The BAFTAs (2)

Here we go again. The fucking BAFTAs.

Another round of self congratulations for mostly piss poor, juvenile shite. And of course they are not ‘diverse’ enough. The pile of cringe making cunt that was Black Panther (technologically advanced African country – yea, right) not available for patronising this year, so virtuous, woke cunts are desperate for some sub-standard ethnic crap to champion. And, unusually, there are a couple of grown up films nominated which infuriates the cunts even more.

Fuck the lot of them. Stick the BAFTAs up the collective arses of this shoddy, unoriginal collection of wankers.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

(Any views on holding a ‘Luvvie of the Year poll’? – Admin)

91 thoughts on “The BAFTAs (2)

    • Bafta sounds like some sort of sexual deviant.
      I feel certain that M’Lord Fiddler would horse-whip them.

  1. Some black guy on news from some organization saying it was a travesty!
    All white nominations.
    Tough shit shoeshine!
    Learn to fucking act then!
    Most black guys in films are yank comedians, not serious actors.
    Joker got nominations
    Once upon a time in Hollywood
    The Irishman
    All great films!
    Oh an black guys? Smile for a photo rather than scowl!
    Drop the hardman bollocks, say cheese and show us those pearly whites you posing cunts!
    For once Hollywood does it right!
    White power on the red carpet!😀
    Go for it regarding the poll!
    Take time off from writing Berties nominations!😊

    • A travesty that Black and White Cunts hard hitting short film ‘East End Tongues and West End Arseholes’ was overlooked.

      • BWC’s film ‘East End Tongues and West End Arseholes’ overlooked for an award?

        A gritty gangsta epic demonstrating how easy it is in the urban jungle for a wagging tongue to get a Man deep in the shit! 😂😂😂

        BAFTA? No,Oscar!

        • “No, Oscar – I am just trying to take a piss! Aargh! Blam, blam, blam!

          “Why, Mr Pistorious? Why”?

          “Well In my defence your Honour I do not recall much – I was completely legless at the time”

  2. Not enough raspberries, blacks or female directors and blah, blah, blah.
    Nothing to do with the complete lack of talent of course.
    The BAFTAS are sickening enough as it is without wheeling out the worn out pc bullshit.
    If the mouthpieces are that concerned, then have a new set of awards for those that feel excluded. At least then we’ll know what to ignore from the word go.

  3. Luvvie of The year award be great but a shoe-in I guess for Hugh Grant or Steve Coogan. They are all so precious and pretentious in the acting profession.

    The Baftas are just a British warm-up for the Oscars. I suppose Graham Norton will be mincing about / presenting again.

    • True WS
      It’s nothing more than a dress rehearsal for the cuntyest show in town , an evening of in jokes , with lashings of fake Bon ami and pretentious cunts trying to out smug each other
      I wonder if any cunt stupid enough to watch this shite is as pleased with these fucking idiots are they are with themselves? Doubt it …….

      • A pity there wont be a Ricky Gervais type like at the Golden Globes, taking the piss out of these cuntwipes. Benedict Cumbercunt and Emma Twatson would be choking on cucumber and hummus canapes.

  4. If only they didn’t bring their machetes along with them to the cinema, as one does, then their most recent black yoof film would’ve been a easy shoe-in for a gratuitous amount of awards.

  5. Is it time for the Be A Fucking Tosser Awards again?
    Yet another chance for luvvies to wank each other off in public.
    Luvvy of the Year Award? Oh, yes please Admin, yes please!

  6. Same old crap, every time the Awards comes around, not enough of this that and the other, I thought the whole point was to decide which one is the best.
    If there aren’t any films that are in the running with a female director it’s not the fault of the people who decide the nominations it’s just a fact.

    We are getting plenty of diversity in the courts, another ongoing trial of yet another group of peacefuls from Huddersfield in Leeds crown court charged with rape and grooming.
    Another cunt (Peaceful of course) in Woolwich crown court charged with plotting to kill the infidel and his sister for aiding and abetting.
    Makes you proud to have diversity in Britain.

    • That muzzie with his sister is the one that attacked the police with a sword outside parliament yelling allah akbhar and was let off because he said, ‘what me, terrorist!? Nah what gave you that idea guv?’ and they actually let the cunt go! I’m going to write up a nom for that raghead tomorrow.

    • That gentlemen with his sister is the one that attacked the police with a sword outside parliament yelling allah akbhar and was let off because he said, ‘what me, terrorist!? Nah what gave you that idea guv?’ and they actually let the cunt go! I’m going to write up a nom for that chap tomorrow.

        • “Allan Snackbar”..

          BANG!, BANG!, and a final one through the eye socket – BANG!

          Dead people do not get the chance to kill.

          Some young chums of mine inform me this is a very good of dealing with murdering vermin.

          I of course could not possibly comment.

  7. Fucking luvvies and assorted slebs……..bunch of cunts who live in a fantasy world, cushioned by huge wads of tax dodging cash. I’d give them an award alright, the award of my boot up their workshy arses.
    Take the money and keep your stupid mouths shut you know nothing pretentious wankers.

  8. Luvvie of the Year – Yes.
    Lets kick it off with the fucker whose name escapes me who apologised to Iran. On behalf of 52% of Americans.
    And does the hysterical, crying, half wit Lily qualify as a Luvvie?

    • Rose McGowan CC, although after some rude waycist people were mean to her on Shitter she is now known as TWAT (Talentless Woke And Tart!)

    • “When your name’s called, just come up, don’t make a political speech, say thank you and fuck off!”

    • “Pity they can’t get Ricky Gervais to host them.”

      Well what’s J.R. doing? I’m sure he’d donate a few hours of his time and his more broadcastable material.

  9. How about a BAFTA for Corbyn?

    Black loving
    Arse kissing

    The uber cunt has gone full on terrorist sympathiser today, crusting hysterically over some wasted Iranian warlord.

    How dare this Jew hating cunt criticise the actions of President Trump?

    Corbyn,do yourself and the world a favour: drop dead you utter wizzend old cunt.

    Good evening.

    • “Black loving”. Didn’t you kiss a black man once Krav?

      As for “arse kissing”, I’m not even going there.

  10. As it happens Guys and Galls, The Greta Thunberg sex doll is available to order. when u fuck her up the arse she repeatedly shouts “How dare u?!”

    • Too busy with my Justin Bieber cardboard cut out. A little jizz soaked but otherwise OK.

      • To Admin, that could be a contender for luvvie of the year, a jizz soaked Justin Bieber

        The mind boggles 😂

        • You are a sicko. Nothing new. Apart from Meghan and Hewitt junior announcing they’re leaving the Royal Fambly.

          • If Minghan and little James are “taking a back seat from Royal duties” (when did they have a front f*cking seat unless it was in the cockpit of a private jet”?) and “Paying their own way” does that mean we can have our newly refurbished house back?

            It is entirely coincidental that Prince Charles has cut off their funding.

          • But no doubt with a golden handshake generously funded by us taxpayers..
            Hello, good evening and fuck off to Dismal Seepage, Ohio.

    • Pretty sure those dolls are illegal. Not due to the pee-doe element you understand but Saint Greta must not be defiled!

      • Not sure if they’re illegal but they’re unethical, being made of plastic and silicone, and battery powered.

          • At my time of life I’ve got enough trouble trying to keep the wife amused Miserable. Anything mechanical would finish me off.

      • I rogered her good then covered her with milk before I left – I heard her shouting “how dairy you”..

    • Good quality those Thunberg sex dolls, you can slap them like they were a ginger stepkid and they never burst!

      Although it was embarrassing when I “got to work” and it kept repeating “I should be in school”!

      Thought I had inadvertently wandered into Rotherham when I heard that..

        • It wasn’t the cost RK, the issue was in arranging the p*ople tr*fficking and convincing everyone it was a doll!

          Bad Man I am!

      • How about inflatable Greta Thundercunt sex dolls being issued to would be channel swimmers so they can paddle across and get into the swing of things by having underage sex at the same time, once they make landfall they will be primed and ready to continue with their chosen career

  11. I fully expect arch race card cunts ‘Sir’ Lenny Henry, Idris Ebola and liberal equine faced cunts like Olivia Colman and Phoebe Waller Cunt to call foul and whinge into infinity about the BAFTAs being ‘racist’ while at the same time milking the publicity and scarfing all the freebies…


      • Roy Rogers and Olivia Colman would have made a great screen partnership…. The film could have been called Trigger’s Daughter…. Giddy up!

  12. Ooooooooh darlings. There’s a certain delicious irony in being lectured about “white privilege” by a bunch of white privileged cunts, while slapping each other on the back and congratulating each other on how caring and “progressive” they all are.
    Then they sneak off to the “after party” to suck each other off , quaff the finest champers and stick half of Colombia’s main export up their noses.
    You should all listen to these fine upstanding people. You might learn something.

      • I think you’d need a wash first MNC – might make “grubby beige” privileged then 😃

        • Heehee, hey mate funnily that Chris seivey (frank Sidebottom) docs on telly tonight! Sky Arts 10pm
          You have a telly dont you?
          Some on here are like those prepper types, TV is satans work, listen to the radio in tinfoil hats.

          • Sure do mate, will record it! I had a brother-in-law like that (he did an Elvis and snuffed it on the bog – don’t think he was holding a peanut butter and banana cheeseburger though) – always snooty about idiots wasting their lives away watching tv, what was he doing every time you went to visit? You guessed it…..

          • Ive got 2 mental brother inlaws.
            One gay whos disowned his family over Brexit (giggle)
            An one who hasnt left his flat in 15yrs!
            Less mouths to feed at Christmas, suits me!

          • Frank Sidebottom had a Renault 18 wheel with a really good tyre on it outside his shed (clocked it straight away, three stud holes instead of four) -I was considering asking him for it as the spare on my 18 was bald and I’m a tight cunt!

          • I used to like Frank’s Fantastic Shed Show, on ITV years ago about 2am round some shit like Hitman and Her! I thought Timperley was a fictional place then…..

          • Remember it.
            One of my grandmas was from Timperley.
            Didnt wear a giant papier mache head though😢

          • I wonder if admin think we’re cunts for going off on tangents like this!! I blame Spoonington, bad influence that one

          • Me too.
            If in doubt blame Spoons!
            Hes a good lad sure he’ll take a bullet for us.
            Anyway admin will be on the bus home now, get away with anything.

          • Hang on – if you’re brother-in-law is a bandido does that mean he’s slipping it to your brother??

      • You rich toffs – always bragging! I have been told that if I behave myself I can have some more femurs to hang outside my cave!

  13. How come the nominations are always the same or very similar at the Baftas, Oscars and Golden Globes? Out of all the films made every year these separate organisations manage to nominate the same films. Amazing that.

  14. The meejah was quick to condemn the best picture, director and actor categories for not being “diverse” enough.

    All the other categories have to meet certain quota criteria in order to be eligible but not the main ones, where – guess what – the BAME, alphabet people and split-arses were under represented (based on what notion I have no idea).

    Now here’s the thing, I seldom give two shits about who’s directed a movie. A movie is good or bad in my eyes irrespective of who directed it. I may have a look post the event and think “Oh, it was them.” but outside of that, nah.

    If the film, direction and acting were excellent then the race/sex of who’s doing what is irrelevant.

    I wish these cunts would stop putting their thumbs on the scales simply to appease “wokeness”! It’s this shit which is producing box office failure after box office failure in tinsel-twat-town.

    Quality over quotas, ALWAYS!


    • Of course the WOKE thing to do is boycott the BAFTAS and refuse any award given (no, I don’t think so either, miss out on a free piss up? )- and if they want to see more black faces at the BAFTAS all they need to shout is ” Oi! Cunt! Two more drinks over here”.

  15. People treat the baftas, the oscars, the golden globes – all that bollocks – like its an election or something.

    Its a private awards show that happens to be on TV.

    Would these same people complain that the fucking “Super Meat and Fish” awards are not “diverse” enough?

    Yeah, they probably would. Cunts.

  16. The BAFTAs. Should rename it The POOFTAs
    Poncy, Ostentatious, Obese, Frightening, Terrifying, Arseholes.

  17. (Any views on holding a ‘Luvvie of the Year poll’? – Admin)

    You punt ’em, I’ll cunt ’em.

  18. You have got to laugh at these ‘woke’ cunts.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but my understanding was that this shitfest’s nominees were chosen on MERIT, not on whether they happen to:

    BE an actor of a dark skinned/ethnic/gender fluid/ half man/half lllama persuasion, etc, etc.


    BE ABOUT those of the above persuasion.

    Would that not be demonstrating the ultimate hypocrisy – to be throwing in some shit for nomination, purely based on the ethnicity, sex, gender identification shit of him/her/it? After all, we all know that Lefty snowflakes supposedly don’t ‘see colour/sex/gender, blah, fucking blah’, so why would they see fit to make an issue out of it regarding the nominees of this annual arse licking event?


  19. As Nanny would say ‘what a load of old shite!’ Absolutely ridiculous. Once again the snowflake generation and our ‘dark skinned’ brethren are bleating because none of their sort received an award! Well I’m sorry to have to inform you that to receive one, you actually have to excel at something. Being a black, one legged, lesbian, unmarried mother/father/garden shed of 6 non specific gender/race/religion/sexuality offspring etc does NOT qualify you! However, being an utter cunt might get a foot in the door, like Steve Coogan!

  20. The last time I saw the BAFTAs Stephen Fry was ‘giving one’ to Ian Mckellen then kissed him on the cheek.

    I think it was for Lord of the Rings…

  21. Luvvie Cunt of the Year. Definitely a great idea. There’s just so many to chose from.

    Golden Globes/BAFTA/ Oscar/ SPOTY etc etc etc all of them are fucking terrible shitfests long since rendered unwatchable by the endless air headed platitudes.

    Great to see R.Gervais fearlessly giving the Hollywood cunts a kicking and if you’re reading this Ricky, why can’t you do the same here? It was no surprise when a whole host of ISACs favourites picked up awards-yes I mean you Dame Reg, Fleashit and that frightful ‘mouth always wide open awaiting cock’ mong Olivia Coleperson

  22. There does exist the option of some of the daaaahlings making up as an ethnic, as for diversity I have no doubt every perverse form of sexual abnormality will be more than covered on the night

  23. Having consulted the Oracle of Al-Aqsminster-Kharpet, I propose a Luvvie of the Month, culminating in December with the Luvvie of the Year playoff from the insufferable cunts thrown up like a vomiting dog month by month.

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