Ava Moore

A gender-bendering cunting please, for this up-her-own-arse tranny who was so offended she didn’t get a temporary Xmas job at troubled store Debenhams in 2018, that she/he it huffed, puffed, cried and was outraged enough to sue the company for, of course, discrimination:


What gives these weirdos the right to foist their mental imbalance on the rest of society and to demand the right to be offended and compensated when everyone doesn’t give them the thumbs up?

We have all been turned down for jobs – Fifteen years ago, Mrs Boggs got turned down for a Xmas job at Woolworths, though she would have been up to it. Perhaps farting as she rose from the interview chair didn’t help? Mrs B might be a fat old bag, (and they say romance is dead – Admin) but at least she isn’t a tranny like this.

What a fuckwit.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

66 thoughts on “Ava Moore

  1. Debenhams are cunts for settling with no admission of liability. Wokeness wins again and these freaks get another foothold in our fucked up society. And, of course, the BBC had to report it.

    • Expect a BBC mini series dramatising the whole sorry farago, with gratuitously added Choccos and mixed race families for extra political correctness.

      • Lady C dragged me along to see that Copperfield film last night. Never knew there were so many ethnics in 18th. C. England. Anyway, the real point I wanted to make was that the film was preceded by an advert for TfL (London Underground to the rest of us). A nice 3 minute or so advert with every race and sexual deviant – except a white bloke didn’t appear until almost the end – and he was probably a bender. For fuck’s sake.

  2. Anyone going to stick their tongue up this person’s ass?

    I won’t bother getting my coat as it’s hotter than Hades here at the moment.

    • Nice one WC!👍
      Piss takers these transformers.
      Dressing like ladies
      Naming themselves after scottish ski resorts,
      I dont want some pantomime type with hairy balls and lippy on serving me in debenhams!

        • They’re always at airports your lordship!!! Had a big fallout with one at Heathrow who looked like a rugby player in a pencil skirt and full makeup

          • Morning Cuntan – yes, funny that. The one at Stansted was exactly like that. Could have played second row in most decent teams. I think they put them there to bait us – see if we say anything.

  3. I don’t bother reading those news links so early in the morning; just sets the mood for the rest of the day!

    But I think this is how it works these days – don’t get your way then its straight onto social media to huff and puff in order to garner attention and support etc.

    I had fish & chips from the local chippy last night. They asked if I wanted S&V, and I just said vinegar, but they put salt on anyway. I could have kicked up a fuss, but I didn’t and just scoffed the lot anyway.

    However, had I been a snowflake I would have been more cunning: I would have still accepted the F&C with S&V without much of a fuss, but as soon as I got home I would have gone straight onto ALL of my social media accounts (even though in real life I don’t have any), and slagged off the chippy with all sorts of false allegations, not least suggesting that by putting salt on my chips it “ruined” and “traumatised” not only my evening, but my entire life!

    I would have also thrown in a few medical and mental issues just for effect, and with any luck my posts would go viral and cunts like Al-BBC and the Cuntian would have done front page pieces of my cataclysmic end-of-the-world experience!

    Of course they won’t give two shits on closer inspection because I’m a straight white bloke, middle aged, pay my taxes, and get on with life.

    Fucking hell, this post was longer than expected!

  4. If I’d been Debenhams,I’d have lied and said that the tranny,parked in a children-only bay,tried to hump a mannequin in the young-adults section and sexually assaulted a geriatric cripple in the disabled toilet…..might still have to pay it compensation but at least you’d get a bit of a giggle….plus there’s always the chance that someone like me might be on the board who investigates such claims and believes every word of it.

  5. This hairy great fucking freak knew exactly what he was doing at the interview.

    Why on earth would anyone take their birth certificate to an interview otherwise than to unsettle the interviewer with the revelation that the apparent female sitting in front of them was born male?

    This was a setup. I suspect this vile aberration has attended a number of interviews in an attempt to find a solid case of discrimination.

    Ava? More like Ava fat cock up his arse whilst having a reach around and his hairy balls tickled by his boyfriend. What a supersonic cunt.

    • Yes, Paul. Never in my life have I been required to bring my birth certificate to a job interview. It also claims to have received “an anonymous email” telling it it had been turned down because it’s a tranny. How convenient. Shame on Debenhams for pandering to the cunt. I think any employer should have the right to turn down applicants on whatever grounds they see fit.
      “Sorry sir, we feel that you and your 5-o’clock-shadow would be out of place at our makeup counter. Please fuck off.”

      • Companies do not use “anonymous emails” and no employer in the UK would have been stupid enough to put their head in the noose by stating he was turned down for being a tranny, smells of fibbing to me!

    • “Me – seekers”. It’s all about me, it is not because I am unsuitable, it’s discwimination 😢
      I have probably been turned down for as many jobs as I have got and I have always worked on the principle that if there was a better candidate (as f*cking if – I am the fox!) then a smart employer gets the best person for the job.
      But – NO, it turns out I was clearly discwiminated against, because it’s all about me, me, me and my “needs”, there is no need to actually contemplate the unthinkable – that I was unsuitable for the position – because employers have a legal, societal and moral duty to ensure the entire World revolves around me! (It stems from primary school games where there are “no losers” – yes there are fatty, try f*cking harder, as I often heard!)
      Only hard right waycist f*scist whitey Men would disagree!
      Got my first job at 11, delivering newspapers to the locals, finished delivering and then went to school, I should have turned up the first day in a dress and high heels and claimed discwimination when I got told to f*ck off!
      This is a worrying trend and shows the psychological grooming going on by the lefty non liberals – you can NEVER be wrong, it’s always someone else’s fault, and always a few Farcebook likes to justify your whining. Man/Woman/etc up!

  6. May be she/he did not get the job because she/he was fucking useless. Just because your a transbender does not automatically qualify you for Christmas jobs in department stores. I wonder if anyone pointed that out to the fuckwit?

  7. A bloke in a dress is no more anything other than a bloke in a dress, despite what cosmetic surgery they have to disguise this.

    It is like me donning a Superman costume and insisting that I really am Superman, the superhero.

    The fucking world has lost its marbles.

  8. Unless he then took off his makeup, cut his hair, and successfully got the job as the male he is in the real world, then he is making false and unfounded claims and should have been counter-sued for defamation.

    Ironically though, it appears that Debenhams simply didn’t have the balls to stand up to the screeching, crazy <0.1% of the population.

  9. Bring back the 80,s, fuckers like this didnt have to worry about getting a job, they had to worry about being set on fire or at least a good kicking outside any pub or take away, and the same goes for vegans,human rights actavists,speed camera operators, ect, ect and all the other stupid cunts yiou wish you could chin now just for making utter cunts of them selves
    The world is fucked when not only do you have to tolerate these cunts you have to listen to the verbal crap they come out with and your not allowed to retort for fear of getting sued, what ever happend to freedom of speach, does this not make us all piss weak cunts as well um.

  10. I must apologise for the tone of my cunting. I think the truth is me and Mrs B had had a row the morning I wrote that. Sadly after 57 years of marriage the first flush has worn off. How well I remember chasing the lithe little minx through the cornfield in the spring of 1963 – she huffing and puffing as I caught up and saying “what do you want from me?” and me replying – those knickers round your ankles now – and then the 5 minutes embarrassed silence while she sorted through her handbag to put them on….

  11. I’m yet to be convinced that most of this transgender nonsense isn’t much more than attention seeking. Who takes their birth certificate to an interview anyway?

  12. The court should not have awarded it cash. It’s opening the floodgates to the fuckers. Any job they don’t get they’ll be off blubbing to the press. It’s a disgraceful situation. It’s a cunt, whatever it is.

    • Not getting jobs and claiming the compo is the second main source of income for gender-benders, first is renting their arses to the House of Lords

  13. dont trust the bbc reporting – this is yet another pain in the ass for the 0.03% of the population who can’t decide what they are – and who the fuck cares – gender is not important, never has been – it’s a set up

  14. It occurs to me that the normal employees of the shop have a good case for refusing to use the same toilets as this creature and demanding 100% male and 100% female facilities. Meanwhile, our exotics will be able to get their knickers in a twist (sorry!) in the quest for toilets which reflect the varying degrees of tranniness. The upshot will be the shops consisting of several hundred toilets and fuck all else. Profits will disappear but it will be worth it in our quest for equality.

  15. What we have here is a male homosexual with mental issues. His big plus is that he can also revel in victimhood. He needs to be ignored.

    • Hear hear, CC.

      Whatever happened to keeping things behind closed doors?
      To those people that are transvestites, do what you want just don’t parade about in public expecting people to accept your way of life.
      Life is confusing enough.

  16. Another mentally ill cunt, as most benders, Gay’s, Lesbians and tranny’s are.
    I get a bit confused sometimes and here is an example…what if a man gets the operation and wants a husband… does that make it a gay or a gay woman who doesn’t want a woman but a man? I can’t work it aaaaht either.
    What a pile of cunt, by the way if I dressed as a alien from the planet cunt does that make me an alien? I know I’m a cunt but not an alien.
    There are too many people in the world and these mentally ill cunts mentioned above would be the first off the cliff’s of Dover in my great cull.
    What a joke this country is.
    Bring back the good old days when you could beat up the weirdos.

    • I don’t even want to think about the number of jobs I’ve been turned down for. I don’t want to think about work. This publicity-hungry cunt just wants someone, anyone, to say “Hey, you’re pretty.” It isn’t going to happen. Darlin’.

    • “Bring back the good old days when you could beat up the weirdos”.
      Excellent B&WC – I am pinching that for my election manifesto!

      Vote Fox!

  17. I was offered a job on the condition that I passed the company medical.

    The Doctor said before he began the the physical examination he was going to ask me ten questions for his records.

    Dr – ” Question number one, have you ever suffered from blackouts..?

    Me – “No, never.”

    Dr – “And finally, question number ten”….

  18. My sympathies WCB. Me missus also failed to secure a seasonal Woolworths job. During the interview she mentioned that the job will ‘probably be a bit boring.’ I was one of the lucky ones and found a Downs working there. No trannies though, thank fuck.

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