Return to Sovereignty

Well to be frank, I am pissed again and should not be pressing these buttons! Good news is I had a shit before I rolled up, so no surprises in Day admins draw.

So here we are folks. The EEC wasn’t so bad, but fuck, what did it turn into? Bendy bananas, no Stilton from Stilton, water is not a hydrate? It all went to fuck, and the woke Brigade can fuck off too!

So for those of you who voted out, have a jolly good evening and sharpen your pointy sticks. Those of you who voted remain, I would like to invite you all to a charity concert hosted by Owen Jones starring Lily Allen and Huge Grant in Helmand province.

As for the rest of you, Carry on Cunting.

We can see you’re pissed. You didn’t add your name, love Other Admin

88 thoughts on “Return to Sovereignty

  1. FREEDOM!!!

    Get in!

    And Tango Man’s bullshit impeachment is about to collapse into a steaming pile it always was.

    Good day all round.

    • Love your avatar, IY.

      David Niven. The quintessential English gentlemen.

      What can I say, apart from – splendid!

      • Cheers Paul. Was (still am really) a big fan of David Niven. A very classy guy who would probably be appalled that a cunt like me uses his image on line.

        Some of the regulars here have the funniest avatars, yours included. Oh matron! Sir Kenneth made a name for himself on the early years of Just a Minute. Sad to see Parsons shuffle off this week. He had a great innings though.

        • Not only was he self-evidently an epitome of debonair smoothness into old age, and the very apogee of slick suavery in his youth, but Niven also reputedly had a Hampton of generous proportion.

          A very versatile Englishman, although those Maxwell Houseβ„’ adverts were a worrying and disappointing development in the twilight of his autumn.

    • It was never going to get through the senate.
      But the democrats will try something else but fuck em, Trumpy will be elected for a second term. That should really cause the left to implode.

    • Seconded! Somebody get a petition going! The man is a national treasure!

    • Nailed it, Ron. Could not agree more.

      His flag waving antics in the Euro Parliament yesterday was comedy gold. A pox on that stone faced old crow to cut his mike.

      May she be forced to gobble Guy Verhofstadt for a year and get the Coronavirus.

  2. And a quick but heartfelt message to every poisonous bitter Rewhiner – YOU LOST, IF YOU LOVE EUROPE SO MUCH FUCK OFF THERE AND NEVER COME BACK!
    Not needed, not wanted, not necessary.

    • There were some stoodent Remainiacs near me at the Brexit Party tonight shouting abuse and it was hard fir my mates and I not to give them a good kicking, Vern. A lovely, warm evening in Parliament Square with thousands of decent people. I am well drunk on shitty cans of Gin & Tonic.

      H A P P Y B R E X I T D A Y

    • They gave all the broadcast time to John “Minoriteeees all voted to stay and they hate the discwimination” Barnes, and some stupid b*tch author who was doing the “who will protect the poor British workers”? Routine.
      Not the f*cking EU!
      Agency jobs run by foreign Nationals, but no waycism to report there
      National Minimum Wage
      Zero hours contracts
      British WHITE workers have NO rights and no protection.
      How can it get any worse?

    • Christ! Steady on CC, let’s not even go there…!
      The words ‘Sourberry’ and ‘sexual pleasure’ are not to be used on the same comment!!

    • Just like that shithouse paper ‘The Independent’.
      ‘Brexit has already begin to fall apart’ it whines.
      No on second thoughts, I wouldn’t put that rag in the bog. I wouldn’t wipe my arse on it.

  3. LBC has provided just the mood I needed, together with some Adnam’s IPA and a drop of rum. In contrast to the most gratifying wailing and gnashing of teeth on R4.
    Hearty felicitations to all likeminded cunters (not forgetting the Admins), and accept no substitutes for independence!

    • Nice doin business with you europe, glad to say au revoir!
      Stay out of our fishing waters you cheeky cunts!!

        • Classic! Nearly pissed myself over that one. Nice one Vern. Really, really funny. Ta muchly.

          • N E W S F L A S H…..
            Reports are surfacing tonight concerning British troops having surrounded the European Parliament building in Strasbourg. It would seem the entire city is experiencing some form of martial law. Other reports have stated units of British commandos have fired shots at or close to the residences of several European heads of state.

            Our reporter on the ground, Alistair Stewart, has told our news desk there is a sense of tension and menace in the air. The line was very crackly but we think he also said something about lazy, crime ridden, benefit scrounging angry apes defying curfew and generally asking for it. But we’re not sure.

            In other news, several British Navy destroyers are patrolling the English Channel and have their weapon systems on high alert. Unconfirmed reports say they’re targeting Brussels.

            We expect a statement from the PM any moment. When asked for comment, Nigel Farage just laughed into his pint and muttered ‘I told you so’, before ordering a late night full English.

            More to follow……

          • Sir Blunt:
            If I may borrow the words of our compatriot B&WC, I know nuffink aaabbbbaaaat it.

  4. Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves! Britain never ever ever shall be slaves! COME ON!!!!!!!!!! πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  5. Awww all the tears in Brussels….

    Boo fuckidy hoo, cry me a river you cunts! No more UK money to leech off of!

  6. Fuck the EU, fuck Verhofnazi and fuck all the remoaners. Fucking cunts the lot of them. First thing Boris needs to do……get those stinking EU boats out of our fishing grounds. They’re our fish so fuck off wankers. The Royal Navy can patrol the channel and turn those stinking immo dinghies back to France while they’re at it. Cunts!

    • Well said FtF – I wonder what a commandeered Spanish factory trawler will fetch in scrap value?
      It would be nice to find out, really soon..

      • Mangledbum should be hanged, as he is obviously the bastard descendant of the French monkey who arrived in Hartlepool during the Napoleonic Wars.

        He is also a monumental twat.

  7. Sly News bint asks Nigel ”was it something in your childhood that made you want to leave the EU?”

    The hell is wrong with these MSM cunts?

  8. Not wishing to be a sceptical cunt but isn’t there another year or two’s worth of transition and bargaining and general fuckwittery to get through before the UK can rightfully declare full Independence?

    • Given the “negotiations” engaged in so far I have no confidence we will get anything but shafted going forward, we have f*cking idiots on our side!
      The EU are not our friends, never have been and we need to be hard and ruthless with them.

      • Like the cut of your jib VF you are so right, the eu will try to fuck us every way known to man and likely invent a few new methods. As you wrote, ruthless and hard the only way or we could be β€œtransitioning β€œ for the next ten years. You in charge time to grow a pair! Or else….

        • This is precisely my biggest concern!

          What happened at 11pm last night iust just a mere first or second hurdle, but I think the hard part is only just beginning, despite spending almost 4 years trying to find a negotiating deal not only with the EU but with the two Houses as well!

          I don’t trust Boris any more than I trusted Maybot. He will bottle it or fall on his sword and let some other cunt take over the mantle.

          As a Remainer (who accepted the Referendum result with good grace), I feel rather ambivalent, but I can’t help feeling Leavers are going to be stitched up with something completely half-baked and full of subtle caveats.

          I just don’t see the Establishment, and those with massive vested interests, ever wanting to fully leave the EU. And as such will do everything they can to skewer any deals during the *how long is a piece of string?” transition period.

          I just hope Boris finds his balls and isn’t easily lead astray!

          • Boris is on thin ice and borrowed time, he is a treacherous rat and I do not trust him an inch, never will.
            Now, we get the trade deal we want within the 12 Month period or f*ck the EU and out on WTO terms, lickspittle apologist Maybot attitude NOT required!!!
            Good deal or NO DEAL! And keep off our fish you sneaky Spanish f*ckers, all it takes is one bang on Drake’s Drum and to the bottom of the sea for you paella munching buggers! (Again!) πŸ˜„
            The lions have not come this far to be f*cked over by the gold plated donkeys and we need to constantly hold these rats to their word – this is OUR Country and OUR future and we will no longer get screwed over.
            VF to lead the trade negotiations, show them we mean business by invading France first – no need to fire a shot in anger (as f*cking always!) – just squirt deodorant at them and watch them panic and run!
            Other cliches are available..

          • Every year the transition period is extended adds a further Β£12 billion net to the Β£39 billion we are already legally bound to pay the cunts. The EU will want to string out negotiations in perpetuity.

  9. Come on all you anti EU people in Italy, France and Poland and elsewhere. We’ve fought and won, we’ve made the home run from the seemingly escape proof Colditz. So can you. We’ve kicked away some of the foundations, now it’s up to you to bring this whole stinking edifice crashing down to the ground.
    Get fucking going if you really don’t want to wake up one morning and find that you’re a permanent prisoner of The Fourth Reich. Now it’s your turn!

    • I’ll bet your glad your not in Scotland tonight Ron. Apparently it’s like a wake.

      • Too right. The missus is happy enough tho.
        No doubt that deranged harpy Sturgeon will be giving it large again tomorrow. Brexit’s a great way to distract from the SNP’s lamentable record in office, and her zealot supporters keep going along with it. However I know plenty of people north of the border who regard the Nats as a waste of space, so perhaps all is not lost.

    • Now that would be a sight to see, if the disenfranchised majority in some of these countries finally said “enough is enough”

    • Polexit might lead to the auto-suggested suicide of the odious Tusk. Failing that, the little gobshite gets beaten to death by his fellow cuntrymen.

  10. Some cunt near us is letting off fireworks and, for once, it’s not pissing me off in the sΔΊightest.
    Partly because I’m a bit hammered and partly because WE’RE OUT!!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    (Sort of…)

  11. Fuck off Tusk.

    Fuck off Verhofstadt.

    Fuck off Barnier.

    Fuck off Juncker.

    Fuck off Merkel.

    Fuck off Macron.

    Fuck off May.

    Fuck off Gina Miller.

    Fuck off Lord Adonis.

    Fuck off John Major.

    Fuck off John Bercow.

    Fuck off Vince Cable.

    Fuck off all Remoaners.

    Fuck off BBC.

    Fuck off Channel 4.

    Fuck off the Guardian.

    We won. You all LOST.


      • And now I need to be in charge of negotiations with “our valued EU Friends”.
        Hehehe, that would be interesting (I would need the good lady to rope me to the f*cking table and hope none of the EU c*nts got withing gnawing distance!)
        DF will need to be involved in a senior capacity as well – good old fashioned English discipline and no impertinence from Johnny Foreigner unless they enjoy the feel of narwhal tusk!

        • Anyone with a spine, the will to do the best for the people’s of this country and half a brain can do it. Just takes a bit of courage to stand up to the EU bullies. That’s all.

  12. Well one more large Glenfiddich with a dash of mineral water for me, one more large Pinot for the lovely lady, and we’re off to bed.
    Soak it up cunters, it’s a great day!!

  13. Waste of time watching the idiot box tonight. Fucking EU loving cunts…….


  14. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ They’re not laughing now are they πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  15. They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom
    For trying to change the system from within
    I’m coming now, I’m coming to reward them
    First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin…

    Leonard Cohen 1988

    • I need to tweak the last line . . . .

      First we take Londonistan, then we take Berlin.

  16. I raised my mug of hot chocolate when the clock struck 11. Tomorrow evening, I’m having a big tub of Ben and Jerrys for desert. And when my parents are out…I’m going to celebrate…by saying fuck off to every single cockwomble that tried to deny us leavers this beautiful victory. Yeah, the transition period may have started, but us Brits are a resiliant bunch. Now, we watch for the moment when Sodding NutJob Prats gain their desired independence from the UK… And then find that their economy is in the William Crapper when they join the EU bullshit club.

    As for the job front, I’m happy with my current situation…

  17. A hearty congratulations from the colony on your somewhat belated exit from the European swamp.

    We’re all watching closely from down here as trade agreements await once you are fully disengaged from the leeching cunts, which can only benefit us all.

    Enjoy the party and let the good times roll! πŸ₯³

  18. Saturday Morning: The first day of freedom from the 4th Reich, but Wireless 4 News Briefing is in sombre mood. They did some vox pops from Edinburgh with special emphasis on the Jock Remainers.Well what did you expect?.

    Keep listening for news of possible suicides – Mandy and Adonis hanging themselves from trees on Hampstead Heath, Sugartits Cooper throwing herself in front of a racehorse, Blair being disembowled by the lovely Cherie and Hilary Nancy-Benn impaling himself on his butt plug laced with arsenic.

    A nation mourns…

      • Weird one, whenever I try to say T*ny it comes out as “irrelevant has – been”
        He is like an awful ex who will not get the hint and f*ck off!
        And now we have the Jeremy Putin party in it’s death throes, and still so f*cking arrogant and deluded they, even now, think the people will swallow their sh*t!
        RIP Labour, good riddance.

  19. Not a single word of anything said on the stage in Parliament Square was broadcast. Disgraceful.

    So much for balanced reporting, but what did we expect?..

  20. My dream for this year is that cranky shuffles off her mortal coil and her eyelids are closed with two brexit 50ps.
    Just avoiding the reflected light from her face would be acceptable.

  21. I suspect this is only the first step in a long hard journey that might be circular if our government don’t show some fighting spirit.
    Time will tell!

  22. First thing we should o is put those evil cunts Venables and Thompson back in for life…

    Then we should charge Banana Gob and many others with high treason…

    The we should deport all the poncing cunts who have leeched off Blighty for years but do fuck all and ‘No speaky Engerlsih’…

    We are fucking British!
    Viva Maggie!
    Viva Sir Nige!
    Fuck them all!

    • First thing we should do is put those evil cunts Venables and Thompson back in for life… Those sadistic little cunts got special treatment and had their arses wiped due to ‘EU Human Rights’… Human rights are for human beings…So these bastards should either go back in for good or be grassed up and left to a fate worse than death…

      God Save The Queen!
      Fuck Harry Hewitt and Meg O’ Marple Fucking Ono!

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