Entitled Parents

Entitled Parents….


Parents should take responsibility for their own children and not think that teachers and “the system” should teach their child right from wrong.

The brat in the above story needs parents who are prepared to actually raise their child to respect others and make it realise that it’s behaviour is unacceptable. Discipline starts at home; teachers should not have to deal with semi-feral brats and their parents who believe that their child is the victim and that everyone should bend over backwards to accommodate their child. Why should teachers put up with being attacked and what about the other children who have to share a school with some badly-reared brat?

The parents say that “he’s only a baby…he doesn’t know what’s happening”. Well, he’s not a baby, he’s six-years-old and he fucking well should know what’s happening, because his parents should have got it through to him by that age. They also proudly boast “We make sure they (their other children) get up in the morning…they’re not even late (for school)”. Wow! Considering that neither of the buggers work, do they really consider it something noteworthy that they manage to pack their brood off to school before settling down for a day doing fuck all?

No doubt they’ll get their wish soon and their child will be diagnosed with some modern “Get out of jail free” illness when really, by the sound of it, their child only actually has one “problem” and that is it’s parents. I’m not saying that all children that have problems are just badly reared. I do understand and accept that there are genuine illness that cause children problems, but I do sometimes wonder if the line is becoming blurred and some parents would just prefer to have a “diagnosis” so that they can absolve themselves of any responsibility for teaching their children that bad behaviour is not acceptable.

Nominated by Dick de Pfeffel Foxchaser-Fiddler

44 thoughts on “Entitled Parents

  1. No surprise that the little twat has a stupid name. Its tosser parents are just loving the publicity. Any proper parent would be embarrassed to find themselves in a situation like this. Nothing that corporal punishment couldn’t fix. And I mean for all three of them.

  2. So shit head Rudi. Let’s look at what ya did and see where it all went wrong.

    Headteacher Janine Parker excluded him for kicking and punching teaching staff
    He also tipped over chairs and pulled displays off a wall in the violent outburst
    Little cunt. His parents look like they can’t be arsed etc.

    • “Assaulting teaching staff”? – Could the poor misunderstood mite simply not claim to be Diane Abbott’s Son – I believe all his problems will discreetly “go away”, mental health issues dontcha know?

      Excellent cunting DF! 👍

    • I have diabetes. My wife generally ‘cares’ for me by making the hot drinks at home but I do almost all of the cooking. I want her to have a carer’s allowance for her hard work in looking after me.

      • I noted that too.

        My wife works 3 days a week and fucking long hours as a GP. She has T1 diabetes. I work full time.

        We receive no bennies , not even child benefit.

        This pair are clearly suffering from lazycuntitis. They could home school their little shit with all that fucking time on their hands (OK, I’m taking the piss).

        • What Army medics diagnose as osteoinertia.

          The nasty little cunt looks a bit like Ian Hislop. No good will come of it, mark my words.

  3. The child needs discipline. From parents, and from a fighting club.
    Nothing that can’t be fixed, poor little bugger just has lazy cunt parents.

  4. Fucking oxygen thieves shouldn’t have kids if they don’t have earned means to support them. Miles Platting was a shithole when I lived in Mcr. I don’t suppose it has improved.

  5. Its our own fault for delegating education to the moron mirror, and left wing fuckwitted cunts of teachers. Excellent and well deserved cunting Dick of a bunch of retards who should have been given the snip as they escaped the twat tunnel.

  6. I told my middle daughter after she had been told her idleness was dyslexia..” weve done all the test and it turns out your not dyslexic ………..Your thick” I then confiscated her fags and sent her packing with a flea in her ear. She did rather well in the end and was definitely unhindered by any “modern illness”

    • Reminds me of my ex wife lol. We took our daughter for a hearing test when she was a nipper, turned out she’s deaf in one ear. The consultant asked about family history and my wife said that she doesn’t hear me sometimes. The consultant proceeded to test her, her hearing was fine. The diagnosis, and I pissed myself at the doctor, was that she was ignorant. Quality, you just don’t get doctors like that now.

  7. Teachers have brought a lot of this on themselves by trying to be social workers, nurse maids and anything else they care to try their hand at.
    When I taught, there wasn’t all this fuckin’ nonsense about like breakfast clubs and juggling a whole lot of other crap. Everyone knew their job. You were there to teach and that’s what you got on with.
    If we got back to that, dare I say, educational standards might just rise?
    And if you can’t be assed teaching your own kids social skills, then don’t fuckin’
    have them.

  8. This problem is absolutely rife in modern Britain.. Clueless parents raising shithead kids.
    Recently the wife had to visit the lads school after an incident where a similar girl was striking kids when everything wasn’t just so…
    On this particular occasion my son had taken his coat from the peg before she did and it tipped her over the edge..
    During a meeting with the unruly cunts parents they declared she has anger issues and some bollox about respecting her personal space..
    The wife left the meeting by saying that they need to address it, because if it happens again she had instructed our son to firmly return the same..
    He’s a good lad, and has been brought up to know right from wrong.. But at the end of the day sometimes you have to stand up and say enoughs enough..

    • Back in the day my son was being bullied at junior school. I went to see the headmistress and she said she’d sort. Predictably, nothing happened so I went back and told her that she was a disgrace for allowing it to happen. She pretty much told me there was nothing she could do. Suspending the little cunt was an option. At his request my son took up karate and was flying within a few months. One day the headmistress rang up complaining that my son had twatted said little cunt and wanted me to do something about it. I told her that I would do just as the other parent had done, absolutely fuck all, and if she called me again to complain my son had smacked a tormentor I’d be on to the City Council with an official complaint about her lack of policy on bullying. I never heard another thing about it and my son wasn’t bullied again. Sorted.

  9. I had a parent come to my work yesterday to ask how much a new sat nav screen was for her car , as her little angel had put his foot through the dashboard, upon telling the wimpy parent how much a new sat nav unit was, £3500 if you want to know, ffs, the little bastard had cost the mother a fortune, when I was a kid if I misbehaved in the car I would have felt the back of my dads hand on my face, these little shits need too feel some pain and learn right from wrong, the parents are cunts too for not keeping the brat’s in order

    • In the good old days, parents would be ashamed to tell anyone how that happened. To these mongs, it’s just an everyday occurrence.

    • Fuck me £3.5k for a satnav???? Does it chauffeur you to your destination while sucking your cock the whole way with a special Hoover attachment?

      • My car’s 18 years old so I only know of this built-in shit from Which? magazine and the like. They’re a total rip off. Some car manufacturers charge up to £1000 for a fucking map update.

      • Hi CTC, it also is the main display for the radio and parking camera and information screen, but it did make me laugh to give the bitch some bad news, had a wank thinking about it when I got home…

  10. No pain, no gain. Most mammals know this. If you’ve got claws, claw your importunate offspring, with teeth, bite them, or with hands, hit them*, to activate the direct neural pathway to discouraging the unacceptable. I’m not saying being thrashed never did me any harm, but it sure discouraged me from harming others. For the greater good, then, bring back the birch!

    *We Komodos eat them. Perhaps that’s going a bit far.

  11. The Daily Mail is prone to making simple spelling mistakes which often distort the story.
    For instance their report on this story said “’They offered him a pear, and he doesn’t like pears,’ said Carl. ‘So he threw it at the teacher and cut her lip.’He was excluded from reception for that.’

    What they hastened to omit was that it was a pear of scissors.

  12. Couldn’t agree more Dick.

    Cannot abide badly behaved children or their lazy and ignorant parents.

    Mrs Stroker is probably the strictest parent I have ever met, but this is simply the Japanese way. Bad behaviour is just not tolerated by anyone in Japan, and discipline to children is administered continually from a very early age ensuring the best manners and politeness I have ever encountered.

    Poor behaviour and lazy parenting in Japan is considered to be most shameful.

    Shame, something sadly lacking in today’s Britain.

  13. All I want to know is this: Have the parents no shame when the little ankle-biters are scurrying round a pub, unaided, wild, and loud as you like. If they run into me as I’m carrying my pint of Guinness and there’s an accident, I wonder who’ll be blamed.

  14. Surprised at the lack of tattoos on the parents. Lil Ruldolph looks like he should have one on his scalp.

    It’s a shame to see another whitey in training for the underclass. Hope this demographic can lift itself up from second bottom of the academic scrapheap (only roma gypsies do worse but they shouldn’t fucking be here).

  15. I’ve heard it all now! Full time carer to his diabetic wife!!? Get fucked you lazy cunt and go get a job once you’ve done that!

    As for their little shit of a kid, just let him back to school and authorise the teachers to give him a good hiding when he next attacks one of them. A crack from a teacher (when I deserved one of course) never did me any harm. Failing that just wait for another kid, that he will inevitably bully, to kick fuck out of him.

    I really fear for the future and the world that my kids are growing up to live in!

  16. Diabetes is now so debilitating it requires full time care? Fuck me, what happens if the useless bint gets a nosebleed, a series on TV?
    As for giving that little shit ‘a hug’ and he’d be sweet as pie, first off, if a teacher did that they’d be up against a disciplinary committee for unnecessary contact or some newspeak bollocks and secondly, a little clip around the ear might shake the scrofulous brat up enough to rattle some neurons into reality.
    Arse biscuits.

  17. I won’t be the first but this may be part of the problem: ‘Claire and Carl (his parents) who do not have a car and are reliant on state benefits.’


  18. I’m a teacher and have been bitten, scratched and kicked by some of the little darlings I’m lucky enough to teach. The bosses bend over backwards to “support” these feral brats and their lazy, ungrateful parents. They give them more than decent kids get. I’ve also seen plenty of good kids become nervous wrecks due to sharing a class with these wild animals day after day. It sickens me. At the younger end of the scale, it’s not uncommon for 3 and 4 year olds to still be in nappies as their parents can’t be arsed potty training. And these pond-life scumbags try every trick in the book to claim their child has some sort of disorder. A massive scam to claim benefits.
    “Do you think my son’s on the spectrum, Mrs Onions?”
    “No, he’s just as thick as pigshit.”

  19. This is what happens when your not allowed to give the little cunts a good smacking, it was the only thing that I respected, do as your told or you,l get a snack, and you know what I fucking did as I was told.
    We have some snow flake Porto cunts living next door and they have a little cunts with P,T,S,D or some such bollocks who shouts,swears and smashes up the house and the mum says sit on the naughty step and think about what you have done, these fucks consider that punishment, if he was my kids he would be on his way to fucking Mars with fire coming out of his arse, he wouldn’t pull that shit twice, he knows there’s nothing to fear from them, it’s the parents these days that let this shit happen, if I had done that as a kid I wouldn’t have any fucking teeth left. I blame the parents for being to soft…..

  20. The kid looks like a fucking refugee from Belsen.
    And his dad, the gormless cunt, looks like one of those plasticine reconstructions “scientists” do when a skull of a Neanderthal is unearthed, to see what stone age human garbage looks like.
    “Full time carer” for his wanksock who has diabetes- FUCK OFF. In other words, these cunts are scrounging even more money off ME for doing FUCK ALL. No doubt his “carer” duties involve waking her up with a can of super tennents when Jeremy Kyle comes on, and taking selfies of them on various holidays, etc.
    These vermin should be left to themselves. Let nature decide if their DNA will persist, not some soppy left-wing shitbag.

  21. The parents look like cunts, the kid looks like a cunt. I have long advocated sterilising children and only reversing it when they reach an acceptable IQ plus level of acceptability. It gets reversed once, for a week, then tied up again. If they can’t get knocked up, too bad, your genes are obviously inferior. Try again in five years.

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