waaycism”, works every time and every time I go through town I see this parasite falling about outside whichever pub will allow him in and shouting about what c*nts the English are!
            A matter of time before I lose my good manners, and when I do I think his lower jaw will be found in Glasgow, Scots, Welsh and Irish people are just fine with me – but I have a deep dislike of cunts!

      • They’re only called ‘Scotch’ people because they’ve got the rest of us well and truly taped.

        • “Well and truly taped”?
          Reminds me of my last interview with the Police!
          (I think they were investigating suspected hate crime by a bird against “they” which was self identifying as a caterpillar!)

    • Barnett formula? Scotland receives a significant amount more in North Sea oil and gas revenue than the rest of the UK, has done permanently – but will never stop whining about the English “stealing their oil” – and the irony is that because Scotland have always had a disproportionately larger amount than they were entitled to Scotland actually owes us £122 Billion, I have contacted Saint Nicola asking when she is putting the cheque in the post – no reply as yet!
      We fund the rest of the UK, get nothing ourselves and are constantly demonised for “ripping off” poor Scotland, Ireland and Wales!
      Four Countries, pay your own way – want independence? No problem, see how that goes for you.

  3. Nobody is accountable and the bar is heavily subsidised.
    Magic money forest? How our masters laughed into their Chateau Lafitte.
    Barrel of cunts.

  4. It gets worse within England. Leicestershire is the worst funded county council in the country. If the per person payments were in line with Surrey, it’d get a extra £104m per year, in line with Camden it’d be an extra £305m per year. And they think this is fair.

  5. The sooner wee Jimmy fucks off the better, she wants more immigration, there are plenty of cunts in England that she can have with pleasure.

    On question time last night, Trevor Phillips didn’t hold back, In London knife crime = black and the immigrants from war torn shitholes.

    • Nicola Sturgeon wants more immigration because the locals are dying off in droves due to alcohol and heroin – not a word from your sainted cakehole about that though is there Nicola?

  6. I have sympathy for those pro- union Scots that have to put up with wee Jimmy Krankie and her SNP shites. The fact is that the Barnett Formula is the SNP’s best friend.

    Not only does it give the SNP English money to piss away but Pro-Nationalist Scott’s will never see it as a blessing of the Union and will still agitate for independence even if we scatter them with gold and diamonds, the ungrateful whining cunts.

    So the SNP gets the best of both worlds – the money and the ability to aggravate the English despite taking the money.

    In the meantime, the Barnett Formula angers us in England. I have always thought if England had its way Scotland would be floating off into the sunset pronto. If there were a referendum on the Union tomorrow, then a higher proportion of English voters than Scots voters would vote for Scottish independence.

    The Barnett Formula is a win/win for the SNP.

    Another triumph for the UK establishment. Everything they touch they fuck up.

    • Fat lot of good it did for CUNT OF THE YEAR, Theresa May, when she bunged sex change accident Arlene Foster, DUP, a billion pounds!

  7. I don’t know who this Barnett bloke is but he’s a thick cunt I can tell you that. Wanker was watching porn on his phone, under the desk, during his maths lessons.

  8. I want to be subsidised. Give me more money not to plant another russet apple tree in my garden and I promise I’ll take down the `Viva Independiente Jenny’ flags.

  9. You may have mentioned that London gets a grand per head more than the rest of England. Wonder why?

    • We need more money in Londonstabistan because we have more than our fair share of Eurotrash, third world scroungers and refu fucking gees, not to mention the illegals.
      We also have more libtards demonstrating on the streets because they can’t get their way.
      Oh, and there’s all the poofs and trannies who need looking after.
      We deserve that dough just for putting up with the cunts.

        • London needs more funding for it’s “special circumstances” – a good carving knife or machete ain’t cheap!

  10. Let the Jocks go and join up with the Eu and Build a Scottish backstop .
    I wonder if Brussels will freely hand over cash like we have ? Because the Jocks are not likely to give them any.
    We Jimmy only wants independence if she can join another union that will prop them up like we have.
    FUCK RIGHT OFF you tight arsed/ lipped ginger Cunt.

    • The EU have already made it abundantly clear on a number of occasions that an independent Scotland would not be allowed entry due to not fulfilling the minimum self sustainability and fiscal robustness requirements – they do not need another broke Country now that the UK will no longer be funding EU expansion.
      And, a final random off topic rant – when Team GB Compete it’s Team GB, not Team GB & Northern f*cking Ireland, they are either part of team GB or they compete independently!
      Ooh – controversial!

  11. There’s fuck-all more patriotic than a Scot or Welshman that doesn’t live there….

    • That made me and Sean Connery laugh DCI! F*cking warm in Monaco at Sean’s place, map on the wall so he remembers where Scotland is..

  12. Those “spending per head “ figures shown by Dr Shagga just show the cumulative historical imbalances that have built up as election bribes over the decades since the Barnett Formula started it all. The DUP were the last such beneficiaries to prop up Hunchback and who can blame them?

    Nobody has the courage to remove this largesse so the problem just gets compounded. Meanwhile and,incredibly given the Wonga thrown around, the public services under Krankie get worse and worse; an education system once the envy of the world now inferior to Zimbabwe. NHS Scotland has the longest waiting lists in Europe. And did I hear this correctly that Chief Plod up there wants £200 million (!!) to secure the next completely pointless Global Climate Change Summit starring St Greta?

    In Wales it’s a similar story and in neither country are there charges for prescriptions/ university degrees etc etc.

    As for HS2 mentioned elsewhere today, the eventual cost will inevitably exceed £200bn ie that’s a mere £3,100 for every single one of us. Fucking ridiculous!!

  13. This is exactly why I am “Asimplearsehole”… Here was I believing all these years that the Barnet Formula was an Elton John fashion device!
    Thank you Dr Shagga, I now know Im a stupid arsehole as well as a simple one.

  14. But still correct in every way!
    Got a plan, like Mr Toad when his hall was invaded – whack ’em, and whack ’em and whack ’em!
    Works for the Fox!

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