Men’s Fashion

A nomination for men’s fashion.

I feel I’m not quite so wrathful of late. Apologies if this seems a half-hearted nomination, however, men’s fashion has been on my hit list for a while now.

Not all men’s fashion, you understand. More the modern trends, such as wearing your trousers/jeans at half-mast, with white socks and white trainers or, egads – no socks with loafers, or brogues and a suit.

I’ve also noticed a trend for young men dressing a bit 80s/early 90s, with bumbags around their necks.

There also appears to be an influx of young men dressed like Where’s Wally – hipsters and fake nerds.

Nominated by Harold Steptoe

83 thoughts on “Men’s Fashion

  1. Good Nom Harold. Which brings to mind these stupid looking cunts that wear shorts over jogging bottoms. Do they really think the batman and Robin look is cool ? because it’s not , its silly so stop it you cunts.

    • Shorts over trousers? Fucking hell. Even more stupid and pointless than the daft “t-shirt over a long sleeved t-shirt” trend from the noughties. Dopey looking twats.

  2. I made my own trousers from some horse blanket i found!
    Cant tell me about fashion!
    Proper dandy i am!

      • I do like a sheepskin Harold, got a few,
        Irwin flying jackets!
        An the kids bought me a fur trappers hat, look straight out of the klondike in that!!

  3. Good nom. My particular pet hate is those absurd skinny trousers.

    The cunts that wear these look like Max Wall with full-blown gayness.

    • Skinny jeans from the 80s, waved hair from the 50s, skin tight shirt no neck tie but buttoned all, the way up turned trousers from the 70s and loafers no socks from the 90s.

      Most wear glasses to look nerdy when their eyes are fine and beards to hide the fact they have no chin underneath to speak of.

      They still end up looking like feminine soyvboys that they try wish they weren’t.

  4. They’d be going some to look any more ridiculous than the Punks/New Romantics that weren’t popular fashions in rural Northumberland when I was growing up.

    My fashion is,of course,timeless….Plus Fours,riding-boots,cape and top-hat.

    Plus my full fox-hunting outfit,of course..classy,understated and yet and makes a statement about the wearer.

    Fuck Off.

    • Morning Dick, yep pink makes them wink!
      Whats the deal with young people wearing half mast trousers?
      Personally think it looks shite.
      Used to shout “has yet cat died?”
      Nautical thing? Dunno.
      Shouted it anyway.

      • Morning MNC.

        Being fair, I think that every generation has had the older generation looking and saying “What the Fuck”. Best to wear what you find comfortable. I’d imagine that most Posters on here are past the point of wanting to make a fashion statement and are just doing well if they can bend down far enough to pull their own socks on without groaning.

    • When i was in my late teens early 20s (late 70s 80s), I used to wear various heavy metal t-shirts (Motorhead, UFO, Sabbath and Van Halen chiefly), jeans, bullet-belts, denim jacket (with even more HM patches on the back) and trainers both in my social time and work time – happy days!

      Of course if I wore that these days I would look a right cock!

      • Have you noticed the trend nowadays TC, of stupid cunts (normally girls in late teens/early twenties) who have clearly never listened to anything heavier than Ed “charisma bypass” Sheeran wearing brand new t-shirts like you mention as some kind of fashion statement? Usually Maiden, Zeppelin, The Ramones or Motorhead? You see the fucking idiots hoovering them up in HMV

        • Zeppelins my favourite band Cuntan!
          An love Motorhead an Ramones.
          Never got Iron Maiden though.
          They were popular but left me cold.
          My sons first gig was metallica.
          Mine was Jethro Tull!

          • Good man MNC! I’m all about that metal. I love Maiden but I get why they’re a bit Marmite! Lemmy was a fucking icon, very misunderstood bloke (loved himself some Nazi memorabilia as well)

          • Yeah love motorhead!!
            Hawkwind were better wi Lemmy in!
            Great frontman for motorhead,
            Proper character.

            Ian Lemmy kilminster.

          • I went to see a group called Royal Republic in Nottingham the other week, support was some German metal band (Dark something, can’t remember) – they were alright until the last song where this cunt of a singer shouts, “ziss von ghose out too ze sixteen-year-old girl who iss tryink to save ze vorld” I went into a fucking rage MNC!! Booing and telling them to get fucked. I’m here to listen to some music not your politics you cunt!!! (I remember shouting “walking back to Germany then are you”!)

          • For me Zeppelin were my Marmite band. Never really liked S2H but totally adored Kasmire.

            I saw them in concert decades ago. It was an ok gig but didn’t leave much of an impression other than for Bonham’s stick work.

          • Seen loads of tribute bands but would of loved to of seen them at their peak!
            Them and THE WHO.
            Seen the WHO but not with moonie😢

  5. Went to London the other week for a concert, unfortunately had to venture into the hipster hellhole that is Camden Town; holy fucking Christ, I thought I’d wandered onto the set of a 70s-made sci-fi film trying to portay life in 2100 AD. Not a single “man” – and I use the word advisedly – dressed in what you’d call anything normal (jeans, T-shirt maybe – style guru I am not) but all wearing shit from a Jean-Paul Gaultier fever dream and nobody batting an eyelid.
    I just hope St Greta’s right and there’s an apocalypse round the corner, I reckon I’d be in my element in a Mad Max-style distopian wasteland; run over these cunts with impunity in my V8 Interceptor

    • Find a style you like an stick with it!
      Mullet hair?
      Bill cosby jumpers?
      Do whatever yer like
      Wellys wi shorts is a favourite.

      • Yeah at the end of the day the whole concept of fashion is a weird one, sign of a species with too much time on its hands I reckon

      • “Bill Cosby jumpers” – are they what he used the call the hoes who woke up from the rohypnol and tried to jump his gate?? 😃

        • Hehe! Naughty wasnt he?
          Used to go on about pudding,
          He probably meant puddin his dick where he shouldn’t!!😳

          • He sure “pulled a Saville” as I believe it’s now known! (By the way I was googling Jerry Sadowitz after the other night and he had some choice words – like John Lydon – about the tracksuited one back in the day…!)

          • Really?
            Heard John Lydon audio in 70s slaggin savile.
            In house secret at the beeb, how could you have that on your conscience?
            True monster wasnt he mate?

          • Yeah there were plenty who knew all about his sleazy shenanigans and turned a blind eye cos he was “the talent”…. just as liable in my book

    • Sorry, you’re not allowed to say “Mad Max” as it will cause offence.

      The rebooted version will be called “Slightly Unhinged Max”

      • “Slightly Unhinged Maxine – Beyond Trans Dome” don’t you mean? Max could be in transition and wander the wastelands looking for repressed minorities to help out, like a poovey A-Team

  6. Fortunately there’s a bit of a timewarp in terms of fashion-sense up here in Cümbria, or least in the rural areas.

    That said, recent trips to Workington and Carlisle would suggest that the Hipster fad is slowly infesting the naive mindset of the younger generation.

    Personally I think anyone under 30 up here should be stood up against a wall, stripped and doused in freezing cold water from a fireman’s hosepipe (nope, not a pervy euphemism before you get started!), and told in no uncertain terms that dressing like a twat is not a good idea!

    That said, I still have a pair of flares and a kipper tie dating back to my school years in the late 70s – an era where fashion really got seriously fucked up!

    • Yorks full of hipsters!
      Saw a young bloke on a bicycle with a full beard, pink jeans smoking a pipe!

      • Morning Miserable, you’ve been sporting the lumberjack beard for years now before it became fashionable? I saw a young cunt once with a 1990’s Gameboy slung around his neck, trying to make a clever post-ironic statement about retro gaming no doubt, wanker.

        • I’ve seen similar bellends wearing old 80s Sony Walkmans (Walkmen?) too LL, orange foam earphones and all. Cunts.

          • Camden Town sounds a right cunthole CtC. I suppose you see this cuntery in areas that have been gentrified, usually by white middle-class millennials and young professionals who then push out the locals by forcing up rents.

        • Yeah LL the beards a bit of a trademark now.
          These hipsters are in awe of it, it bullies their beards, I oil an comb it in a morning but its a beard that strikes terror!!!
          Even the mud slimes only dream of being so hirsute!

    • The 1970’s! When shirt collars looked like you were wearing a Vulcan bomber around your neck and strides like sails! Fantastic!

      • Yep, along with said flares that looked like they were nicked from a windmill; platform shoes that give you an extra couple of inches; and a dab of Denim or Blue Stratos (or if you’ve no other option, pinching your old man’s bottle of Old Spice)

        Fortunately I was only a pimply teenager back in the late 70s, but my old man was like Peter fucking Windgarde (Jason King) – side burns, perms, the whole fucking deal!

        Needless to say I disowned him in front of my mates

  7. I’ve been rocking the man at millets for the last thirty years and I don’t give a fuck.

  8. This season, I will be mainly wearing exactly the same stuff as the previous twenty, if not more.
    You can remove my Solway Zipper from my cold dead body.
    Good morning.

  9. What a total soy boy in Admin’s photograph accompanying this worthy nom. Sums it all up. So much contemporary men’s fashion is designed for the soft as shite semi- feminine soy boy who would love to wear clothes that ape women so as to display their metrosexual qualities and their lack of a definitive, and therefore discriminatory, gender.

    Bunch of cunts. Fuck off.

    • To be fair to the soy boy, it is a fashion model posing for fashion editors to make catty remarks about and photograph for their little-read fashion pages. The outfit has been designed by a wimminz fashion designer to indicate equality of contempt. No-one real actually wears this extreme shit except in secrecy, with like-minded friends if they have any.

      • There is such a thing as self esteem, I don’t know the going rate for boy model’s, it would have to be mega-bucks for any self respecting male to flounce around like that or he has an expensive drug habit to support, mind you , you would have to be stoned to put that on

  10. I have a dashing naval trench coat!
    I have got fed up with coats that look warm but fall apart in a month, so I went to Army surplus and bought a German Navy officers coat, changed the buttons and Bobs your uncle.
    Nice and warm and at £30 a very good investment (has a decent inside pocket where I can keep my Luger)

    Trench coat? since when did the navy dig trenches? Greatcoat perhaps?

    • Bloke near me Lord Benny, wears full American army fatigues, looks like hes home on leave from the ‘war on terror’
      Even a shemagh scarf thingie.
      Hes always dressed like a yank soldier for what? About 30yrs i can remember.
      Hes obviously mental, no way has he served, as hed be classed ‘unfit’
      But long as hes happy i suppose.
      You baking mince pies yet?
      Put the tree up?
      Thought i told you to get in the christmas mood?!

      • We’ve got one too. I think they’re quite abundant. Full (obsolete) desert camo*, carrier bags, ratty old pushbike. What is known as a walt, but at least not the full cunt walt whose imaginary exploits are audible to everyone in the pub.

        * There are some sand dunes about 20 miles away.

        • Sadly I recall one of those who used to live in my village, I think he had some issues after Korea,He dressed in full DPM and used to pretend that he was a National Trust warden.
          I worked in Millets at the time and he showed a lot of interest in some lace up fleece lined thermal wellies that we stocked.
          His wife went totally the other way, she was always dressed in leopard print and fur with big sunglasses (a Jackie Kennedy look alike) odd people, but Mostly harmless.

          Ps my coat is black so I do not qualify for the dress like a tree award.

  11. I like to keep up with the latest fashion, so yesterday I bought a pair of those new tortoise shell shoes.
    Took me three hours to get out of the shop….

  12. When I were a lad, I reckoned a greasy leather jacket someone flogged me for a fiver made me look well ‘ard as I failed to start my 1953 BSA C11G. I was mistaken. It just didn’t work in Poplar for a lad with a large vocabulary and precise enunciation. And jeans are bloody cold in winter. I have generally succeeded in not looking trendy ever since, although Dick might have approved of my brief spell as a gamekeeper – plus-two suit with waistcoat in the estate tweed. worn winter and summer, rain, snow or shine – this last being a complete bastard when working dogs to grouse. And moisture made the outfit smell like a dead sheep.

    Where I work I can inspect the complete spectrum of what the younger idiot can be induced to wear by its peers or by social media. None of it would outlast five minutes of manual labour or a walk of 200 yards. Form does not follow function. My dull apparel is fully functional.

  13. Years ago, I went into Dunne and Co.
    I said to the assistant, ‘ I’d like to try that suit on in the window ‘ he said,
    ‘ You can’t, you’ll have to try it on in the changing room like anyone else ‘
    Settle down now …….

  14. I blame Madonna for making `Androgyny’ a fashion thing back in the day … from there the seed of boys and girls of a certain age (mid-teens) dressing the same began. That given time hs now evolved into the pinnacle of cuntery we see now, and in my humble opinion leaches into the general snowflakery of recent years.

    Though I may just unconsciously be a whinny old Gammon cunt with an axe to grind wiv de yoof.

  15. Many moons ago when I was a teenager, I used to wear clothes similar to what was fashionable or trendy at the time to fit in with my peers.
    Then into adulthood I wore what felt comfortable. Jeans, T-shirt, sometimes a jumper, and vest underneath if cold
    Comfort over style for me all the time.
    If I want to feel a bit special, I wear the T-shirt with the least curry stains. 🙂

    P.s I detest underwear that has a thick elastic waistband with names on. Where are the briefs and slips?

    • Yeah Spoon and I detest the cunts who go about with their jeans at half mast to show that waistband with the ‘designer’ name. Wankers.

    • M&S (don’t laugh) is your friend for the nether apparel, Spoons. You may even find a Y-front looking at you beseechingly from a half-concealed rack. And their pricier thermals are Antarctic quality.

      • Cheers Komodo. I’ll give m&s a try. I’ll let you and others of ISAC website know how I get on. 🙂

  16. Christ on a bike.Is it possible to look a bigger cunt than the fanny in the photo? If that was my son I’d put it out of its misery.

  17. I’m not saying I don’t buy any clothes today but some of the stuff in my wardrobe has stood the test of time.
    Here’s a challenge .. . . . . .
    Can any cunters beat the age of my two C&A tops(C&A closed in the UK in 2001)
    Which are approx 23 years old and still going strong.
    It’s not that I’m tight or anything but I’ve never given a fuck about fashion.

    • I have a couple of shirts which are at least 30 years old and still wearable. From a now defunct Scottish agricultural supplier. God knows what they’re made of – they have the absorbency, texture and permanent crease characteristics of thick tracing paper.

    • At least 50% of my wardrobe dates back to the 1980s, some even earlier. Since the ’70s I’ve rarely worn anything other jeans and T-shirts on a regular basis.

    • I can beat that Bertie, apart from a few pair of trainers that are 20yr old ive got a coat thats 8o yr old!
      Obviously ive not had it that long ive had it 30yrs.
      A Norwegian WW2 extreme winter coat fur lined, still does the job if winter camping or dogwalking!👍

    • Embarrassed to say I still posses a ‘Peter England’ shirt in pretty pink which my mother bought me because she thought I would look nice in pink, that has to be 43/44 years old, suffice to say it has been worn occasionally (under a jumper) kept for the memories, which do count

    • Wore my old ByMail (Jeff Banks ??) pigskin jacket this pm; bought it around the time I married, in 1987. Now looks really…with all the gaffer tape. Took it to a dry cleaner’s in Switzerland in about 2010, he said he wouldn’t take any responsibility for it, so it’s never been cleaned, either.
      But wearingpigskin around my neck of the woods keeps certain neer-do-wells and undesirables away !

    • Denim Shirt bought in Mr Byrite East Ham High Street sometime in the eighties, was fashionable, then wasn’t, then was, then wasn’t …may now be again. Still in mint condition, got pearly press-stud fasteners and everything.

  18. When I am out on the town pour cherchez la femme, I do make an effort to look dapper.
    I have a nice selection of overcoats and jackets and wear clothes that complement my physique. No point in training in a gym 5 days a week if I don’t get a chance to show it off.

    Mostly though I’m in jeans, boots, shirt or t-shirt and a jacket.
    And bollocks to all the fads.

  19. An oft repeated phrase is that clothes maketh the man, but none more so in that which he chooses to put on his feet. Now some shoes are more suited for some jobs than others including trainers and some for casually larking about. But this casual approach to footwear can become a mirror into the very nature of a man. What is one to make of the sight of those long thin flat shiny Italian leather abominations that give the appearance of a man not possessing normal feet but those of a kangaroo !, indeed I recall earlier in the year observing the disgorging from a race meeting of legions of men/youths attired thus who compounded their folly in wearing silly little socks terminating below the ankle bone above which was revealed two inches of naked leg and finally the hem of the trouser, one and all looked a set of cunts, mind you one was somewhat envious in that many were accompanied by some fine looking fillies (the world is beyond understanding at times)
    Let us now discuss the trainer without doubt the most ubiquitous style of footwear produced, largely in Indonesia and Vietnam these days, in a multitude of styles colours and sole construct some of which are imbued with magic properties ! Indeed apart from the big name brands who must surely spend more on advertising and sponsorship than actually making the fucking things the high fashion houses have decided to ride this horse and market their own trainers those of which I have seen in magazines look almost perverse. Most trainers mercifully come to a sorry end largely uncleaned, piled up with other detritus, stinking like a dirty fridge and upon their final demise reveal themselves to be made from fresh air, cardboard and cheap fabric .
    However redemption for the man who wishes to promote a sense of endeavour and pride about himself is readily to hand by the wearing of a pair of English made hand stitched Brogue or Derby style country shoes, without doubt immediately imparting a feeling of purpose and well-being. Such a pair of shoes given care and attention in itself a pleasure will give a long dutiful service showing more loyalty than any woman. Indeed I have promised myself by way of a Brexit Bonus if it happens to purchase such a pair and at the same time also do my part to assist British manufacturing


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