‘The Little White Town’

A head in the hands, ‘oh for fuck’s sake’ cunting for the Town Council of Bideford, Devon.
In 1855, author Charles Kingsley dubbed Bideford ‘The Little White Town’, due to the number of white buildings in the locality. Now the council has decided to change ‘welcome’ road sign bearing the description because of complaints that they’re (get this) racist.
A survey on the issue showed 31% in favour of the change, with 69% against. So; in spite of the fact that (a) it’s blindingly clear that the description derives from buildings and (b) the majority of opinion was against the change, the knock-kneed fuckers on the council went ahead anyway, in order to appease a few snowflakes who take offence on behalf of others.
In a decision demonstrating a magnificent ability on the part of the council to split hairs, signs will now read ‘Charles Kingley’s “Little White Town” (1855)’. As far as I can see, this is a difference that makes absolutely no difference. The perpetually offended will still get the hump, and it will only serve to encourage the deranged cunts to persist in the pursuit of their ludicrous SJW agenda.
In further developments, Blackpool is changing its name to Neutraltonepool, and henceforth, Redbridge will be known as Rainbowbridge. Okay, I made the last bit up of course, but I wouldn’t put it past some cunt to demand it. It’s only a matter of time.

Nominated by Ron Knee

108 thoughts on “‘The Little White Town’

  1. Councils are full of pathetic cowards who kowtow to this sort of shit. I know one deranged bint on the local council who posted a list of things ‘nobody shoukd joke about’. Sure enough the cunt had scores of tasteless jokes about, rape, cancer and deformed babies under her post.

  2. Why does the minority seemingly have the priority over the majority these days?

    It’s like with TV commercials: you’ll get a handful of cunts officially complaining about something or other, and the TV watchdog caves and pulls the ad!

    Don’t be surprised if “Black spot”, “black listed”, “black books” et al, end up on the banned bandwagon; along with “White Christmas”, “White List” and any other “White” connotation.

    we live in some pretty fucked up times!

    • Nice one Ron, was going to nom this myself and then saw youd done it!👍
      Obviously to us its madness,
      Some little pc berks dreamt this up,
      But the town of Bideford are missing the perfect chance to score a goal!
      Grand rebranding –
      “Welcome to Slavetown!”
      “Welcome to klansville!”
      Something like that, all the residents blackup and have a bonfire with a effigy of Greta Thunderpants,
      Soon lose interest.

      • Evening Miserable.
        Seems that there’s no end to this sort of loony left SJW cuntitude. Still, it keeps IsAC contributors happily occupied!

        • Yeah for me Ron its either on here venting or crayons and colouring book.😁

      • As long as the bonfire was made up from a Forestry Council approved sustainable timber resource, all should be in order to proceed

        • I just wonder how long it will take the snowflakes to ban snooker. Based on the principle that the all-conquering white ball is used to get rid of a variety of coloured balls with the ultimate target being to get rid of the black…………… why has nobody seen this subliminal racist message before now? Cunts……….

  3. Set of cunts, they are determined to erase our history. Then they will re-write in their own vision.

    • Indeed. Anything before 1997 (when Blair came to power) will either be erased, rewritten and/or reinterpreted to the point where Adolf Hitler wasn’t really a bad guy just misunderstood!

  4. Another traditional part of Britain gone forever.
    Like Technocunt pointed out, idiots getting all politically correct have already banned the use of blackboard, (even though it was black), in favour of chalkboard.
    Then there’s the unfathomable replacement of the lyrics in the nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep, with Baa Baa Green Sheep.
    Has anyone who’s not on hallucinogens or blind drunk ever seen a green sheep?
    A great way to educate British children.

    • I want to see ‘Ba Ba Green Sheep’ banned. This racist filth is offensive to Martians everywhere.

  5. The filthy hand of Political Correctness smacks down again. Personally, I like my tea white, like my women. No problem. Although, I don’t like white woman with yeast infections.

    Or as they’re called in the States, Crackers with cheese. 🧀

    • For my money a pair of nice firm tits and a lustrous, well groomed bush add to the overall ambience as well.
      Evening Cap!

    • I seem to remember a youtube clip of Gemma Collins rubbing her minge, than suggesting to some tv production guy “Oooh, smell my fingers, I think I’ve got a yeast infection.”
      Dirty slaaaaag.
      But maybe it was Swinemong, or Sourbreath…

  6. Couldnt agree more and fuck politicsl correctness and the masses of morons who adhere to it .if it was my town id deface back to what id said originally after being done and every hundreth time after FUCK THEM and those that take offence should be dragged into the street and placed in front of a row of machine guns.

  7. Whitehaven residents must be wondering what’s coming their way. White Haven? A Haven for whites? Oh my lord.

    I’m surprised the Whitehouse hasn’t been renamed.

    Now if only all these people who insist on taking a view of the global village grasped the fact that whites are the minority on a global scale.

    Anyway I’m off to complain about the white cliffs of Dover the racist geological feature and put a tender in to paint them with the Palestinian flag and rainbow colours. I’ll be quids in when a Diane Abbott finds it ion her desk on her first day as Home Secretary.

    • Surely the Flabbotasaurus culturally stole her name and must therefore change it. After all, an abbot was a fat cunt who lived in an exclusive old building and was handsomely-paid to preach a load of out-of-date nonsense.

      Hmm. As you were, Di.

      • Di could be in government soon, what a frightening thought.

        The Conservatives last campaign was a disaster and Boris is capable of a campaign blunder which will be magnified by the media, you can be sure they will find some more dirt to throw at him too.

        Meanwhile an ex labour minister tells the country to vote conservative and Corbyn cannot be trusted with little impact and the deputy leader quits but only after writing a letter telling Corbyn how wonderful he is. Tom Watson, always thought you were a cunt but you had to make sure I know I’m right

        Diane Abbott in government, let that sink in.

        • It wouldn’t surprise me if Boris wanted to intentionally fuck up his election campaign and thus hand over power to Labour and/or the Dumbs, thus washing his hands of the entire Brexit fiasco.

          He can then probably end up in the House of Posh Cunts and claim his £300/day for doing fuck all

          • May tried to throw the last election and very nearly succeeded.

            If Labour hadn’t been hamstrung by a Commie, Britain hating so called ‘leader’ they’d likely have won with a decent majority.

            Never mind. With 5 more weeks of Johnson’s silly posturing and his “oven ready Brexit” bullshit the Tories could still succeed in passing on the poison chalice to the boneheads in the shadow cabinet.

  8. Maybe they can replace ‘The Little White Town’ with Svenson Ong-a-Kwie, he’s turned out to be good at obliterating White English culture, such as 17 year old English white girls.

    He will be considered a victim of white privilege and Im sure the libtards complaining would be up for it.

  9. So much for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, soon to be rebooted as “Gender Non-Specific Person of Non-Colour and the Seven Not-Very-Tall Persons”

  10. Oh good grief, kicked into moderation for probably saying “Dw&rfs”

    Freedom of speech! Don’t make me laugh!

  11. Ive heard of Bideford but never been,
    Meant to be quite nice, shame its populated by cowards.
    Fight for your village you soft cunts!

    • MNC I’ll think you’ll find it’s a town, fuck me them farmers will be chasing you big time. Very pretty place, well worth a visit. Watch out for the single eyebrow though.

      • These days Manchester is known more for its lack of manliness more as a go to destination of outrageous bum banditry

        • Used to be known as ‘gunchester’ for awhile but yeah the fairy folk have a ruby red slipper in the city
          But some great music made there and birthplace of boddies bitter and Bernard manning

  12. I do so hope the old distress call of “Women and Children First” is banished for being discriminatory and misandrist

  13. Load of shire. Also that midget cunt Suck Dick Khunt slagging off the plod over the way they dealt with extinction rebellion.

    Virtue signalling carpet kissing terrorist loving cunt.

    • He won’t be quite so supportive/understanding if he ever gets held up in traffic for an important meeting/function by these cunts

  14. Imagine how full of virtue you must feel when you decide to be ‘offended’ about jack fuck and then get something banned. Must be a heady warm feeling giving a lovely buzz to said killjoy.
    By the way, isn’t it time snow was banned as it’s 2019 and black snow must be its chance.

  15. realistically I am forced to wonder, there was a village called death to Jews in Spain.
    It changed its name on a vote, There is another in France too, there is also valley of the dead moors in Spain (Death to Muslims) which refuses a name change.
    I am waiting for normandy to be called “joining of the nations” its all bollocks.
    as to be expected link supplied.

    oh and vote Brexit party please

    • Too right, and get your £25 subscription to the party if you haven’t done so. They need our support guys; this may be our last chance to stop the Remoaners getting their way.

  16. It would be a terrible shock for Jon Snow if he was passing through-‘I’ve never seen so many white buildings in one place’ he would have to report.

  17. I’ve been trying to find that sketch French & Saunders did as two ladies from Bideford living in America and compares both places. It’s hilarious! 😀

    • Hello, sonmething interesting on Sly news, some whatsapp message being passed around hindus saying “dont vote for labour pass to all true indians”
      Basically saying the labour party is the mouthpiece of the Pakistani government, and against jews and hindus?!
      Nice one!👍

      • But surely if the news report that, people, some not all, will download whatapp and then moan about it. Fork sake.

  18. Are the snowflake cunts gonna moan about the ‘Black Country ‘seeing that industry has been decimated in the West Midlands and history is being rewritten

    • Ol McDonnell saying hes gonna reinvest billions up North, hes suddenly during a G.E remembered the North! funny how suddenly theyre talking about ‘the North’
      Hey dont think its a cynical ploy for votes do you?
      How fuckin thick would you like us to be John?

  19. There’s an Arse in France. La Maison Arse.
    Yes, I have been looking at maps on the internet for places with rude names 🙂

    • Slighty off at a tangent, but years ago the Villa had an Argie player named Oscar Arce (pronouned ‘Arse’). Unfortunately he was partnered in the middle by Scot Jimmy Brown and Welshman Barry Hole.
      Needless to say, grunt supporters of Bearminum Shitty FC let it be known at every opportunity that our midfield consisted of a BrownArseHole.
      Happy days down the Villa!

          • There’s Breast in France as well as Arse.

            Cockermouth first because it’s nearest, then Breast and Arse in France, then Minge Road in America, Phuket in Thailand, then Clitoris! 😀

          • Jesus! Ron will already be packing his suitcases Spoons!
            Im going too but im worried about foreign food,
            Dont mind eating in minge but im on hunger strike in cockermouth.

          • Evening Rtc,
            Dunno hes not posted today has he?
            And milk bottles still outside his door?
            Hope hes ok?
            Maybe hes concocting a super nom!

      • As a Bluenose it is quite enlightening to hear the manic warblings from the Holte End mob across the city.

        And on the subject of dodgy footballer’s names, I do recall one player called Anil Coc. Played for Fulham or some other London club not so long ago. And what a cunt that Coc was!

        • Wasn’t there a kraut player called Kuntz?
          “There’s one of the German defenders…..Kuntz.”

        • And no hard feelings Techo. God knows the Villa have made me severely manic over the years. Watching them has taken fucking years off my life.

          • You had a great side under Ron Saunders in the late 70s early 80s, winning the old Div 1 championship; and then Ron stabs you in the back and joins the Blues, not that he did all that much.

            Was it Tony Barton who took you to the European Cup final in 81/2? He seemed like a right clueless cunt.

  20. Only a violent revolution can save us from this liberal cuntmanship. Remove liberalism and all societies ills will disappear. We might have to despatch a few million cunts though.

  21. Fed up with this election campaign already. Is there a politician in this cuntry who can open their gob without lying?

    • Afraid not, Fred. The Tories started it this time with their doctored interview video and appear to think that’s ok. Expect all the bastards from whatever party to say anything., all they’re interested in is having a well-paid job flapping their lips for the next five years. Their country comes second.

      • Scary thing is, people don’t seem to care about being lied to anymore. The bigger the lie, the more they appear to like it… as long as their side ‘wins’.

        • We’ve always been lied to RTC, the whole stinking system is a lie. There’s an unspoken agreement that we all keep embracing the lie because if we stop we won’t get out of bed and go to work to pay for our mortgages and other debts to pay back interest on money that never existed in the first place.

          The left and the right both know it’s all a lie, they just manage the lie differently.

          • Prime Ministers didn’t used lie so openly and freely, and without consequence. At least not on the scale of May and especially Johnson. Boris is the Aldridge Prior of political liars.

            Blair set the modern day standard with his epic lies re the Iraq War. Trump positively basks in his dishonesty.

            But if that’s what the public want then so be it.

          • Yet again Sixdog ‘speaks the right’.
            It always puts me in mind of those fairground centriguge rides where it gets up to speed and everyone is pinned to the wall, gripping the hands of those on either side as the irsis in the floor slowly opens up revealing the swirling void below, none dare let go. So it is with the current socio-political dispensation. none dare let go.

  22. I’d love to kick that fucking cabbage head bastard Barry Gardiners fucking face in the bloated CUNT

  23. It’s alright because they’re trying to rebrand “The Black Country” in the West Midlands – not even considering the historical reason for that label.

    That said, the name fits fucking perfectly these days!

    • Well cunted! In this day and age, it seems everything has to have a label. We have to accept those humongous gaylords in PRIDE, and so on, so why can people not accept our right to be racist if we want? I myself am a part time racist, as my job takes up most of my day, and at night I just like a cup of tea!

  24. Another forensic top quality cunting there Ron. I particularly liked the ‘snowflakes taking offence on behalf of others’ mention.

    Thank fuck for Is A Cunt restoring some common sense on behalf of the silent majority.

    • As I am quarter Scot, I should like to issue a grovelling apology to the whole world for the subhuman stupidity of Swiemong, Turdgun, and the fat pie-gobbling bastard…
      Why do the two females both have voices that sound like a circular saw going through a pregnant donkey ??

  25. Cheers Isaac. In a fawning display of mutual admiration, allow me to tip my hat to you for your go at that cunt Bradby.

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