The British government

Despite previously saying that they would not repatriate families who chose to fight for isis in Syria, they have now begun bringing ‘HOME’, ‘BRITISH’ school children who have been ‘CAUGHT UP’ in the fighting.
The first of thirty children are now on their way to Britain.
How the fuck did they get there? It must have been one hell of an ill thought out school trip. I’ve been on some shit school trips myself in the past, but I don’t recall them ever ending up with my parents fighting for a terrorist group.
Unless, no? really? You’re not suggesting that they went out there as a family to fight against the western infidel?
My mistake, but that’s not how it came across on the BBC. I was picturing the little Blonde haired cuties still clutching their packed lunches, crying into their teddy bears.
Oh well, at least they can come to Britain to have a normal life, say the British government. THEY ARE ALREADY LIVING THEIR NORMAL LIVES, THEY ARE FUCKING SYRIAN!
And they won’t grow up wanting to avenge the death of their parents at the hands of the British, will they? Because that never fucking happens.

I will leave you with a thought.
If a cat gives birth in an aviary, it’s offspring are not called birds, they are still called kittens, and they will still grow up wanting to kill the birds.

Nominated by The Cunt of Monte Cristo

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    • Run away to rape, murder, torture and terrorise – all good, you are winning!

      Get hammered into oblivion – all bad you are losing!

      Get caught by the Kurds – all bad, put the propaganda machine into gear – we only did the housework, we never did a thing wrong, we are victims, we were too undereducated and working class to understand what we were voting for, now stop asking awkward questions and give us our democratic rights and a free solicitor, after we have finished beheading this gay person..

      Solution? Pack them all into an aircraft which explodes halfway across the ocean and blame the balsamic therapists!

  1. Salman Abedi was given refuge by the British government. He was then taught to hate Britain by the British education system and then murdered 22 people. There are 700 men who have already returned from fighting for ISIS. 4 times More Muslim fought for ISIS that joined the British army. These “children”( bet most are over 18) are a clear threat.What could possibly go wrong. The cunts at the top live behind concrete bollards so it won’t be them blown to bits.

  2. Are these “children” the same sort of “children” the Government brought over from the Calais Jungle in 2016?

    18 – 30 yr olds, sporting thick black stubble on their shifty looking faces.

  3. No doubt they will brng back that baby factory whore Begun as well. It is a very retrograde step, but of course if Steptoe staggers into government on the back of Swinson virtually every piece of scum on earth will be allowed to come. The Abbopotomus even wants lorries that smuggle illegals in to be mre health and safety conscious.

  4. What pisses me off is all the false caring for these fuckers, I am sure the vast majority of people in the UK would be quite happy if they never heard of the Syrian camps.
    Nothing good will come from these ‘children’ being brought back to the UK, even the cunts as young as 4 or 5 are already brainwashed into the ways of the caliphate.

    Useless shit government

  5. Radio four were being their unbiased self yesterday reporting on this bollocks. Basically, they said Britain was worst at dealing with these cunts who fuck off because they hate us, as everyone else has been reasonable in taking back their traitors. They also said that this is just the beginning, starting with the kids, then the mothers, then the fathers. They are all coming back. But let’s face it, they always were.

    • They’ll be quietly brought in, quietly given bank accounts, which will be quietly filled with benefits before quietly being moved to a house down the road.

    • It does make me wonder who gets priority for homes in this fucked up country.

      Seems that being born in this country and paying your dues is not enough when it comes to wanting a place to live; instead it seems refugees get the priority one treatment and you don’t dare say anything against that ruling.

      There are times when I wish some of these rich cunts would end up with their heads chopped off by some camel shagger – but then again even if it did happen it wouldn’t be down to a terrorist act, but more “he had mental issues”

      • Some poor peace loving chap shot on Westminster Bridge today just for stabbing two innocent people to death – where was the sympathy for the poor “Mans” obvious mental health issues..

  6. The definition of British has been perverted, the government are torn I’m sure. The shit storm over wind rush haunting them.

    I can help here.

    If said child’s parents relinquished British citizenship to join the caliphate they automatically relinquished citizenship for any offspring, born here or in the caliphate.

    It’s that simple, fuck the bleeding heart liberals, there are no shortage of kids in the world that need a safe stable home, plenty of them in this country given the housing shortage caused in good part by mass uncontrolled immigration. People who pissed on us on the way out shouldn’t be invited back to shit on us by coming back.

    Where are these children going to go? Back to the communities that radicalised their parents in the first place.

    ‘Grandpa, why are mom and dad in Syria?’

    ‘Because they went to fight for the glorious caliphate and the infidels we live amongst refused to allow them back!!!’

  7. On a news programme about a week ago, a reporter went into one of the camps in Syria. It was full of unrepentant Fuckers.
    One child was quite blunt, ” we will slaughter you all “, he said.
    You cannot reason with these people.
    You either kill them, or they’ll kill you.
    Wipe the Fuckers out.
    Good afternoon.

    • Totally agree.
      Commit a act so shocking on these cunts that people will whisper about it in 100yrs from now.
      All of them.
      Old, young, dont give a fuck.
      All gone.
      Send a message.

      • And it isn’t a Labour government deciding this, it’s the fucking Conservatives. Not only that, they’re giving away nearly £14 billion every year in foreign aid instead of investing it in this country. Why aren’t we spending it on new hospitals, schools and prisons? Maybe Boris Johnson knows..

      • Indeed,give these medieval cunts a tale to tell their grandchildren.
        But only if they live in Syria,not here.
        I could say no good will come of appeasing these rats but we already know that.
        Get fucked.

    • But fluffy cunts like Jo Swinson seem to believe that by letting them stay here they will change their aggressive nature and absorb themselves into a world of woke and happy-clappy forgiveness

  8. I went to the same school as some of the Tipton Taliban remember them they went to the Pakistan /Afghanistan border to enrol on a computer course yeah of course they did it’s like the silicon valley of the subcontinent don’t ya know .Anyway they were sent to Gitmo and got repatriated with hefty compensation packages. And a couple of years back I saw one of them in my local doctors with his wife wearing a niqab and with a young baby, they hate us and want to destroy us but they’re not averse to a bit of free health treatment. Cesspit UK .

  9. I once went on a school trip to a factory that made cardboard-boxes. Utterly enthralling. I still can’t look at an empty bit of packaging without being reminded of that particularly inspirational piece of education…we even had a quiz about our visit on the bus ride back to school….tbf,it was still an improvement on the visit to some fucking art gallery…load of old shite that looked nothing like real life….Stubbs,a great painter of horses? Utter Bollocks, Thelwell’s cartoon ponies are a damn sight nearer the mark than Stubbs’ daubings. Someone should have told the Cunt that he was shite before he wasted his life painting that load of crap.

    Fuck Off.

    • One of my biggest influences, Norman Thelwell – Fantastic home-grown cartoonist and enviably anatomically accurate-as-you-can-get on ponies.

  10. Love a art gallery Dick.
    Like museums too.
    Wander about slackjawed for hours.
    Leeds armoury is great, elephant armour to 1960s criminals weapons, knuckledusters etc
    But never go Jodrell bank observatory,
    The most boring day out ive ever had,
    I honestly apologised to the kids!
    Dunno if it was them, the missus or me who started crying first,
    Truly dull.

    • Ah thanks for the heads up Mizz – Was thinking of doing just that next year with the lads; pioneering British engineering etc, birth of radio astronomy yada yada, it’s part in the moonshot and so forth. how in Odin’s name could they make it boring?

      • Give it a go CC maybe youll get more from it than I did, but god it was boring, even the giftshop seemed struggling for ideas.

      • Comments like it’s our duty to alleviate all this suffering, notwithstanding the fact the whole children in care programme is overflowing with child protection cases,child refugees ( flexible age limits on this group) and Eurotrash kids left here when the parents return home having come to solely dump them on our welfare services. Can you imagine the cost, its not a one off , costs go on until adult hood, even if they are fostered those payments are ongoing.People making those decisions or go on about it endlessly should be given one to foster, then find out if it was such a good idea after all

    • That’s all fine and dandy Miserable, but what’s opinion of cardboard boxes? I think we should be told.

      • Sorry mate was painting, wood not art!
        Cardboard boxes?
        Yes its hard to contain my excitement over them! Fascinating!!😁

      • Fiddler@
        How did you get from British government & IS syrians too cardboard boxes?

      • “MNC…Bottle of Bushmills and a passion for cardboard-boxes awoken when I was a child…did you know that they are manufactured flat and you have to plump them up to get them to a usable condition?

      • Bushmills? 👍👍👍
        Yeah part of my job is taking flat boxes and assembling them when pack peoples stuff for storage, luckily not often, more for the idle rich,
        Hate packing stuff up.
        Surprised your not a art lover Dick,
        Know you like horses, seen some stunning sculptures of horses!!🐴

    • York National Railway Museum fantastic day out plus free entry and my namesake may even let you stroke my mechanical parts

      • Been there as a young lad ES.
        Yorvik viking centre in Yorks more my cup of tea, missus had to drag me out!
        Staff glad im going after peppering them with questions!
        Yorks a great place, love it.

      • Did you go in full Viking get up Miserable? The Fiddler gold slung over your shoulder and the Mrs under your arm, they might have given you a discount for getting into the spirit.

      • Course it did!
        Rape,pillage,gold n silver, hitting monks wi axes, drinking ale,
        Blonde birds wi plaits,
        What a life!!👍👍

      • Always look full viking LL!
        You see those metal detectorists in Wales found that viking treasure?
        Worth millions, on some farmers land,
        They didn’t declare it and are getting fucked for it!
        Thing is the UK is really generous with treasure trove, if theyd of declared it theyd of been wealthy anyway!

  11. “We’re at war… You don’t fraternise with the enemy.”

    Damn straight, and you certainly don’t import these genetic timebomb walking wombs by the boatload, confer rights of residence, financially underwrite their reproductive cycle and then billet the fuckers in the suburbs at the host nations further expense.
    gimme a C… “C!”
    gimme a U… “U!!”
    gimme an N… “N!!!”
    gimme a T… “T!!!!” …wotta y’ got?

    H.M.G. – cuntery that never sleeps.

  12. Nice to see Victoria Beckham doing her bit for foreign aid by donating some of her own personal wardrobe to a group of young girls in Africa currently experiencing serious levels of malnutrition.
    All these girls need to do now is lose another two or three stone and they should fit nicely….

    • What the fuck was she thinking?

      if you’re going to help give some cash (even if it is tax deductible) or a couple of tons of food ffs!

    • Sorry.
      I misread malnutrition as menstruation.
      Horrible vision of Beckunt wearing panties made out of old inner tubes, or something.

  13. I’m donating a couple of cases of shaving foam and 500 razors for the poor Syrian children.
    Tax deductible obviously.

  14. Surprisingly conflicted on this one. If these kids were born British (and this includes those born to British nationals abroad), they have a legal right to live here, if nationality is to mean anything at all.
    But if any government in the last thirty years had actually addressed the elephant in the room – immigration – rather than characterising its critics as racists and looking the other way – we might have changed the law to reflect the fact that not all immigrants are in fact supportive of our society and culture. Such a change is still not contemplated.
    For those children born to (British) jihadis in Syria, a treason Act depriving the parents of British citizenship – subject to reasonable proof of their hostile activities; we are after all defenders of the rule of law, which we propose to be superior in the UK – would end the claim of the children on our charity, as they would also cease to be legally British. It might even serve as a deterrent to other radicalised cunts trying to destroy the society which gave them shelter. If you go over there, cunt, don’t expect to come back with your by-blows, in other words.

    In the event, though, the numbers of treasonous Brits and their spawn attempting repatriation pale into insignificance compared to those of economic migrants with no legal claim on us whatever arriving from (eg) Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia and Nigeria, and IMHO stopping that flood remains the priority.

  15. These fucking barbarians and any of their slimy spawn should never set foot on British soil for the rest of their fucking lives.

    Fuck them all and fuck our government! Cunts!

  16. They can all fuck off!

    We have enough home-grown 3rd generation bomb-makers (predominantly of West and East Parking Stanley Land descent) without importing a rake of more of the cunts from afar!

    The hand-wringers are all there teary-eyed at our “duty” to fetch these cunts back but will they be so teary-eyed in 10yrs time when one of the cunts is responsible for the next Manchester Arena or London Bridge atrocity? I doubt it.

    O’course when it happens, it will be brushed under the carpet as yet another one-off, lone-wolf, mental issues incident, where we will all be invited to hold a candle lit vigil and to “hug a peaceful” the very next day!

    Well they can fuck off! We don’t want them here, full stop!


  17. Yes let’s bring more people here that won’t hesitate to kill people. The politicians in this country are a fucking joke. The only reason any Isis fighters should be brought back here for is to be hanged for treason and war crimes

  18. Quality response, but now a little quiz – name any his lamb Country which is democratic?

    (that’s right – none of the bastards!) Keep them in the third World or dispatch them to paradise

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