Gina Miller (12)

Gina Miller….

Yes, a-fucking-gain – admin

A banjo and banana cunting please, for that rubber-lipped champion of democracy – the flat-chested cunt, Miller, who seems to have progressed from meddling tart to totally bonkers whore with delusions of grandeur. She now believes, apparently, that Boris’s manifesto is “aimed” at her:

Get over yourself, you shit stained scrubber.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

50 thoughts on “Gina Miller (12)

    • Wouldn’t that have been justice, and proven every point of Boris’s manifesto she is so critical of.

      She is a deluded, self absorbed cunt. And the sooner she gets run over by a bus the better.

      • A steam roller would be better then she could be folded up and popped in next diplomatic bag for Georgetown. Apex cunt.

  1. Get over yerself Gina.
    Believe it or not the worlds not interested!
    Attention seeking means youve not enough work to do an too much money.
    My van needs a wash, crack on luv, come on chop, chop!
    It wont wash itself.

  2. I blame David Attenborough. I remember when he first discovered her in her natural habitat. Now look at her. Wearing clothes and lipstick, telling native Brits how to properly run their country. Evolution sped up is dangerous.

  3. Just out of interest, how’s Guyana doing these days Gina?

    I’m sure your activism and interference would be more than welcome back home.

  4. I really wouldn’t stick my tongue (or anything else come to that) up her fetid arsehole, the attention seeking gorilla in the mist!

  5. Sorry to go O/T again, but just heard that Suckdick has come out and let us know that it was in fact the Tories that are to blame and hold responsible for the London bridge attack and, nothing to do with the person who coincidentally has the same surname as he.

    Just thought you would all like to know and hopefully put your minds at ease that is in fact nothing to do with Islam as we all thought, it was us whiteys again.

    • He’s only protecting his own interests because he knows this kind of shit will rejuvenate support for Boris and the Tories at the next election.

      Damage limitation by the slippery little cunt, but moving the blame onto an easy target, backed up no doubt by the Guardian and ALBBC

    • Some of these cunts have even gone as far to suggest that the London Bridge incident was deliberately staged in order to boost election support for the Tories. Are there no depths to which these
      enemies of the State won’t sink? London is completely fucked.
      Over the next few years white flight from the Capital will be so great, it will be immeasurable.

  6. No surprise there. Brexit is all about Miller and her spoilt brat kid who made mummy promise to nullify the largest democratic mandate in British history.

    Words fail me. The sense of entitlement of this bitch knows no bounds. A total cunt.

    Fuck off.

  7. She looks like Thulsa Doom in the above picture. Let’s hope she meets the same end. Bounce, bounce, bounce.

  8. She is so full of her own self importance. If she had any gumption about her she would have stood for election. Fucking bitch who please God leaves after any sort of Brexit.

    • There’s no point in asking made up entities for her to leave. She should just fuck off – end of.

  9. I think this repulsive woman should be made Cunt Of The Year – after all it demands that a woman should win given that this country worries so much these days about the feelings of self entitled scrubbers like her, and in the name of “equality”. Her prize should be a week in a top security prison for sex offenders, and in a cell with somebody prepared to give her a long, hard, brutal shag. Or two.

    • I feel sorry for the poor bastard who gets told she’d be in his cell. Shouldn’t she be allowed to run around in the crocodile enclosure at some zoo, instead, preferably just before feeding time?

  10. Seriously? She actually thinks that the Tory manifesto is aimed at her? Wow, she’s displaying Tony Blair levels of egomania here. I very much doubt that Boris or any Tory who was involved in the drafting of the Tory manifesto gave her so much as a microsecond’s thought. I wonder what she’ll come out with should Boris and Co win a majority in the election? She’ll probably claim that Boris owes her everything. The sour faced cow needs one of those jackets that fastens at the back.

  11. Reading about this Guyanan on Wikipedia it says that she was brutally attacked by some of her fellow students while at law school. Seems she has a long history of pissing people off.

      • They were students so probably a bunch of snowflakes who couldn’t punch their way out of a paper bag. It sure would be nice to get a chance to finish the job.

  12. Off topic but what happened to Limply? I know he was very old so has he passed on now?

  13. She appears to be validation of the old adage that if you stick lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig…

  14. I’m in London at the moment. This cunting and my weekend is a reminder of how immigrants began to take over every aspect of our lives under Tony Bliar’s watch. Bring on Brexit but it’s a bit late for it make a significant improvement to our lives.

  15. The Vile interfering Cunt’s family has a lot of power and influence in Guyana. The UK advice for visiting the flyblown shithole of Guyana is as follows: “Crime levels remain relatively high and police capacity is low. There are regular armed and violent robberies against businesses and individuals. There is a risk of passers-by being caught up in such incidents – the Police tend to respond with firearms if shot at or threatened.
    Many of the crimes in Guyana are common to countries with wide gaps in wealth and where the perception is that all foreigners are wealthy. Muggings have taken place in broad daylight, often at gun or knife point. Burglary and theft from cars are commonplace. Take sensible precautions to protect yourself and your belongings. Try to avoid showing obvious signs of wealth.
    Malaria and dengue fever are common to Guyana and can occur throughout the year. You should take steps to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.
    Medical facilities are very limited, even in Georgetown and non-existent in remote areas. Standards are low.
    Drug trafficking is a serious problem: possession and trafficking in drugs leads to lengthy prison sentences and heavy fines. Prison conditions in Guyana are tough.
    Homosexual activity is illegal.”
    The bitch should be spending time and money trying to put her own country in order, not, as a foreigner, trying to interfere in the U.K. where everything is massively better than the backward country she has chosen to abandon. The ugly, nasty CUNT.

  16. All hail to the new messiah our lovely Gina, foolishly most of us thought Christmas was about the birth of Jesus, how wrong we were. The whole universe must surely revolve around you dear, and we wait with expectation to hear your proclamations and undoubted wisdom for surely yours is the only true voice.
    No doubt that is what you think of yourself, how can there be an explanation otherwise for some one given to such assertions as you so often broadcast.
    The fact is, and this must come as a terrible shock to you, is that you are just about the most revolting delusional piece of shit in the country and whatever misfortune may befall you it can’t come soon enough, just fuck off you gobby cunt and I earnestly hope santa brings you a dose of the plague, ebola, cock rot, minge rash, bum boils and anything else that may afflict you

  17. Well then let’s hope over 340 Conservative seats are returned in this election and this pernicious woman will get the fucking gist at long last.

  18. Change of direction, but when I read that a whale had been found dead on the river bank at Battersea today, I thought that the Flabott had decided to call it a day.
    Imagine my sadness when it was revealed that it was in fact a minke whale, a magnificent creature that bore only a passing resemblance to the blubber laden creature that sits in Parliament.

    • Evening Blunty, when Flabbott does finally pop off they will float her down the Thames. She will be like one of those morbidly obese cunts you see on TV who can only leave their home by the Fire Brigade demolishing half of it.

  19. Fucking libtards. They are never wrong, it’s just that cunts like us won’t admit it. Hence their crying and weeping over Trump, Brexit and soon to be the new Trump, Johnson. We are either, thick, evil or have been manipulated by Putin. If only we would listen to Gina and her pals. It’s not as if we don’t get their bullshit pumped at us 24 hours a day.
    What’s wrong with you cunts?

  20. Gina Miller what can I say that hasn’t already been said .
    She is an insult to democracy a proper CUNT.👍🇬🇧

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