Ghislaine Maxwell

A “Hello sailor, are you looking for a good time?” Piccadilly Circus cunting please, for Jeffrey Epstein and Randy Andy’s ponce, Ghislaine Maxwell.

This ugly, leather-faced bitch procured young girls to satisfy these gentlemen, and given that the old whore is the daughter of the late Robert Maxwell, you can be sure she wasn’t doing it for charity. Her and her brother Kevin, he who was more sinned against than sinning because his dad bullied him, have always had an obscene taste for money and would take a fifty pence piece embedded in a dog turd in their teeth, such is the avarice inbred in them.

This old trollop was just as involved in her daddy’s dodgy business dealings as Kevin was, but has never had to face the consequences. She has a coating of Teflon just like Keith Jim Vaz and Anthony Blair has, and it makes you wonder who they pay to get it. Having outraged with their antics, they walk away from them unscathed.

I don’t think for a minute the scrubbers Maxwell obtained for her clients were aspiring nuns. Unless they were totally naive they must have known the “work” involved dropping their drawers and opening their legs, but Maxwell made it easier for the transactions to take place.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

39 thoughts on “Ghislaine Maxwell

  1. Jesus, the maxwells family blood must be like ice water.
    Old Bob didnt teach his reptilian offspring morals did he?

    • Does no-one else find it curious that after 3 days saying ‘goodbye’ to his friend Epstein, Prince Andrew struck good fortune, when Epstein turned up dead in his prison cell.
      No need for a trial now, no accusations against his wealthy friends, and certainly no need for the FBI to go hunting for his hidden cameras & voyeur movies.
      Most convenient.
      To quote some reports :- “Due to violations of normal jail procedures on the night of Epsteins death (the removal of his cellmate, the falling asleep of two prison guards & the malfunction of 2 cameras in front of his cell) and Epstein’s claimed knowledge of compromising information about famous people – his death generated doubt about his apparent suicide and speculation that he was murdered.

  2. Ohhh look, she’s got her daddy’s eyes. Lying, bullying, greedy, alcoholic eyes. What a shame that when the old lizard jumped off his boat “accidentally” that time, he didn’t take his future abadesa with him. Of course, a few discreet phone calls will be made and the nasty-faced pimpstress will evade justice.

    • Morning Cap, yeah apple doesn’t fall far from tree does it?
      Sociapaths, no empathy for others.
      Daddy was a fuckin thief,
      Daughter a ponce for pee dos.

      • Course i have, smells strong as well, like the smell of a Christmas tree Cap.
        In a good mood, everything’s done bar the prepping of the food.
        Have the missus family tomorrow.
        Only charging em £5 a head.
        I learnt that off Robert Maxwell!😀

      • As long as you don’t have an Ann Robinson around to bang, like old Maxwell did.

        We’ve put up our Amy Winehouse Chrimble Tree. We call it that because it’ll be dead soon and there’ll be needles all over the floor.

        🥁 💥

    • Willie must have shaved off his Hitler moustache!

      Are you sure that’s not Sir Limply Stoke?

      • It could be – surely your wife would know? I thought Sir Limply had ‘retired’ to the great retirement house in the sky for old thesps?

      • Lady Creampuff’s not sure, but thinks it’s Willie Stroker disguised as Sir Limply.

        Well spotted Paul!

        We’ve had so many Butlers pass through recently, including Jacob Rees-Mogg, it’s hard to keep track.

    • Many thanks for the thought Paul.

      Just taking time out from ISAC.

      As with all Leavers I have found the last three years incredibly depressing and for my mental wellbeing decided a while back to avoid all media/news coverage in order not be reminded of the total cuntage and incredible hypocrisy displayed by the undemocratic twats otherwise known as Remoaners.

      Hope to be back in the new year when batteries have been recharged and when I have something to contribute.

      In the meantime wishing you and our fellow cunters a great Christmas and New Year.

      • Look forward to seeing you back Willie, I have been doing my best at Creampuff Manor picking up the slack as well as my gardening duties. I just have to clear the pigeon nests from the guttering of the East Wing then finally free to nurse my hacking cough and achy gammy leg in front of the fire till Boxing Day, 5.30am sharp.

      • Merry Xmas WS
        Look forward to seeing you back to your cunting best in 2020 …..

        Leavers have been given the best Xmas present, watching the forces of remain smashed to pieces by a tidal wave of leave supporters…… EPIC


        Merry Christmas to you and Mrs Stroker.

        All the best for 2020.

        Be seeing you.

      • Willie – as previously stated in my letter, I will be quite willing to act as brief in your upcoming industrial tribunal, regarding your unfair dismissal by Lord Creampuff.
        It’s looking as though reinstatement is very likely and compensayshun will be substantial.
        Yours, Joel Bennethan QC

      • Nice to know I have enticed you out of exile, Willie, by uploading a link to an ancient Birds Eye chicken pie advert.

        Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  3. You are a brave man boggs, heres hoping you don’t get sucided with 5 shots to the back of the head by MI6,or novichoked by mossad for cunting the infamous spy daughter and alleged nonce supplier Jizzislaine maxwell

  4. The Maxwell’s, spreaders of misery, poverty and, in the case of this hard bitten bitch, probably a host of sexually transmitted diseases.
    Peel the veneer of a Maxwell and see the putrescence.
    Utter filth.
    Good morning.

  5. I’ll admit that I’m no expert on the thought processes of 17 year old girls,but I’d have imagined that anyone in their right mind would have bolted the minute that this raddled old sea- hag sidled up and started enquiring about their availability for massages.

    I bet Prince Andrew wishes that he’d just hooked up with some “Abdul’s Taxi Service’ in Rochdale or somewhere….although,thinking about it, his accuser was 17 years old…no self-respecting sand-rat would want some ancient old 17 year old piece of meat on his books.

  6. Pity Reinhard Heydrich and chums didn’t waste her vile cunt of a father in Czechoslovakia before he came over here spreading his misery and inflicting his debauched offspring onto the populace.

  7. It is clear thst even now agent Maxwell is still being protected. Anyone else would have been doorstepped to fuck by the press baying for her blood but all we have had is a staged picture of her having a coffee somewhere.

  8. Related to the ‘Bouncing Czech’… That explains a lot…

    Eurofilth, eh? What are they like?….

  9. An insipid criminal if ever there was one. Belongs in prison with Hilary Clinton, Tony Blair, and that Grieve traitor.

  10. It’s well worth the time to visit this nasty piece of works wikipedia profile and start trawling through all the references at the bottom mainly the American articles as they are less likely to block you out, very illuminating and entertaining a very nasty piece of work at the centre of money, political power and sexual abuse, was even involved with her fathers frauds (though she denies knowing what she was asked to do)
    I just hope someday she gets to face justice, though no doubt she will defend herself as being a victim with the help of the best legal team money can buy

  11. Pointless even commenting on this subject it will only get moderated
    Black Jacks are a sweet as in Fruit Salad and Black Jacks

  12. ‘Once the law catches up with her she’ll jump overboard from the Lady Ghislaine yacht into the icy waters of the Atlantic.

  13. She will never face justice, protected at the highest level…

    I’ll say one thing for her, bet she’s a dirty cunt in the sack, probably has a box like a beetles bonnet…

  14. And how can we forget how Kevin Maxwell, son of Robert and a huge part of his corrupt organisation was granted £10m in legal aid to cover his ‘trial’.

    Apparently he had absolutely zero assets, all his wife’s apparently and children and friends and the dogs…..

    Absolute disgrace. I hate to write this but it’s clear this nasty piece of work won’t ever stand trial and even if it does it will be an utter stitch up.

    You can only hope these cunts contract some form of antibiotic resistant type of Ebola that doesn’t quite finish you off but that keeps you in an isolated oxygen tent whilst you seep puss from every orifice.

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