‘Woke’ TV

As I am a cunt, I have every means of watching all TV from Sky, to Amazon Prime, to Netflix, and every modern programme which shows initial promise becomes “woke” soon thereafter.

I used to like a Sky series called ‘Madam Secretary’ which existed prior to Trump’s election. Not only because I think Teà Leoni is hotter than Devil’s Valley, but because it was a good series, with a good cast and decent storylines. Leoni plays the Secretary of State and – as a former CIA agent – took no shit from Third World shitholes.

Post-Trump and a new cast emerges including a butch dyke with a US Marine’s haircut as a chief advisor, etc. You know the score. And where pre-Trump was mainly fucking over China and Mo’s mob, post-Trump it’s all about clamping down on supremacists. The final straw came when they had Madeline Albright and the evil witch Clinton woman pontificating about “hate” to the current (fictional) Secretary of State.

I no longer watch.

‘Designated Survivor’ on Netflix. Great idea for a story: unlikely bloke becomes US President and tries his best. Series 1 was good. Enter series 3 and “wokeness” is the main dish of the day. His sister-in-law is actually his pre-op brother-in-law. And the main thread is an Ebola style virus, genetically modified to target the melanin rich; orchestrated – obviously – by supremacists.

I no longer watch.

Then we have ‘Manifest’, Sky’s new thriller vehicle. Once again a great story idea, and not directly preachy but… every fucking family is mixed race, even cunts who would have been married in the 60’s and 70’s, when mixed race marriages during those decades were rarer than rocking horse shit! Oh and the obligatory dyke couple is a BBM type and the palest skinned, red-head Oirish woman… but of course it is!

I watch it and simply imagine that the demographics actually reflect reality.

Finally – without even asking – I noticed that another Sky series,’FBI’, had destinated on my watch list. Starts off decent enough. Lot’s of Mo’s mob style bombings, etc. “Here we go!” I think, assuming some notion of reality. Ah, but I thought too soon. The bombings were targeting the projects areas of New York designed to kill people of colour, all done by – you guessed it – supremacists.

I won’t watch!

The thing that does my nut in, is the fact that if every fucking white person was a supremacist then surely white on ethnic murder would be through the fucking roof and no cunt in power would give a fuck, because they would obviously be supremacists too!?!

Don’t these “woke” cunts know that!?!

Allegedly the States is still 87% white and yet, over 50% of all murders committed there are perpetrated by non-whites, the majority of those murders also against non-whites. But hey, why let reality and official statistics get in the way of a good old virtue-signal, right!

The thing is, if we – the melanin deficient – are continually told that we are supremacists and have no claims on our homelands, or any sense of worth, etc., it won’t be long before a dormant element thinks “Fuck it!” and becomes that exact parody of their media portrayal…and the globalist elite will love them for it, because while the plebs fight amongst themselves in ever decreasing groups of victimhood, that guarantees that no one group remains (or becomes) large enough to overthrow the fuckers pulling the world’s puppet strings!

So it’s “Night of the Demon” for me tonight, starring Dana Andrews and Niall MacGinnis. Black and white, 1950’s, fucking bliss!


Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

85 thoughts on “‘Woke’ TV

  1. Night of the demon! A jewel of a film.

    I shudder to think what a remake would look like though.

    • Them far right supremacist are everywhere arent they?
      I worry myself sick about them.
      Every advert now is either gay couple or mixed race couple,
      Peacefuls tucking into mcCain oven chips,
      Other day in traffic bus in front had some hair product advert 3birds on it, white, black, chinese.
      Is it some advertising law now?
      Rainbow one world lbgtq advertising.
      Comes across bit ‘brainwashing’.
      Nowt against a black woman or chinese girl in advert but why is it enforced that it HAS to be?
      Be them supremacists fault, never seen one but theyre everywhere!

  2. I read the other day that Eastbenders is going to introduce it’s first bisexual character. The cunt in charge was gushing like a girl about this exciting development. They don’t know yet if this will be a new character or a current character who suddenly decides to start sucking cock or licking pussy. 🤮

  3. Ay yes, ‘wokeness’… also successfully helped kill Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who dead.

    Also nearly killed Marvel comics, until the powers that be there realised how badly they fucked up and corrected themselves.

    Dumb cunts.

  4. Fucking media cunts, i want my TV in colour not the cunts in the programs.

    I am ok with two fit women getting down and dirty, but they can fuck off if they want to show two blokes kissing or any other depraved act.


  5. That picture, the word ‘wokeness’, that cheeses me right off. I think wokeness should go back to sleepness and not wakeupness…ever!

  6. Apparently Mr. Porchester was stamping his little feet and throwing a hissy fit down at Buck House. JugEars had to be called in to calm him down. I wonder if he was trying to arrange a Bunga-Bunga Ronald McDonald type party…
    I might put him in Carkers’ Corner, if no-one else has.

    • There’s a rumour that his meat supplier went bust, he’ll calm down when he’s found a suitable replacement.
      GetTo Fuck.

    • Airmiles can fuck right off the wanker. I see Serena got her arse kicked yesterday, despite the support of her bestest ever friend, the Duchess of Freeload. The bitch is a jinx. Good.

  7. The beeb will be beside themselves with grief that the wonderful Serena now mentally cracks in every final and her massive strength compared to the other ladies is no longer enough.

    • She never looses to a better player, its always that she didnt perform.
      She is just a big grunt who happens to be able to swing a tennis racket

  8. I would not want Andreescu to land a punch on me. Better power-to-weight ratio and faster than Williams. If I’d seen her in the paddock I’d have been along to Honest Betfred and put a tenner on her. I am delighted, even so. Now, as long as Princess Farkle will kindly stop watching tennis matches at the taxpayer’s expense, I will take no further interest in the subject.
    Bin the box.

  9. BBC kids show today: Some little pansy gas reached an agreement with his school over his long hair.Way to go said the little um bongo presenter. Then a child psychiatrist gave advice on anxiety at school.

    The fucking final straw.


    Good evening.

    • The child presenters were also jumping for joy at the announcement that the BBC’s Strictly Cunts Dancing is going to have same sex couples next year.

  10. Seeing as I’m half asleep most of the time, I haven’t got a fuckin’ clue what this term ‘wake’ means.

      • It’s a most unusual term LL. You don’t happen to know the origin of the term do you?

        • I think it originally gained popularity a black term but has been adopted by SJW’s and liberals in general as being aware or ‘awakened/awoke’ to all social injustice.

          It gives IsAC plenty of material anyway.

  11. Means ‘woke’ -aware to modern ideas of racial,sexuality,politically left ideas,
    I think.
    For bandits, fish suppers,ducky darlings an students.
    Dont worry Bertie, youll still get a layin of a morning.😀

  12. Thinking about it, I and bet some others, ‘awoke’ to different political ideology just more to the right of where we were originally,
    Realised that a agenda is permeating all news & media, film &music,
    Advertising, etc
    And thought “naw, thats bollocks”.

    • Evening Miserable. You have most definitely under achieved in life. It’s not too late -get yourself on that doctorate course.

      • No wouldnt fit in Bertie, uncouth working class, rightwing, advocate of the death penalty?
        They’d hate me (which id relish)
        Besides im not the indoor type,
        Wish id maybe gone too agricultural college though.

        • Some unis would welcome you as a much-needed corrective – especially as a mature. Seriously. And do a science, ffs. One of my mature co-students was an ex – lance corporal (and working class), and two more were staunch Tories (middle and upper class) Only the toff dropped out to find a better way of spending her substantial inheritance. Hint, try Durham – but don’t tell Fiddler.

          • Appreciate it K,
            But im running a business, a family,
            And have a full time employee who i feel responsible for and few casuals,
            Wouldnt have time to do it.
            Any free time not with family im in the hills with the akita or my compound bow.

          • I get that, MNC. Surprised you’re miserable at all! I only went that route in search of better money, but would still rather be in your position. In which I once was, but stony broke.

  13. How comes the woke are the ones sleepwalking us into a disaster?

    Maybe woke is orwellian?

    Woke means asleep, brainwashed

  14. Working away leaves little alternative, unless getting smashed every night in the pub (to numb the pain of having to abode in shitholes like Lutonistab and Milton fucking Keynes) passes for getting out?

    I do work, 12hrs a day whilst away. I mostly watch sport but even that’s shite at times. So the brief time between work, sleep and work, I drift off to shite TV.

    It’s just that for once, I wish it was at least remotely reflective of society, rather than the utopian vision of leftist, neo-liberal, globalist cuntitude we have now.

  15. I threw my telly away years ago. It doesn’t stop me being a cunt, but at least I don’t have to see other cunts doing cuntish stuff on TV, and being paid to do IT

    • Yeah it’s a travesty, I’ll be halfway through a thatch wank and Gillian Anderson’s ugly mug pops up.

      Is nothing sacred?

        • What delightful prose Fenton, reminds me of my favourite analogy, it goes something like this….

          Mrs WCC: Isn’t a marmoset a pig, it is innit?
          Me: For fucks sake get to fuck, you’re thicker than a fucking mong’s neck!

          Isn’t the English language just beautiful?

      • “Gillian Anderson’s ugly mug pops up” ? That’s facist SV – you should know better.

        • To be honest I’m only a half hearted fascist, I thought it would be a good way to make new friends.

          The media, politicians and NGO’s were all saying being far right was all the rage and the in thing. That’ll do me, thinks I. Now I have come to learn that being far right comes with some baggage and negative image problems so I’ve lost a few friends since I came out as of the right to them.

          Worse thing is, hard as I try I’ve not been able to find any other fascists to hang out with. I remember when New Romantics were around, they were easy to spot and there really weren’t that many of them.

          If anyone’s actually seen the hordes of far right neo Nazis around please let me know where.

          It’s that or join the LibDems.

          Right where’s my Mrs T VHS, there’s something about Mrs T in a tank……..

          • I didn’t mean fascist, I meant face – ist, which rhymes with racist, except to do with faces. Calling some ugly cunt ugly these days is facist, not fascist. Nice to know that you’re trying to make new friends, however, apart from the contributory cunts on this website.

    • Spike Milligan’s Pakistani Dalek skit will never see the light of day again beyond YouTube either.

      • Last time i looked Prime Minister Spike Milligan’s Q Series was not available on DVD. I copied the entire series from VHS to DVD many years ago. Not a very good copy but still has me pissing my self with laughter.

        • It Ain’t Half Hot Mum will never be seen again… And those ITV cunts are now editing bits out of Rising Damp…

          Doctor Who now deserves to die like a dog… All Eccleston’s (and even Tennant’s) efforts to bring it back alive, only for the ‘Beeb’ to turn a TV icon into a Rod Jane and Freddie reject femstapo cunt with token bogo and pak-a-mak sidekicks… I hope it never returns now… The fact that it lost millions of viewers should tell those beebscum something…

          And that Sherlock starring Benderdick Cuntberdinck was also a load of box ticking bottybashing shite….

  16. The BBC is boasting about the “colour-blind casting” approach they took regarding their new version of David Copperfield. The best actor for the title character just happened to be non-white. Silly me for thinking the politically correct move was entirely deliberate.

      • I think its the one from ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. Written by Armando Iannucci, another cunt on a mission to trash our historical literature in the name of progressivism.

      • No it’s true. “The Personal History of David Copperfield” is not about the two bob magician but “bringing Dickens up to date”. Yes, the actor is a geezer called Patel. Suck it up Nazis.

        • Dickens upto date? Why?
          Scrooge will still be white, as fagin will still be a jew,
          But bob cratchett will be Baba craquaji
          And tiny Tim will be a black midget.
          Please sir, can i have some soya?

          • The Artful Dodger and his gang will be Romanian pickpockets but in a updated version will be card skimming and ATM distraction theft.

    • That’s worth a million on the streets rioting as far as I am concerned. How fucking dare they? That’s my fucking culture they’re messing with, not the bloody Punjab’s.

      Next up, Great Expectations: Pip as a Somalian immo adopted by Joe, an Islington social worker; Miss Havisham an explicitly lesbian feminist, Estelle ditto, PETA member and vegan, and Magwitch, obviously, a drug-dealer whose life of crime is fully excused by flashbacks into his deprived childhood showing the racist abuse he received after he arrived from Romania and stabbed someone whose car he was washing. Or maybe a pikey.

      Let’s run that up the flagpole – next to the EU flag – and see who sets fire to it.

  17. ‘Night of the Demon’. Fucking classic, Rebel.
    I suspect that there’s a lot of classic tv that will never see the light of day again if snowflake fucks get their way. ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mom’, ‘Are You Being Served?’, ‘Til Death’, ‘Dad’s Army’ to name a few. Frightfully unwoke, you know.

  18. Woke TV. I had an issue with it. I kept switching it on and off because nothing was happening. Mrs Plastic intervened explaining to me that a modern telly needs time to ‘wake up’. I didn’t know.

  19. Just watched a couple of episodes of Dads Army!
    John le mesurier “do you mind awfully standing in 3 rows, thank you, how kind!
    I like Godfrey, and his sister Dolly.

  20. Fuck me, now Verhofcunt has said you’re not getting an extension you British cunts. That looks promising but you can’t trust these EU cunts. One phone call from Fuhrer Merkel and everything changes.

    • Verminhofcunt needs to be visited by Interpol. Something to do with diddling in Charleroi…

  21. I watched School for Scoundrels last night, not bad but I wouldn’t revisit. It’s nice to watch English films without a peaceful, bushman, or bender in sight.

  22. Boris best chance is to go to Brussels and say he wants war, say hes going to declare war and whip his cock out and piss on carpet.
    Outrage them, insult them, anything to blow a deal happening.
    Easy peasy, quote Hitler at them,
    Spit on the flags, just fuck up any
    Possibility of a deal.

    • Totally agree. Boris should say “Please Mr Tusk can I have an extension. Not the extension you attach to your miserable winkle when you’re doing Merkel or Granny Macron up the bum you filthy, desperate cunt. Have you seen my bird by the way? ( gets photo out of his pocket) Have a look at that Tusky boy. You can only dream about that.”
      Yeah, I reckon that might work.

    • Threaten to revoke article 50 and do our absolute damnest to completely fuck up every single thing they try do with veto’s, go-slows, alliances with Hungary and all that ANYTHING to be a thorn in their side.

      • ShagawotZ that’s my preferred option other than a no deal brexit. Stay in and be complete cunts real old school british full on colonialist style dominant empire building British you wanted us to stay now shut up and view down to her majesty the Queen and the might of the UK. Threaten war and nuclear destruction.

  23. I watched the first season of Brassic over the weekend. Quite good, even though it seemed like a bit of a rip off from Shameless a few years back.

    But typically the show has been “infected” by the Woke Virus; and all the white guys are complete cunts (some even “xenophobic” even though the person in question never really used any vulgar terminology to describe immigrants).

    There was also a slightly shady Indian bloke; some strong indie women; the odd dyke, but more tellingly the goody-two-shoes can-do-no wrong Umbongo college cunt!

    A good show overall, but the wokeness is really fucking irritating.

  24. Woke TV, eh? The BBC still obsessively promoting the utter shite that is wimmin’s football…

    The cunts gave out 40,000 free tickets for the women’s Chelsea Spurs game and only 24,000 turned up… One can imagine the crowds when they have to pay for tickets… There’ll be no fucker there….

    And some cunt asked me about the first wimmin’s Manchester Derby… I told the twat that I refused to know the score or even acknowledge its existence…. I then told them to promptly get to fuck…

  25. Word is those knobheads at ITV wanted to make Endeavour more Woke… Shaun Evans hated the idea and said if they fucked with the formula he’d walk… Top man….

  26. Everything is woke now, even cooking shows. Nigel Slater was on BBC at the weekend pretending to be amazed at diverse food with spices he’d never heard of.

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