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A short and quick “shove your Superheroes up your arse” cunting, for those virtue signalling wankers at Marvel:

Not content with sticking every 80s kids comic strip on the big screen and raping the story, they must now ensure that our wonderful diversity is represented and therefore give us…

The first Transgender Superhero.

I’ve never watched a Marvel film in my life and never intend to, but as if to confirm they are now one of the worlds pre-eminent cuntpanies, they shove this shit on to us.

Fuck off, you tranny loving cuntbadgers.

Nominated by GeneralZod

52 thoughts on “Marvel Studios

  1. What’s a trans superhero going to do? Help young boys choose their pronoun and cut their cocks off?

    What was all the hype about the Black Panther? The Blade Trilogy made years ago with Wesley Snipes had a black superhero and no wokeness attached.

    This is bollocks, this is brainwashing, this is indoctrination. I look forward to the gay Muzlim superhero, see how that goes down or blows up.

  2. Phew! Another reason not to watch this childish, irrelevant, unwatchable, Yank shit.

  3. The Trannies are coming! I’ve seen two recently round our way. I wouldn’t think they’d make good superheroes though. The one coming towards me the other day couldnt seem to manage walking on his/her heels.
    Greta Thunberg says her condition is a ‘superpower,’. She’s Supergirl to me.

    • Asperger’s, OCD, and Selective Mutism constitute a superpower?

      I’ve heard it all now! 😂

      Morning Miles.

      • Morning RT.

        Yes it does sound snowflakery but…the idea that ‘they’ have a hidden talents.

        Could be like Joan of Arc being a ‘visionary’.

        Great fan of Christy Brown of My Left Foot fame. That he was just left there and then suddenly this great sensibility revealed.

        You know I am always looking for that kind of thing.

        I say again I don’t think she is being manipulated.

        • The world has become so insane maybe we have to look to the people who were once thought to be insane to guide us. Maybe they have the answer.

          • Klark Kent led a hidden life before he emerged as Superman with a mission. Same with Greta. According to her dad Svante she was very withdrawn, almost mute before she suddenly decided to start these protests. Then as her father said she became a ‘totally different’ person. So much so that he didn’t recognise her as ‘Greta’ anymore. He has said that in some ways he regrets what has happened, and remains ambivalent about it.

            So much for the manipulating argument.

    • Jesus Christ I’ve heard some of other spacco’s come out with that ‘superpower’ shit. The autistic lobby in trying to coddle the little darlings are telling them they’re actually special as if being a stiff, socially-awkward, distant, introverted person who can’t chat or have laugh is the next stage in humanity’s evolution. Yup being machine-like with nothing to occupy your mind than obsessing over collecting things & filling your mind with facts while avoiding human contact is so superhuman.

    • “What do we want..?”

      “A cure for OCD”

      “When do we want it..?”


    • Problem is , surely films are only successful if people go to see them. This will help them realise just how small the trans tail that wags the dog is . Will make a loss and I will (appropriately) laugh my cock off

  4. With a username like General Zod, I guess our esteemed contributor is more of a DC man… 😀

  5. The cunts at Marvel have already reneged on this promise made in the heat of the moment just to appease the woke soyboys. There will be no trans superhero, the whole notion was completely unworkable from the start because they could never sell a gender-bender movie outside of white liberal countries. They already have to cut the brief moments of overt gayness like kisses from their 2 hour woke adverts when selling to black and brown countries, even Brazil recently banned a film featuring a gay Jesus. Looks like the 2nd and 3rd worlds who gammons are supposedly oppressing can do oppression all by themselves.

  6. Have Marvel got round to any lezzer Superheroes yet?

    Or how about about a black lezzer disabled, blind, ADHD midget superhero?

    This woke shitness just gets even more bizarre!

    • Yep. The two x-men (x-wimminz?) in Deadpool 2 are explicitly shown as a pair of tuppence lickers.

  7. Let’s see how much virtue signalling Marvel does when its profits get fucked off in the red due to their obsession with gender bending super fagg-ots?

    • That’s the worrying thing, it’s aimed at kids, Trans is normal kids, if your parents are not pro trans they are bad people.

      How long until kids are requested to report parents to the Stazi? At the best people’s kids will be encouraged to see their parents as bad people. More divisive indoctrination sold as diversity.

    • The only time a cock should be used to beat a villain is when slapping the shit out of Meghan Engleson

    • Does anybody seriously imagine that ANYBODY is going to believe that the fucking Nosferatu lookalike at around the 7 minute mark is a woman of ANY description?

  8. Like Superman’s Kryptonite I presume Sera’s weakness will be toilets marked simply “male” or “female”. Upon seeing these he will stop fighting the villain and have a tantrum.

  9. I did have a soft spot for the older Marvel films as i read the comics growing up.

    I’ve grown up so havent bothered watching any new ones for years.

    The latest one the neckbeards have been raving about looks like Purple Shrek.

    • I thought some of the early one’s were perfectly fine and a breath of fresh air as they didn’t take themselves seriously. But I gave up sometime around guardians of the galaxy when it became clear the they’d invented a formula and as long as it kept making money would not deviate one iota.

  10. I seem to walk around in a stunned state, Firstly I was never keen on marvel comics, superman was the first virtue signalling cunt moaning about me smoking (cunt).
    Now I am thinking about the actor who will get the role for this character I doubt that they will be a trans person, (not that I give a fuck) but imagine say straight lady gets job, think of that on your CV “I played a bloke who had a cock chop” .
    So my dear is this because you are a bit butch or fucking ugly?

  11. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby will be turning in their graves. What a bunch of pansy shite woke pc nonsense.

    As for it corrupting kids, I wouldn’t worry about that. Marvel’ audience are mainly geeky adult woke kids in their late 30’s and up who just refuse to grow up and pretend that comics are serious literature.

    Fuck off.

    • Is Kevin the brother of Paul whom made that awful ghostbuster film?

      I liked the film Bridesmaids, though.

  12. I still think the BBC would make my Detective Inspector Tranny series about the female to male cop who becomes pregnant on the job. This of course would be drama and not a comedy though I would be laughing all the way to the bank.

    • Sounds right up the Beeb’s street to me Cunto. Have you actually pitched the idea to them? Any ideas as to who could play the tranny?

      • Maybe an unknown Scottish actor then I can base the character on the Ian Blackford bot meets a woke Taggart!

  13. When I’m bored, I like to hire two private detectives from opposite ends of town and try and get them to follow each other….

  14. Absolute bag of wank. Not that I have seen them but air hate all that bollocks. A bloke at work has a marvel tattoo. He’s a sound chap but because of that twattoo he will eternally be a cunt.

  15. My tranny superhero would be Izzard. Is it a plane? Is it a rocket? No, it’s a cunt who will mince menacingly in high heels and mascara. He will be backed up by Magic Grandpa with his nuclear Lenin hat and beard and the Flabbot with her super powered gusset. They will destroy their arch enemies the Israelites.
    All will shrink before them.

    • He’s already done it Cuntstable!! He was in a film called Mystery Men, pre all this Marvel toss

      • Mystery Men was a good superhero comedy, ‘Super’ was also very good – got to love a movie where the masked crusader’s achievements include smashing a yuppie half to death with a wrench for que-jumping.

        • It was decent Doctor. And Super was very good, that wrench smashing scene was surprisingly violent! Then again it was an adult film about a nutter who thought he was a superhero, not like Marvel films that have to appeal to anyone from 5 upwards, soy types, pooves, dark keys, trannies etc. And of course the crucial Chinese market

  16. It’s absolute bullshit General.
    I didn’t mind the earlier Marvel efforts, but now they’ve not only saturated the market, they’ve gone ‘woke’ to boot. Same as those cunts at Disney with ‘Star Wars’.
    I can see the next Dr Who being a tranny as well if that fucking loony Chris Chibnall gets his way. But what if they cast somebody like Tilda Swinton in the role, as opposed to a ‘woman’ with a dick? Oh dear oh dear! That won’t go do down well with a massive 0.000000000000000000001% of the population will it? We’ll never hear the fucking last of it.

  17. The BBC have been doing this shit for decades.. Davros the Dalek was a Spacca in mobility chariot obviously he had a huge sense of self entitlement and was on incapacity benefit and treated his Carers appallingly.

  18. Hey, Dianne Abbott might have a super power, for her being able to count to 5 , that is a super power, and let us not forget, her vagina pushed out her son, now he is very special, anyone wants window cleaning? Dianne Abbott son has the power to lick windows clean

  19. All hero’s and villain’s should look like the birds in those Sin City films phwoooar, plus the cinematography is very clever as well.
    Why has the super hero in the nom picture got a ball of silicone in it’s hand ? possibly can’t make it’s mind up whether to stick it in it’s tit or up it’s arse

  20. Only time I’d watch a Marvel film is if Scarlett Johanssscunt gets plenty of ‘action’ in the next Black Widow movie….

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