Sonny-Bill Williams

A code hopping cunting for Sonny-Bill Williams.

This archetypal professional money grabber, excuse me, professional sportsman, goes wherever the grass is greenest and the media spotlight the brightest.

His first appearance on the scene was as rugby league player for the Canterbury Bulldogs. After deciding $400,000+ aussie dollars a year wasn’t sufficient for a player of his legendary abilities, off he fucked to French Union to milk them dry. A couple of years playing for a French club team apparently made him world class, so up he popped in the All Cunts team for the 2011 world cup. What a hero.

A year or so after, he wandered on back to the ARL with the Sydney Roosters.

Fast forward to the next Union world cup cycle and Monkey-Bill decides there is more money in the dog forsaken Haka and associated bullshit and off he goes again.

A bit part player a best, who’s only two “talents” are a shoulder charge tackle and a one handed off load….easy when you’re a knuckle dragging cunt to begin with.

In the interim this half witted wank-stain pretended to be a boxer, and his greatest achievement was getting chinned at the weigh in by Francois Botha, which buckled the fuckwits knees.

Wanker, money-grubber, half wit and MudSlime convert. I rest my case.

Nominated by KiwiCunt

93 thoughts on “Sonny-Bill Williams

    • I can just remember waking up after the referendum with a massive headache with no recollection of the day before. Oooh those Russians.

  1. Never heard of him but he sounds like a right cunt.

    That said he is only following the laws of supply and demand, and if clubs are stupid enough to fall for his bogus talents then more fool them

  2. It always surprises me that so few players seem able to swap codes with much success. I’d always stick to Union…a game for Gentlemen….and appalling butch lezzas now too if the England “Red Roses” Ladies rugby team is anything to go by.

    Fuck Off.

    • There’s been a few but most come a cropper!!
      For England
      (Billy whizz) Jason Robinson was absolutely brilliant, Chris Ashton too
      But some have come unstuck in a massive fashion!! Andy Farrell, Henry Paul ( actually a kiwi) And Sam Burgess instantly spring to mind!!
      SBW is simply a product of Union being professional and like a prostitute he can now go to the highest bidder!

    • Probably because most of the code-swappers are after the cash above all, and don’t really give a fuck about the team they are playing for. There have been a few honorable exceptions like Jason Robinson, but SBW isn’t one of them.

  3. I feel desperately sorry for all of these sporting fucktards who, as a minimum, only get £70-100,000 per week for playing a few months of the year – cunts the lot of them

  4. Nope. Can’t agree with this nom (despite the religious conversion).
    S-B is a council house (NZ equivalent) working class boy made good financially thanks to his athletic prowess. It seems his primary aim in turning to professional rugby was to earn enough to get his mum a house and has more than succeeded in that. Code switching isn’t an issue. It’s no different to anyone else changing employer where they could get better pay for doing essentially the same type of work (in fact a lot easier job playing in the backs in union than in the forwards in the NRL I’d say). Clearly the boy isn’t as half-witted as you might think.
    Also, if he’s as lacking in talent as you make out his near 50 All Black caps doesn’t say much for the rest of the supposed worlds best union team / country or the coach that kept picking him.
    As for the boxing again if the money on offer is good why turn it down? It’s not as though Aus/NZ was overflowing with talent there either and he was going to get his head kicked in.
    Best of all his bathroom liaison with David Warner’s now wife has given many a cricket fan hours of fun taunting the sandpaper cheat.
    Good luck to him I say.

  5. Sonny Bill Williams?
    Sounds like a blues guitarists name,
    Whats the charge guv?
    Making money eh? Hardly blame the lad for that!
    Boxer as well? Pick yer sport sonny Jim or whatever the fuck yer called,
    Dont be greedy.

      • Much better thanks Rtc!
        Hope your well yerself?
        You a blues fan then Rtc?
        All the old black bluesmen moaning about the Rolling stones, clapton etc making money of their music,
        Said the only white boy who truly played blues was Peter Green.
        Whatcha think?

        • Feeling a bit miserable to be honest Miserable. Ah got de bloose.

          Whitey has nowt to apologise for. Clapton, Green, Mayall, Stones et al have all rightly acknowledged their debt to the old blues men who inspired them in their youth. Ironically if whitey hadn’t evolved blues the way they did into rock, popularising the genre, the old black bluesmen would never have received the recognition they did.

          Reckon Beefheart exemplified the white bluesman, his early stuff up to Spotlight Kid is incomparable.

          And Hendrix rules all!

          PS: The end is nigh.

          • Stick some cheech & chong on an cheer yourself up mate!
            Whats wi the 11yrs end is nigh thing?
            If your right im taking out another mortgage.

          • Not me Miserable, it’s the lefty scientists what say we only got 11 years left till mass extinction. We’re all going to die horribly.

            I say the end is nigh cos this country is finished. It’s a basket case Miserable, Corbyn vs. Johnson? Surely someone’s havin’ a giraffe!

            Fucking “oven ready Brexit” get fucked!

            Cheech & Chong – now you’re talking!

  6. Sorry to go off point but this is fucking worthy!!
    Breaking news on SLY!!
    Jeremy corbyn is confident he would get a Brexit extension from the EU if he won the General Election?
    Well cut my legs off and call me shorty!!
    Fucking brilliant stuff …….
    Corbyns a fucking genius……
    talk about a siren for remoaners….
    I hope the labour party’s Brexit ambiguity blows up in their faces!!
    Utter cunts …..

        • I’ve got absolutely nothing against those people, it’s their lifestyle choice. It leaves more rampant totty for the rest of us real men.

          • Except for the totty gone lezzie. Judging from some sites on the interweb, a quite enormous number of totties have gone lezzie.

          • Cuntypops, are you new here? Is this your first day at school? Don’t be a snowflake cunt.

          • Just to clarify, I found this site a few years ago by searching “Tony Blair is a cunt” and really enjoy some of the brilliant cuntings of people and things that richly deserve it. I just don’t think that schoolboy taunting based on “all ***** are shit-stabbers” is what ISAC is all about.

  7. So somebody who has probably got the IQ of a traffic cone tries to make as much money as possible in the ten (?) years he has? You can hardly call him a cunt for that!

    • ‘who has probably got the IQ of a traffic cone ‘

      Come to think a traffic cone is in the shape of a Dunce Hat. Come to think-was I ever wheeled home after a night out in a shopping trolley with a traffic cone on my head? Yes, yes I think it happened.

      • This was one on sale in a Memphis bar I was in recently. I served in the forces for years and can’t say I found it overly hilarious.

        Had to leave sharpish when I asked why the 9/11 Surprise wasn’t on the menu as well.


  8. Phwoar…that Lucy Verasamy is a bit of alright. I’d show her my hard weather front any day.
    Go fuck yourselves

    • Apparently she’s 39
      Born in …. Goblers knob…… UK
      Educated at …. Brunel University
      Occupation…. meteorologist , TV weather presenter
      Party tricks…. can suck a golf ball thru
      A hosepipe

    • Id mentioned her a few time! Glad to see you like her b&w c and id bet ud tongue her fucking arse en all! Id eat her pussy out while the fucking weather went out live on air!fuck it

  9. What is it with these Christmas adverts…that all show lots of people having a great time and loads of food, people, etc…when in reality it’s some old pissed cunt whose pissed himself, a miserable couple who hate eachother and a load of kids shouting and some shite re repeat shite on the Tele.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • Dont you like Christmas BWC?
      Ill be honest, fuckin love it!
      Family round, feasting, drinking, the tree, Christmas carols gay for it!

        • Me too mate!
          Colder the better, my dogs a snowdog and nothing better than up in the peaks, snow upto yer knees play fighting with dog!
          Then warm up with whisky an dry socks!😁
          Simple pleasures mate!👍

    • It’s brought to you by the same cunts that do the car adverts!!
      Mile up on mile of empty winding roads for you to cruise about on with your (model looks ) lady and 2.2 beautiful well behaved happy gappy toothed kids

      The cunts should be reported to trading standards!!
      Or at least a disclaimer
      “ please note your driving experience may differ somewhat to the one advertised”

  10. If you recall the days of BBC 2 Floodlit Rugby League and Eddie Waring probably the only time southerners had a chance to watch the game, the game was very much for men with a hard edge and no little bottle and with little financial reward, these days as most sports it has morphed into a game dominated by super athletes based on performance and gym sessions which may make for a faster and more explosive game, but to my mind it looses its human side and has less affiliation with its locality

    • Agree with you there, ES. RL players of today are generally bigger, fitter, faster & stronger overall than in the old Floodlit Trophy days (1965-1980) as you’d expect thanks to the move to full time professionalism yet the sport doesn’t have that same gritty Northern working man’s game feel or ball handling skill sets that it used to have.
      In the 60s my grandad used to take me to the occasional game at places like Leigh, Salford, Swinton etc on grounds that no longer exist but had history, their own character & smell (especially the bogs!). Grounds where, after just a few weeks of the season, there would be ankle deep mud and/or sand and no grass whatever the weather had been. Nothing like the characterless samey samey sterile modern well turfed grounds some of these clubs play on most weeks today.
      Training in those days took place twice a week at most after a day at work (it always seemed to be physically demanding manual jobs such as labourers, council bin men – in days before wheelie bins – miners, draymen etc, jobs like the ordinary supporters had) and consisted of a couple of laps of the pitch, a quick game of tick and pass then back to the clubhouse mixing with joe public for a few pints and a smoke as they had to be up first thing for work.
      Matchdays nearly always had fisticuffs at the first scrum to get both players & crowd (small by anyones standards) going and at regular intervals throughout the rest of the match when players were too knackered to run and needed a breather. So what if one or two of the forwards made Gazza’s mate Jimmy “five bellies” look like Twiggy. Standing up close to the action at the perimiter fence when the tackles were going in would make you wince at their ferocity. The scars, missing teeth and noses battered and bent at all angles told you these were real hard working class mainly local men.
      Payments based on win, lose or home/away draw were a pittance relative to the physical hiding they took twice a week in those days due to cup competitions plus a larger number of league fixtures. Pride & love of the game kept these lads playing which is something the money about in todays game seems to have diminished along with constantly fiddling with the rules to unnecessarily speed it up further.

      • My indelible memory of those times was Len Casey (HKR) ploughing up the middle into the driving rain illuminated by the floodlights

  11. More breaking news!!!
    Fat boy slim Tom Watson’s not standing in GE!!
    Bye bye cunt !
    Let’s hope kier starmer fucking falls on his sword , another absolute bellend

    • Either he has got some shit coming his way for his role in the Carl Beech allegations or Corbyns apparatchiks have started the purge early

  12. Tom Watson is a nasty, creepy Fucker. There is definitely something unwholesome about him.
    Oh, he’s a Cunt as well.
    Fuck Off, Cunt.

  13. Well it was always a question of who knifed who first. This shows that Momentum have the……Er.. …momentum!
    Good riddance to the EU loving cunt.

  14. He’s a fucking jock so is automatically a cunt…..watched and admired by cunts.

    Footballers, people who race cars, rugby whatever they are all cunts and I detest all they stand for and the hero worship around them by poor people.


  15. For the Money-Bill Williams lovers on here…..enjoy him next year in the UK. For a paltry $10million he’s (reportedly) decided to grace the UK Super League, while in the next breath saying he may decide to play Super Rugby (union) down here again at some point.
    There is no end to his code hopping fuck-wittery.

    • They all do it fella. Every cunt who plays in the NRL retires in England and why the fuck not if the English clubs are daft enough to throw big money at them. 2 seasons in England at the end of your career and your set for life. They have been doing it for donkeys years.

      • I guess my rambling point about the cunt is that he isn’t retiring, at least not yet. The ink is barely dry on this (reported) contract and already there is talk of a return to union! For the sake of flying fuck….just choose one fucking game and stick to it!
        In any other profession where contracts are signed, he’d rightfully be labelled as a fly-by-night type and avoided like the plague.

        • If he’s only been offered, and has signed, a fixed two year contract with Toronto that suits both parties then he’s free to do whatever he likes once that contract expires. If he has told Toronto he will not resign for them once that 2 years is up then he’s been upfront and honest with them. What is wrong with that?
          If two years down the line a union club thinks he can do a job for them, wants to sign him and agrees personal terms then what does it matter?
          His game, quite rightly as far as I’m concerned, is to do what is right for the future of his familys. Are you so stupid as to suggest he puts someone elses interests before his own?
          In the modern world the days of leaving school and spending your whole working life in one job are long gone. Employers put the business interest before that of any employee. Why shouldn’t he do the same for his family?

          • fuck me. I’ll step out I think…..every nomination on here is up for debate. rounding on fellow cunters isnt, so thick cunt kiwi signing off.

  16. Jo swindler just announced if the lib dummies win shed invest 11billion into mental health care!
    Well, thats her sorted but what about the rest of the country?

  17. Nothing but shit comes out of that whore’s mouth.
    Meanwhile the Hewitts are taking a 6 week holiday to recover from their punishing schedule. After Sunday their next work is turning up for church on Boxing Day and waving at the cameras.
    Pair of cunts.

    • The Hewitts are going to burn out at a early age grafting like that!
      Work related stress, unrealistic targets,
      Long hours, poor pay.
      Really worried for them!
      Thats what killed his mum, worked like a pit pony that princess,
      Thinking of having a whipround?
      They deserve a holiday!

  18. Mr punch tribute act windbag full of piss Dominic grieve has been stirring the pot again, apparently he’s got a report on Russian interference in British elections which Johnson won’t publish before next months GE , I just wish this tiresome old cunt of remain would just do everybody a favour and literally drop dead!!
    If I awoke tomorrow and saw “ Cunt found dead Russian interference suspected” I would be more than happy…

  19. Worst thing about SBW is the cunts friendship with the fucking shitcunt of all shitcunts that is Anthony Mundine, but that horrible fucker deserves a cunting all of his own.

  20. Agreed flexicunt. Mundine & Williams appear to be strange bedfellows personality wise but as a fellow Mūzzie convert & shared NRL / boxing past perhaps it isn’t too surprising despite the comments Wikipedia attributes to Mundine regarding 9/11, his fellow indiginous people & women. Its a bigger surprise really that it seems none of our Aussie contributors hasn’t previously put him forward as they’ll no doubt know more background to flesh out a cunting for this egotist.

  21. Well cunted, Kiwi. Granted he’d probably do me both in a blue and a game of foots, but that’s hardly bloody relevant. Christ only knows just how media exposure is sufficient for him. Something tells me he wants his own bloody television station dedicated entirely to his very rookie and decidedly hooky moves.
    Fuck him.
    The likes of Arthur Beetson and players of his era often worked as brickie’s labourers or on the garbos throughout the week before booting up for two halves of very rough footsay. Their fee for the weekend game would not have covered a couple of shouts at the club afterwards.

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