Corbyn’s socialist utopia

A cunting please for these would-be socialist hippies who didn’t know what Marx and the Soviet Union actually wanted.
There seem to be a lot of millennials who are living in a fantasy world where Marx said ‘from each according to his ability to each according to his desire’, translated as I get to play video games, bake cupcakes and blog about the patriarchy (and why daddy didn’t give me a bike/pony), while all of you serfs break your backs and subsidise me.

I think what Marx actually said was from each according to his ability, to each according to his NEED.

That means people who can work, being sent to work, whether by the state or their fellow workers dragging them out of bed, once they own the means of production.

I seem to remember the Soviet Union being represented by the hammer of industry and the sickle of agriculture were hard manual work was constantly valorised and romanticised. None of those soft-handed students who call themselves communists think they’d be the ones given a hi-vis bib and a hard hat, but unless they were incredibly well-connected they’d be sent to a Welsh slate quarry in the new British Soviet.

Perhaps it’s about time they were.

Nominated by Cuntamus Prime

65 thoughts on “Corbyn’s socialist utopia

  1. Quite why anyone with an IQ in positive figures would even consider voting for this cunt is absolutely beyond me.

    I live in hope that come December 12th, some mass outbreak of common-sense occurs and Labour/LibDums and assorted remainiacs of all political hues get fucking eviscerated.

    Not so sure that’ll be the case though….

    • Last time I “checked” (about twenry-five years ago¹) I had an IQ² of between 150 and 160 and I’m considering voting for Corbyn.

      However I’d currently estimate the probability of doing so to be around 0.05, with a confidence interval of greater than 90%.

      By 12th December, those figures will be approaching zero and 100 respectively… with a high degree of certainty (I shall be on holiday in Burma, and I think I’ve left a postal vote application a little late).

      ¹part of a “suite” of silly “psychometric tests” required by an employer in Germany. In those days, the HeLaBa (Hessische Landesbank) placed a preternaturally high value on these now largely discredited assessments. They also paid me considerably more than I’d expected as a rather gratifying consequence.

      ²or: Idiot Quotient, assuming you’re not daft enough to believe in this hokum. See above, also: “Mensa” et seq, ibidem

    • Where is Corbyn gonna get all this money from thats what I wanna know he’s trying to be everything to everybody. Just listen to some of the Total shite he was spouting in Liverpool yesterday. I do believe the silly old cunt has gone senile and we should all put him in a home to prevent him making a further out of himself. And when is this guy gonna get that wonky front tooth of his sorted.

  2. Nice Cuntamus!👍
    As someone well used to manual labour as i know are others on here,
    Hard manual labours not as romantic as the wannabe marxists assume!
    Itd soon lose its ‘glamour’ when theyre in the rain all day upto the ankles in mud, or when their back seizes up and can barely move.
    Never the chairman of the party or spokesman for the people picking up a shovel you note?!
    I despise commies, feel same as Hitler did about them,
    But then as i get older, feel the same about a lot of things as Hitler.
    See you all in the gulag comrades.

    • MNC – remember “Fred Kite’s” view of Russia in I’m Alright Jack? – “all those cornfields and ballet in the evenings”. Fred Kite is now played by McDonnell.

      • Haha yeah! Forgot about that WC!
        Yeah Fred Kite! Haha
        Made me laugh that WC,
        Tools down! Everybody out!😁

    • My Uncle, a staunch Thatcherite always said something that resonated quite strongly with me and that was that communists have got fuck all but they want to share it with you. Always made me giggle but the future looks bleak.

      • Maggie also quoted ‘the problem with socialists is that eventually they run out of spending other people’s money’ or words to the effect.

        How true.

  3. Most students and young people are profoundly ignorant of Marxism and the history of communism. More than 70% of them have never heard of Mao Tse Tung and many have not heard of Stalin and are ignorant of his purges and murdering sprees. Instead, all the worlds badness is attributed to British imperialism and white men. I’m really worried that these stupid cunts will vote for Corbyn.

    • Between poor quality teaching, and lack of worldly experience, students know three fifths of fuck all. That’s even before you chuck paying tax into the mix. Cunts.

      • IF the soviet style utopia is about to descend on this country it will be largely due to the votes of students and activists who see it as some kind of game, one just hopes they stay glued to their phones and take selfies of their bollocks or kipper on the day and leave the serious business of casting a vote to the adults (males over 40)

  4. Corbyn is just the mouthpiece – the really dangerous cunts are McDonnell, Richard Burgon, Clive Lewis and the half-witted tarts like Long-Bailey and gormless cunt Dawn Butler, because they all believe the shit they spout – I think Steptoe is now just their prisoner and he dreams of being put out to grass in his allotment.

  5. Looking at his policies, not so much the ones he has publicised recently but the ones he has mooted over the decades, the ones he would revive if in power.

    He fucking scares me, with John ‘mad dog’ McDonnell ensuring the worst imaginable socialist policies is dragged from the depth of our nightmares into our daily reality a horror story awaits all if Labour have any power.

    Promises of utopia always end in misery, promises of utopia designed by entitled envious little trots always ends up in concrete hell holes.

    Fuck off Jeremy you upper middle class cunt.

  6. Socialism = wankers like us work our bastard bollocks off and the leftie mother fucking cock sucking shit heads take the fucking piss the cunts. That’s my understanding anyway.

  7. I have a lot of sympathy with Marxist ideas. All that stuff about the ‘alienation’ of the worker in a Capitalist society, his analysis of ‘value’ in said society, that the owners the Means of Production govern ideology- convining enough. The final Communist idyll; a fantasy.

  8. Well cunted sir.
    Nobody likes a commie.I do hope Grandpa and his Politburo get smacked out of the park come December.
    But then again all politicians give me the shits full stop.
    Dictatorship by Churchill DNA cloning for me.Mustard gas for any rotters.
    Fuck off now.

  9. Socialism isn’t a human trait, it’s unnatural for us’ There is no room for individuals in a socialist system.

    Fuck off, I’m not a number.

    • Adam Smith said something on the lines of individuals acting in their own self interest promote society more than if they initially set out to improve society.

  10. They wont have rats will they Cuntflap?
    I dont like rats!
    If theyve got rats ill testify against all of you!!

    Fuck that!!

  11. These young cunts looking for a label, have no fucking idea of what Marxism is all about, primarily because it is easy to call yourself a Marxist or a Socialist or a Person of the People, but that’s just simple talk. When it comes to actually doing the work its a different fucking story!

    For example the ER cunts, who think nothing of blocking roads, railways and airports – they’re not doing it for the environment but to fuck the economy in general and capitalism in particular.

    And yet when these cunts have finished with their shouty protests on the streets, they return home and expecting light, heating, food and water to be instantly available. But who fucking makes this happen? And what if those cunts can’t get to work because the ER cunts are preventing them from doing so! Would they be so pious when there’s no food in the shops, no water coming out of the taps, no electric to charge their phones and tablets!

    Same with Greta Cuntstain – she bangs on about the environment, and Vegans bang on about the benefits of eating veg. But do any of these cunts actually go out and get their hands dirty by planting saplings, digging vegetable patches, allotments etc? Of course not: too much like hard fucking work: let some other cunt do that!

    And as aside – if Labour and/or the Lib Dumbs win the election outright or by coalition then my wife and I are emigrating – seriously! No idea where yet because trying to find an old fashioned country with old fashioned values is like finding an honest politician. But if Corbyn or that Jill cunt ever get handed the keys to No 10, the country will be well and truly fucked within 12 months.

    • Yes, I can confirm that: Cuntflap is indeed a fan of armed gated communities.

      How’s it going CF? Are we near completion yet? Cutting it a bit fine aren’t you? Can I bring my television?

      Questions, questions, questions, flooding into the mind of the concerned old washout today….

      • North America will be a white minority nation by 2045 therefore not viable at all in my view gated compounds notwithstanding. At that Rubicon it’s just a matter of legislation to outlaw such sealed communities. The first such organisation that resists will find itself ringed with state troopers, all comms and power cut off and starved out. Remember Waco?

    • I have considered the States, although not Cali-fucking-fornia. But I worry that Trump will not be around for a 2nd term, and will be replaced by a Dumicrat cunt no better than the Lefty cunts over here!

  12. When i was younger, bit less jaded, lot more nieve, being a bit bolshy, a gobshite, theyre best mates unite the union invited me to a training week in Eastbourne.
    I still believe in a fair days pay for fair days work, and still agree with some aspects, certain H&safety points, a minimum wage etc
    Anyway, i had a walk about, and they had a massive mural in this room about the struggle of trade unionism,
    It was in the style of those Russian propaganda painting?
    All overalls clenched spanners etc
    Was looking at it, absorbed daydreaming, and some women were bustling about,
    I used my devastating Northern charm😁 and got talking to them,
    They were all eastern European and all
    Paid less than minimum wage,haha.
    I learnt a lot from that.

  13. I used to know a bloke from Osijek who was a a party official in the socialist party, at the beginning when he left uni he believed, Then working in the system he became very disillusioned.
    Lots of wasted money in the republics and after 40 years the peoples utopia had still yet to appear, lets face it Tito’s socialism was quite easy compared to most of the soviet block, but it was all shit, say the wrong thing and you can find yourself in a bad place.

    • Waugh spread the rumour when he was over there in the 2nd World War (wiih Churchill’s son Randolph) that Tito was a woman. Gained some traction. I mean it was said Tito was offended and was looking to get him.
      They were so bored that Randolph bet Waugh or the other way round that he (Randolph) couldn’t read the whole of the Bible. He did and on closing it ‘Wasn’t God a shit?’.

  14. Watch it CP, your card’s marked. In Corbyn’s utopia, you’ll shut the fuck up and do as you’re told, or Flabbott the Hutt will sit on you and David Lammy will then eat you.

  15. It’s simple, if the Commie tramp and his crew get in, we just ignore the result and argue that the poor demented Labour voters didn’t know what they were voting for….

  16. Is this part of the utopia? –
    “My husband suggested we sparked up our sex lives by role playing doctors & nurses so I put him on a trolley and ignored him for 6 hours!” (naughty Noo on twitter)

  17. Not being orrible CP but Cuntflap said theyd use rats on us!
    So if it goes tits up we are all blaming you for your disloyalty to the glorious party,
    Your counter revolutionary speech has influenced us ‘honest ivans’
    Do the right thing take all responsibility.

  18. Years and years of not trying to borrow more than you can afford, building societies and banks criticised (rightly) for lending at 125% mortgages.

    Wonga and Co criticised for lending to people who cant afford repayments

    But, if you are a socialist government borrow as much as you like 250 billion, another 150 billion, it’s fine interest rates are cheap, it’s pin money.

    Oh Jeremy Corbyn, for fuck sake do us all a favour take you socialist shit and walk into the sea and keep going.


  19. They only murdered four times as many people as the Nazis. How these cunts get away with this bollocks is beyond me.

  20. Labour motto “For the many not the few”
    Seems to me 52% voted leave
    Now fuck off and do your calculations again or did Diane fatfuck do them for you,

    Get 2 fuck

    • Yeah, and those “many” are probably not the indigenous hard working British cunts born and bred, but the gimmecunts who want everything for free!

      • They’ve already pranked Corbyn. I wish some ingenious activist would somehow sneak behind him while he was speaking and change the wording quickly ‘For the many not the Jew’. That would really enliven the campaign.
        It’s so fucking ridiculous all the talk we need more pranks.

        • Id like to sneak on his allotment at night Miles, paint his shed red white & blue fly the union jack or a swastika,
          And put those Dianne abbott masks on all his turnips!

        • That would be funny even more so if his auto cue said to read aloud in a distinct german accent

  21. We’re going to have to put his portrait on our mantlepiece. They’re going to have giant posters of his face on all the skyscrapers. Big statues of him over fifty feet tall standing outside the factories and hospitals. And all our kids will start school with a prayer wishing him the best of health.

  22. Communism
    All People Are Equal
    “Just Some Are More Equal Than Others.”
    Labour bang on about Margaret Thatcher and what the Tories closed We had 13 years of a Labour Government and Tony Linton Blair He and every opportunity to reopen industry but chose not to. Labour last time they were in power bankrupted this country despite the saviour of The Worlds Economy Gordon Brown.This current lot “Communist Labour”do us a big favour and fuck off back into the wilderness where you belong and take Corbyn back to his allotment.As with everything Communist Labour always check the small print

  23. Only the thickest CP member could possibly imagine Corbyn can deliver a fraction of what he’s proposing, let alone get the evil capitalist system to lend him the money to do so. He’s shot himself right in the bollocks with this one*. Now will Farage and Boris please stop handbagging each other and split those lost Labour constituencies amicably?

    *Not that he’ll get anywhere near trying to: cue the Israel lobby, dialled up to 11, from now on.

  24. Pretty much bollocks, like ALL political, religious or social ideology.
    Wave any flag too hard and you’ll break the flagpole…

  25. Socialism? Oh yes, the only country founded on Socialist ideals that still gas pockets if them (Kibbutzim) is the country they hate! Israel…

    • Freudian slip there, Krav? Gas? But to give due respect to your views, the sweeping generalisation doesn’t do. Labour Friends of Israel is very well populated, although accurate figures are not always available. I don’t think they hate Israel, do you? And they’d all claim to be socialists. Marx was Jewish, as were and are many other prominent Communists…and leading figures in Labour. Socialist and Israel-hater are not, as you appear to be saying, interchangeable terms. What you actually object to is criticism of Israel for its actions by most Socialists. Who have the weird belief that Israel is an apartheid state in which most of its original inhabitants are second-class citizens, don’t ask me why.

      Kibbutzim? Most of them were privatised two decades ago, and if any utopian socialist admires them, he is sadly out of date. Further reading:

      Makes the excellent point that going down the Corbyn road always ends in tears. Marxism is an economic theory, not a social one.

      • The Jewish role in the rise of Bolshevism and eventually Russian state socialism (Communism) and its export and promotion across the world cannot be disputed; over half the membership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party etc. etc…

        “Marxism is an economic theory, not a social one.”

        Enter the Frankfurt School stage left (again comprising with one exception of Jewish intellectuals) whose self allotted task was to take the underlying principles of economic Marxism, shear away all its ‘problematic’ features such as summary internment, executions, starvation, grinding poverty, Red Terror, the gulags, its ruthless supression of dissent etc and reformulate it from an econocentric doctrine to a social doctrine for Western consumption as a means to relieve the people of the cultural burden they believed Capitalism had imposed upon them.

  26. Just seen Cuntbyn on the news talking about the “actions” he has taken in order to combat anti-Semitism in the Labour Party…

    One of these was an “Education Programme”. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK”????

    So Labour Party members need educating on anti-Semitism…. And they think they’re fit to govern us.

    Fucking cunts.

    • Well theres not much in the way of choice as usual same turnout every year 4 partys are bonkers wich leaves billionaire loaded torys(who dont give a fuck about ya)or corbyn for chancellor of the reich .gota love this country aint ya.

      • Beyond depressing isn’t it Anne? We’re pretty much fucked whoever gets in. If it’s Labour I’m seriously considering emigration, but where to? The only places that aren’t completely poisoned by leftism and politically correct liberalism are third world shitholes. The fucking moon maybe….

        • Switzerland…Unlike the moon, not quite made of cheese, but a good selection. That’s my dream.

  27. McDonnell earlier said that when in power, they will destroy the city of London. Before I got excited, I realised he meant the banking sector. Cool. The only industry we have left, and those cunts are going to fuck them off to Europe or wherever. So what if it’s just laundering cash for Russian gangsters, or Saudi royalty, it’s helping keep our economy afloat. I bet it sounds great to all the thick cunts, bring down the rich, stick it to the man, blah fucking blah. I’m a working class idiot, with a shit wage, but if I can see that labour will utterly destroy this country with their uncosted blow out, surely anyone can?

    At the last election, it was ‘24 hours to save the NHS’. That turned out to be the obvious load of bollocks it sounded. This election, there is a new soundbite that labour seem to be using at every opportunity, and that is ‘a once in a generation…’, to which they add save the NHS, or ‘bring about real change’. Voting for me has always been about who I hate the least, nothing more, and it gets more difficult with every election. But, I would rather eat a cyanide loaded dog turd than vote labour.

  28. I have often struggled to understand the plaudits and reverence give to the NHS it consumes an ever increasing total and share of government expenditure to the detriment of other services , I would be happy to see it being forced to compete or some scale of charges introduced particularly for all this gender fluid transitional reassignment crap if you want to be abnormal pay for it your f—-ing self

    • Good evening Alf. The NHS has been a black cash hole for decades, due in much part to the role played in contracting to various elements such as MITIE, SERCO and G4S ( these being the big players ) Additionally, OSO.s ( Overseas operators ) operating under the many various cloaks of G4S et al suck an almighty 43% of capital expenditure from the NHS and back into the private sector. The whole fucking business is as bent as a nine bob note.

      • If u could kindly use snother term to describe crooked as please.there are us old fuckers on here with great musical taste who are offended somewhat!thanks

      • “…bent as a nine bob note.”

        Used to call our bass player “Nine Note Bob”, he wasn’t bent though.

  29. At aged 18 I was a member of the Socialist Worker Party because I was in love with the idea of communism, no money, no borders and a free world. I also thought Imagine was a lovely song. Then I grew up and realised what a load of tosh this is and that I should stop pinning my hopes on a fantasy and make my own way in a capitalist world. I now want to throw up every time I hear Imagine.

    Unfortunately the Labour Party are a bunch of people who never grew up and still think they are in 1910. Not only can they fuck off, they can fuck off to fuck.
    And in fuckdom there is reserved seat for Igor McDonnell and I can’t type it Cor,,,arrahhh.

    • Bet when they reissue Lennons albums they dont include you on the reveiws Cuntologist!
      ‘Everytime i hear this i want to throw up..haha😁

  30. Imagine there’s no Corbyn, it isn’t hard to do
    You just have to vote for Johnson if even you think that’s poo
    Imagine all the borrowing…

    oh can’t be arsed, you get the idea

  31. The thing is, it won’t cost a penny!
    If you’re an illegal.
    If you’re not a British citizen.
    If you’re a dole-wallah.
    If you’re one of Mo’s mob.

    If however you work for a living, or have worked all you’re life but are now retired, well you’re fucked!

    Someone has to pay for it, and that’s us! And don’t you DARE moan because that’s transphobawaycist, you cunts!

  32. So today Labour are talking about the “distribution of wealth ” which equals them taking more money off people who put a shift in and giving it to freeloading Um Bongo cunts who don’t…

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