Lord Greaves

A fred bench cunting please, for Harold Shipman lookalike Lord Greaves, who predicts Britain on February 1st 2020 will be akin to Germany circa 1933:-


The old fuckwit say that people cried themselves to sleep after the referendum result was known! (well, perhaps Lord Adonis had a quick blub) and that people were assaulted (but only Remainers of course).

Time this group of geriatric clowns were pensioned off and their doss house closed down.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Christ on a bike, who opened the coffin and let this decrepit, deranged tosser back above ground?

During scrutiny of the EU Withdrawal Bill in the Lords, his Cuntship had the incredible brass neck to state that after 31st January, ‘some things may happen…which could be reminiscent of things happening in Nazi Germany in the early 1930s’. The disgraceful arsewipe then waffled on ‘there is that sentiment (what ‘sentiment’ might that be?) among a hostile minority of the population’. He knows this for a ‘fact’ because, erm, ‘people were abused in the streets’ after the 2016 referendum. Oh my God, the brownshirts will shortly be coming to a town near you!!

Abused huh? Oh really? Well you shit-for-brains cunt, ever since 2016, you, and people like you, have been relentlessly labelling ME, and people like me, as ignorant, ill-informed, bigoted, narrow-minded, inward-looking, xenophobic, and racist. We’ve been abused and patronised by the Remoan camp in parliament, the media and entertainment. You’ve talked down to us in your self-righteous ‘we know what’s best for you’ manner, and we’ve had to suck it up while you did your utmost to frustrate and deny the referendum result. Oh, ho ho fucking ho. In December 2019 we took your contempt and your sneers and rammed them where the sun don’t shine, and now you’re stewing slowly in your own juice. We’re breaking free from the choking stranglehold of a bloated Brussels plutocracy, so it’s your turn to suck it up sunshine.

As for your ludicrous assertion that people are ‘crying themselves to sleep at night’ because of Brexit, well goodness me. I’ve never heard such a piece of fucking nonsense. You couldn’t make stuff like that up. Well, unless you’re a Liberal Democrat peer in the House of Lords of course.

Don’t dodge your coffin any longer on our behalf, you senile old cunt. Close the lid on your way back in.

Nominated by Ron Knee

109 thoughts on “Lord Greaves

  1. Like Germany 1933? ..He should be so lucky!!
    What, gathering in power and starting plans for economic wealth?
    What a new sense of national pride and determination to improve the lot of the indigenous people?
    No he means a period of extreme poverty and nazis.
    Hes full of shite, hes hoping it all goes wrong for the British people now theyve disobeyed their masters is what he means!
    Hes a traitor no other way of looking at it,
    An he deserves what all traitors to their country deserves,
    A bullet an a shovels worth of dirt over his face.

    • It’s worse than that. I understand that in the northern section style is a wrap around sheep skin or “ladies” day at Aintree ( and a saucey bunch they look) but here in the south we demand that Lords have at least a decent tailor. Lord Greaves should be black balled. In fact his balls should be blackened by Windsor Davis. My Batman. Good day sir.

  2. Both excellent cuntings. I am sick to death of this blanket hysteria by this type of cunt. Still at least if he has a coronary on 1st Feb and it really is 1933 , we wont have the technology to bring the cunt back. Seems a win win to me. EU gone, geriatric cunt gone.

  3. Well that would mean the UK is becoming like the USA in 2016 then, do you remember all of the experts telling us that Trump is LITERALLY the new Hitler? That the USA was going to become a military dictatorship under Tangoman and that they’ve got ‘concentration camps’ on their southern border? Absolutely unhinged delusional old cunt needs to be put in a fucking home he must have alzheimer’s.

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    • Nah, I’m safe, I got an update yesterday for my now 4 days obsolete Win 7 desktop which I will carry on using. I don’t own anything, have no money and nobody with half a brain would want to steal my identity.

        • Beautiful, isn’t it? Sadly, it’s off the web. Somebody else commented on it a couple of months ago and MNC, if I remember rightly, wanted to throw it a toy mouse and some Dreamies.

          • Yeah that was MNC and me, would love to give your little pussy a good stroke Mog

          • Dead cute isnt it?
            Thats the best avatar on here!
            Considering the topics we discuss, the language etc
            Little innocent kitten.😀👍

    • Windows 10 is very secure, as long as you don’t connect to the internet or turn your PC on.

      Seriously, use common sense when browsing, don’t click on suspect attachments or links in emails and if you do tend to browse the internet with abandon consider a virtual machine not sharing a subnet with the host.

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      • I don’t need to worry about all that sixdog, I have a Nigerian fellow who takes care of it all for me. Royalty he is, as long as I keep the direct debit open I never get any viruses.

        • Nigerian IT support is unbeatable, they also take care of your banking and they are always offering great free gifts, diamond mines, unlimited free money and stuff like that…….come to think of it, is Jeremy Corbyn Nigerian?

          • Talking of which Wireless Are U Woke Bruv? 4 is starting a new adaptation of Oliver Twist tomorrow updated and set in Nigeria or some such place over there, and de am using their lingo innit? (19 Jan 3 p.m.). If you miss it then it will be available online, so you have many chances to improve your aim.

  5. It’s amazing that a cunt can stand up in a British parliament and wish it was part of a foreign Empire. There is a long way to go with this shit but at least we can see the enemy in plain site for the first time in 40 years.. Id set Canning town man on the cunt.

    • When we think of of how things have changed in the last 10years, apart from the continuing influx of immigrants from outside the EU, we’re actually doing OK. The deficit in England is almost zero, we’re leaving the EU, the public have revolted against continental imperialism and the mood is clearly against multi-culturalism and the Modern Left. We need to keep up the pressure for common sense over fixed ideologies and achieve the most important challenge facing us which is to commonly recognise northern Europeans as a group which have a right to exist, and that these are our countries, and we should be protected from replacement.

  6. This decrepit old Corbyn look a like, and think a like, should read some basic history. People voted for the Nazis because they had been let down and fucked over by libtard, champagne socialist cunts like him. People voted Brexit and Tory in December for the same reasons.
    The difference is we’re British 🇬🇧 not fucking Krauts. So there won’t be any SS or Gestapo coming to get you Lord Bollockchops. You’re perfectly safe in your protected, cushy fucking world so shut the fuck up cunt.
    Never forgive, never forget.

  7. It’s time to abolish the House of Lords . It’s nothing but a den of thieves filled with arseholes who the people have voted out of office or arseholes who were never voted into office in the first place.

    • There’s well over 800 of the cunts, with an over-representation of Limp Dicks in relation to their share of the popular vote. And they’re all on a 300 sovs a day stipend, courtesy of Joe Taxpayer, without the need to get elected or re-elected. What a sack o’ shite.

      • Yes, as the great socialist Neil Kinnock once said “ full of the descendants of brigands, muggers, bribers and thieves.”

        That was before they draped him in ermine and shoved a load of our money up his traitor arse………obviously.

        • ……not forgetting his and his Mrs on their stupendous EU pensions being responsible all on their own for a fair whack of the £39 billion.

          Oh and sonny boy has never done a days honest graft in his life either.

          Welsh word for cunts is “Kinnock”

  8. Firstly, people cry themselves to sleep over football matches, apart from Arsenal fans, we are all cried out.

    Secondly, why is the comparison always to Nazi Germany? Fact is the majority of Germans idolised the man, right up until the Russian offensive went wrong. Why is it now accepted fact that the Germans hated him and only a minority of the population backed him?

    Lastly, coming from a Lib\Dem peer who’s leader backed the subversion of democracy to override the outcome of the referendum, well it’s a bit fucking rich.

    I read an article that may well of been in the guardian where a remain supporting journalist stated that these remain extremists had pushed him towards leave, he argues they are the remainists and devoid of tolerance or acceptance of the democratic process.

  9. Well said utter utter cunt of oppression to the masses.

    Next task BROWN shirts for all.

    and little badges for anyone who supports momentum, XR or remain.

  10. Utterly absurd assertions from a piss-soaked, old has-been that clearly should hold off the turps.

    People go to sleep crying and wake up crying? For pity’s sake, this cunt addressed the Tories and questioned them what they are going to do about something he feels might happen after January 31st.

    What a solid gold cunt.

    A visit to a McCarthy and Stone facility beckons for this silly old fucktard.

  11. Off topic, but if the cover of today’s Daily Mail is anything to go by, Laurence Fox is about to face a full scale media hatchet job on both his character and career.
    Brave man…

    • Yeah I could’ve seen than coming. The BBC will never have ‘controversial’ white male Fox on again for outrageously suggesting people shouldn’t be discriminated against on the grounds of race or sex, and his industry will whiteball him for being a white man who doesn’t coddle minorities like they need special treatment. But he’s made a name for himself and hopefully he’ll get a youtube channel or something, but having said that the tech giants have all but declared war on conservatism too so he’ll find it difficult to monotise that either. Only common people can actually openly speak common sense anymore, and even then you risk getting sacked from your job if your employer hears of it and decides it would be ‘inappropriate’ to keep you on as not reflecting the companies values of ‘inclusivity and tolerance’.

      I suppose that’s why the modern Left are completely out of touch with public sentiment on many issues. The only people who can publicly speak popular moods are the people with nothing to lose like the unemployed and the uneducated so the elites thinks it’s just minority opinion. Professionals and anybody with something to lose are too afraid to offend powerful Lefties like the state broadcaster, twitter, labour bigots, judges…

      • Another brave individual sticks his head above the parapet to denounce ‘woke’ cunts and the cry-babies are out in force to shriek their usual mantras. They can fuck off. Fox speaks for the common sense majority. We need more from him and those who think like him.

        • Fox is anything but a racist and misogynist, so it is difficult for the left to demonise him. That won’t stop them though, but hopefully more people will see common sense and things will change. The audience seemed to like what he said, and it was definitely not a right wing crowd, it was question time for fucks sake!

          • No he is a ‘racist’ because he thinks it’s OK to be white and that hetero-normal-white-males shouldn’t be discriminated against – and in 2020 that is quite literally a ‘hate-crime’.

    • Yep. Fair play to the man. How DARE he not follow the minority of woke gobshites. When he called that dozy tart racist for calling him white priviliged, fuck me!!!!

      • I saw that on QT, the face on that Baroness Clammy Onion Bhaji was a picture. Like she’d just caught a whiff of her own snatch….

        • She’s not very good at this politics lark. The second the argument strays from her myopic views, she looks stunned. It’s beautiful to watch, like the night labour lost the election, she was on live, and the interviewer said it looks like all your nonsense has been rejected, her face was a fucking picture. She didn’t know whether to shit or cry. One of many highlights of that night.

    • These fucking elderly soy wankers have extraordinarily brickable faces. Speaking of brickable faces, Owen Jones won his case and basically the judge has decided that his attacker was motivated by far-right ideology and homophobia without any real evidence of that – funny that. He’s still a wanker.

  12. This crusty old spunk trumpet is irrelevant. No cunt actually pays any attention to him or the houses of lords in general anymore.
    He could say that Britain is about to get wiped out by an asteroid and no one would pay him any due or give two fucks about his opinions.
    He is a lefty fossil who’s allegiance is to a party of out of touch middle class EU Reich traitorous buffoons who the silent majority have voted as obsolete.

    The left is finished as is this tired little out of touch old fart.

  13. See this – Darling of the Left Macron had to be rescued from a theatre by police to save him from the public who hate him. Typically not a word about it on the BBC, I wonder if Trump, Farage, or Salvini needed police protection just to be out without being rescued it would be the same…


    • I see that Le Pen has announced that she’s standing against him in 2022. What a woman. I hope she chews the EU cocksucker’s arse.

      • Evening Ron,
        good ol’ Marie will rip out his eyes and piss on his tiny brain.
        UK leaving the EU is just the start. Yellow vest protests still ongoing in France, something like week 68 of continuous weekend protest that MSM is NOT covering!
        The French silent majority will skull fuck the EU cuckold Macron in 2022 elections, the same as the Yanks did in 2016 and the British did in 2019.
        Left is finished, fuck the cunts….

    • This is common place now, under or non reporting of negative stories from with the EU. Unless it’s a party of the right putting their own people first.

  14. Lord Fuckface is exactly the sort of white, privileged cunt the libtards hate so much. That’s why he jumps on the libtard bandwagon…….to save his own rich arse. Much easier to blame it all on the thick working class cunts who won’t do as they’re told, won’t vote they way they’re told , won’t think the way they’re told.
    Fuck you Lord Fuckface. I’ve got your number mate.

  15. Just in. Ginger nuts and Sparkle will no longer have their titles and have to pay back the £2.4m for the refurbishment of Frogmore Cottage.

    I see a bleak future for the ginger one…

    • Half wit Hewitt didn’t think this one through did he? Fish hooked by his woke sparkle tits cunt missus into believing he could have the best of both worlds.
      This is just the start. When you go against the Windsor Triads, bad shit happens.
      Paris underpass being chased by MI6 paparazzi springs to mind………..

          • In a sleazy Paris bar, an intoxicated out of work French chauffeur receives a call from an unknown number.

          • He’s a bloody good driver, apart from the odd mishap in Norfolk. I believe he also drives a London taxi… Am sure he’ll manage the Uno, they’re easy to handle.

            “I had that Kitty Kelley in the back of my cab once. Not a lot of people know that.”

    • I wouldn’t lose any sleep over Harry’s finances Paul. They’re still rich beyond Robbie Williams’s wildest dreams – over £30 million – and will still be able to mooch off Prince Big Ears.

      Besides, they’ll make $$$ billions on the Hollywood celebricunt circuit, and with their tax deductible ‘charity’ foundations. The cunts have got it made!

      • Robbie Williams is worth £150 million or more, how the fuck that happened who knows?

        The ex royal couple should now do what they say they wanted and go live in virtual obscurity, of course the media will never have that, Prince Edward seems to of pulled it off though.

        It’s a slow motion car crash isn’t it? Good luck to them, I hope she is the woman he thinks she is and doesn’t lose interest now he’s just an ex squaddie with a few bob.

        The Queen must look around her at Charles, Harry and Andrew and think to herself ‘One is proper fucked’

        Funny old world RTC

      • She’ll dump him, RTC. That, there is no doubt. I give it 6 months from now. Perhaps we should run an ISAC sweepstake?

    • I’m unclear on some things though: who’s paying for their security, and is that Markle woman still Duchess of Sussex?

  16. Well done Her Maj for kicking this pair of cunts into touch.
    I feel sorry for Gingerbollocks…..what the fuck does he know about real life? The Markle bitch ain’t Wallis Simpson, she won’t be sticking with him until the end, fuck that!
    Poor dumb cunt.
    But fuck him anyway.

    • They still get to keep their HRH titles, they just “won’t use them”

      They still take money from the Duchy of Cornwall

      They still get to keep Frogmore, they just have to pay back the money used from the sovereign grant. Which defeats the purpose when you consider the point above.

      It sounds to me like they get their cake and they get to eat it. They get all the perks, but no longer have to perform any of the duties. They don’t even have to be, or even desire to be in England at all, but still somehow they are entitled to leech off of its people.

      They all need to pack up and fuck off to Canada. Cunts, the lot of them.

      • So the cunts still go by Duke & Duchess. That’s too much for me. Just a matter of time until that whore has a movie cameo with Duchess of Sussex in the end credits the fucking parasite.

        They should have to pay some fucking rent on Frogmore while they’re here. And we’ll put some Iraqi asylum seekers, who as right-on Lefties they obviously love and trust, in at the same time there’s plenty of rooms.

      • I agree Flipper. The statement from the Queen is cannily worded, and I think that it suggests that the Markles are actually giving up more than will prove to be the case. I mean, how do you get to keep the HRH but ‘not use’ the title? I suspect that they’ll find away to make sure that they’re always referred to as HRH by others, while being able to claim that they haven’t referred to themselves in this way. Why keep the title if you can’t use it? Because they know it WILL be used by others regardless. I think they’re a pair of cunts personally.

    • He’ll be a bit vulnerable when she fucks off, he’ll be open season for other gold diggers, bet he ends up wi Katie price!
      Shes skint nowadays, an seeing as hes ‘woke’ hes a ideal new dad for Harvey!
      “You my new daddy?”
      “Harv, my boy i never knew my real daddy and ones mummy died when one was little, (sob)..

          • “Just who the fuck do you think you are ?” then a woke, recyclable glass in the face might be more appropriate…

      • Harvey would love him…..somebody who is even thicker than he is.
        “Hello you cunt.”
        As for Katie…… any cunt with money and a cock is very welcome I should imagine.

      • MNC, I don’t dislike Harry that much, he’s lost his way a bit but Katie cut Price? She is a cunt, you can take the slag out of Essex but you can’t take Essex out of the slag.

        She’s of been better off putting Harvey in charge, she might not of made and lost 45 million. In what world can some ropey old bike make 45 million? Oh yeah, this one apparently.

        • Your right Sixdog, I dont hate him, dont like him either, just a daft lad whos had his nose opened by pussy isnt he?
          Not keen on us paying for him though,
          Or his yank missus!
          Most things in life if your dissatisfied with them you can get a refund,
          Hes not fit for purpose.
          Reckon she’ll bail in few year.

  17. 45 million my arse! That’s all media bullshit. The tramp stamps tell you all you need to know.
    Mind you, i’d rather Katie than the Markle bitch. At least Katie never pretended that she was anything other than a fucking whore.
    The British are best once again 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧😁

    • “Homegrown chiselling hoes are the best”!, provided they don’t lose all the money buying anchors and chains to restrain their lively m*ngs!

  18. To get back to the cunting.
    These cunts have no self awareness. The country voted overwhelmingly to reject these London, we know best, fuckers. Yet they still carry on with their nonsensical scare stories. Otherwise, why isn’t whoever the fucker was that led the LibUndems PM?

    • The Limp Dicks are in orbit around Planet Zog. After Swinson lost her seat, acting party boss (and utter cunt) Ed Davey called for to be parachuted into the Lords. ‘I want her back in parliament as soon as possible’.
      ‘I want her…’. The arrogance of that statement was astounding, considering that the horse-faced Swinson had just lost her seat in the Commons. Davey is as far out in orbit as the rest of the chumps in his party, who are still going on about opposing Brexit. Greaves is a most valued member of their loony tunes club.

  19. I am watching Match of the Day at the moment, an experience completely ruined by the presence of that smarmy, smirking Taxdodger fucking cunt. How I wish I could kick that smirk off his cunt face and get away with it. Cunt.

    • He’ll have to limit his ‘better in Europe’ comments to football soon Freddie. What a shitty little no-mark creep he is. He’d make an ideal Limp Dick politician.

  20. Fuck off Lord greaves, the only reason I might cry on February 1st is if we don’t leave.
    At last we can wave goodbye to the vermin on the other side of the channel, fuck off and die the lot of you. Cunts one and all.

  21. Excellent cuntings of a cunt I’d never heard of until I read this, and I’ve already forgotten the cunt’s name.
    Ron’s opening sentence ‘Christ on a bike, who opened the coffin and let this decrepit, deranged tosser back above ground?’ made me laugh aloud, no mean feat. Thank you.

  22. Maybe the good lord will have a “senior” moment with a very big chainsaw. I have to admit I cried after the referendum of 2016 because I realised that fucking years would pass before we left the eu fuckfest.

    • The 31st will soon be upon us BB.
      In the words of Big Mags, ‘Rejoice! Rejoice!’
      I wonder what this fuckwit Greaves will do then? Probably cry himself to sleep so that he can continue to claim that somebody’s actually done that.

  23. Complete bollocks
    Undemocratically Elected by Anyone
    The Sooner The House of Lords is abolished the better Don’t move it to York just close it👎

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