Women against State Pension Inequality (2)

WASPI – Women against state pension inequality.

Well this could stir up a hornets nest, my old chums.

This is an action group set up to have a good old bitch about women now having to work to the age of 65 before they retire. The indignity is almost muslimesque. “Why should I have to work as long as a man to get my pension”?

It’s so unfair.

Sexual equality obviously doesn’t apply to these self righteous clowns. Get off your arse and get some fucking work done like us men have to, and have always had to.

FFS. Cunts!

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86 thoughts on “Women against State Pension Inequality (2)

  1. The fairer sex,
    Lives longer and wants to retire earlier by time I retire the age will be 75-85 range.

    Always banging on about equality but only when it’s a plus never a negative complete and utter double standards .

    Seeing as we tend to die before our female companions, shouldn’t we being retiring earlier ?.

    • Stop crying you old trouts, get grafting!
      Equality when it suits eh?
      Well fucking tough luck.

    • Why is a television programme made for CHILDREN putting off WOMEN joining the fire brigade?
      Do grownup females not realise it’s a television programme for children?
      Instead of moaning about that, they should concentrate more about moaning about other trivial things,
      She: “Does my bum look big in this?”
      Me: “Well, yes but you’re Dawn French, and those knickers are for a Sindy doll”.

    • Have been trying to find that spoof Trumpton fire brigade roll-call that begins “Jew, Jew”… but have lost it. If any fellow cunters have it, please post !!

  2. This is gonna cause a stir. There is a new game, Ms Monopoly, where women players get more than men for passing Go. Couldn’t believe it but it’s there on Google. I despair…

  3. Oh but women are quite happy to have 52 weeks off maternity; while dads only get 2 fucking weeks!

    Equally with tennis – women want the same pay as blokes but fewer sets. Case in point, this year’s ~Wimbo: the bints final went to 2 sets and took just over an hour.

    The blokes went to a 5 set tie-breaker and took just under 5 hours.
    Prize money the fucking same!

    So those old bints moaning about having to work till your 65+ can shut the fuck up!

    • And AND these women tennis players retire way earlier than 60 or whatever the fuck. Unfuckinbeleieveable brass these tarts.

      And it’s not even tennis just incessant screaming and grunting. Some of the cheating cunts have even started to bring racquests

  4. I heard some old bag (5 years younger than me) on Woman’s Sour on Wireless 4 moaning about this today. Poor thing she thought she was going to get her pension at 60. I started claiming my state pension on Friday and that was 5 months after my 65th birthday. My main squeeze is 11 months younger than me she has to wait just under a year until her state pension kicks in.

    The EU demanded that the UK had pension equality and it was expected that the state pension age for men would be reduced to 62 and a half and women bought up to the same level. Gordon Brown had other ideas and raised women’s pension age to 65 but then subsequently raised it for men under a graduated scheme. Those born between 1953 and 1956 seem to bear the biggest burden. If a Conservative chancellor had done it there would have been rioting but it got slipped in with hardly any debate if I recall correctly.

  5. It’s only the ugly ones who have to work til that age. The bonny ones will have snared a man before the age of thirty and be living off his money or off benefits from their tribe of special-needs,all-the-colours-of-the-rainbow brats.
    Daft old bags’ll probably just waste it on blue-rinses,cat-food,denture-fixative and having it stolen by their “carer” anyhow.
    Fuck them.

    • Is Fanny on the market for the Northumbrian social elite Mr Fiddler or destined to be a reclusive wallflower up at the Towers?

      • Since she broke off her engagement due to her “intended’s” perverse sexual demands,she has decided to become a Lezza. She is currently giving Cara Delevigne a double fisting in the bell-tower. Hopefully by the time that she’s done, Cara will be sufficiently loosened up to take on a man of my considerable attributes and so pussy-struck that all thoughts of bean-flicking will be driven forever from her mind…a sure remedy for lezzas…a good dose of cock after being tumbled by a 30 stone,5 foot tall,female Mick McManus lookalike.

    • Alright Dick?
      Nice to see you back, some of the cunters were bit worried youd not posted for a bit.
      Me not so much seeing as i stand to inherite.
      Glad your back anyway, missed your sunny outlook and cheek.

      • Evening MNC.
        It’s all Gemma Arterton’s fault…insatiable tart wouldn’t let me out of her bedroom.

          • Oh yeah! Can tell shes daydreaming about me cant you?
            Coy little smile? =meat n potato pie wi miserable❤❤❤

          • It’s been done so many times before that I haven’t got anything original or interesting to add.


          • I have finally given up on Brexit Mr Fiddler. I wonder are you the same? I have come to the conclusion that it is simply not worth it. Not worth tearing the country apart like this. Our time HAS passed. The younger generation want it. Let them have it. Yes for the good of the country let the Remainers have what they want.

          • Hi Miles, from your post i concluded that young people are as I suspected all along, The Enemy.
            Your right in the fact we should do everything possible to destroy the future for these vacant selfish little divs, they dont deserve this country or a future!
            Ive taken your advice and declared war on anyone under 40yrs.

          • Don’t give up, not yet. All that’s required is a civil war to straighten out the home front, then dust off the plans for Seelowe in reverse.

          • The more I dwell on this the more I like it. Britain annexes the Low Countries and France, and imposes Britannia rules. Objectives are to capture and occupy Brussels, dismantle the EU machinery, and create a nice bit of living space. If things go well keep pushing east!

          • Evening Dick. I did however, have a pre prepared statement were you to taken up the challenge!

          • @ Miles.
            I always preferred the “Leave with a DeaL” option…now,just out of bloody-mindedness,I’d like to see us go on”No Deal” but don’t believe for a minute that it’ll happen.
            The behaviour of our supposed Leaders has been a real eye-opener and I have reached the point of ignoring most of the Brexit chat because the whole affair has become so disheartening and literally incredible that I am no longer surprised at whatever the latest twist may be.

          • @ Bertie…keep it on file. I’m sure some “original” poster’ll bring it up again soon.

          • That’s ok Dick but it’s quite time sensitive as long as you make it in the Autumn!

          • Miles @ 7.53
            If it wasn’t for the fact that our precious democracy is being fucked over I would’ve given up caring about Brexit many months ago.

  6. Those tranny ‘women’ who underwent the slash n’ gash operation in order to get their state pensions five years early must be gutted…

    • Slash and Gash op must be rather like gutting a month dead octopus. Turning its beak inside out, perhaps.

  7. Gordon Brown is a a Cyplopic, useless, dangerous, financially illiterate, CUNT. His Phd thesis was a masturbatory tribute to some unknown, ineffective, trades union leader (I couldn’t be arsed to look up the details). A sham in his career, marriage and everything else he becomes involved in. A CUNT of the highest order along with cottager Charles Linton and Lady Mangledbum: what a shower of shite!!

  8. Equality is great until it impacts some cunts negatively, shut up and fuck off.

    These cunts must realise if women continue to retire at 60 men will have to work until they are 75 to pay from them.

    Every bloke should start identifying as a woman in their 60th birthday.

    That would throw a spanner in the works.

    • Too late Sixdog… the law was changed in 1995:

      “Women in their 50s and 60s have been hit by the Government’s decision under the 1995 Pensions Act to increase the female state pension age from 60 to 65. The change was to be phased in between 2010 and 2020.

      “The Coalition Government of 2010 then decided to accelerate the timetable. The 2011 Pension Act bought the new qualifying age of 65 for women forward to 2018. The qualifying age for both men and women will be raised to 66 by October 2020.”

      Apparently my missus will have to wait till she’s 67 before she can claim her state pension.

        • When pensions were first introduced they were only given to men over 75, the socialists made themselves look good but the reality was the vast majority of men were not going to see 75, but it won them votes, successive governments decided to buy votes by decreasing the pension age and we all started living longer. The NHS was also never intended to become the unsustainable behemoth it is now.

          I understand that the reality of economics means we all pay ever increasing taxes during our working life or we work longer. Many of us ain’t looking forward to anything like a comfortable old age.

          Equality is Colour blind and doesn’t give a fuck about your gender or sexuality.

          The last thing that people who scream about equality want is cold hard uncaring equality.

          These women want to retire at 60? I want to retire now and I can if I am willing to accept the financial consequences.

          If I retire tomorrow I’ll be homeless in weeks and told tough shit.

  9. You selfish cunts! You expect to get a pension and the government to pay for all the immos, refugees, asylum seekers, bringing about zero carbon consumption, building railways that nobody wants and can’t afford to use, bunging billions to the EU, bunging more billions in Foreign Aid, MP’s expenses, 305 quid a day for 800 cunts in the House of Frauds, more fucking immos, refugees and asylum seekers, making sure every rich cunt gets richer. Just slave away until you die you useless fucking moaning cunts!

  10. All men , wimminz and transbenders are equal .
    If I had my way I would have a retirement age of 60, a generous pension for 10 years. Then once they hit the age of 70 , euthanize by proxy.

  11. I will be calling DWP tommorow and self identifying as a 75 year old woman: pension please!

    • Fire whisperer?

      I must a cunt whisperer. At least every time I get close to one I hear voices. Fucking echos probably, the sort of hollywood bowl, wizard sleeve buckets I’m reduced to these days.

  12. It’s been donkey’s years since the women’s pension age was raised to that of men.
    If my memory serves correctly all the wimminz were celebrating just before at having their demands for equality acceded to.
    Then the bombshell……

  13. It seems that equality is perfectly lovely as long as they get something for nothing.
    If something disagreeable rears it’s ugly head it’s time to offload it to blokes to sort out.
    I just can’t put my finger on what’s wrong with this situation….
    Oh yes!

  14. Fuck off, you whinging bitches, I’m going to be shit shovelling until I’m at least 70 to pay for the fucking house I’m trying to buy. I’ve got no choice, once the divorce goes through, I’m fucking homeless, and I can’t afford to rent. So, fuck them, equality is a cunt, you wanted it.
    Oh, and fuck the Scottish courts, fuck that bandy ewok Sturgeon, and fuck all those shitbag nobody Labour MPs who have sneaked into an empty parliament to take selfies to fucking moan on Twitter, the cunts. Too many cunts about today……

    • If men’s life expectancy in the UK is 79 and women’s is 83, shouldn’t they work four years longer before they get a pension? Or am I missing something?

  15. most of the women at my place never do a full weeks worth any way usually a three day week or if they are on full time bandwagon jump off it fairly regularly with every snowflakes favorite, stress (the stress of having to do the job you’re employed for), cunts

  16. Women should be paid about 1/3 of men’s wages.
    Salary reduced because of Days off due to “women’s problems” but spent shopping or looking at Fuckbook/Instagrot for hours on end.

    Salary reduced because of eating crisps and biscuits therefore avoid work.

    Salary reduced because of longer time spent in the shitter powdering fat arses and spraying on perfumed water.

    Salary reduced because of browsing on their mobile at items they don’t need.

  17. how is this for off topic, I am pissed and pissed off.
    as a kid I would kill little animals, not because I am a pshyco but because I would eat the fuckers.
    one day a hippy type said to me “You wouldnt do that if they could shoot back” fucking wrong, it was more fun though I didnt eat it.
    Then one shity day I ended up in an inquest and I got to meet a widdow and 3 kids they hated me, as I recall there was even someone outside to take me out.
    history, fucking history.
    so roll on 30 years a dogm its not my fucking dog its the Mrs dog, it shits on the carpet jumps on the bed, it has been a bit of a cunt,
    The fucking thing was abused by pikeys, had a good home when it was rescued then the old fucker died and we got her, well I am mindfull of the things dick has said,
    I was a medic once and dealt with some unusal shit, I have dealt with her through fits, but she bounces back.
    on friday I am going to kill her it hurts like fuck, chiken dinners all the way.
    fuck off with your false sympathy I just had to say this and the wailing wall is to far away.

    • I have been in exactly the same situation. Exactly. She didn’t suffer, and it was the right thing to do. Glad you found a wailing wall – that probably helps.

  18. I’d just like to say I love Mrs B. This could be because she’s got a nice little pension and I have to be especially nice because it’s her birthday.

  19. I know this might be slightly irrelevant, but I give Sir Geoffrey Boycott my full support with his knighthood and I fully concur with his assessment of ‘couldn’t give a toss’ from any female detractors. To be honest, I would give any woman a firm beating for playing a faulty forward defensive shot too.

  20. I see that the fuckin’ Scottish twat Malcolm Rifkind is having a go at Boris and Brexit with the encouragement of the Scottish judge’s ruling. This must be the only posh Scottish bastard that has ever existed in politics. What an utter fuckin pollock and another solicitor to boot. I’ve just found that predictive text is worth keeping. Pollock is far better than pillock and so I shall use it in the future.

    • A completely tasteless white fish. Indeed. Though the strangulated Edinburgh lawyer-twat is perhaps more like a megrim – flat, tasteless, no substance to it?

      All political careers end in failure, as I think St Enoch remarked. It beats me why anyone takes any notice of these superannuated failed cunts…but then again, looking at the current cunts whose careers have yet to fail officially….#mindboggle.

  21. Sir Geoff makes the point that he was an Englishman in a French court. That’s good enough for me……Not Guilty!…… no fucking way!
    I don’t really like this Yorkshire cunt but as long as he’s winding up libtards and wimminz he’s ok with me.

    • Knew nowt about Geoff Boycott, but heard a audio on news,
      “Look luv…” Instantly liked him!
      Im happy to pin her arms while you rabbit punch her mr Boycott.

    • Boycott is a Tyke cunt with a Kuenssberg gob.
      He was the most fuckin boring batsman in the history of cricket.
      Nothing to admire there.

  22. He should of twatted her with a cricket bat, theyre more dangerous than guns!
    Well known fact that.

  23. Sorry to deviate from this cunting but I must say I’m getting pretty fucking sick to the back teeth of the whole Project Fear around a potential no-deal brexit.

    As far as I’m concerned its always been looking llike we were moving closer to a no-deal scenario all along.

    They seem to think its going to be like a disaster film or like the meteorite that hit the dinosaurs.
    It reminds me of the hysteria around the Y2K bug which ended up being about as much of a concern as a fart in a hurricane.

    • Seems to work though Harold!
      Lib dem types think its like a asteroid hitting earth!
      Its bollocks and some of us know that.
      Give my regards to yer dad by the way!👍

        • Indeed, the remoaners are very much like old Albert.
          Don’t leave me Arold, I can’t cope on me own. What will happen to me Arold, with nobody to look after me?
          Oh me art, me bleeding art……help me Arold……please help me.
          They don’t call Corbyn, Steptoe for no reason.

    • While we’re diverted, I’ve been thinking, which makes a change, true.
      Whatever the motive for Johnson advising the Queen to prorogue Parliament – the basis of the Court of Sessions’ decision – it was not illegal to give it, only, as far as I can gather, constitutionally unsound. But the Queen must have been aware of the probable motive…and gave her assent. She’s not short of legal advisors. Does the judiciary have any right to intervene in the Queen’s constitutional right to suspend Parliament on the advice of her Prime Minister? Regardless of the correctness of the advice? Has the judiciary any statutory function in protecting the Crown and its decisions? The judiciary is, like everyone else, formally subordinate to the Crown. Whether or not it likes the current government, its first allegiance is to the Crown. This may be even more serious a fuck-up than it looks.

      Must stop thinking.

  24. I cant believe these cunts debated Fireman Sam in the lower House of Cunts.

    We really are paying for these rictus grinning goons to interfere in the minutiae of our everyday lives.


    • If that silly cunt Gina Miller gets her way and gets Parliament reinstated till October 14th, a discussion on toys will probably be the most important item on the agenda (that and free dildo’s and jiggle balls for Jess Phillips).

      When my son was at school for the last fortnight before the summer holidays they were invited to take in games every day because they had run out of lessons, and apart from , Dame Keir doing his scared old woman routine, Mary-Anne Benn and duckie Dominic Grieve causing trouble and making pompous speeches there is fuck all for them to do. I often think the cuntry runs better when the self important motherfuckers are away from Westminster and I am not joking.

  25. We are doomed. There will be no architects in years to come.

    Another one bit the dust in a KFC yesterday.

    Oh, and Sadiq Khan is moaning about the way people pronounce his name . Easy , just change it to midget carpet kissing utter uber scum cunt. Simples……

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