Sound of 2020 (BBC Shite)

The BBC’S “Sound of 2020” deserves a cunting.

The winning act in question being Celeste. No, I’ve not heard of the cunt either!?!

This work-shy yank has a voice like the air escaping from the pinched valve of a balloon but – of course – she does tick a few boxes on the totem pole of oppression, which is far more important than musical ability.

The BBC “Sound of (insert year here)” award has a panel of independent judges who make the decision. I’m assuming they only got photos and “back stories” of the nominees this year? Mind you, what do you expect from a panel that previously selected screeching Sam “I’m non-binary, please buy my records!” Smith and the fish wife Adelephant.

Next year’s winner will no doubt be a trans who can’t sing, but who can make a catchy popping sound by squeezing a ping-pong ball out of their inverted cock cunthole!


Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

48 thoughts on “Sound of 2020 (BBC Shite)

    • The thing that both annoys and frustrates me in equal measure is the hypocrisy of the left that racism only works one way and only white people can possibly be racist when, even in my own limited experience, it’s asians and coloureds that are by far the biggest racists on the planet.

      • Absolutely Mog. The various strains of the EE virus that infect my local streets all absolutely HATE one another, to the point there’s at least one incident a week where one type tries to decorate the pavements with the other’s intestines. Poles, Bulgs, Roms, Latvians, Russians ETC. all despise each other (and have the fucking cheek to compain there’s too many of them in the UK!)

      • They wilfully ignore Sir Isaac Newton’s laws, one of which was “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

        Some may argue that he was a scientist, not a philosopher or politico, but we’ve all had the misfortunue to hear of “Social Sciences” and “Social Engineering”, so I say that any dark quay who bleats on about “privileged white upbringing” is just as waaaaycist as anyone who is (truly) racist against black people.

    • Great article Mike, I noticed they didn’t even consider moving to somewhere in Africa given Hewitt’s frequent trips or fellow Commonwealth nation , Australia. Rack off cunts!

      • Cheers LL.

        It’s fucking hot as a bastard here today but luckily there’s been rain in NSW and Victoria to dampen some of the fires. We had some rain here too but it just turned to steam and has made it really humid.

    • I saw this on the BBC news – repeatedly 🙁
      ‘Isn’t it wonderful, blah, blah,blah’

      I had to turn the sound down, as the Catawailing Cunt was hurting my fucking ears with her banshee like moaning.
      And my dog wouldn’t stop barking at the tv…..good girl 🙂

      • Orstrayan domestic news is fucking embarrassing especially when streamed across the seas

    • Excellent piece. Rational and articulate, when so much in this country (and the West more generally) is not.

  1. My sound of the year will be Big Ben bonging to herald Brexit – if it’s allowed to bong. As for Al-Beeb they can shove Big Ben up their ass.

    • What’s so fucking difficult? If you can’t bong the real tging for structural or whatever reason, get a recording and a fuck great amplifier and fake it.

      Christ on a bike, it ain’t rocket science….

      • I wouldn’t hear the real thing in Leicester but feel the symbolism of the bell ringing out is immense. Oh, and fuck the BBC, my wife is 75 this year and the last direct debit amount of 32p left our bank account on the 2nd so no more licence tax, er fee.

      • Best not to advertise the bongs are only a recording. The world thinks we’re a big enough laughing stock as it is.

  2. The sound of 2020 should be sound of Megan taking a fucking great steaming ,sloppy,windy dump on The Royal Family.Prince Halfwit can do backing noises with his “two braincells rolling around in an empty 45 gallon drum” drumming and hysterical sobbing as he slowly realises just what a fucking Cunt he really is.


  3. I nearly shit my pants reading the last bit. Luckily it was just a wet fart. Bloody close run thing.

  4. Don’t start me on BBC Introducing.
    I’ve submitted loads of my stuff with zero response. So what the fuck are they introducing? Seems to me that it has to be people who have already been introduced. Total newcomers don’t get a look in.
    Typical Cunt of the Year behaviour.

    • The BBC isn’t for the likes of you…you vile old,white,stealer-of-da-youffs future Musician.

      Learn to play the Bongos,black up and accuse everyone of racism…you’ll be Top Of The Pops quicker than Diane Abbott can scarf back an industrial-sized wheelie-bin full of Fried Chiggun.

      • A few years back Cliff Richard released a soul record I think it was in the USA. He recorded it under the name of Black Knight on a black music record label.

        Guesscwhat? It made the top ten in the black music chart.

        Says it all doesn’t it?

  5. Valid cunting but too early for me to produce anything coherent regarding the festering leper colony know as the bbc.

    The BBC almost sends me full Iranian, I’ll be protesting in the street chanting “Death to the BBC.”

  6. Luckily I couldn’t give a fuck about owt the Baghdad Blighted Cuntfestival do or say.
    I still have to pay their tax to make sure brown cunts win everything all the time.
    A perfect arrangement I am certain.
    Shit tip.

  7. Well the BBC will be fucking off my radar soon when I cancel my licence fee!

    This sort of shit will only gain more momentum (and there’s an irony for Labour) as the year progresses.

    In the last election the majority of the country spoke, and told the Woke parties to fuck off and die (other than London and some other big cities); but the BBC seem to have the monopoly in terms of what they broadcast and taxing you for the privilege.

    However, if Boris stands firm and shits on the BBC from a great height and a few more people decide to cancel their licence fee it might make those libtard cunts finally realise enough is enough with this tick-box woke shite!

    The majority should no longer feel marginalised or apologetic – fuck that shit here and now!

    • Well said, Techno. I want to be entertained or educated when I watch tv, not fucking preached to or brainwashed.

    • #MeToo, Techno. Me old mum who lived with me had a free licence but she died in November and there is no way I’m going to notify the cunts. They were going to make her pay for it in May anyway but if they contact me they can fuck right off. Apparently they have a legal obligation to be impartial when even a blind ostrich with it’s head in the sand can see they’re not – I just don’t understand how they have been allowed to get away with all the shit they’ve been doing over the last few years.

  8. The sound of 2020? The sound of 16million remainer hearts shattering on 31st Jan! 💔

    • I would love to see Gina Miller’s mug when that finally happens!

      Hopefully the ugly cunt might fuck off back Umbongo land, never to return and darken (ha!) our doors again!

      • Yes, that was brilliant to watch, Cuntan.

        I didn’t watch the full programme, but I saw a clip online of Laurence biting back at that cunt whining that poor, darling Meghan was hounded by the press and public due to ‘racism’. His response was absolute gold, turning it around on the cunt as being racist herself, rightly so.

        I always had a thing for him before (in ‘Lewis’) but now I think I would like to marry the guy (if he was up for an older, washed-up old bag like me, that is!)

        Clearly, this ‘audience member’ was hand picked by the fucking biased BBC, so we can assume that the old thing of plebs just contacting the show if they wish to be in the audience is now bollocks and the BBCunts target people they specifically want in the audience to ask ‘probing questions’……or was it a sheer fluke that an ‘ethnicity and diversity lecturer’ was in the audience?

        Fucking biased, lefty cunts.

      • I saw an extended clip this morning. The first question related to flyme and the government bailout. Fox turned round and says actors do tend to have a larger carbon footprint but make up for it by lecturing everyone else.

        Seems like one of us. Reminded me of John Lydon years ago.

      • Dead right Nurse. Naturally the Twatter mob are in full on torch and pitchfork mode….

      • Oh, those cunts, Cuntan.

        The mere fact they they use Twatter invalidates anything they have to whine about as that alone proves they are epic cunts.

  9. The sound of 2020…
    And not a decent guitarist, drummer or bass player in sight…

    Fuck off, BBC!

    • Can’t say that Norman, it’s raaaycist. Tends to be only whitey that plays those instruments these days. You know, actual music.

  10. the bbc can fuck off – who watches it anyway? And as for reuben – who the fuck is reuben? fuck off cunts!!

    • Saw a brief promo clip of this upcoming shit (couldn’t find the remote in time) and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This Reuben cunt (with a cunt’s name) is some faggoty 13/14yr old schoolboy soused in grooming products and pouting like a fucking botoxed grouper into the camera. Fuck me I was that triggered I was drawing blood from my own palms.

      This little twat…
      Liberalism is moral syphillis

  11. I’m listening to Kingdom Come’s Galactic Zoo Dossier. The BBC, Stormzy, Twitter, Google, George Soros, Satanists, Greta, Harry&Yoko, China can all sit all on it 🖕 aaaayyy…

  12. The music biz is infested with public school wankers who mainly ( not exclusively) but mainly promote acts from their alma maters. I’m also sure it’s just a coincidence that Bono’s sons band made this shortlist.

  13. Sam Smith and Adele are so talented that they need to be propped up by teams of songwriters. Not exactly Lennon and McCartney then. Fucking dross.

  14. As soon as I heard them say “The BBC sound of 2020 winner has been announced”, I knew immediately that it would be:-
    1) a splitarse
    2) an Um Bongo drinker
    3) a bucket of shite.
    I was right on all three accounts. I’m getting good at this.

    • You can literally select these winners without working ears, but just according to their victim-status.

  15. I remember this from last week. The news reporter mentioned Celeste alongside previoys winners such as Adele, Sam Smith and Ellie Goikding.. ‘ i couldnt help add ‘…who are all utter shit’.

    Is it in the BBC charter that they need to discover mediocre shit?

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