John Bercow (10)

John Bercow deserves another ‘ORDER, ORDER’ condescending cunting.

The man has been out of the speakers chair for less than a week and already the poison dwarf is in the media spouting, “Brexit is the worst post ww2 mistake”.

Fuck off Bercunt.

Your reign of bias motion selecting is over. You should now fuck off and fade in to the ether, like Blair, Major, May and any other failed politicunt should have done.

Why is it that even when these fuckers are supposed to be gone, they manage to hang around like a bad smell? They seem worse after the fact, than they were whilst working in the commons.

Nominated by elcuntio

Fuck it! That’s another cunt to add to the wall!

74 thoughts on “John Bercow (10)

    • Apparently his real name is Bercowitz,
      Same as that ‘son of sam’ killer in the 70s.
      And like. Son of sam hes a puddled cunt.
      An a dwârf, but not one of those lucky dwârves, more the ones that steal milk and rape cats.

      • What say you ?
        Shall we put a match to this Guy Fawkes impersonator and see how quickly the cunt goes up in flames ?

        ” Bercow roasting on an open fire,
        bogeys dripping from his nose,
        ‘order, order’ being yelled by the choir,
        we watch how fast he burns & goes

        Everybody knows, some petrol and some turpentine,
        will make this faggot sizzle right,
        watch the cunt with his hairpeace aglow,
        has really cheered me up, tonight “

  1. I was looking at an Excel spreadsheet where the rows – top to bottom – are numbered and the columns – left to right – are lettered.

    Going down column E I noticed the following names:

    – Jeff Hoon
    – Anna Sourberries
    – Amber “Elmer Fudd” Rudd
    – Chuka Remoaner
    – Jo “waste of a decent rack” Swinson
    – Gina Miller

    Then I saw Bercunts name in the list.

    “Why column E?” – I innocently asked.

    “Because it’s the fifth column!” – was the reply.


  2. This cunt must be up for Cunt of the Year?

    So much cunt in such a small package.

    • I think the Admins should find an appropriate statue for the various categories of COTY.

      Perhaps a bronze image of Katie Price’s well used box might be appropriate for a cunt like Berkow

  3. Apparently Bercunt believes he will be elevated to the Lords, but I think that will only happen if Steptoe wins the election, or Boris is forced into a coalition with some other remoaner fucker. I think Bercow should be made groom of the Stool to Lord Adonis – two stinkers together.

  4. No House of Lords for this traitor.
    The nearest lamp post so he can swing.
    I thought Anthony Linton Blair was a total cunt but this bloke takes the biscuit.
    They say thieves never prosper but this one bucks the trend He should have his body donated to medical science a proper scumbag.Some day this cunt will get his come up pence if there is any justice.

    • I think we should update November 5th and put Guy Fawkes on the backburner (so to speak), and replace him with this snidey, back-stabbing, treacherous, undemocratic shitball of all shitballs.

    • He’s got a way to go to match Blair. Who has been commuting to Brussels regularly this year to talk to the EU’s finest (cunts). Already up von der Leyen’s arse before she’s even in-post…last Wednesday.

  5. Every time I see this treacherous , obnoxious, egocentric, repulsive, cunt a vein in my temple starts to twitch then throb till eventually I start to secrete venom like a tall white gila monster. I have to put some gauze on a jar and milk myself before i start kicking fuck out of the telly. He needs elevating alright to a high branch of a tree with a rope round his cuntin neck.

  6. That constant self-satisfied smirk he always wears really boils my piss. What I wouldn’t give to be able to kick that cunt’s teeth to the back of his throat.

  7. Mystic Bercow has no idea about the future. I’d say the worst post war blunder was in 1997. I’d like a rerun of that. Cunts all round

  8. Perhaps the flabbot? I thought that when speakers left they simply evaporated, this cunt has dissolved into a noisy pile of shit.

  9. He’ll now do the celebrity merry-g-round and appear in jungle programmes and panel shows.

    Hooo-eee, what a cunt.

  10. John will miss sitting in that massive chair shouting the odds.
    Hes one of those little blokes that you meet in life, in work or the pub who have a chip on their shoulder due to being a borderline midget.
    Hes allegedly a bully and i can see it,
    He was the kid pushed over in the playground and wants revenge.
    Hes in love with hisself and cant abide to fade away.

    • Fucking spot on cunting MNC
      I can’t imagine bercow was too popular with the lads at school let alone the girls who its relatively safe to assume were taller than him and didn’t fancy shagging tom thumb , bullied and rejected during his school and university years his only friend a “ five knuckle shuffle” , bercows had a chip on his shoulder for a lifetime, even when he found a woman who didn’t Mind fucking a midget who needed a step ladder
      to do her standing up it obviously didn’t make him happy…..
      Bercow is a nasty little cunt who’s always wanted to show the world He was a big important man and he failed miserably…

      • Cheers Q!
        Yeah hes orrible hes the type whod bully a office junior or work experience kid to tears, then wank off over how powerful he is.
        But in the back of his nut hes that kid that got battered off a girl in the playground.

  11. Unable to satisfy his wench ( unless on two bricks ) this poor miserable retard from a 90’s copy of Viz, is the type of cunt you would love to fuck! ( with a baseball bat ! )

  12. Without a doubt Britain’s most self reverential cunt, Sir I earnestly request you jump down a rabbit hole and spend the remainder of your life licking your own bollocks, if perchance you should stick your nauseating visage above ground (some hope on that one) I just hope someone is on hand to administer a fitting beating,

    • On behalf of my dear, departed rabbits, I must protest that their relatives should be obliged to share lodgings with this shrivelled up old arsegrape.

  13. Now that he’s no longer speaker he feels he can now tell us his opinion on brexit.
    It was patently obvious what you thought of brexit when you were speaker you bullying pretentious obnoxious little cunt.
    Now he can spend his days trying to find someone in the Westminster bubble that hasn’t fucked his fish smelling Mrs.
    Big cunts come in small packages.

    • I don’t understand how he got away with his bias without even being censured, never mind fired or kicked to death. You can guess my preference.

  14. This stumpy dwarf has been threatening legal action over a story that he was going on to “I’m a Celebrity” but they turned him down because he demanded a million quid. He is denying it all, describing the programme as “trashy.” Well I think I know who I believe.
    If this fucker was in it not only would I watch it but i’d be voting like a cunt to keep him in. I’d want to see the bastard suffer.
    Fuck me, can you imagine living 24/7 with this arrogant, entitled wanker? How long would it be before one of the slebs chinned the cunt?
    I would have paid the million, fucking value for money if you ask me.

    • “I’m the worst speaker in parliamentary history so get me out of being hung by my little balls from big Ben.” That’s a show I’d watch.

      • “I’ve got thumbscrews for Berckunt.”

        Wired across two phases of a 3-phase setup.

        • Seems incomplete, somehow. A pair of thumbscrews and a conductive cockring are required. If he spins clockwise, swap two of the phases….

  15. If a performance of The Merchant of Venice is done well there is a palpable sense of relief when Shylock is banished at the end if the third act. The last two acts are peaceful reconciliation between the remaining characters in a Christian atmosphere. I was thinking of this watching ‘The Bercow Years’ on the Parliamentary Channel. The tetchiness, the remonstrating, the snapping. So like the character Shylock. Thank heavens he’s gone. And we’ve got an honest to goodness ENGLISHMAN in the chair.

        • A Jewish England there never was. But there was Catholic one for over a thousand years.

        • “Catholicism. A religion based on the life and teachings of a Jew… “…ish dissident


          And at least Miles’ grandparents didn’t come from Romania…why Bercow didn’t peak out at handwashing cars defeats me.

          • All religions are bollocks. They’re all lies concocted by cunts with an agenda in order to enslave peoples minds so that they can can gain control of the masses for their own ends. The most insidious form of politics there is.

  16. He is a naked Marxist cunt.


    Capital punishment would be too good for him.

    I hope he gets cancer and dies a slow agonising death.

    • Apparently, cancer of the larynx reduces the sufferer to fighting for every breath.
      It would be good to hear him choke to death on one final, pathetic squeak of “Ordure…”

      It seems he’s going to make money in the States.
      Here’s praying he goes from Speaker’s Chair to Ole Sparky.

      • Here’s hoping his fat chuff gets to sit on a red-hot pitchfork in Hades for infinity.

  17. I truly detest the steaming pile of shit that is bercunt. Smug self centred little bastard, I hate the little fucker.

  18. If the Lords hadn’t been packed with toadies and party fundraisers for decades, it would protest at the very idea this nauseating little social climber should be honoured by membership. As it is, he only needs two supporters. Mandelson and Mendelsohn, perhaps.

  19. You can’t have trash like Bercow at Wimbledon, mixing with Royalty and the upper class. Imagine if he took his pikey shagging wife along? Oh, the embarrassment daaaarling.

  20. Full twat.
    Siberia then Somalia.
    Ebola and AIDS first class ticket.
    Angolan prison 10 years.
    Set fire to his office then wife.
    Fuck right off.

  21. I would gladly pay good money to his cock loving wife to rub liquidised Carolina Reaper chilli around his bellend and maybe push a bit down his piss slit.!

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