Kevin Eves

BBC News – Harper Denton death: Father Kevin Eves jailed for baby’s murder

Crying my eyeballs out as I write this.

What a smug looking cunt. Lets wait and see what happens to the cunt once IT is under lock and key. Fucking hard man beating an 8 week old to death. “His desperate attempts to revive her”
Did the stupid cow of a mother really not know what was going on?

What a strange world we live in and before some cunt says that I am griefjacking think long and hard about the awful low life standards that appear to be acceptable in our modern world.
So glad that I am heading towards the twilight.

Nominated by Billy Cunter

48 thoughts on “Kevin Eves

  1. Die,die,die.

    That is all this piece of filth needs to do. Quickly,slowly: I care not.

    On the plus side: One less peaceful to worry about today!

    • ……on the negative side, two less decent people too. Maybe we should rise up and persuade these backward thinking cunts to fuck off back to the middle east.

  2. Hopefully he will get stabbed to death in prison; or will have an “unfortunate and untimely accident” while walking down some stairs!

    He really needs to get a taste of his own medicine – painful and unrelenting day in day out.

    He needs to die but very very slowly!

    • It will be rule: 43 for this cunt, he ‘ll be lucky not to get ‘napalmed’ ( boiled sugar in the kettle) and thrown all over his ugly cunt face because it sticks like shit to a blanket! or ground glass in his food or a fucking good kicking next time he showers, plenty fucking good enough.

    • Why are we wasting time, money & resources on huge pile of shit like this ?
      A short rope and a long drop is just what this scum needs.
      We need a 21st Century Albert Pierrepoint.
      It would also have prevented that terrorist cunt killing people at Westminster bridge. Stop locking evil bastards up & then letting them go because of all the bleeding heart snowflakes.

    • Thats the sad truth ruff tuff, just like the London bridge stabber yesterday. Fucking plod/ British justice system is useless they release him with a electronic tag monitor and he still goes out and shanks two people to death probably even more had a that heroic bystander not stopped him in time and disarmed him

      • It’s very similar situation to this fucking low life scum bucket. He was jailed for a massive 9 years in 2006 but only served half his term for assaulting another toddler who suffered life-threatening head injuries and fractures to his elbow. Wonder what all the hand-wringing lefty lily-liveried libtard cunts have to say about that?

  3. Let’s hope one of the screws has a word with the nastiest, hardest villains in the gaol to let them know what this piece of utter scum did.

    We shouldn’t be sending people like this to gaol. They should be stung up from the gallows.

  4. This cunt will have the full protection of the prison service, the sympathy of the parole board, and when released he will be given a new name and a new life, all paid for by us. They don’t even call it punishment anymore, it’s rehabilitation. Perhaps they should change the word justice too, as it doesn’t seem to fit either.
    That murdering cunt who had his ticket punched on London Bridge yesterday was released early from a sentence for plotting terrorist atrocities, and was even wearing a tag, which was obviously a deterrent.
    This isn’t the fault of the police, or the courts, or the prisons, it’s the fault of politicians and civil servants, whose crazy liberal bullshit is ruining society. Where else could a skum cunt like Michael Adeboale, one of Lee Rigbys murderers, get a twenty grand payoff for having one of his teeth knocked out by prison staff who were trying to subdue him, as he was playing up. I’m sure the rot started before Tony Blair, but that evil cunt supercharged it, and made it what it is today.

  5. I think the cunt might be walking into a few doors and falling down a few stairs in the not too distant. If he’s really lucky, some some huge, grunting hairy cunt will offer him protection if he’s ‘a good girl’, if you get my drift…

  6. I only hope his back door is breached on a daily basis for the rest of his prison term.

    Despicable Count.

    • Hello MNC, sorry but that is too quick. A long period of pain (in the showers), reflection and regret. This can then be followed by your solution.

      • No thats just the final MC.
        Torture first!
        Id happily do it!
        Cut his fingers off and make him eat them, then cut open his back splinter his ribs and pull his lungs through, then hes ready for the rope.
        Hurting the innocent and defenceless is a no-no.
        The fucking freak.

        • Thank-you for expanding on your original post. I can only concur with your plan. You get my vote for any justice manifesto you want to put in to statute.

        • Ship him out to a Brazilian prison I say, from some of the videos I’ve seen, I know they’d get it right and soon wipe that smirk of his face, or more likely literally cut it off. They know how to get shit done for cunts like this, I have to hand it to them.

          • Thats right mate!
            Thats exactly it.
            Used for traitors and crimes that offend public sensibilities.
            The blood eagle.👍👍👍

          • We should have kept some of the old ways!! There’s another one called “the boats” or scaphism; fucking nasty way to go too

          • Give em the choice Cuntan!
            Asians probably choose scaphism,
            Milk & honey,
            Whites the blood eagle.
            Our ancestors didnt fuck about, got things done, incuding fitting justice.
            All for old fashioned methods for people like kevin.

        • Oh, the old Viking Blood Eagle.
          Yes MCM, should be brought back for all killers and especially for traitors, which this country seems awash with!

    • Put a Lily Allen album album on and snap the off button off the stereo – I feel there will be a suicide within minutes!

  7. He will be held in protective custody to stop anybody saying nasty things to him….consider his feelings too.

    Won’t someone PLEASE think of the scum baby murderer in this, he’s a victim of the harsh benefits system which wouldn’t buy him a Apple Chav Gold 52XL smartphone.

  8. I think its a known fact that a lot of hardened prisoners take great exception to inmates who fuck about with kids (fiddling and/or killing). So hopefully with a bit of collusion between some prison officers and the hard cases, this cunt won’t be around to see out his lame sentence.

    • You have to feel sorry for him, don’t you? Of course you fucking don’t! The cunt deserves everything he’s going to receive and, no doubt, more.

  9. Surely we should only be cunting human beings on this site? This piece of shit is an animal and so doesn’t qualify. With any luck he’ll be murdered in jail and his liquified remains flushed down the toilet.

  10. Give this fucking rat a final cigarette.
    After making it neck a pint of petrol.
    Prison? Fuck that.

  11. Seems he had a history of causing toddlers harm.
    Why was he allowed to do it again?
    Castration should have been the first punishment, death by whatever method the general public decide this time around.
    Of course if we didn’t have tofu eating, spineless, wanking do gooders who decide to rehabilitate instead of punish, perhaps we’d all be a lot safer.

      • Damn right moggie.
        Let’s hope they didn’t die in vain and that now there will be a massive shake up. Not only of convicted cunts and their sentences, but who the fuck is allowed into the country in the first place.

        • Sadly, we have more than enough homegrown cunts without importing any. The wankers that decide all this are happy to do whatever they feel like, safe in the knowledge that any shit created by their decisions will certainly not be flying anywhere near them, only us. And we don’t matter.

  12. If there was ever an advert for bringing back hanging it is this fucking waste of oxygen. Words fail me when a low life cunt like this does what he did to a little baby. Fucking cunt needs gutting.

  13. Parole Board are distancing themselves from this. Gone live saying NOT our decision.

    The worthless fucking piece of trash was let out automatically after serving just half of a sixteen year sentence for conspiring to blow up the London Stock Exchange.

    All but one of the cunts he conspired with are out and roaming our green and pleasant land.

    The slime ball barrister who represented him takes great pride in getting cunts like this the lowest sentence he can.

    Who the fuck lets this garbage into our country??

    Who the fuck is going to stand up and fix the fucking problem??

    Lad who died lives up the road from me. I am fucking raging.

    • Unfortunately that pile of garbage was born in the UK – but certainly his parents should not have been let in. Letting this cunt out with an electric tag was a huge dereliction of duty and someone’s head should roll for it. So far the only ones to pay are his poor victims. This episode makes me furious and symbolises all that’s wrong with our bleeding heart Libtard justice system.

      • Politicians and judges are about as much fucking use as a Toblerone sun lounger. Cunts like old Lord Longford turned prisons into recreation clubs and liberal judges give rapists 5 years and they’re out in two and a half then you have human rights lawyers using excuses for criminals such as mental illness or they’re merely misunderstood and had difficult childhoods. Fucking string the vermin up . Cesspit fucking UK

  14. Rope Therapy!

    What’s the bottom line cost of a life stretch to the taxpayer? I.R.O. £2,000,000? How much is ten yards of 3/4″ manilla rope, £20 off the bay of fleas? Fucking hell I’ll gladly donate my old shot rope and tie the noose m’self and if the prison staff are to too fucking pussyfied to drop the cunt my hand will be first in the air.

    As with moose limb bomby/stabbist types it’s time to stop pissing around with socio/psychopaths like this. There is ony one right thinking solution and that is to hang them. You fucking hang them and you hang them publicly and then you screen it 15 minutes before Question Time. They’ll get the fucking message soon enough.

    • Sounds good to me!
      Soon get them thinking, tearaway teens? Make em pull the lever and watch em swing!
      Soin on the path to straight and narrow, with a clean nose.

    • It gets my vote im all for it!but the fuckwit politicians/judges etc we got over here wouldnt allow it .We would have to hang them first.we should have it as a gameshow(the running man)nonces/scumbags etc pursued by some 20 stone bearded hells angel type with a chainsaw!

  15. My treatment for this sub human pile of filth would be to slowly peel all the cunt’s skin off, then give him a relaxing wash with salt, vinegar, and lemon juice. Then set fire to the cunt. But not before he’s suffered for a long, long time.

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