Denial in defeat

It’s been a glorious few days, listening to the excuses given for the disastrous result for labour and the Lib Dem’s at the election. With labour, Corbyn blames Brexit, others blame Corbyn, some blame both. The limps are blaming the unfair pact between the tories and the Brexit party, even though they had a similar pact with other leave sympathetic parties, the cunts.

However, in their rush to blame others, they fail to look at themselves, as they are mostly unappealing, to even their own parties, never mind the public. This is apparent, as with both parties, there is not one cunt amongst them who is clearly considered a leader in waiting. The Cunt is dead, long live the Cunt,….

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

Well these dickheads protesting in London last night about election results. You know the democratically election.

Some got arrested I’d shoot all of them.

It’s strange how antifa are one of most facist organisations on earth of course if you are Muslim they will protect your right to be a racist hateful scumbag.

Bunch of cunts and the peacefuls friend.

Nominated by Johncunty

🎸 All together now 🎸

Are you joining the Job Centre queue 🎵
🎶 All along, down along, out along lea
Are you joining the Job Centre queue 🎵
With David Gauke
🎶 Anna Soubry
Jo Swinson
Dominic Grieve
Zac Goldsmith 🎵
Nigel Dodds
Laura Pidcock
Chukka Ummana
Dennis Skinner 🎶
Philip Hammond
Amber Rudd 🎵
Rory Stewart
Ollie Letwin
And Uncle Tom Watson and all
And McDonnell and Corbyn as well!!!! 🎵

Nominated by Chas C Music

What is it with leftists thinking that everyone shares their political opinion? You’d think after umpteen recent elections (UKIP 2014/Cameron 2015/Brexit 2016/Brexit Party 2019/Boris 2019) showing them otherwise, that they might just take the hint?

But no, I’ve had several of these idiots attempt to strike up ‘conversation’ with me, starting with things like, “You’ll have to excuse my bad mood today, I’m still fuming about Johnson winning.”

I haven’t bitten yet, but I’m close (it mostly takes place at work).

It would be interesting to know if others are experiencing similar stuff and if anyone has gone on a rant at them yet?

Yes, tens of thousands of you protest on the streets against Brexit and just a few hundred in favour. However, the only number that counts is at the ballot box.

Nominated by One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Cunt

132 thoughts on “Denial in defeat

  1. Apparently Jo Swinson is liable to end up in The House of Lords….300 hundred quid a day and a platform to spout her garbage without even the worry of getting voted out…..I could live with that kind of defeat.

    • How the fuck can a failed MP end up in the House of Cunts?

      Moreover, if she did end up in there she could cause problems when it comes to passing or denying pending White Papers from the House of Commons.

      She will by the itch that you can’t quite scratch if she does end up there, along with any other failed cunts who wanted to defy Brexit while sitting as MPs

      • Failed MPs and party /establishment sycophants ending up in the House of Lords is the norm, it’s nothing new.

        Fortunately the Government has ways of dealing with Lord’s cuntery if necessary.

        • Sir Nigel will be putting all his energy in to his new Reform party to abolish the Lords. Whenever he reinvents himself he is usually successful.

        • It will be horrifying if the threatend entry in the leader’s circus does include those two old bulldykes Jess Phillips and Fatarse Thornberry. If it gets down to these two as the finalists, I would suggest that the Lesbian Ladies Labour Group hold a wrestling bout to decide the winner – just picture Bulldyke and Fatarse stripped down to their wrestling boots and jockstraps, two pinfalls, two submissins or a knockout to decide the winner.

          On the other hand despite them all wanting a woman, Dame Keir seems determined to stand. Perhaps he should take fashion and makeup advice from Eddie Izzard.

          Then there are those maniacs who drool at Rebecca Wrong Dailey and Dick Burgeon as the “dream team” – it must be the part of the dream where you wake up ssweating and screeming – oh fuck it, just settle for a farting contest. They are all a bunch of cunts.

    • Topped up by £50 tit-wanks to the assembled gentry, Dick. She’s gonna be a popular gal!

      Congrats to the persistent ISAC who has Nommed the great Sheila Mercier for the last year or two. Dead Pool will be actioned just as soon as Admin has had its ‘hands off cocks/put on socks moment.

      wrong department mate, Different places times different admin.

  2. Not surprisingly most of those protesters support Socialist Worker. But I would guess most of them wouldn’t know what “Socialist” or “Worker” actually meant given that they’re so brainwashed with all things Twitter.

    They don’t believe in democracy, or if they do it has to be a democracy they define and what others must agree with otherwise it doesn’t count.

    But they’ve had their day in the sun, so now they can fuck off back to their bedsits, park benches, university dorms, benefit offices, and moan and moan and moan about unfair true democracy really is.

    If they don’t like this “racist” country they’re more than welcome to fuck off to any other EU country that isn’t quite so intolerant (good luck with that!)

  3. What a beautiful song. You just forgot to put the BBCunts in there. Just been listening to the Today programme on Wireless4 and David Davis being interviewed saying that BJ will want divergence from the E.U. in the free trade negotiations. Justin cunting Webb says “ Oh no there will be objections to that and he will be stopped” Justin we had an election on Thursday remember? DD put him right.
    The interview was after 8.30 when most people have switched off, meanwhile at the flagship 8.10 interview there were a couple of American pundits talking about fuck all , almost as if the BBC didn’t want to report the election consequences.

    • Morning Wanksock.
      I see Boris wants to make non payment of the TV licence de criminalised… A very shrewd move . It could force the BBC to abandon it and go for pay per view.
      Well done Boris.

      • I so want Boris to shit on the BBC from a great height!

        Such arrogant smug and beyond-reproach wankers, they need taking down a peg or two, and the end of the TV licence would be immensely popular given that it is nothing more than a fucking tax for those BBC cunts to spunk on giving massive pay rises to its so-called stars (ie. Gary smugcunt)

        Fuck the BBC!

        • Fuck them indeed. Although we are constantly told how vital the BBC is (especially Radio FUCKING Four) and how terrible it would be if it went. By people employed by the BBC.

          • Time to give the liberal propaganda corporation an arse kicking Boris. Their decision to reinstate licence fees for over 75s is an obvious attempt to hit back at older brexit voters and this is a great opportunity to plunge the knife in for all the anti Tory bias. I don’t know why anyone would watch the BBC anyway they only make shit programmes for snowflakes. PS congratulations Kelvin and Oti

        • Have any of you tried getting a refund on the tv licence after moving? I have been trying for three months! The do not have a system to do it on line demanding paper copies council tax bills etc. but these are all on line and I don’t have a photocopier.I even had a my polling card reject; just about to fire off an email of complaint to Ofcom. The BBC have farmed their refund system out to Crapita-says it all.

          • And I wonder how much that will cost the licence payer?

            Crapita are useless cunts and expensive useless cunts at that!

        • I always used to defend the BBC on the basis that at least its nature documentaries were world-leading; not any more as a) they are mainly fronted by increasingly preachy super-cunt David Attenborough, who is banging the eco-drum hard in hopes of a last blowjob from St Gretchen before he snuffs it; b) other makers have long since caught up quality wise and c) they now insist on padding the shows with 15 minutes of “making of” shite where Jonty shows off his £250,000 camera that WE fucking paid for before sodding off on another all-expenses paid jaunt across the world. Fuck the BBC.

          • 50 years ago a Labour PM (Harold Wilson should we have any young,under educated cunts) complained about the lefty bias of the BBC. This element is so ingrained within the organisation that I see the only hope for it is the abolition of the licence fee. Subjected to commercial forces the BBC will have to have a giant rethink or die.

    • The BBC love American pseudo- intellectuals and if they are wimmin and dark keys, they love them even more. I forget what it was now on the early morning news they had some fucker speaking fr the BRITISH something or other, and she was a fucking American too.

      • I have two demands of BJ having given him my vote last week.
        1. That he shits on the Remoaners from a great height by delivering Brexit NOT Brino
        2. That he shits on BBCunts from a great height by abolishing the licence tax.

        We’re watching and waiting BJ. Tick tock!

  4. That is the problem that Labour and Libdims have currently; they are convinced that they are right and ergo, anyone who disagrees is wrong. The soppy cunts have yet to cotton on to the fact that to get into power you have to get people to vote for you. D’oh!

  5. The look on Owen Jones face when the exit poll came through was worth the three and a half years wait. What a cunt!

    • Did you know that Boris refers to people like him as bum boys, yep so what’s your point Owen you cunt, you are a fucking bum boy!

      • Dirty, rancid little poof cunt. I saw him on a programme with that other disgusting beast Gareth Thomas about acceptance and stigma & he just obviously wanted to munch on hiv cock the sick little pervert.

    • Do you think Owen Jones deserves a good kickin’ ?
      I do – the mealy-mouthed rancid little cunt has been stealing this planets valuable oxygen for too long.
      He takes more than his fair share of clean breathable air, & turns it into a hot poisonous bile gas, that he continually emits.
      The sound of his vomit inducing, left wing snowflake screeching also gives me a headache.
      Will no-one ride me of this irritating arch Cunt ?

  6. How many times do we have to vote for the same thing before they get it?
    Maybe the fuckers in the establishment are finally understanding the message.

      • Calling people names really is the pinnacle of childishness from our so-called intellectuals and betters.

        But then this “not my fault, guv” attitude is symptomatic of the blame-game culture which pervades this country.

    • Spot on RTC and as many a twat has pointed out to me in last few days, “well we won actually because more people voted for remain parties than leave parties”.

      • There was a prize clown (Naomi Smith, CEO of ‘Best For Britain’) on the radio last night Cuntan, claiming that because 52% of the electorate voted for parties that promised a “People’s Vote” it would be wholly undemocratic of Boris Johnson’s fascist junta if he refused to concede to her demands of holding a Loser’s Vote.

        PS: I have nominated her.

        • I wonder if we’d had the same mindset 70 years ago, the Hun would have claimed they won anyway on the basis of “vell, akshooally ve infaded more kuntries zan zee allice; nicht mein Prime Minister!!”

          Did you get your book Ruff?

          • Yes I did thanks. £3.25 incl. p&p from Ebay. Not read it yet… along with a couple of hundred others awaiting my attention.

            Will ‘keep’ you posted…

          • “Badum-tssch” very good RTC! Yes I’ve normally got a few backed up, Ebay is pretty good for obscure stuff like that

  7. With Bojos win, the shitlibs and socialists seem to be in a uproar. How long until we start seeing riots? Seems to be a repeat like with Trump winning alot of remoaners saying “Not my prime minister” like the shitlib yanks saying “Not my president”

    • TS – have you seen this?.

      Hopefully the hissy fit the cunts had on Friday night, with one being charged wih affray and one with assaulting a police officer will have exhausted them ( I hope that pair get a custodial sentence by the way – it will only be by making a severe example of the first wave that will perhaps calm the rest of the turds).

      Corbyn and McDonnell are still fighting the General Srtrike and always will be.

      • Love the little girl with the posh accent and Fuck Boris jumper, the way she says ‘working class people’ like taking about a dog turd on her shoe


      • Yes, You want to be a doctor and I am a fucking astronaut who has won the VC (three times) , scored a double century at Trent Bridge, refused Nobel Prizes in Economics and Physics and at the age of 111 still shag the village maidens.

    • Well, if they don’t feel the need to accept the legal PM then perhaps they won’t have a problem with people not feeling the need to follow the law on GBH and giving the cunts a thorough kicking.

  8. It’s going to be a single-issue election. The other lot are punting it as a single-issue election. It was only held to resolve a single, festering issue which everyone wants resolved. What do you do? You decline to take sides on the single issue. You utter cunt. Talking to you, Corbyn.

    • I suppose if Labour had won by a landslide, Corbyn would be the first to declare “Clearly this result is an endorsement of what we have been saying all along – that the People don’t want Brexit!!!!!”

      The level of hypocrisy spouted by these in-denial twats is so deep they must be drowning in it!

      • It’s not rocket science – if Jeremy had come out in favour of Remain, Labour would have won by a landslide! 😂

        • I think you see the point. Other circumstances aside (if you can bear to leave them there) this was a no-win for Labour.
          Remain? Northern leave vote lost (as it was anyway) Leave? City snowflake vote lost.
          Both, and try and change the emphasis? Fine, but unlikely to give a clear majority.
          But both, and promise pie in the sky and more immigration? Bullet hole in foot.

          Though let us not forget that the main effect of the BP’s participation was to retain Ed Miliband and Yvette Cooper. And no BP seats at all.

  9. Heselcunt has thrown in the towel apparently.

    And Lily Allen has quit Twitter, citing endemic racism and misogyny thereon. Presumably she’s referring to the far-left.

    • I think the whole country should stop whatever it is its doing and observe a one minute’s silence in support of Lily Allen and the pain and heartache she must going through right now!

      She is such an important person that I think even the Queen should lower the Union Flag above Buck House to half-mast.

      I am so upset for poor Lily. I hope she doesn’t top herself!

        • Never knowingly heard her sing but I like her! She makes me laugh so much and when her tears flow I invariably wet myself in some sort of reverse empathy.

          • Indeed Mog. Would be especially heartbreaking if, Dog forbid, they both got the drop from the chairs wrong and instead of a good clean neck snap they choked to death, eyes popping out on stalks like Michael Hutchence, and shit dribbling down their legs while frantically clawing at the noose in an alas too-late bout of last-minute regret. I don’t think I could bear it.

          • I’m up for it mate, you can be assistant director if you want? Miserable Northern can be “Lily’s stool wrangler”, make sure of a good consistency when her bowels let go at the last second

  10. Over the last few days the social media lefties seem to have been quiet (I can’t claim to have done a comprehensive survey, just looked at the ones I know who screeched most loudly for Labour), the general mood is of surly resentment. These twats are so used to getting their own way, often by repeatedly shouting “WAYCIST”, that they’re having incredible difficulty comprehending that they didn’t win this time. And haven’t actually won any democratic vote for a long time (Brexit, last couple of elections, Scotch independence). There’s the odd muttering of “I can’t believe people voted for the Tories”, “Well done, next time you’re dying and can’t afford an ambulance” and other such childishly petulant offerings.
    I’m pleased that “my” side won, but far happier that these cunts were so comprehensively beaten.

  11. Spot on, Cuntflap. Had just such a conversation this morning…distinct signs of reality being perceived.

  12. There used to be a time, not too long ago, when after an election whether your party won or lost, you sucked it up and just gone on with it.
    What a generation of spoilt, self-centred brats we’ve spawned.

  13. The spectacle of lefty SJW twat Faiza Shaheen losing ungracefully to Ian Duncan-Smith was truly inspirational and a joy to behold.

    Ms Shaheen, speaking after the result, said the result was the “biggest injustice”. 😯

    Really? Reckon I can think of one or two worse…

  14. What really happened was that the dumb fucks in the north of England were allowed to vote, how the hell can you hope to win when the electorate have been brainwashed by the media.
    The message was right, the program was right so what went wrong, scratch head and conclude it must be that the people didn’t understand.

    Before the election I had one these fucking activists (labour cunt) on my doorstep, hello, hello, I am voting conservative and started to close the door and it started but, but, but! I said you are wasting you time you may as well go and talk to someone who wants to listen, but, but , but. I am closing to door now goodbye! As I was closing the door but, but , but!

    These cunts can’t take no for an answer even after they have lost, it doesn’t make any difference they are right.

    • one suspects there will be calls from the Libtards to ban anyone outside of the M25 from voting for anything, including General Elections.

      This will be extended to include English heterosexual white men over 40 living within the M25. They will be banned too.

      Oh any anyone who earns more than £20k pa will be banned too, unless you’re a sleb and/or live in Notting Hill or Islington – in which case it doesn’t matter.

      • One man, two votes for Islington voters.
        The second vote is the one obtained for the Polish cleaner.

        • Morning Blunty, Swinson’s humiliation at the count should be put to Tears for Fears ‘Mad World’ closely followed by the ex Change UK Swap Shop muppets.

          • Morning LL. I kept expecting to hear “I’ve got a brand new combine harvester” every time she appeared, as she seemed to morph from the Scot she is to a Yeovil Glover at the end.

          • I would also recommend to all those at Labour and LibDumb party HQs, along with the BBC and Grauniand offices, a rendition of Björk’s “It’s oh so quiet!”


          • Just caught al-Beeb news broadcasting outside Parliament, distinct lack of arsewipe EU flags and that fat loudmouthed cunt, Steve Bray yelling “STOP BREXIT”. Had to get a proper job or self-combusted in the early hours of Friday morning.

          • @LL I hated that cunt, turned over any time there was a segment where I could hear him, regardless of who it was. Then again it was never a Brexiteer, according to the BBC they didn’t exist.

  15. At a tangent, I saw some comments on a BBC HYS on Friday blustering on about Boris Johnson, and now that he has a majority, he should have a referendum on his deal with remain on the ballot paper.

    One had a mini-aneurysm trying to get one’s head around how fucking stupid and or obtuse those people are…

    PS: Thanks fuck for Grammarly I keep on spelling ayourism rong.

  16. I don’t know what your favourite moment was regarding the General Election fellow cunters but mine was watching shadow transport minister & smug Corbyn loving leftie Andy McDonald singing complete with flat cap and Mike What a complete twat👎
    Fast forward the result the morning after “Friday 13th “ perhaps We can have a rendition of Regrets We’ve had a few in fact too many to mention but through it all We Did It Our Way😁👎
    Joe Swinson Lib Dem leader for less than 5 months loses her seat then rewarded with a place in The House of Lords 👎Who thought that one up we need a people’s vote to block it ASAP 👍
    Who cares who’s the next leader of Communist Labour
    The Dame of Remain Queer Starmer
    Fatty Thornberry
    Rebecca without the beard Bailey
    Lisa Stay in The EU Nandy
    I’m not a fan of Labour but I think Caroline Flint said it best yesterday about the following
    Keir Starmer,Yevette Cooper,Mary Anne Benn,& Fatty Thornberry they took the remain stance and kept their jobs while other good Labour MPs lost theirs
    The added insult was made by Thornberry that she was glad her constituents weren’t as stupid as Flints Maybe fatty its because yours are in the Red City Londistan and not here up North where you wouldn’t last five minutes you are a complete cunt Mrs.

      • fight! fight! fight!

        Outside the schoolgates, handbags and worn double-ended dildos at the ready.

        • Flint had better watch out – the Honourable Justice Sir Christopher George Nugee (Thornpiggery’s wealthy husband) is a judge of the High Court of England and Wales…

          Maybe we should crowdfund her?

          • I’d give Caroline a few quid to take on fatty Thornberry through the Law Courts👍
            Hopefully Boris will water down these high Court Remainers powers from tomorrow because as we all know Leave Means Leave👍

      • Then again She would I wouldn’t trust that fat old slag as far as I could throw her Don’t like it sue me as well .👍

        • Thornpiggery has form for castigating constituents; she has not yet shaken her infamous, derogatory comments about ‘white van man’.

          Thornpiggery is a vile, obese, arrogant woman who stinks of scotch eggs and probably suffers from crusty cream cheese buildup under the tits and around her inner thighs. I hope Flinty stands her ground. She is one of the few Labour politicians that talks sense.

          • Yep a good Labour MP Paul @ as straight as they come unlike Thornberry Bent as a nine Bob note👎

      • Dykie Thornberry has taken over that horribly actlrly voice from the Soubry tart. She was on Wireless 4 World At One and she was acting her lines, including one bleep where the old hag swore in her denial.

        She looked down her nose at white van man and I would believe Ms Flint before I’d believe that bloated old barmaid. I can just see the bosoms and brass earrings and drinking the profits from old Em.

        • The thought of Soubry dragging her raddled carcass from one job interview to another fills this old cunt with joy.

    • That clueless clut Andy McDonald was all over the telly /radio every fucking day of the campaign.

      Excruciating viewing /listening – barely a notch above the Pidcock!

      • Apparently Communist Labour are looking for a safe seat for Laura Pidcock to take over ?
        I wonder where that could be somewhere over the rainbow 👍
        There are no safe Labour Seats up North only in Londistan 👎👎

  17. Don’t expect any change in the Labour Party anytime soon. Steptoe and McDonnell’s “period of reflection “ means they are hanging on until they get their boy’s, more likely girl’s, feet under the table. Then expect 5 years of the same shit……anti Brexit, anti Boris, racism, sexism, save the planet, help the trannies blah blah woof woof. Sticking to your beliefs is one thing, indeed admirable, but abusing everyone who doesn’t share them and refusing to accept they are the majority just makes you a fascist cunt.

    • It also means they won’t vote for you. I don’t get abused on a personal level very often and I may not care to answer or fight back, mostly because I couldn’t care less, but don’t expect me to then support you.

  18. Afternoon all.
    Yes what with one thing and another, it’s been a great few days. Watching the fucking libtard/woke Metropolitan elite trying to come to terms with the ‘peoples’ vote’ has been glorious to watch.
    Most of them still don’t seem to get it, and appear destined to repeat their mistakes. Bring back Vince ‘Mrs Brady Old Lady’ to lead the Limp Dicks. Fat ugly cunt Flabbott or fat ugly cunt Thornberry to lead Labour. The entertainment could go on for months!
    Come on Owen Jones, tell how we got it so wrong because we’re bigoted racists and fascists. Come on Captain Picard, tell us how we’re stupid and don’t understand the issues. I’m pissing myself!

    • Just like to wish Communist Labour 😁
      A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year👍
      Communist Labour For The Many
      But it seems it’s not for you👍

    • Old Alan Cuntface Partridge has been notably absent…. scored a bit of an own goal there Steve??

      • Yep. Calling Brexit supporters stupid and ignorant isn’t going to endear you to the masses. Just another libtard Metro up his own arse Remoaning luvvy, about as much use as a one inch dick.

        You may recall one calling admin a “Brexit Turd”, That didn’t end well I can tell you, Didn’t like his details being published or his boss being told he was a troll, strange behaviour for a “communications officer” in the NHS

  19. Can’t wait for the Labour leadership election. It should be a right bitchfest especially if Thornpig is involved. I’d love the fat cow to win it, what a laugh that would be.

  20. Just like reading through the transition of the glorious #LabourWin posts from “It’s a shoe-in we’ll win. Go Jeremy!”, to “WTF!!! Exit polls say big Tory win. No one I know has voted Tory so pollers must only be asking Gammon waycists!”, to “I feel physically sick! I’m staying off work!”

    What these cunts don’t (or refuse to) realise is that their little Twater echo-chamber is not reflective of the country as a whole.

    Posts against that hashtag – where location was mentioned – were also invariably based in Londinistab: “Well I’m in XYZ in London and no one round here is voting for evil Boris!”, etc.

    When the final realisation that not only had the Tories won, but by an unhinderimg majority, they reverted to true pejorative form of hate-filled vitriol and name-calling: “Well done working class of the North! You are obviously all stupid waycists for voting for evil Boris!”, etc.

    Well that attitude and tactic has paid off such dividends in the last 4 ballots you’ve lost hasn’t it!

    That’s the problem with the Twatter echo-chamber effect: they only ever hear views that want to hear. Anyone who calls out their inaccuracy or lack of facts are immediately blocked. So 100% of your Twatter/FaceCunt traffic, etc., is basically only the shit you want to hear. So is it little wonder you don’t know of “anyone who’s voted for evil Boris”? You’ve blocked them you soft cunts! If your Twatter feed had 100 posts on the night from your group-think bloc, chances are you’d have ten times number, with 90% telling you that they were voting Tory.

    Then you have the anti-fa demonstrations, also in Londonistab. Yes you can fall out of bed to your protesting ground. If the capital was in Newcastle, or even Birmingham, you’d all be in doors typing away on how bad stuff was! It’s very easy to protest when that stomping ground is on your doorstep with every means of near-to public transport to get there! If you had to travel somewhere, you simply wouldn’t bother, because you are all self-centred, ME ME ME, selfish CUNTS!

    And finally, all of you Corbyn-loving, faux communist bastards, dwelling in the shithole capital – yes that’s YOU Tristram and Poppy – you all think that everyone “oop norf” are stupid and that we only had running water put in two years ago, etc. Well, sorry to burst your fucking bubble, but in the jobs I have been in that have taken me all over the 4 corners of the UK – Edinburgh to London, Belfast to Ipswich – let me tell you, the worst, unable and workshy are invariably the cunts in Londonistab! You are all pretty fucking useless and assume – because I have a northern accent – that that translates into me being a bit thick/slow, that is until I dance circles around you and then shit on your flowers as I shame the limp efforts you have produced! You conceited CUNTS!

    Also, your city IS a fucking shithole, infested with the very worst that the RoW can throw at you. You think it’s great, it isn’t, it’s fucking woeful! When I leave my house in a 20min drive time I can be in one of 3 major cities and visit the 2nd largest shopping centre in the country should the mood take me (which it doesn’t – hateful fucking places). However, for that same drive time, I can also be in the North Pennines, at the coast or North Yorkshire Moors.

    Where can you go inside that fucking shithole that isn’t just a consumerist concrete hell-hole? Hyde Park? Shove it up your arses!

    True Lahhhdenaaars excepted (i.e. the born and bred working folk), you are also the biggest bunch of arrogant cunts I ever have the misfortune to deal with (Edinburgh’s middle/elite classes coming in a close second mind you). You are not the be all and end all of the UK, so get the fuck over yourselves, start unblocking folk with differing views and then slowly, but surely, you might begin to realise what utter cunts you are and that the world doesn’t end just beyond the M25!


  21. I’m praying Labour’s new leader is Corbyn without a beard,although they may have a beard between their thighs! Watching the Far left woke cunty Labour party is fucking comedy gold and if god forbid they put a moderate in charge what the fuck am I going to do for my daily entertainment,I’ll be fucking clinically depressed and probably drive off a cliff listening to fucking ‘What a Feeling’ from that fucking mind numbing movie about a woman who cant dance and then at the end can dance,fucking emotional stuff….

    • The names in the frame currently must make BJ (No, you smutty sods) think that he has the next election wrapped up. Quite an achievement for someone who is a total turd.

  22. A stupid fucker at work sidled up to me on Friday morning and said, isn’t it terrible about the Labour vote,they (?) are blaming the rain. I replied that dirty smelly bastards usually do object to a bit of water and she scuttled off. If there are two things guaranteed to boil my piss to kingdom come,it is cunts like this assuming that I am a Labour supporter or middle class. My employer had warned us not to talk about politics on Friday because some people were “upset”. I’ve felt angry for three and a half fucking years.

  23. Unbe-cunting-lievable!
    I heard Stephen Kinnock on Radio5 this morning saying that he despaired at the lack of intelligence of the British public in delivering last week’s election result. What a fucking arrogant cunt!

  24. Their heads need to be on spikes.

    I’m seriously well and truly fucking done with these left-wing mutants. Waah, waah, the election wasn’t fair. Yes, that same election that guaranteed 150% turnout in Tower Hamlets.

    You lot are FUCKED. Your hegemony over parliament, the public sector and the universities is done. The West is turning against you you precious little lilacs.

    TRUMP 2020. BoJo – not perfect but 150% better than the alternative. Italy, Hungary, Poland, come on keep showing us what Europe should be.


  25. By the way Hugh Grant is an untalented floppy-hared cunt , whom a friend of mine told to fuck off back to his LA street whore on his Twattering page.
    Needless to say his account was suspended because his remarks were deemed hateful.
    Fuck you Grant you has-never-been cunt!

  26. There’s also been a lot of dummy-spitting and teddy-throwing along the lines of “Right, I’m leaving Twitter for ever, fuck you all”.
    Then it hits them that nobody gives a fuck, and they resurface a few days later with the usual truculent bollocks.
    These cunts scream about diversity but only mix with people who share their views.

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