People who wear Doo-rags are cunts, aren’t they.

Visiting your town centre nowadays is an education in 21st century fashion: the East Euro’s style is baggy grey tracky-bottoms whilst screeching at each other; for the blockades of chuggers armed with clipboards and disingenuous grins, it’s waistcoat and ubiquitous lanyard as dress sense; you’ll want to avoid touching the fashion choice of the day-tripping pîkeys/farmers, who are modelling piss-stained trousers and threadbare jumpers whilst dribbling, mesmerised, at two-storey buildings; the brown taxi-drivers prefer suits, sans tie, and trainers whilst discussing their next teenage prey in Urdu. However, lately there’s been a new trend: The doo-rag.

What fresh shit is this?

It resembles a skull cap or a head wrap. It’s a bit like the bandannas that are worn by 90s rockers or women cancer patients. Doris Day used to wear one. They are usually accompanied by an utterance of “Yo to yo” with splayed fingers giving out gang signs although these arseholes just look like they have chronic arthritis. To complement this ‘look’, they adorn themself with more jewellery than Jimmy Savile.

Why would you wrap these hankies round your noggin? You’re not a gangsta. You live in fucking Hertfordshire. As for white teenage boys who wear them, grow up, and get a life, you sorry-looking wîggers. Your name is Jeremy. Your mum’s in accountancy and you dad’s an estate agent.

Doo-rags have been the best way to advertise you’re a cunt since Ugg Boots were invented. This isn’t East L.A. or Chicago and you’re not a Crip or a Blud, you’re a cunt. For the love of fuck, have a word with yourself.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

Had to look them up myself,
Durags were originally the headgear of poor African American women labourers and slaves in the 19th century. In the 1930s, during the Harlem Renaissance and Great Depression, the durag evolved into a hairstyle preserver. After the Black Power Movement in the late 1960s, the durag became a fashion statement among African Americans, worn by rappers, athletes, and men of all ages. In the 2000s, wearing durags in public lost popularity in certain areas but maintained its popularity in others. However, because of rappers and the return of waves as a hairstyle, they have now regained their status as a fashion among the African American community.

49 thoughts on “Doo-rags

  1. I’ve never seen anyone wearing one of these “doo-rags” where I live….I suppose that if you live in the poorer,shittier area of some city they may be quite common….still a step up from a footy-shirt and cycle-clips,I suppose.

    • Afternoon Fiddler, they must do a nice tweed version of the doo-rag for the more rural enrichers.

      • Alas,I fear that the “doo-rag” is more the garb for inner-city types and now,presumably, jerry-built, “executive team-leader”-style housing estates…not the kind of places that I’m liable to frequent.


  2. Here we go again Mr Fiddler the PMM (Potential Mensa Member) has ventured out amongst the hoi polloi. Who is it we are cunting here? Is it the pikey/farmers in their threadbare jumpers (but I thought farmers were supposed to be loaded) or the Chuggers wearing lanyards (how distasteful) or East Europeans in trackey bottoms ( but I thought only ‘chavs’ wore ‘trackeys’) or the ethnics who wear these durags. The Nom is all over the place. But that’s his problem. He does find EVERYONE so very vulgar.

    • I suppose that when you’re just too clever for Mensa everyone else must seem quite lowbrow, Miles. We’re just privileged that he deigns to share his “barrister-worthy” noms with us lesser minds. What a shame that his brilliant mind hasn’t brought him any tangible benefits… just a mundane second-rate life envying others…of course,that may actually be due to the fact that he really isn’t the intellectual giant that he imagines.

      • Dick and the Captain have agreed to meet up for a day over Christmas to try out each other’s lifestyles.
        Dick has agreed to try a vegetarian dinner in exchange for the Captain joining him for a days sport to bag a brace.

          • Or an IsAC ‘Come Dine With Me Christmas Special’. The Captain and Fiddler joint IsAC regulars for a dinner party style cunting with unlimited booze. What could go wrong?

  3. Saw a couple of dark cunts wearing these last week. De finest silk, in imperial purple, yet another bid for respec’ from de bros, in lieu of actually amounting to anything. Perspicaciously cunted. Cunts.

    • PS, ‘waves’ … a means of training African hair in ordered rows separated by bare scalp. This is accomplished by brushing it very hard for hours and hours daily. The cunts have nothing better to do.

    • Seen these on telly, but not in the street, more for young black lads i think.
      Least youve always got a hanky to hand if you wear one, im more a wooly beanie or flat cap type.
      Cant think of anything else to say?
      Oh Zorro wore one!

  4. I have used them, but more as a sweat thing and not in social circumstances, normally when digging holes.

  5. Can’t stand these things and I was in a shop the other day and at the checkout some teenager blackie was wearing one… whilst on the till in a supermarket…hardly gangsta bombaclaaat central is it? Americans have no style or class and the Blackies and white trash are the worst.
    I’m more of a flat cap, Aquascutum coat with Armani jeans and leather shoes/boots kind of cunt.
    Appearance is important and is what alerts people’s cunt radar.
    I would post a picture of me in an Aquascutum suit but I wouldn’t want ISAC overloaded with female fans wanting my number or That Broccoli bitch wanting me to be the next Bond.
    Go fuck yourselves.

  6. The first time I saw one of these I genuinely believed the cunt had his nan’s forty denier tights wrapped round his head….

  7. Is this an African thing? I wonder whether they’ll soon be recognised as a religious or cultural matter like wearing Rasta hats – you gots to reespeck ma culture.

    Bring back the pastafarians with the collanders.

        • Always wondered why Little Steven had a Big Lower Lip – as he aged it seemed to grow to resemble the lower lip of Bubba from Forrest Gump.

          “Shrimp Gumbo, Shrimp Salad”, etc.

  8. Those things are partly responsible for making the average British Hight Street look like Afghanistan. Horrible.

    • Forget the chink, look at the chimp. The one at the back. From a distance his doo-rag looks like a haircut for a “special” boy. Same myopic barber as the Flabbot. What cunts.

  9. Never noticed that!
    Whats he doing?
    Black street gang an token mr mayagi?
    Straight outa Beijing!

  10. Yes they look like cunts, but is anyone going to put their hand up to wearing a balaclava knitted by your mother in the good old days

  11. Thanks for learning me the term. One to add to the list of human filth that will be culled if I ever have my way.

  12. I resent their cultural appropriation of a pair of pants and trousers. Fucking cunting cunts

  13. Totally off-topic, so my apologies, but I think fellow cunters may be interested in this interview, a great bit of common-sense from an actor, on YouTube:
    Laurence Fox: Woke culture and its celebrity hypocrites

  14. It seems to me they can only wear these if their heads are still attached to their bodies.
    Fucking greasy rats.

  15. When I read the title I thought this cunting was about something to do with women on the blob.

  16. Like so much else about the professional cunt class, the wearing of the durag is intended to annoy nasty old cunts like me. Therefore, when I see an uppity dark person in his headscarf, I shall always make a point of enthusing, as patronisingly as I know how:
    “My goodness, young man. What a very pretty headscarf. So nice to see you embracing your feminine side.”

    I shall then run for it.

  17. Doo-rags? More like bloody toe-rags. Years ago I worked on the door of a legal gambling club in Sydney’s Chinatown. Some street urchin was a regular customer and he wore a silly bloody thing doo-rag. I’d finish work at 04:00hrs back then and once this joker walked with me as I left for home. I lived in a flat in Pitt Street at the time and when I arrived home he asked “can I take a shower in your place?” I’m not a total cunt so I said yes, but he left my bathroom looking like an olympic bloody swimming pool.
    Fucking toe-rag

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