Fida Hussain

I nominate Fida Hussain for being a complete and utter cunt. The goat shagger has complained to McDonald’s about being given a sausage muffin claiming when he bit into it, he didn’t realise it was pork and is demanding an apology and get this: financial compensation from McDonald’s.

What an utter cunt. An apology is one thing, but to demand financial compo because it went against his beliefs? Funny, but I have never heard about this situation from any other faith. What a leeching cunt.

He can go and tell some squaddie from Colchester barracks or Catterick his sob story and see what response he would get

Nominated by Sidthesexistsforeskin

68 thoughts on “Fida Hussain

  1. Fucking cunt, shove a sausage up his arse and into his nostrils whilst making him eat a Bacon sandwich. What the fuck does he think will be in a sausage and egg mcmuffin? Halal fucking chicken?!!

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