Lily Allen (11)

Early contender for Cunt of the Year, Lily Allen. Holy Jesus and the Apostles. How is it possible for someone to be stupid? The showbiz equivalent of Diane Abbott? I don’t have an answer for that, but Allen demonstrates that some people can manage to function with an intelligence quotient that starts with a minus.

After Laurence Fox’s outstandingly brilliant performance on QT, Allen took to the Twatterverse to air her view on that matter. And it’s a masterclass in idiotic hypocrisy. She wrote;

“Sick to death of luvvies like a Lawrence Fox going on TV and forcing their opinions on everybody else, when he’ll never have to deal with what normal people have to deal with in his gated community. BBC should be ashamed, this is not what we pay our TV licences for (sic)

“Stick to acting mate. Instead of ranting about things you know anything about”.

I know, right? Let’s start at the beginning. Question Time panellists are on there to express their opinion on various issues that the panel are asked about. So, on that score, he wasn’t forcing his opinion on anyone. I knew, as I suspect most other viewers knew, that I had the option to change the channel and in any case, Allen herself is the Queen of forcing her opinions on others, being a prolific Twatter contributor.

“He’ll never have to deal with what normal people have to deal with in his gated community”. Wow. Just, wow! Someone remind me, who is Lily’s dad? Oh yes, Keith Allen, the famous bricklayer. I know, I know, he’s an actor. Allegedly. Some even claim that he’s a comedian. What the fuck does a rich girl, born into a life of wealth and privilege, know about what “real people” have to deal with? NOTHING, that’s what. All her life, she has been handed everything she’s ever wanted, including a career in the music industry. Well, do you really think she’d have so many singles and albums if she’d been from a council estate? Not without a lot of hard graft. Ok, Laurence himself is a part of the Fox acting dynasty, but he doesn’t pretend to understand the working class, as Lily often does. He certainly doesn’t patronise, or call us racist because we dared to vote to leave the EU. Lily does.

“Stick to acting mate. Instead of ranting about things you know anything about”. Seriously? Allen rants about thing she knows fuck all about, such as ‘real people’ on an almost daily basis. Yet she feels she’s entirely justified in telling someone else to shut the fuck up. Lily, how about YOU stick to music? You literally know nothing about the vast majority of subjects you spout off on. You have no right to rant against someone you disagree with. Especially when the tweet you put out actually applies more to you. What a cunt.

Happily, Laurence has not bended the knee either to Allen, or the many other SJW’s who have piled on him. In fact, he’s actually doubled down on them and told them to keep the abuse coming, which is something I imagine is a new experience for them. They’re used to having someone back down. And even better, Laurence’s response to Allen’s tweet has apparently led her to block him. I’d call that a result.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

103 thoughts on “Lily Allen (11)

  1. Lefties aren’t well known for self-awareness or common sense. She’s a shining example of her mentally-deficient tribe of online SJW’s. A Lilly Mong autobiography would probably read like a Titania McGrath spoof.

    • Dear Lily and Owen Jones….. It is like shooting fish in a barrel. One would have hoped that a sensible person would have had a quiet word with them before now.That does assume that they know a sensible person.

    • This woman , or should i say total fucking idiot is without doubt a complete and utter CUNT , how the fuck dare she go on national TV and apologise at the Calais refuge camp the jungle on behalf of all the british people. Firstly i don’t want her to apologise on my behalf for a camp full of down and out primal losers who would over this country nothing but theft rape and filth . Secondly don’t put those fucking crocodile tears on in front of the camera while talking complete and utter shite. Wonder how she would have reacted if a group of these barbarian primates would have dragged her into a filthy shack and rapped her silly just like they would to women should they come over here. So lily just remember your only famous because of your dad your songs are shit your voice is annoying and your as thick as pig shit , oh and one last thing you are without doubt a total and complete professional CUNT.

    • I was trying to be ironic, but I’m not good at irony. I know the shite she puts out is an affront to music.

  2. It’s the old ‘When I am right I am right and when I am wrong I am Still Fucking Right’
    I think Laurence Fox was more in tune with ‘ordinary people’ than 99% of the cunts they usually roll out on QT.
    But what do I know, I am a white privileged cunt!

    However for all my faults I do know one thing, Lily Allen is a massive CUNT!

    • The Fox is for the Fox!
      Allen? I could wax lyrical all day at my detestation of this screeching child thing who whines utter knackers into a microphone for the benefit of eight Year old girls, but one thing a Man learns in life is to avoid sewers.
      Hmm, best way to word this – oh yes, CUNT!
      And my young chum named Rubik (he was a 5th Dan Karate guy and a former bodyguard to the Shah of Iran) makes no apologies for kicking old Man Allen through a doorway in Manchester some Years ago! Apparently, he was acting like a cunt – runs in the Family eh Keefy boy?

    • The whole family are “royal” cunts!!

      King cunt and fake man of the people is primrose hills very own mockney wanker
      Keith Allen

      Queeny Alison Owen who was mockney wankers “ trouble and strife” could only stand 7 years of him but in that time managed to push out two kids

      Prince Alfie isn’t as fucking silly as he looks , although undoubtedly a cunt ( genetic) he keeps his head down ….

      That leaves us with princess lily who has a single figure IQ and a mouth as wide as the dartford tunnel , like her mockney old man she is a complete and utter fraud who never misses an opportunity to spout VS shite all over social media,
      Fake music
      Fake tears
      Fake person
      Genuine CUNT

  3. Not this syphilitic phony again. Let’s have a swift glance at the Gimmigrant League table:

    Cumberbatch: …0
    JK Rowling: …….0
    Richard Gere: ….0
    Lily Allen: ………..0

    Well well, what a surprise, it’s neck and neck! A real nail-biter.

    • Evening Captain
      I wonder who’ll be promoted from the lower divisions or whether luvvies have learnt to keep schtum about virtue-signalling. Hoo-ee, what a League of cunts.

  4. I give up with Lilly Allen.

    Anyway, my mother always told me that it was wrong to mock the mentally retarded so I’d better not say anything more. ……….except , “CUNT”.

  5. Yeah but she knows how we fink right? Because last time i heard her ‘sing’ it was in that fucking annoying cross between east end cockerney and broad Jamaican patois the false bitch.
    Anyway she must be busy as she’s up to her neck in ‘refugees’ that she said she would take in.
    Stupid twat.

  6. While youd be hard pressed to despise Lilly the mong as much as we all do,
    I think she WAS aware of what she was saying and using criticsm thats been used against her back at someone she sees as a enemy.
    Might be wrong, but loik at the wording!
    Shes had someone say this to her,
    Shes being either ironic or thick as fuck.
    Maybe both.

    • You’re too kind, MNC. You’ll be volunteering for The Samaritans, next! You can have the desk next to Dick Fiddler….

    • Yes I did think she was parodying what critics like us say about leftie actors as an attempted ironic comment that as soon as an actor says something we agree with all of a sudden the right is in approval. But she lacks the awareness that we don’t have a go at actors because they’re actors but because we disagree with their thoughts only.

    • She is ‘appy in the knowledge someone what can proper read and write, init, is doing the hard “wordy spellin ting” on her twatter account – this is part of a deliberate ploy to publicise her before yet another “ground breaking album”, due for release straight to the 99P bin in an Aldi near you! (Contain you excitement there!)

      “I done walk dahn da street”
      “Wiv me majik twinkle feet”
      “I dun a wee den took an ‘e’
      “I goin’ ‘ome, cos it’s cold”

      A quick sample of some of the new lyrics there – form an orderly queue there DF! No horse riding in supermarkets Sir!

    • Lilly can’t even spell ironic let alone apply it. No, she’s blissfully self ignorant, the little mong.

      Anyone who has seen her appearance on Would I Lie to Cunts would never doubt how stupid she is. And who, except a retard, would rub onions in her eyes in order to cry over Jeremy Corbin’s manifesto on CuntTube.

  7. What the FUCK does the silly, stupid-voiced tart know about real life and real people? Spend a day in Resus in an A&E deptartment. You’ll learn about real life quick enough in there. Spend a day with me on my ambulance like the day I had recently. Straight out to a choking arrest. She died. Re-stock. Straight to a hanging. She lived. Bloke, sat in a chair for days, couldn’t get up to get help. Fuck me, the stench. You’d piss your fucking priviliged pants in any one of those environments you vacuous bint. Shop worker on minimum wage? How many of those ‘Real People’ do you have in the contacts on your ‘phone?

    Fuck off and stop bleating your hypocritical bullshit about stuff you know fuck-all about.

        • Evening Mr Knee
          I have just started listening to talkRadio.
          The total opposite to radio 4 which I was a listener up to 6 months ago.
          A bit of fresh air.
          I will spread the word.

          • Nice one Cunta.
            I really like Mike Graham (Plank of the Week is great) and Julia Hartley-Brewer is a good interviewer too (and sexy as fuck to boot). As you say, talkRADIO seems refreshingly ‘woke free’ to me and long may that continue.

          • Yep totally agree.
            BBC still has not got the message but I hope they will get a huge wake up call from their wokeness soon.

  8. By making that ridiculous statement against Laurence Fox has exposed her as an absolute fucking Mongoloid of epic proportions. I can only imagine that her followers are as equally as Moronic as she is.

  9. Dear dear Lilly. Such a towering figure of fuckwittery. She is a national figurehead for why we are all heading in the other direction than twatter. Twatter has been shown to be pointless unless your a moron or troll.

  10. I reckon Mongo here is the sort to be constantly googling herself to find out how beloved she is. So on the off chance she stumbles on here I’d like to take the opportunity to say in all sincerity I really, really, really hope you don’t die in an unexpected house fire. At least there will be lots of gimmegrants to help with the water buckets, Dog forbid

    • Hear what your saying Cuntan!
      (That your in love with her)
      But shed have a seizure if she read the content on here!
      She’d be on a alfalfa drip, and 3month in a safe space!

      • I think the “reading” part may stump her – she could end up riding Smelly Jerrys unicorn down to Reading – “Roit u cants, who bin saying wot abaat wot I saided den, init”?
        Greta’s secret Sister!

      • Do I hear wedding bells?

        “Lil and Harvey in a tree, fucking m*ngs are she and he”!
        Harvey Price is a tragic accident of birth, Lily should have been involved in an accident at birth, tragic she wasn’t! 😃

      • I was quite surprised by those pictures of her gash, tidier than one would have expected. Still wouldn’t touch it with yours though

        • Hehe! Yeah i thought it looked pretty yummy! An i would!
          But id be brutal!
          Mine? What do you mean?
          You couldnt lift mine wi both hands!
          Sort of thing you see swimming in the Amazon 😀

          • No! She likes to feel like shes been savaged by a massively endowed bear!
            Dont forget in foreign climes my tackle is revered!
            Hindus worship it as a god
            Africans think its a demon!
            “Masser miserable! Dont let the great white snake demon get us!
            “Its ok rastus just keep carrying my luggage.”

          • You should team up with B&WC and head off to the Caribbean, there is a late night Channel 5 show in there somewhere.

  11. The only way this cunt can stay ‘relevant’ (in her own mind, that is) or gain attention is through totally ludicrous comments like this. She no longer has a (ahem) ‘career’ (if you can call the shite she churned out a career) so she tries to desperately keep herself in the public eye by spewing out lefty rantings.

    What makes her think SHE is so in touch with the man or woman on the street? She went to fucking Bedales, as well as several other private schools, one of which was attended by fucking Prince Charles, yet according to her, she is well placed to speak about plebs and their issues, as opposed to the vastly different Laurence Fox.

    Is she actually playing with a full deck, or have all her various hair colours across the years penetrated her pea brain and done damage?

    No. she is just a thick cunt with a severe lack of awareness of her own hypocrisy.

    • I honestly think that she’s had a self-awareness bypass Nurse. She’s so lacking in it that it’s hilarious. She’s really in the Owen Jones league of fuckwittery. Bless.

      • Too right, Ron.

        It is really incredible. How she broadcast that without any kind of inkling that she may well be somewhat hypocritical here is beyond me.

        Silly cow.

        When is she going to get the memo that nobody actually cares what she thinks.

        • It looks good to all her trendy herbal tea with smashed avocado on toast friends in that well known working class ghetto of Notting Hill.

          • Ever had avocado LL?
            Tastes like soap.
            Dunno why they go cuckoo for that shite? Like Palmolive soap.

          • Cant say I have Miserable and certainly not for breakfast which the la de da millennials love. I think the sight of a nice greasy egg and bacon roll would finish some of the weaker ones off.

          • Apparently its full of essential oils an shit, a ‘superfood’!!
            Same with chia seeds an quinoa.
            An ive tried them LL!
            Daughter falls for this shite!
            One thing in common, they all taste bland.
            Worse thing she had were these puffed rice cake things, i whipped one an it was like a polystyrene block truly dreadful.
            No wonder theyre all depressed!

          • I really like avocado, listening to Robbie Williams, wearing sunglasses indoors and flip flops dow the shops.

            ‘And in other BBC News, Shagga has opened up about the mental health effects of being the complete cunt…’

  12. Allen should heed the old saying “ better to keep your mouth shut and let people think your a fool than to open it and remove all doubt “

  13. I would like to see this pig ignorant, champagne socialist sack of shit on Remoaner Question Time herself. Imagine what a complete arse she would make of herself trotting out the usual snowflake bullshit cliches. That would definitely be entertaining.

  14. Thank you so much for this nomination!
    I’ve been waiting to vent my spleen on this walking bag of cum,
    The fact she made it out the end of her
    Useless cunt of a father’s cock is a miracle in It’s self.
    How this cunts brain generates enough electricity to move her slug of a body is beyond me.
    I would happily see this talentless bitch publicly disembowled alive, anatomically inverted, and what’s left put into a public pit so people could piss on her remains while singing the theme to one foot in the grave.
    Absolute CUNT!

  15. Seeing as my missus was out selling pins this afternoon, I took the opportunity to check how many Lily Allen CDs she has in her appalling collection.

    Answer: Two. Neatly filed between Abba’s Greatest Hits and All Saints.

    Seem to recall she got me to watch one of Lily Allen’s ‘music’ videos about 14 years ago, wrongly assuming I’d be much taken by the zany supposed social realism, faux cockney accent and swearing, etc. Rarely has Lady Creampuff misjudged my likely reaction worse than on that occasion.

    Except just recently when she got me to watch a bit of Graham Norton featuring Patrick Stewart, Jennifer Saunders and a couple of right irritating dark key cunts. If I didn’t know she had a heart of gold I’d have thought she was trying to give me a fucking heart attack!

    Come to think of it, she hasn’t really been the same since Liberal Liquidator left our employ.

    Anyway, back to Lily Allen. I can honestly say I’ve not seen hide nor hair of that bitch since 2006. The only reason I know she still exists is courtesy of this august website.

    Keep up the good work lads!

    • She not a fan of Stockhausen then RTC?
      Currently on the van cd player “the best of Cream” and “the best of Lindisfarne”.

      I like best of albums.
      “Whats your favourite Beatles album then?”
      Alan Partridge “best of the Beatles”.

      • I’m hard-pushed to name a single track by this ghoul. Why doesn’t she do a charity single if she’s so bothered about African immigrants. A Culture Club cover version.
        “I’m a, I’m a, I’m a I’m a, I’m a Som-aaa-lian. I want some cash, I want some cash.”

        • Evening Miserable, J-C-L.

          Generally speaking I hate ‘Best Of’ albums. I like all Beatles albums though, some more than others.

          Like Cream a lot too – favourite album: ‘Wheels of Fire’.

          You ain’t a million miles out about Lady Creampuff and Stockhausen though… 🤣

    • Evening Ruff one. Needless to say it wasn’t a mutual love of each other’s music that brought you and Lady Creampuff together? 😀
      Or did you meet her at a Spice Girls concert? 😀

      • Evening Bertie.

        Me and the missus knew within 5 minutes of meeting that our musical tastes were 95% incompatible. Although she likes a lot of the obvious stuff like Beatles hits.

        Occasionally I’ll be playing something like Ash Ra Temple and she’ll say, “what’s that? It’s quite nice”. But she only likes the “nice” bits.

        Apart from pure lust I reckon it was a shared sense of humour that brought us together in the first place. The humour remains to this day…

        • ‘Lust is a must!’ You have performed your duty in educating her musical tastes. I have been trying to educate Mrs B musically for a lifetime with limited success!

  16. Opp’s sorry admin I see it’s awaiting moderation, my most humble apologies sir.

  17. Keith Allen, the wanker who should have wanked into his wanksock the night this fucking cunt was conceived.

  18. Apart from the laughably ludicrous ‘intellect’ of this half-wit simpleton, there is something more sinister at play here and that is free speech and the fact that people like her do not allow a different opinion or viewpoint. I posted this famous quote by Evelyn Beatrice Hall the the other day but I think it’s well worth repeating: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. The Leftish response to anyone who dares to think differently is to shout at the top of their voices, hurl insults and generally abuse you. We live in a supposedly democratic and civilised society but this is what we have descended to. They label people fascists but are completely unable to see the irony.

    • I don’t agree with what Lilly Allen says, but I will defend to the death my right to forcibly fuck her in the arse without butter.

  19. Talking about another plank of the week, fresh allegations have been made about the brutal bullying by Bercow. Bring it on, this is going to be payback time!

  20. I hadn’t seen her for a long time until she posted that utterly cringeworthy video extolling the virtues of Labour’s new manifesto. I have to be honest and say that I haven’t been exposed to Lilly enough to be annoyed by her, but, there is a tinge of cuntishness that does emanate from her; she seems a bit gobby and opinionated, and has a somewhat annoying voice. However, on the up side, she does seem like a bit of a grafter between the sheets and looks as though she takes it up the balloon knot regularly.

    She’d have to go some to beat her dad in the cunt stakes, though. I’ve only seen him on twice on tv (doing interviews) and he was unbearably arrogant and smarmy. As cunty as cunty man in cunty town on cunty day! Fuck off, Keith!

  21. I can’t find this cunt’s twatter account. Seems to be deleted.
    That’s a shame as I’m new here and wanted to drop her a wee line.
    But seriously folks she seems to be a prime example of the lefty, right on,pc ,virtue signalling tribe that’s swamping our once green and pleasant land.
    Happy to support diversity as long as it’s not diversity of thought.
    She blocked Fox from her account. Guess he was shoving it right up her.
    Another white man hating double dyed little cunt.

    • She flipped her lid when the election results came in Mac, deleted her account in a fit of attention-seeking pique (quelle surprise)

  22. I seem to remember this noble friend of the poor selling her Cotswolds mansion to pay for a whacking great tax bill. So she’s so thick she doesn’t know how to avoid tax. She should have a word with her woke friend, Gary Linekunt. He can give her some good advice no doubt.
    Then they can have a chat about what they are doing for the bearded refugee children they both love so much. The words “sweet fuck all” said twice shouldn’t take up too much of their valuable time.

  23. Just rang the local Chinky restaurant and asked if they could deliver ” The Wuhan Special Crispy Bat” to that auld bitch in the Pub that barred me…didn’t even get the chance to do my ” Is the sweet and sour chicken velly,velly lubbely?” before fucking Chairman Mao put the phone down on me….so much for customer fucking service..rude Cunts.

    • I understand they’ve discovered two cases of this Corona shit in France. Expect a rubber dinghy to be setting off for the Kent coast sometime very soon.

      • Apparently some Chinky woman was on Twitter boasting about how she’d disguised her symptoms so that she could fly out of Whutan and meet up with friends in Paris….pretty Cuntish behaviour by anyone’s standards.

      • Anyone who’s a member of a gun club, now is the time to position yourselves Along the south coast to take up target practice on any slant eyed fuckers coming in.

      • I’m relieved to hear that it’s just a milder version of SARS and not a virus that turns you into a knobend that drinks bland Mexican donkey piss.

    • Live Mice are apparently on the menu as well; dunno what number, tho.

      “We like Chinese,
      A two, a five, a nine and lychees…”

      Morning, old bean !

  24. A veritable cunting of the mong one cunters. Fucking hell leave old Cunty an opening will you?
    I wonder if she could be trained to say I must fuck off and die?

    • I think old Judi’s got her eye on the lead in that new Face of Fu Manchu remake that’s due out.

      • Wow yeah!
        Theyd never make that now would they?
        Yellow face paint an droopy tash?😜
        Like old films when theyd red up as American indians, or brown up an put on a turban!
        Now they scream cultural appropriation but all try an talk like theyre black?

          • Hehehe John looks more like hes playing Charles Bronson!!
            He was rubbish as a roman centurion in ‘the greatest story ever told’
            Still in cowboy mode!

          • Yeah never quite got the love for JW. My dad worships the ground he walks on, not quite sure what appeal he holds for a nonagerian ex-lorry driver from darkest Lincolnshire but there you go. Mind you The Searchers is absolutely brilliant

          • Think his appeal is for generation before ours when westerns were big news, made loads but i prefer the spaghetti westerns, an some great modern ones.
            More a Clint Eastwood fan, mate👍👍

          • Your dad likes him because he was a real bloke. Not some handbag swinging confused cuppy who cried when he broke a nail. JW was straight to the point. If you don’t want to die don’t break into my house you cunt .
            Now the victim is the criminal and the criminal the victim.
            If JW ain’t your thing then you got to identify with Clint. Now there’s a bloke who’d blow your balls off just for spilling his pint.

            Fuck off.

          • Yeah I’m definitely no bum bandit but I reckon I would have turned a trick for Clint in his prime, poncho on and chewing his cheroot. Dollars trilogy is rightly revered but best of the lot for me is Once Upon A Time In The West with Charlie Bronson (not the prison loony) and Henry Fonda

    • Indeed. Amy Winehouse, who actually had some talent, managed to fuck herself with booze and drugs. But this dozy, no talent fucking bum refuses to do the decent thing. It’s a tragedy.

      • Detestable! Edgar Allen Hoe Needs a Yorkshire cock education! NO – she is awful, it would be akin to ch*ld abuse! (And, she is not particularly fetching).
        And I do not think “she who must be obeyed” UNTIL I FINALLY LOSE MY SHIT AND STRANGLE THE LITTLE AST, er, hum ,ho, back on the subject Foxy, ah, yes,l my little ast would be most unimpressed by third party sexual misbehaviour, grit your teeth Vern, she is young but I will outlive her!! – oh yes, I find Allen less than pleasing!
        My withering whimsy should out her firmly in her place!
        Girls are awful, and soon we will be back in the eighteenth century where one good shot with a longbow gets a Man divorced! Please!

  25. I may not have mentioned this but I really, really hate Lily FUCKING Allen.
    Her “music” is fucking dreadful, as Vernon says, aimed at eight year old girls. Fair enough, I suppose there will always be a market for kiddy pop (as in Steps, not Gary Glitter), but thick twat adults have indulged this spoilt little bitch as well. Having said that she seems to have given up on her “music” career to concentrate on her work in the field of being a cunt.
    Has she been criticised for her cultural appropriation? I.e. singing and acting like a black man’s whore?
    I note that of my fellow cunters who have expressed a desire to ejaculate inside her, nobody has opted for her vagina, quite sensible as it would be by far the saggiest of her orifices. And a cock in her gob might stop her talking shit or worse still trying to sing.
    Maybe the deck was stacked against her from the start, being sired by Keith Allen, a man as authentically hard as he is talented. Had she been from non-famous (used in its loosest sense) stock she would never have been heard of and the world would be a far better place.
    Hopefully the gradual backlash will condemn her to the obscurity she so deserves, and the dawning realisation (it will take many years to permeate her thick fucking skull) that nobody gives a fuck about her will crush her already dead soul.
    A bit of a rambling post there, but it could just be possible that words cannot indeed do justice to how much I hate this abomination. A cunt of epic proportions.

  26. Sad that the twitterati, associated geniuses with blue ticks and corporate media pundits had a collective shit-fit over some pretty common sense observations from Lozza, who has been know to drink in my neck of the woods.

    I only blame myself for radicalising the poor Harrow-educated lamb to becoming pariah of all right-on luvvies and remainers when i met him at a Polo event.

    I was cleaning horse dung from the tyre tread of a Range Rover Sport with the help of Chilean gophers.

  27. I’m amazed Lilly the mong hasn’t been set on fire yet, mind you this cunt will do anything for some publicity….want a match Lilly it would be my pleasure….

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