Tony Blair (16)

A ‘Carry On Camping’ cunting please, for the old queen of New Labour, who has been shouting his be-lipsticked mouth off yet again, about how stupid us Brexiteers are:

Oooh, get the madam! The corrupt old bastard is clearly desperate to become Chief Commissioner of the EU, so he can screw even more money out of the Fourth Reich than he ever did from plain old Westminster fiddling.

It begs the question though why this raddled old cunt still thinks we need his advice about anything. It has been argued, even by Remainers, that it was Blair’s fetish for immigration that made many people vote to leave.

It also proves how irrelevant Steptoe is – he makes out that he will be impartial and will negotiate a deal, but with all the old poofters and BAME Labour MPs (most of them will be back because they have safe seats) screaming they don’t want Brexit, how can Corbyn even pretend there might be a chance of breaking free?

As for Blair, I just wish the old mincer would fuck off somewhere with his ugly wife and count his money.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

69 thoughts on “Tony Blair (16)

  1. Anthony Linton Blair
    Cunt of Cunts
    The man who took us to two wars on lies (the second one I did 6 tours fighting the Taliban in Helmand Province) This bastard should be taken to The Hague for war crimes Blair disappeared when the Chilcot Enquiry were taking place then he re surfaced remorseful and crying what a fucking scumbag.
    Blair and his Institute For Global Reform is a con Brexit why did most of us vote to leave because we want our Country back As with everything regarding Tony Blair always check the small print slippery as fuck should make a good car dealer hurry up and die.
    Communist Labour For The Many But Not The Jew

  2. Every morning, after he’s washed the blood off his hands and done an hour’s self-flagellation, I wonder which he does first: Counts his money or engineers new ways to thwart what the majority voted three years ago? It’s laughable how he’s free to wander the planet earning gazillions, preaching, grinning, putting on sincerity like it’s facial make-up yet should have his address beginning with an HMP. This smiling, devious, Catholic piece of shit wrenched open the Gimmigrant gates and coo-eed the Dooshka-Booshkas in like the Pied fucking Piper. Now you can’t walk 50 yards before a trackky-bottom-clad Iron Curtain slithers past spitting, slugging on his can of Körrva Lager, and wondering which house to burgle next.

    This, as well as engineering a war and guzxling on the EU cock like a pîkey slurping pigeon soup, is this turd’s legacy.

    Tony Blair: The Patron Saint of Cunts.

    • In defence of the Iron Cortinas, the Polish lad at my work place has done some good work on my car and also taught me how to pronounce those strong Polish lagers I used to drink before I got Coeliac Disease. Granted the only other Polish word he taught me was ….. Kurwa! So you might be on to something.

    • Nice to see he’s found a religion compatible with slimy despotic personality. You can murder practically anything, even genocide, conduct most criminal acts, even fuck children, and as long as you chuck a few Hail Marys before you croak, and jobs a good un.

  3. Well for a twat who twice attacked a country who up until that point had never caused us any harm, and went on to destabilise the Middle East in general, I think I’m much better off ignoring his advice on world affairs.

  4. It’s hard to start a sentence with ‘to be fair to Blair…., but……

    To be fair to Blair what he’s done is expose how the ‘elites’ run the show.

    I don’t like the word ‘elites’ as it presupposes they are better than the rest of us, they aren’t, far from it, they have just by way of some fortune risen to the top of the swamp.

    It’s my belief that the reason cunts like Blair are still walking the earth taking jobs like ‘Middle East peace envoy’ (😂😂) and making gazillions is that he and cunts like him, be that from the ‘right’ or wherever are just two sides of the same coin.

    There’s a pretence that they represent different sides but they don’t, they represent their own self interests which revolve around power and money.

    Blair will never ever be charged with war crimes, to do so would mean the status quo that exists within the political ‘elite’ would be disrupted forever.

    Whatever we may think about the rights and wrongs of leadership those who genuinely control the corridors of power need to have the right to walk into any land run by the latest ‘bogeyman’ of their choosing.

    If you charge Blair you shoot yourself in the foot, bollocks, arse and head.

    The precedent is set and when you make the rules why would you make a rule that stops you from playing the game?

    You wouldn’t, would you?

  5. Blair faced liar.
    Slimey, devious, grasping, all the qualities of a politician, I couldnt give a fuck about dead iraqis, but do care about dead, wounded or disabled british servicemen.
    Why would anyone listen to him?
    As THE WHO sang “wont get fooled again!”

  6. The cunt against which all other cunts are measured… surely a lifetime achievement award for services to cuntishness or a founding member honour in the Grand Hall of Cunts.
    What a whopper of a cunt.

  7. Does anyone (apart from Mandy) take the slightest notice of anything this disgraced cunt has to say anymore?

    • Ironically RTC, yes I think they do.

      Every time the cunt opens his mouth it seems the Prols turn against him or do the opposite of whatever the bastard cunt says, so he does serve some purpose.

      • Quite so Cunty, that’s about the full extent of his influence nowadays.

        I don’t know anyone who even listens to him anymore, far less take any notice of his predictable blather.

        • People who pay to hear his speeches around the World care what he says. That’s one reason why he’s so wealthy (there’s a rumour he’s a billionaire).

          • Cunts who pay to hear him speak have the combined mentality of one peanut. Possibly.

            The old adage ‘more money than sense’ comes effortlessly to mind.

  8. War criminal. Paid friend and advisor to the dodgiest despots on earth. Horrendous, grasping wife. Makes Major look like an elder statesman.
    Every time the cunt opens his duplicitous gob is another nail ion the coffin of remoan.

  9. Canvassing Labour tossers came to our door yesterday afternoon when I was out escorting my Mum to her weekly wash and blow dry.

    My Dad had the displeasure of having to open the door to these cunts and I am happy to say, put them right in their place. He said that the woman who came to the door was some old hippy type, complete with green tights and Dame Elton John-type glasses. Just your typical, lefty asshole, Labour supporter.

    She gave her spiel, to which my Dad replied: “Blair dragged us into an illegal war where 180 of our soldiers were killed… you really think that I, as an ex-serviceman, would ever vote for Labour again in my lifetime?”

    Apparently she stood there speechless for a few seconds before saying (I shit you not) “Well, I can only apologise for that”………

    He also asked her if she seriously thinks that Catweazle looks like a Statesman?
    She replied, “Well actually, yes I do” (and with a straight face”)

    I loathe Blair on so many levels, predominantly because the rot well and truly set in during his time in government, the NHS being the biggest bugbear for me, his fucking ‘reforms’ digging it into an even bigger hole, plus all of the fucking managers…..DOUBLE the amount brought in to supposedly make things run smoother, when it fact they were doing FUCK ALL to change or improve anything on the shop floor, just draining funds by being paid to do nothing but sit in their ivory towers drinking coffee and stuffing their pieholes. Every manager I ever met in my career was a clueless, lard arse, Grade-A cunt who knew fuck all about how a ward ran or the stresses that entailed. They did nothing and changed nothing. The open door policy on immigration over Labour’s 13 years in power has effectively brought the service to its knees too. It is not rocket science. There are not enough staffing, funds or services for demand.

    It incenses me that this man has the sheer, unapologetic arrogance to think that his opinions still count for something and that we should listen to him. He is utterly shameless and should just stay away from the public eye and ideally drown in his bulging bank balance, doing the world a big favour.

    I fucking hate the cunt and his letter box-mouthed cunt wife.

    • Very nicely said Nurse Cunty.
      Never understood the deal with all the management, too many chiefs not enough indians.

        • I was in High Wycombe over the weekend. This place represents your average British town now. All the crap jobs done by dooshkas and dar quays (and of course the crime). This is Blair’s legacy – the ruination of our country.

          We’re all going to pay hugely for it in 20, 30 years. Something will have to give so that we can maintain pensions, healthcare etc. People get upset when I say genocide is inevitable. Sadly, it is. Or major war.

    • Great post Nurse Cunty.
      My mother, who was a nurse during the war and a nursing sister into the 1950s, used to make much the same points. She remained in touch with friends and colleagues in the NHS and they were equally dismayed at what Blair had bequeathed the service.

      • Thanks RTC. It is the old school nurses that I feel really sorry for. They have REALLY seen the monumental changes in the service and the decline.

        It is a deep, deep shame as there are so many brilliantly skilled and experienced staff in the NHS whose hands are tied and who are blamed for all of its failings, when it is the system that is failing them and the conditions they have to work under that are impacting on and creating poor patient care.

  10. Smarmy, smug, sneaky, dishonest, dodgy looking used car salesman type. A war criminal who at no point has ever respected the will of the people or indeed ever thought it necessary to follow legal procedure, as per sanctioning invading Iraq.

    One thing is for certain, if this cunt wants this country to stay in the EU, it is purely only for his own benefit! His current net worth you ask? Well considering the tax payer still pays for his numerous cream of the crop bodyguards on his numerous private money making trips abroad it is…..£60,000,000, yup 60 million! Still, if he is ever skint, his halibut faced, Cruella De Vil, fugly fucking wife could always chip in from one of her firms or property portfolio!

    Fuck off!

    • Coolio….£60 million? He passed that last century. There’s rumours of him being a billionaire, which admittedly is a tad exaggerated. Even Ant or Dec has £60 million apiece and they haven’t sold British secrets/made shady deals with the Reich/ grovelled at the feet of Saudis/taken it up the shitter from Rupert Murdoch/taken it up the shitter from Murdoch’s wife (although the spamhead in Ant’n’Dec might do any of them).

  11. I might be shallow, but I give this has bastard no more thought than I do to a dog turd I avoid on a walk.

  12. He’s an absolute monster cunt. Even when the cunt was younger he had a face that just asked to be introduced to a baseball bat.

  13. I wouldn’t waste time and money on any lawful extravaganza ( which he would slip out of ) Just hire a hit on the fucker , and blow the wax and the shit out of him! A few bob more and bitch babe could be accommodated too !

  14. Fuck all of the thick cunts of Sedgefield in Cunty Durham who elected this twat twice over. Thick as fucking pig shit, and they still vote fucking labour. Burn the bastards out.

  15. That photo is really quite disturbing , really does look like a devils disciple in some cheap horror film, sometimes wonder if we are all starring in some horror film mainly directed by Blair

    • Just the sight of him grinning like a wanking jap is enough to boil my piss. Truly a CUNT.

  16. There’ll be the largest and most happiest of street parties across the Country when this cunt drops dead

    ….Hurry up cunt, I’m looking forward to a laugh.

  17. Horrible bastard should be out in stocks naked in London and left for the crows to remove his eyes

  18. I can remember when this cunt famously said, “Education, Education, Education.” What did you do about it, Blair? Wrapped everyone in cotton wool, took punishment away, and let the kids know the words, “I know my rights.”

    Fucking cunt.

  19. “Tough on crime tough on the causes of crime” was another of his memorable quips. He didn’t mean his own fucking crimes obviously.

  20. Black and White Cunts report on the debate on ITV,

    What a bunch of cunts and that Julie Etchingham is useless, she may as well fuck off and watch and let them all waffle on whilst I give her arsehole a good tonguing.
    Only the Farage is talking any sense, Krankie is chatting the usual shite whilst Swinson is as deluded as ever, the Tories have some Ravi cunt on and Labour have some mental looking swivel eyed loon.
    What is it with Krankies hair? I don’t trust a whitey whose hair doesn’t move.
    What a pile of cunt.

    • It’ll be a flood of biblical proportions…
      By Dog, I shall really be celebrating when that cuntlord carks.

    • I would travel anywhere to piss on his grave. And I fucking hate travelling. In fact, I’ll float the idea of an ISAC charter holiday.

  21. Old Miranda Blair, war mongerer, cross-dresser, cottager, all-round cunt of cunts.
    How can anyone trust a man who spotted Cherie Booth across a crowded dance floor and thought to himself “she’s fucking gorgeous”.

    • To be fair he probably thought that, as the daughter of a famous TV actor she was loaded. I can’t think of any other reason why this money grabbing cunt would shack up with the Monster of the Lagoon.

  22. Opinion is strongly divided on this cunt between those who wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire in the gutter and those who wish to punch him senseless into the gutter then set him on fire just to summon a collective flash-pissing. That’d certainly “bring the community together” like nothing else could.

  23. Been away at the weekend wit no internet access and I come home to the cunt of cunts on ISAC.

    In the future calling someone Tony Blair could be a bigger insult than calling someone a cunt.

    He really is an insidious cunt, he could limbo under a snakes belly. More than anyone I’d like this cunt to be exposed, there’s the dirt we know about, which is bad enough. What else is being hidden behind D notices?

    Tony Blair is the UK’s Hilary Clinton, everything he touches is shit stained beyond repair.

    I would think if Corbyn somehow stumbles into power he will expose this cunt before anything else, if he didn’t it would show him up as an establishment tool.

  24. I shall now blow my own trumpet. This is after all, dear Tony’s approach and it works for him – never mind that the valves stick, it’s full of spit and the resulting sound is that of a cow on spring grass taking a dump.
    I have an encyclopaedic knowledge of this cunt’s activities for the last five years, ending here (and preceded by over 50 pages):

    From China to Malaysia to Saudi Arabia to most of the Balkans to East, West and Central Africa to Ukraine and of course the EU the cunt has inserted his shitty digit into any country cunt enough to pay him and his currently 300-strong organisation of meddling cunts for their utterly worthless ‘advice’. The list of despots this moderate centrist is paid by is chilling. If you are in any doubt about the cunt, take a look. Though comments are now closed due to terminal spamming (deleted or intercepted)

    I have nothing to say in mitigation of the cunt. He is a corkscrew cunt, a slimy cunt, a devious cunt, a lying cunt, a cunt to the bone, his nasty wife is a well-matched cunt, and his dismal brats are exactly as you would expect,
    generic cunts. Waste cunt. Recycle in a nuclear reactor to be sure no unaltered fragment of the cunt escapes.

    • His bank balance has certainly improved. What a fucking photo, he looks like a nöncė, beyond spooky.
      Fucking Cunt.

      • I always thought he looked like a nonce. But yes, in that photo he certainly looks like someone who should have all their electronic devices checked out.

  25. When seeing the smarmy cunt Blair, I always think of the dignified Dad of Tom Keys, one of the Red Caps killed in a shithole police station in Iraq surrounded by a baying mob. A few days after his Son had been killed, Reg Keys said “Would Tony Blair have sent his kids into Iraq?”. We all know the answer to that. £3 billion pound spent on the Iraq war and nearly two hundred lads and lasses killed in service. I wonder if Tony sleeps well at night? Probably does, the man has no conscience, scruples, dignity and morals.

    • I remember the Paras not going to their aid or at least not being sent should I say.

      Ex marine here and like to get stuck into them whenever I can but to be fair the ridiculous bumlords are usually up for stuff like this, the mad cunts, which only suggests that some upper echelon cunt decided they wouldn’t bother . This was one of the stories from that conflict that stayed with me most. Atrocious.

  26. Tony B liar.
    The cunt’s cunt.

    That should have been his election slogan back then.

    Had acquaintances with Szarkozy, Berlusconi and a certain recently deceased Mr Epstein, as I recall.

  27. Apart from immigration and warmoongering, Blair is also responsible for the outbreak of poofery that has infested the Labour party for 25 years. Prior to that you did get the occasional arty-farty lawyer, but post Blair it has been actor laddies, university smartarses, brown-nosing creeps and poofs…people like screaming queen Lloyd Russell-Moyle, housewife and former BBC reporter Ben Bradshaw, rentagob Wes Streeting, pouting pansy Peter Kyle, the lezzies like “happily married” Jess Phillips.

    At one time the lads would have been happy as ladies hairdressers, dress designers, something in the ballet or dressers in the theatre. Phillips would have been stripped to the waist on a building site, or studying to become a fireman.

    It all started with the queenly Peter “Whoops Duckie” Mandelson, now all these pansies, who don’t know a fuck about the working man, and have no desire to find out, prance round attitudenising and having a wank over the prospect of Anthony returning and putting them in a cabinet. Cunts.

    • Maybe fortunately for me, my poovery had outbroken itself just beforehand. FUCK Labour feminazi snowflake jew-hating cuntbusters. This fairy wants the death sentence for rapists, murderers and paedos, the immediate closure and bulldozing of all mosques and madrassas, and the immediate expulsion and conviction for treason for all college and university socialist and Marxist ‘teachers’ of our upcoming generations. If there’s even a sliver of a chance of getting this country back on track, we need Anne-Marie Waters to do it.

  28. The living embodiment of Sam Neill in Omen III The Final Conflict. How the fuck an entire country was so easily tricked by this Satanic charlatan is beyond scary. We prospered for 52 years after WWII. Now, in just 22 years, Britain has been irrevocably scheduled for deletion by what this CUNT did untrammelled for just 10 years.

  29. Tony is visiting Angola today. He will as usual be discussing business opportunities with President Lourenco, the long-lasting but probably ill Jose Dos Santos’ nominated successor. Uncertain whether it’s Angola’s oil that has attracted Blair in his role of fixer for BP or general investor interest by Blair’s employers, JP Morgan and/or the UAE’s sovereign wealth fund, Mubadala. It may even concern Tony’s very good friend and private jet facilitator Naguib Sawiris, who has just announced his formation of an Angolan mobile network….but no, Naguib’s in Pakistan right now.

  30. Evil bastard and genuine monster. He needs to die in the most undignified painful and unpleasant fashion possible.
    The scum cunt…

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