Rose McGowan

American Z-list actress Rose McGowan has transcended the pinancle of cuntitude with her tweet about The Donald blowing the shit out of some terrorist Iranian general. Apparently, Ms McGowan is shitting her knickers :

“Dear #Iran, The USA has disrespected your country, your flag, your people. 52% of us humbly apologize. We want peace with your nation. We are being held hostage by a terrorist regime. We do not know how to escape. Please do not kill us.”

Of course she immediately backtracked after the 52% swiftly called her a traitorous cunt – but at least she achieved her objective because no publicitiy is bad publicity, right?

Rosie darling if you really think the US of A is a terrorist regime, I suggest you visit Iran or North Korea and fucking well stay there.


Nominated (originally) by Bertie Blunt Tory Cunt
to whom Admin wish to apologise for his post mysteriously disappearing.
Maybe the Iranians did it?

Rose McGowan

This is a cunting for this fuckin’ asshole of a woman. I hadn’t a clue who she is so after Googling, I found out she was a Z list American actress. Why cunt her then?
Apparently after the Americans took out the terrorist Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian General, she tweeted, saying …..
“Dear Iran, The USA has disrespected your country, your flag, your people. 52% of us humbly apologize. We want peace with your nation. We are being held hostage by a terrorist regime. We do not know how to escape. Please do not kill us.”

WTF? Can these oddballs get any weirder? I had to look up whether America could still try people for treason. Though the scope for this is limited, they can if “ they give America’s enemies aid and comfort.”
Well, this cow has certainly done that. I say switch on “Old Sparky.”

Nominated as per Bertie

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  1. If I were “The Donald” I’d take the opportunity to intern (or inter) all of the Hollywood “Woke” at Guantanemo Bay. Accuse the Cunts of being collaborators with the enemy.

    I’m sure the mad bastard would earn the thanks and respect of 90% of the western world.

    • Best Wishes to Harvey Winestein at this difficult time..if an ugly,,fat horror like him can get his share,there’s hope for us all.

  2. Rose! Hows the itchy arse?
    Heard owt from Harvey?
    Like the haircut! Sort of buddhist monk vibe!
    Really brings out the downs in your face!
    Dont you like your own country?
    No sense of patriotism eh?
    Well why not leave? Sure Iran would welcome a talented film star like yourself!
    Have to excuse me what was it you starred in?
    Charmed? Oh not a film? Tv?
    Nothing i might of seen since mid-90s?
    No? Nothing?
    Yes best to pace yourself, 25yrs between shows is normal i assume.

    • Dismal news – I have just been arrested for armed robbery, then made the mistake of burying the loot in the woods but unbeknown to me the jewish cycling club were taking a rest stop there, two of them got amorous, disappeared into the bushes, found me and the stash and I got arrested by Police dog Scooby Doo – as I was being dragged off I recall shouting “I’d have gotten clean away with it if it hadn’t been for you frisky pedalling Yids”!

    • I’m ‘avin’ a big piece o’ this bitch!


      I fucking knew I recognised that name. That juvenile piece of escapist, female empowerment was a significant contributor to Mrs. Chops’ descent into delusional paranoid psychosis/schizophrenia. There was another one with two male leads as eye candy this time called “Supernatural”, jesus the havoc that thing caused in her head is still unresolved 5rs down the line.Twilight? Don’t get me started on that bollocks!

  3. The title is mine Admin but I don’t recognise the content as it’s been rewritten!
    I’ve still got the original Admin. Would you like me to repost it or was it my sinister ending that led to it being withdrawn?


    Chuck it in nominations and I will fix it.

    • Admin is probably on drugs and/or sniffing Jess Phillips’ well worn g-string, which is the only explanation for his absent-mindedness with your nom.

    • I think I can explain what has happened here, BBTC.

      I replied to you the other day on the nom page about your nom being binned and I didn’t know why, if you recall. When I saw it in the bin, it weirdly had ANOTHER nomination for Rose McGowan attached to it as a reply!!

      I think THIS is the other cunter’s nomination with your name on it instead.

      I still don’t know what went on here. I lined up your nom and all seemed ok when I did. Also, my reply to you from the nom page was deleted, which I don’t know why either!

      Someone’s been operating pissed methinks……

      Not me, on the few occasions that I do write up posts they have “Posted by Admin” written under them where as you lot have “A cunt who cunts cunts” on your write ups so not guilty!
      However this was the squib post that would not take comments so it was re scheduled as was another one, so it has gone through a few of your hands in re edits and fixes, so a clerical error not sauce.

    • Great nom Admin!👍
      Well written.
      Bertie Blunt@ stop trying to take credit for admins work!
      Write your own!😀

  4. Rose McGowan is another cunt that shouts loudest from behind her keyboard, but would probably shit herself if she faced the reality of what happens in this fucked up world!

  5. Im surprised she hasnt fucked the Ayatola . Shes fucked just about everyone else the rancid cunt.

  6. This is one very unstable mentally deranged bitch, she managed to get a nice little earner out of Harvey for probably no mo more than a slap on the arse but has gone onto to be some sort of crusader.
    Her latest little outing as described in the nom proves she she should be locked away with the fairies, no fucking sane person would write such shite!

  7. This would be the same fucking hypocritical cunt who went out with Marilyn Manson years ago and wore this to an awards do:
    Amazing how her upright sense of morals is nowhere to be seen isn’t it? (Everything else there pretty much on display though). The absolutely cheeky bastard, how can she now lecture people on sexual morality??? When called out on this I think she now says this was some sort of “protest”…. ok then Rosie.

    PS though – lets be honest, you would have then wouldn’t you??

    • Fuckin right!!
      Looks good then!
      When did she turn into this bald mong?
      Then i would of walked on broken glass for a sniff.
      Nowadays id put on my kimono get my bat and crack her skull in half.

    • Strange how the skinheaded dumdfuck describes herself as a ‘feminist activist’ and speaks out against ‘sexual assault and harassment’ and turns up an event with it all hanging out. If she had a second brain fitted, it would feel rather lonely.

  8. I watched a clip of Rosie arguing with a trans (faux) woman yesterday. These woke cunts have created a prison for themselves where no one can be right.

    Rosie seems to believe that Iran is a victim, it’s not Rosie, please take off your woke glasses and take a good look. The current Iranian regime has curtailed all the rights women had under the fairly secular government of the Shah. So blinded by hate for Trump you’ll defend Satan.

    Silly bitch.

  9. slightly off-topic, but be aware if you don’t already know, but the chaps at Redmond are finally pulling the plug on the following Windows OSs

    7 – 14th Jan
    Windows Server 2008/r2 – 14th Jan
    Office 2010 – 13th October

    This just means no more security or fix-pack updates. You can still use the operating systems for as long as you want, but it just means you’re more vulnerable to virus attacks etc.

    • Cheers. Didn’t understand a word of that. Will I need different paraffin for my PC?

      • You can but it won’t come cheap, especially since W7 is always past is standard EOL a few years back. And if you’re not a E5 subscriber and/or your not running W7 Pro or Enterprise, or you’re not a Microsoft Preferred Partner, then you’re rather stuck.

        You could throw some Citrix tin at the problem, or go the Vmware VM or Azure WVP route, but again it’s costly and doesn’t get round the problem of compatibility issues twist application updates, driver updates and of course security updates.

        Surprisingly I have just moved a couple of clients from their ageing XP environment over to 10 – a costly and complicated project made worse by them sitting on the problem hoping it will go away, but it didn’t and found themselves in shit street!

        W7 is a great OS, far better than the shite that is 10. But alas Redmond want you to move to a SaaS world where you’ll be constantly paying out for subscription software.

        Best thing to do is fuck Windows off once and for all and go the Linux route.

        • I have toyed with the idea of linux before TC, is there much in the way of hardware requirements?

          • Linux isn’t very hardware intensive on the hardware side and some flavours are designed to run on low spec hardware, it’s more user friendly than it used to be but many end users find it a tad frustrating to begin with.

          • You can install a Linux distribution on an existing Windows machine if you have a secondary hard drive, or the system drive is partitioned. Which means at boot-up you have a choice of whether to start Windows or Linux.

            Or you can install it via a virtual machine on Windows 10 if you know how to enable Hyper-V on your machine. So you can boot into Windows as normal, but have Linux running alongside via a VM.

            Most Linux distributions don’t need heavy hardware resources or licence fees; and neither do they come with tons of resource hungry bloatware; and more often not you don’t have to reboot your machine everytime there’s some updates.

            A good distribution for Windows users to get their head round is Linux Mint 19.3 (Cinnamon version). Very similar to W7 in terms of desktop and menus.

            Lots of mostly free applications, some of which are compatible with existing Windows apps such as LibreOffice

          • If you’re doing a dual install – Doze and Linux on the same hard drive – install Doze first because if you don’t it will object to the newcomer and sabotage the later Linux installation. A Linux install will recognise the Doze conventions and clear itself some space, but it doesn’t work the other way.

            There are plenty of variants of Linux, with different priorities. For small, old boxes, something like Puppy Linux is ideal. Acer put Linpus on their early, tiny notebook, and I liked it a lot. Apparently Mint will run on the same notebook, and I strongly recommend this version if you can cram it in. It’s well supported – look for releases with longterm support (ten years), and it’s based on the very successful and adaptable Ubuntu framework.

        • Damn. For ‘later Linux installation’ read ‘earlier Linux installation’ Must get a mental health check.

  10. IRA supporting two bit slag. If Harvey fucked her he’s a braver man than me.
    No wonder he’s on a Zimmer, he’s probably being eaten away from the inside.
    Hose her down with a flamethrower, then scatter the ashes to the Four Winds, chanting the mantra …..
    “Get To Fuck You Cunt “

  11. Was she one of the many Hollywood daaarhlings that were definately going to leave America if Trump got in?
    Wonder how many have left so far?
    Unstable bint like most of Hollywòod

  12. Well if the late and unlamented Iranian “generalissimo” had not spent years organising attacks on all and sundry, including the recent attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad he may (just may) still be in the land of the upright and breathing instead of the land covering the following grid squares… Strange how Iran and its Murdering Mullahs are happy to dish out murder and terrorism but when a country stands up to them they scream foul.

  13. Funny how Democrats criticized Trump for not attacking Iran a few months ago, now they criticize him for taking out a jihadist— liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds! The only cunts whinging about a war with Iran are flakes in fake-news bubbles. Rose McGowan is a professional victim now despite making a career playing sensationalistic whores. Fuck off!

  14. “We are being held hostage by a terrorist state. We do not know how to escape.” Those weasel words are too stupid for anybody to take seriously. They remind me of “Britain is 100% racist, for sure” from the multi millionaire Stormzy.
    Why don’t these cunts just fuck off and live in the countries they admire so much?
    They know exactly how to “escape” and they have the money to do it. Shameless fucking attention seekers.

    • Stormzy? (AKA insipid overrated and windy) – I have an idea, feel free to fuckoff to any Country you fancy, don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out

  15. Mc Gowan appears to be doing a more than a passable impersonation of humpty dumpty
    And judging by her flagging acting career she should probably stay with it …..
    Just another virtue signaling Californian Hollywood Democrat….
    # attention seeking # me too# CUNT

    • She must bang like an outhouse door in a wind, dirty little fucker – she put poor old Harvey in a zimmer frame!

    • Not sure there was ever a point it was a higher grade than flagging….. can you honestly name one thing she’s been in?

  16. There’s pictures of her on tinternet with her stinking cunt all over the show, but I’m too lazy to link them. I’d still have a pop at her shit shute mind.

  17. Rose McGowan is an IRA terrorist loving Fenian fuck…. The little slag was all over the Provos and regularly slobbered over Sinn Fein cock in the 90s… So it’s a little fucking rich for this clap riddled semtex slattern to be preaching about terrorists…

    And the Trump should nuke Hollywood before he bombs Iran…

    Viva Big Don!

  18. McGowan’s mother was sectioned aged 13 and apparently her father called her a whore everyday for years. Hardly any surprise then that Rose McGowan is 100% deranged. Perfectly reflecting her internal derangement is the fact that her partner is a 6′ 1″ non-binary called ‘Rain Dove’ who basically has the frame and face of a man and boobs.

    Finally I will leave you with these personal quotes from McGowan I saw on imdb just now “I always thought I was more satanic than Manson” and “My job is to spread deviance to American youth.” So she’s a deranged, malevolent, furry cup drinking Satanist with nearly a million followers on Twatter!!!

    • Cunts really do need to be put out of their fucking misery for the sake of humanity. Fuck a duck!

    • “..her partner is a 6′ 1″ non-binary called ‘Rain Dove’ who basically has the frame and face of a man and boobs.”

      What in the name… Christ all-fucking-mighty… after you with that duck Westie!

  19. I don’t want to our countries involved in another useless war in the middle east so I not going to congratulate Trump for this move. I don’t know if it was just a wag the dog scenario to get him reelected or what not could be. I think it was a bad faith move from trump sort of cowardly I dunno and its gonna cause a whole lot of terrorist attacks worldwide probably from this assassination of General Quassim (No i’m not gonna attempt to spell this fuckers last name fuck that) but whatever the cards have been dealt no point in crying over this and groveling at Iran leaders feet like Rose pathetically did

    Also why is Rose Mcgowan bald now? Do all irish women start going full skinhead at a certain age like sinead o connor? I mean I’ve some what of a fetish for hot bald woman too but once you reach a certain age it looks sort of stupid. I’m thinking that girl from the original star trek film the bald girl in it still gives me the fucking horn or that girl from opus 3 the techno group kirsty hawkshaw she was pretty stacked and had a really lovely voice too…

  20. Not gonna worry myself sick about WW3 or anything 2019 was stressful enough for me gonna continue to smoke plenty of pot and drink copious amounts of beer, whisky, gin and wine this year started this year off worry free and so far so good…

    Got some farmers sausage, sauerkraut, perogies and borscht for dinner waiting for me soon, good evening cunters have a good one

    • Sucking off Harvey weinstein or Gerry Adams? Cock sucking phase? you make it sound like she stopped

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