The Ruling Class at Play

The latest parliamentary shenanigans have demonstrated yet again that the ruling class and their shills in the media are completely divorced from the lives of ordinary people.

1/ How exactly will these upper class games help the postindustrial areas of the North, or the old fishing towns of the East coast blighted by unemployment?

2/ How exactly will these upper class games help people living on the breadline, or who are denied benefits by private sector companies employed by the government solely to reduce welfare costs?

3/ How will these upper class games help people who can’t get an appointment at the GP, or get their children into a local school?

4/ How will these upper class games help areas denuded of shops and services by a type of globalisation entirely designed to help the mega-rich?

5/ How will these upper class games help the people who can’t afford private jets and who have to use the crumbling transport infrastructure to get to their jobs?

6/ How will these upper class games help the victims of knife crime (overwhelmingly from minority communities) in Sadiq Khan’s London?

7/ How will these upper class games help the victims of grooming gangs?

The ruling class only care about money and most of them think leaving the EU will cost them money. A minority of the ruling class think they can make more money outside the EU, that’s the only reason Johnson, Rees-Mogg et al support it.

By the way, I don’t care who Nicholas Soames’ grandfather is; he’s still the embodiment of an entitled upper class who thinks the plebs should not be seen nor heard either.

The most unedifying part of this shambles was a red faced Speaker John Bercow screaming abuse at Boris Johnson. Bercow has completely abandoned the neutrality of his office and is actively trying to bring down the government.

None of this is pro-Brexit nor is it anti-Brexit. Brexit is an irrelevance. The real problems are caused by decades of neo-liberal, ‘gush up’ economics designed to enrich the few and pauperise the many.

I’ve often remarked here and on my own website that I can feel my inner Cromwell or Robespierre stirring. As I type these words, I can feel my inner fucking Mao stirring and I can barely keep him on the leash.

Utter, utter bastards. All of them. Leavers, Remainers, Conservatives, Labour, SNP, Lib Dems, Brexit Party, Greens, all ruling class scum.

Nominated by Lord Cunt’s Mate de Cunt 1st Earl of ISAC

21 thoughts on “The Ruling Class at Play

  1. With you all the way. Great cunting.

    “The ruling class only care about money and most of them think leaving the EU will cost them money. A minority of the ruling class think they can make more money outside the EU, that’s the only reason Johnson, Rees-Mogg et al support it.”

    Very uncomfortable truth.

  2. I’m all for the Toffs. I worship the ground Rees Mogg walks on. Or rather lopes on. Much better him than the thick supposedly working class Jess fucking Phillips. I say supposedly working class when her fucking father was the chairman of a hospital trust I’ve read. All fucking made up. ‘I may use unpaliamentary language’ in my speech’ to Bercow. No sanction. Oh fuck off!!!!!They are a fucking rabble in there now. They haven’t a fucking clue what proper parliamentary procedure is. It’s the middle class cunts who are the cunts. The professional politicians. The upper class at least play the game fair. Joining forces with the working class politicians who are honest. Our only hope. We’re the same.

    • It’s not Toffs v.The Rest, IMO. ACWCC used the term ‘ruling class’ and that is not confined to old Etonians in toppers, but includes corporates, financiers, and the functionaries in government they have bought or bribed. It includes Jess Phillips – she’s made it into the group by becoming an MP, although her parents were also well embedded in the ruling class. If you’re an MP, you’ve bought the ticket. You’re in the network. But there are millions in the middle-class bracket (how are we defining this, btw?) who aren’t.

      I agree, the old upper class (who know themselves as ‘upper middle class’, not being royalty) behave a damn sight better than the cunts in the Commons, and I’ve often heard it said that the lower and upper orders have more in common than either has with the middle. Nowadays, though, the toffs are as dependent on directorships and shareholdings as the rest of the ruling class, and their manners are largely irrelevant.

        • Maybe it is breeding. That fucking Phillips after she said ‘I am going to use unparliamentary language Mr Speaker’ and Mr Speaker in a sense okayed it. She said ‘I don’t know about arcane parliamentary procedure like you privileged…’whatever. OK then let’s rip up all the rules and have a fucking free for all. And the same fucking emotional shit (there is always emotion in her voice) (we are not governed by motions anymore but emotions) ‘I have a constituent of mine….’ suffering sob story which trumps everything in her mind. I am surprised she has time to listen to one of her constituents she seems busy going into another constituency to harangue parents that their children should be learning how to masturbate. Yes breeding it is. What is it? Someone who is brought knowing the right thing to do. No fucking wonder R-M lols on the front bench listening to these cunts. He must think now it is all fucking hopeless. They make a law in two days. All the customary procedure out the window. It’s not really about class its about upstarts who don’t know how to act. I hope Boris breaks the law. These remainders to my mind are breaking the law by not enacting the referendum result. I am so angry today I could smash something.

          • Formal rules of debate enforced by an impartial Speaker* would go a long way to solving that problem. That’s all the fucking Speaker’s there to do. It’s nothing to do with breeding – most district councils are better run.

            Good point about emotion, though. Reason’s coming a poor second, these days.

            *Bercow’s done as much damage to Parliament as anyone I can think of, after Blair.

          • Its sheer fucking impudence that’s what it is. Fucking Bercow is the emobodiment of it. ‘Jumped up’.

            As R-M explained- Sovereignty resides with the People. At an election they entrust that Sovreignity to the Government. Not to Parliament as a whole. To the Executive. Because the governing party won the election it in a sense won the Sovereignty for the period of the Parliament. The rest of Parliament is there to scrutinize, advise and then confirm legislation into law. It hasnt got sovereign power They are law-makers’ But it is the Executive which executes the will of the people (it got the consent of the people by winning the election) by bringing forth legislation (in line with the will of the people) to be enacted into law. If the legislature decides that it doesn’t want a particular legislation enacting it can vote it down. It has that power.. But the legislature does not bring forth legislation. That’s the job of the Executive. Now we have the legislature bringing forth legislation, and enacting it into law.

          • Amazing to listen to Jerkow and his self-regarding twaddle about being the guardian of democracy. He’s fiddled about every bloody rule in the book. A six year old white schoolgirl would be in better hands in the back of Abdul’s diddle-wagon.
            No Matter. Mr. Ordure ! Ordure ! has a fine future ahead of him, being locked in the matrimonial hidey-hole while Sal gets comprehensively rogered by the local pikeys, or maybe even all those within a fifty-mile radius.
            Cream your Y-Fronts, Mr. Speaker !

          • I’ve got a feeling it’s all going to go horribly wrong.
            Both Houses of Parliament are playing a political poker game and making farmyard noises at each other, completely oblivious to the fact that the country looks on in absolute disgust and disbelief. The next GE will be interesting.

  3. I’d avoid your inner Mao, he killed millions of the poor and downtrodden improving their lives. I doubt there is an answer because the scale of the problem is too big. Decentralisation of policy and taxation may go a way towards fixing some issues.

    Many of us have believed we could sort out problems in a relationship and learned to our cost it’s not always possible, that’s with two people involved, people who believe they can run a country bother me vastly.

    Yes the people at the top protect their own interests and 99 out of one hundred people will pull up the ladder should they manage to become part of the one percent, human nature that.

    I think humanity is on the verge of a hard reset.

  4. I am not sure how, the ruling class will be cunts no matter who they are, I dont think money is the driving factor its all about power.
    The power to decide how the plebs live and work, big state or small state it makes no difference.
    Aim to be financially strong and it doesnt make any difference who is in the ruling class, it has no effect.
    Just listening to the O’Grady woman on the TV at the TUC conference, its all about knocking people who have made money like its a crime, sorry one mans fair deal is another mans poverty.
    The worst form of the Power mad i experienced was a brief time i worked in the printing industry, the unions were fucking dictatorships, did you have to join, no but if you didnt you wouldnt be there very long.
    The management werent in control, nothing was done with the approval of the FOC (Father of the Chapel), not shop steward or union rep, fucking Father of the Chapel sounds like a Masonic lodge.
    The worst job was being a junior manager or supervisor because the cunts you were managing were alaways running to the FOC and then you get a call from your boss to be lectured.

    • Totally agree with you SOI particularly about the print unions.
      When I was twenty I got a design job in a publishing house and had to join the NGA. I went to their headquarters in Shoe Lane, London and was struck by the executive officer’s flash office and his well tailored sharp suit. My impression was that the upper eschelons did themselves well on the backs of their members.
      They also tended to treat and speak to us like shit if they had to get involved with any dispute that may arise.

    • Yes, power. Amazing how quickly ” I’m doing this to change things for the better” turns into in ” I’ve dropped my ridiculous views in order to stay in power”. Though anyone doing an Oxford PPE in order to get a foot in the door to power is already sucking on the teat of the status quo. and know the terms upon which the ruling class will permit them to join.

  5. Now, now, you can’t get all sentimental about the livestock whilst skinning it alive, can you?
    How on earth are they supposed to crush us completely if they are to give a flying fuck aswell?
    I can tell you now that if I was in charge the cattle wouldn’t even have the energy or liberty to complain about it. And if they got any dumb ideas….

  6. Bravo spot the fuck on sir.

    It always comes down to money , why would they care to have to worry about us .
    Most are shitting themselves as they have hidden money squirrled away in the Eu and elsewhere and don’t want to have to expose it which with brexit I’m sure alot of it would see the light of day.

    Just greedy slimey rich fat cats trying to protect their hidden supply of creme.

  7. All cunts are equal but some cunts are more equal cunts than others. A few names leap to the top of the table with the Brexit farce: First, Bercunt, the so called *impartial* speaker who has been sucking the dick of every remainer, and allowing all the fucking about with process, secondly Hilary Benn the prick with a girls name who is neck and neck in the pompous cunt stakes with Dominic Grieve – I have seldom heard two “men” who are fonder of the sounds of their own voices, then comes the Dark Keys and poofters mainly in Labour but a few Tories who have behaved like the screaming queens they really are, aided and abetted by the qu eer peers Mandy and Adonis.

    Steptoe and McDonnell who have given up all pretence of honesty.

    Heseltine, Clarke , Sugartits Cooper all showboating with some of those at the bottom of the bill – Boles, Beckett, Rory Stewart – little lightweights who just enjoy wanking in front of the media.

    There are a few honest ones out there, sadly people like Kate Hoey, Frank Field, John Mann will soon be gone so they can get some more obedient rough trade in like Thornberry, Butch Phillips and crap like that who wouldn’t know integrity if it punched them in the face.

    • We had a vote – we voted to leave the EU

      Enough of the games, delays & bullshit.

      The EU isn’t going to agree to any deal that doesn’t leave them in control of us & doesn’t involve us giving them a boat load of cash.

      We leave – any of these moaning cunts who love Europe so much they want to be a part of it ; simple solution = FUCK OFF & LIVE THERE.

      Leave the UK to our own fate, good or bad.

      Otherwise our ancesters died for nothing.

  8. Top cunting. The bankers and The mediocrities that we have ruling us are nothing but total cunts.

    I suggest we send them all up North where thanks to global warming the polar bears are getting hungrier

    I hope it was someone from ISAC who organised this adventure

  9. Grandpa Steptoe has been monotonous in his call for elections on an almost daily basis.
    Now Boris has asked for one, he doesn’t want to know.

    When this disgraceful 3 month brexit delay has been implemented, he’ll be harping on again about no mandate for Boris & give the people there say. It serves the shifty fucker right, if Boris then plays him at his own game & tells him to get fucked.

    Personally I hope Steptoe calls a vote of no confidence and a general election happens. Watch how his wanky band of brothers abandon cross-party co-operation, as the Lib shits & Scots national wankers take half Labours vote, & the tories & Brexit party take the rest.

    I predict Labour will be 3rd or 4th next election with sub 20% of the vote, because no-one wants Corbyn, Mcdonnell, Abbot, Starmer & Gardner in charge. They couldn’t organise a piss up inside a brewers vat.

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