Fida Hussain

I nominate Fida Hussain for being a complete and utter cunt. The goat shagger has complained to McDonald’s about being given a sausage muffin claiming when he bit into it, he didn’t realise it was pork and is demanding an apology and get this: financial compensation from McDonald’s.

What an utter cunt. An apology is one thing, but to demand financial compo because it went against his beliefs? Funny, but I have never heard about this situation from any other faith. What a leeching cunt.

He can go and tell some squaddie from Colchester barracks or Catterick his sob story and see what response he would get

Nominated by Sidthesexistsforeskin

68 thoughts on “Fida Hussain

  1. 1 He went to McDonalds

    2 He doesn’t like pork

    3 He is a dirty goat shagger

    4 He is in the wrong country

    5 Let’s be grateful he isn’t shagging under age girls

    6 Fuck off you dirty cunt

    • Surely if he has tasted something forbidden to him, by accident or design, he should be punished not rewarded.

      I suggest 40 lashes from Priti Patel – we could have a whip-round for him

      • Exactly. In his own country he would have his cock cut off and McDonalds would have been burnt to the ground. So why doesn’t the whinging little cunt fuck off back there?
        Sick and tired of these wankers.

      • Sounds like a professional moaner to me. If he was that bothered the stupid cunt would have asked if it was pork meat first. Anyway, I wouldn’t mind getting 40 lashes from Priti Patel myself.

  2. Related. Sometimes you get a sickening contrast in the order of news stories.. Last night (and I noticed it was the second of third story not the headlines) about the crimes of the grooming gangs not being properly investigated by Greater Manchester police. As ever no representative from the Muslim community to apologise or at least say something. Why did this happen? Also, the apology from the police perfunctionary. No heads to roll. Hundreds of girls abused and no-one to account. Pathetic picture of a girl abused, injected with heroin… and the woman who exposed it pleading ‘it is still current’. It is still happening.
    Not a very long report either. Not that important.
    Back to Meghan and how she will ‘cope’ living in her mansion in Vancouver.

    • I saw that report too Miles, the investigation was deliberately underfunded and closed down after a few years with senior offers getting commendations for their work which was considered a success. Sickening but not surprising.

    • I’ll tell you for a fact that in around 2001/02, when not a single empowered authority wanted to know anything about it, the mothers of Keighly, Oldham Wakefield et al, turned in desperation to BNP party reps to publicise what was happening to their daughters RIGHT OUTSIDE THE FUCKING SCHOOL GATES!

      Teachers – wouldn’t touch it with a borrowed barge pole.
      Childrens Services – intent on nothing other than handing these girls straight back to the abusers f.f.s.
      Police – “You’re just being racist, fuck off before we arrest you for inciting racial ‘hatred’.
      Jack Straw – “you are hatefilled fascists fomenting civil strife by spreading such lies”

      We were screaming it from the rooftops, nobody fucking listened but all of a sudden it’s news (albeit well buried as Miles observes)

      Rope therapy… now. Cheap, simple, fatal and final.

  3. Apologies are for the weak these days. Cunts have to blame someone else, so an apology is forthcoming. McDonald’s should have told him to get lost. He is still a cunt mind.

  4. Ronald Mcdonald should turn up at his hovel at 3 a.m and bum him to death wearing a bacon helmet.
    Mong cunts.
    Get to fuck.

  5. ” about being given a sausage muffin claiming when he bit into it, he didn’t realise it was pork”……

    Well I see his point. I was once bought a “Sausage and Egg” McMuffin and if I hadn’t been told what was in it, I wouldn’t have been able to identify “Egg” never mind “Sausage”.

    There seems to be a constant stream of people these days demanding Compo. from the likes of McDonalds,Greggs etc. and they’re not just Muzzas…You often see a photo of a pasty looking individual alongside their whiny story of how they bit into some meat product and the shock and horror has blighted their lives.

    People should grow up….their “God”isn’t going to give a shit because someone tasted pork sausage,neither will the World won’t come to an end because some self-important Arsehole bit into a bacon bap.

    Fuck them.

    • I see that Mr.Hussain had actually ordered a Vegetarian McMuffin….hmmm.

    • After finding that Mondays are now Meatless at the student canteen where I get my breakfast, I emailed Catering to complain that, as a devotee of the pork sausage with pork, I was being discriminated against, my freedom of choice violated, and to hint that they were cunts. In reply, an oily jobsworth intimated that I was a cunt. My response was that eggs, still on sale, were just bursting with animal protein, and that he was a cunt with knobs on. Silence.

      • I wouldn’t stand for it,K.

        You must mount a protest. Storm into the canteen on Meat-Free Monday holding a placard saying “Tofu has feelings too” while screaming “Millet is MURDER” at the vile kale-killers. Chuck a few pints of organic carrot juice about while the pasty sods hide under the tables..don’t worry about being physically ejected…a bus-load of them would have about as much collective strength as a watery fart….Do be sure to hold your nose..the smell as a canteen-full of tofu-fuelled whingers shite their hemp knickers will be appalling.

        • Why the hell didn’t I think of that?

          Alternatively, I should obtain a camping stove, a frying pan and a pound or two of my excellent butcher’s chipolatas, and set out my stall on one of the tables next Monday. Making numerous converts to my cause who could then march on the catering manager’s office with burning torches and pitchforks.

          No, on second thoughts. The fucking smoke detectors would trip. I’ll stick to your way, and thank you for your creative input.

  6. He won’t be the first or last to bite into a Maccies Dees and recoil. But it’s a bit like going to Brighton and then saying it’s full of quèers, or the local mosque and saying he tripped over shoes on the way in. Call me old school but I always take responsibility for my actions and never ever look to apportion blame when it’s my fault. The “where there’s blame there’s a claim” society we live in shows how soft this world has become and the self-righteous greed from one’s own stupidity. Dirty fucking Pàki.
    Just seen on the news that people are being told to stay away from Slough High Street. Nothing to do with the roof that has collapsed, just because it’s a SHITHOLE.

  7. Whats his fuckin problem?
    Hes lucky because if it was up to me McDonald’s would still be segregated!
    Only way this cunt would get in would be early morning to mop.
    Those sausage an egg mcmuffins are tasty bastards better thsn the burgers.

    • Isn’t McDonalds one of the greatest symbols of the greedy capitalist and unmoral West, populated by godless infidels that they all hate?

    • Went outside yesterday in the rain, got wet, need compensation – nobody specifically told me rain was wet, and in my opinion that’s definitely waaycist and probably falls into the remit of coercive and controlling behaviour.

      Down to whitey

    • I dont know MNC; I find the breakfast menu a bit sweaty, as if the mcmuffins have been kept warm by insertion into the arse crack or under the mouldy tit of the fattest, greasiest employee.

  8. What’s the problem; surely with his best mate Allah being such a cuddly, forgiving, happy-go-lucky type he’ll be forgiven straight away when he gets to Moz heaven? Worst he’ll get is probably a ribbing from the lads, Allah will put him in a chummy headlock and tussle his hair a bit then it’ll be off to the virgins?

  9. If it was a greasy spoon he probably would have complained that bĺàck pudding was racist. The dirty bastard was probably only getting breakfast as he was coming off his night shift as a lecherous, predatory taxi driver and was on his way home to shave his Mrs and get the 9 kids up and ready for Muslim academy somewhere on these welcoming shores.

    • Nah,Rob…a true Muzza’s wife wouldn’t be old enough to need shaving…they don’t start with the ‘tache until they’re at least eight years old.

      • My mistake Mr F. It’s just that on a questionnaire about Muslim identity one of the questions was:
        1 Do you have a beard ?
        2 Does your husband have a beard ?

  10. Im easily influenced!
    Want a McDonald’s now!
    And like them more now theyre poisoning mudslimes!
    Well done maccy Ds!
    Next time add some glass shards, im luvin it!😀

  11. Thick third world goat shagger obviously can’t read or understand English- no surprise there. If he could read then he would have seen the contents clearly explained. McDonalds are actually quite clear about what’s in their products.

    Fuck off back to your third world goats and fat ugly women you cunt.

    • Like potato powder in the milk shake and sugar in the salad. Anybody stupid enough to eat in a McDonalds is asking for trouble.

      • I like McDonalds, I live round the corner from one, and yet I’ve not had one since the day I moved here over 5 years ago.

      • Yes general, “thick shakes” to get around the fact they’ve never been within 20 miles of a fucking cow in their lives

  12. The smelly cunt ate half of it for fuck’s sake!
    Its not like he took one bite and spat it out in discust. He was lovin it.
    Maybe if he actually paid attention to what he was shovelling into his fat face it wouldn’t have happened. It’s not like the meat is difficult to spot.

  13. The cunt is more annoyed that he enjoyed it than the fact that he ate it. Backwards cunt.

  14. McDonald’s should employ an Iranian spokesman.. ‘We don’t sell, sausage, or chicken nuggets, or milkshakes’

  15. We had a moose limb that lived in our street. He did something similar and decided to set himself on fire as punishment .
    The street had a collection for his family and we raised over 100 litres.

  16. I blame Mcdonalds for not having its menu witten in Arabic ‘Sausage McMuffin; it’s pork you fucker!’

  17. Goat fucking twat, this country if chock full of cunts like this it make me want to leave, if you order sausage you get pork if your a veggy or a muzzi or lactose intolerant or have allergies its on you to check first, if you dont its on you, so shut the fuck up and eat quorn you cunt and stop whinging you stupid rag head cunt…..fuck off back to the fly blown shit hole you escaped from……..cunt

  18. Chancing cunt. I doubt there is any deity or prophet that would endorse the consumption of any manufactured meat. Pork is cheap as is horse, donkey, roo, camel, all kinds of offal and having worked in a butchers anything off or dropped on the floor not to mention rodent hairs and roach parts.

  19. Chain the cunt to an Iron chair and……

    Well that’s it, just chain the cunt to an Iron chair (preferably in China)

  20. Fuck him, fuck the region of grief. Fuck woke cunts who enable this kind of bullshit. Society has to function for the majority not cater to every fucking minority.

    If you’re so particular about your food prepare your own if you’re offended by everything here, fuck off somewhere else, we ain’t changing.

    Why do channel 4 have some woman with a West Indian accent this morning?

  21. If the moaning cunt was so fucking religious and observant, he shouldn’t have been in non-Halal McDonalds for a start. To then complain, proves the utter cuntitude of his religion and if McDonalds cave in to this opportunist burger-jihadi they’ll be making a rod for their own backs when the floodgates open for every Islamic liar, chancer and Fuckwit.

  22. I’ve not been to a mcdonalds in a long time. Too noisy.

    I prefer the more classy wetherspoons hehe. 🙂

    • Do a very decent sirloin and all the trimmings at a very reasonable price at Wethers. As good as anything you can pay twice the price for elsewhere.

  23. Showing a couple from Israel around a few field sites; they instructed me “help us avoid pork, and nothing cooked in its mother’s milk”.
    Next morning they wanted Mac Donald’s for breakfast, I turned around not one minute to find them tucking into bacon and egg muffins.
    That evening at the sports club I couldn’t keep them away from the beef stroganoff.
    Fair play to them, no lawsuits!

    • Nice one. Remember an Austrian au pair working for a Jewish family in my grandparents’ street telling me that most of the Jews in the street (the neighbourhood was distinctly Mosaic) were happy to eat bacon for breakfast. And let no-one tell you that Turks don’t eat pork products, at least in Istanbul.

  24. This dumb third worldly cunt can’t even decipher a halal labelled venue, no way he took a bite either as the glorious taste of pork would have ensured he ate the whole fucking thing.

    Just another twat looking to create division and profit

  25. OK, he’s a cunt, and no question of that. A molehill-into mountain artist, and a greedy one. But Macdonalds are long-established cunts in their own right, and there also exists the possibility that an ISAC sympathiser was working at that branch. And slipped the sausage into the egg and cheese fatburger for shits ‘n’ giggles. Also, any sausage worthy of the name should have been big enough to see the end of it before taking a bite. Perhaps the Macdonalds Standard Sausage is too short?
    Jury’s out, but my recommendation is the death penalty for all concerned, and for any journo who took any notice of the event.

  26. simple observation.
    I have never eaten Guga, if anyone gave me some I would have no idea what I was eating.
    Explain to me how he knew he was eating a pork sausage please.

    • It was a Blackpool rock one, when you bite into it, it shows ‘oink’ written all the way through.

    • Guga? i’m same with avocardos, olives, sweet potatoes and humus puke in a pot…never tried them…but i’m expert on a bit of sausage

  27. The goat fucker knew what was in it. Just thinks he can get aload of cash the heap of fat falafel

  28. Fucking cunt, shove a sausage up his arse and into his nostrils whilst making him eat a Bacon sandwich. What the fuck does he think will be in a sausage and egg mcmuffin? Halal fucking chicken?!!

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