The House of Commons

This gathering of cunts does not represent the people who elected it. 400 Leave constituencies would be a landslide under voting protocols but the reverse is true.
They voted for a referendum
They voted for Article 50
The main parties had Leaving the EU in their manifestos
They voted out May’s deal three times.
They seem to have made No-deal illegal, thus scuppering any chance of negotiation.
They don’t want an election despite Magic Grandpa calling for one constantly.
They wont table no confidence as they don’t want an election even though there is now no majority government.
They have used the sainted Jo Cox as some sort of symbol to tar Johnson.
The Speaker is entirely biased against Brexit.

400 or so MPs have lined up with the Establishment, the City, Academia and diverse vested interests to deny the referendum result. They don’t want a deal… they want to stay in the EU.

There were terms for parliaments in days gone by – Long, short, Addled etc, but this is the Traitorous Parliament.

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53 thoughts on “The House of Commons

    • Theyre not even really bothering to hide it are they?
      We didnt like how you voted so we arent going to follow through with it, you stupid plebs.
      Historically when the powers that be and the people are at such odds its resolved by action.
      This is a issue thatll never be healed, resentment will be on both sides as long as we live.
      Glad i voted leave, one of the best things i ever did!

    • not yet anyway – Johnson could be made to submit a worse deal, which the cunts will vote through. Brexit, but not Brexit. A few years down the line, we’ll re-join. However, one thing that history has showed us that these “empires” never last. Even the once great USSR collapsed. It’s just a matter of time.

      • That’s what the £39 billion is for. To see them through the next 4 years before their inevitable collapse.

      • These fucking cunts want BRINO to keep every penny they make from the EU. It’s true, they fucking hate us and everything we stand for. I hate all of them with a piss boiling passion. Come back Guy Fawkes all is forgiven.

  1. Yeah, they thought they would waltz through the Referendum, shut up the Tory Eurosceptics and finish off Sir Nigel for ever.
    Now look what they’ve done the cocky cunts. How they must bitterly regret opening up Pandora’s box. Too late now wankers. You can scream and shout all you want, line up as many bent judges as you like, flood the BBC with your trash propaganda…….the day is coming you bastards. We know who you are now. 😁

    • well said – get the piano wire and lamp-posts ready. Those cunts who were bleating about being called names will face much worse.

    • I used to think people in the shitholes of the world going out onto the streets setting fire to cars to express displeasure with the ruling elite were savages, but are actually just trying to let out the frustration the only way that remains and letting the cunts know you’re there and aren’t going anywhere.

  2. Labour won’t vote for a Tory BRINO.

    The Tories won’t vote for a Corbyn BRINO.

    The LibDumps and the Scotch Nazis will only vote for Revoke or a ‘Loser’s Vote’ with the option of Remain vs. Very Bad Deal on the ballot paper.

    And they’ve made Real Brexit ILLEGAL.

    So what are we going to do now?

    • Remain in limbo for another 2 years until the majority of leavers finally give in and agree to revoke article 50.

      • If that happens I’m going to join the inevitable ultra-right wing party that will be borne from that mendacity. I used to deride people who claimed there’s no point voting but in this case they may be right.

  3. The one good thing to come out of this is we can see in plain sight just who the scheming traitorous cunts are.
    They can get as many extentions as they like but sooner or later they have to face us and can’t say on their manifestos that they’ll ‘respect the referendum result’ like they did in 2017.

  4. Cannot wait to see what diabolical fuckwittery will occur if our MPs deciede on a government of national unity?? The ones lined up to lead such an abomination, well, I have niether wit nor words to describe the traitor bastards.
    How can they be so naive as to expect no comeback from their pathetic actions. Another indication of how many of our “leaders” live in a cuddlyverse were only they and their desires matter.
    Roll on 31st I’m ready are you??

      • have you bought any matches recently they are shit it would never work, not like the old days with bryant & may matches whose name I kid you not is owned by the swedes (Swedish Match Co), do you think our darling little Greta is trying to tell us something by planting all those trees

    • November, failing our exit, will find the start of my Euro-BDS campaign (Boycott, Divest, Sanction). I shall start by buying nothing originating in France or Germany – the two spiders at the centre of the web. It’s all about the money, which has considerably more leverage than the peoples’ will, it would seem. Or revolution by a disarmed populace.

    • Next week, vote of no confidence, they (the SNP and Labour) are getting shit scared that Bojo has a cunning plan to foil the surrender bill or even actually bring back a deal.
      They know that if bojo gets a deal and it’s voted down the EU will say fuck off to an extension

    • Did you know that pigeons fly across Westminster upside down because there is nothing worth shitting on.?

  5. Lying cunts standing on a clear manifesto to leave should stand before a drum court rather than a “supreme” court.

  6. “When the representative body have lost the confidence of their constituents, when they have notoriously made sale of their most valuable rights, when they have assumed to themselves powers which the people never put into their hands, then indeed their continuing in office becomes dangerous to the State, and calls for an exercise of the power of dissolution.”

    Thomas Jefferson

    When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

    Thomas Jefferson

    “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, selfappointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.”
    ― James Madison

    “It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood.”
    ― James Madison

    The founding fathers knew the dangers of democracy and also knew the Americans would lose it. How apt those who broke free from British rule in 1776 now reach out with words we should heed and need to understand more than ever back in Blighty.

  7. They really representative of a totally fucked cunt tree.

    These fuckers need to be culled and fed to vegan pussies

  8. I would love to see their Government of National Cuntity, especially with Cuntbyn the Commie in charge. They would be at each other’s throats in 5 minutes flat. There’s nothing they agree on except their undying loyalty to the EUSSR.

  9. The naked traitorous behaviour we have witnessed over the last 3 years or so is likely to set a precedent for future General elections.
    The Tories win it ( possibly) in a matter of days the opposition party’s say we didn’t know what we voted for so we have to have a re-run. This situation is very likely to happen . Another referendum over the Eu will make the cunts think they can do it whenever it suits them.

    • Spot on Fenton think the whole fiasco had opened lots of eyes to the real problems in the country.
      Another referendum would be Leave with Mays deal, Leave with a possible Boris deal, Leave with No deal, or Remain. This obviously meaning a remain win and unlike the original referendum which has been stated many times over was only Advisory will definitely be subject to a act of Parliament making it legally binding because its been rigged in remains favour.
      Hatred and bile doesn’t express how I feel towards those who have caused this chaos.
      Morally weak and corrupt beyond reason. As Mike so eloquently puts it, money talks and that’s what it’s all about. MONEY

    • Much of it’s down to the Fixed Term Parliament Act, which, amazingly, wasn’t dreamt up by Blair but by the Pigfucker and Cleg (sic – google “horseflies”) and changed the circumstances under which Parliament could be suspended for a general election. One of the reasons for this, apart from propping up a shitty and undemocratic coalition, was, in the words of Wikipedia –
      “Under the previous system it was easier to cut short a parliament and hold an early election in order to resolve political difficulties or remove instability. ”
      A two-thirds majority in the House is required if an early election is sought. Additionally, the Queen’s power of prorogation to dissolve Parliament – as opposed to merely ending a session – was removed.

      Together with the Supreme Court, this represents yet another movement of the constitutional goalposts to favour cunt MPs’ interests and tenure over the representation of the people.

  10. CUNTS!!

    Only found two things funny this week
    Firstly that major cunt John asking “ what kind of PM prorogues Parliament for so long? Errrrr YOU!!

    And Dominic Cummings dismissively fucking off not only that ranting labour MP by telling him “ get Brexit done” followed by “ I’ve no idea who you are” but fucking telling that Gollum toothed sky cunt Lewis Goodall he didn’t know what he was talking about!! And the news is bullshit…..
    Bravo ……

  11. Killing democracy is fine but:

    “Police say they are investigating comments made by Nigel Farage after he said “we’ll take the knife” to civil servants in Whitehall after Brexit.
    The Brexit Party leader talked about “overpaid pen pushers… not doing a neutral job” in a speech to supporters in Newport on 21 September.
    In a tweet to police, Alliance Party MEP Naomi Long called his words a “clear case of incitement to violence”.

    How bigger cunt is Naomi Long? She should be charged with wasting police time.

    • Did the police investigate this comment made by LibDem deputy leader Sir Ed Davey back in June?

      “I hereby float the idea of a Remain alliance to decapitate that blond head in Uxbridge and South Ruislip if Johnson calls a snap election to deliver Brexit.”

      Of course not.

    • Once again twisting words, stupid cow obviously never heard of a figure of speech. The fucking lying remainer cunts are really starting to fuck me off with their constant dirty tactics.

  12. Oh well, when Sad Dick Khunt is PM, there’ll be a House of Raping Your Sisters and Daughters. In between said activities they might debate on and pass the occasional bit of Shariah legislature.

    For fuck’s sake, when are we going to wake up and react to the SINGLE biggest threat to world survival, which is the religion of PISS.

  13. It’s being reported that Farage is being investigated over remarks he made at a rally in Newport last night. Apparently, he said that ‘once Brexit is done, we can take the knife to the pen pushers in Whitehall’. It’s pretty obvious that he means sack a load of useless cunts, but I think with all the bollocks about language being used this week, he should have used something less inflammatory in the circumstances, as the left are scrutinising anything said for ammunition against Brexit, and it’s supporters. I mean, only they are allowed the nasty speech.
    Anyway, step forward some fat nobody MEP who I’ve never heard of, from a party I’ve never heard of, the Alliance party, who the fuck are they? This tub o’ lard has gone running to the cozzers demanding that the investigate at once. And of course, they oblige…..

  14. Those wretched cunts are just playing for time.Soon enough it will be four years since democracy cracked the skulls of the “very cosy thank you” of Londonistan.
    Fuck everything,I just hope that somehow Boris can deliver by any means possible.
    It’s a fucking stinking mess.

  15. If we get an election resulting in a majority in favour of revoking the Surrender Act, pushing the EU for an unencumbered deal and pushing ahead with Brexir, will Gina Miller end up in Court again?

  16. This pile of cunt is so high that I wouldn’t be surprised if Blair declares himself leader of the new Government of national unity or whatever the fuck they call it.
    My money is on a General election and Boris winning with Farage as deputy PM.
    I’m not really a Tory at all but I hate the remoaners that much now that I would even vote NF or BNP if it meant Brexit happens. Piss off.

  17. Jess ‘Life and Loves of a She-Devil’ Phillips boiled my piss by desperately trying to get Boris to apologise for “saying Jo Cox’s murder was humbug”.

    The sly, nasty bitch knows that’s not what he said at all.

    It is a fucking joke to use her death to justify that nobody can call you what you are. Traitors and undemocratic.

    If I had been Boris I would’ve gone full Trump on her arse and told her to dress like a fucking MP, instead of something off ‘On benefits and Proud’ before I’d converse with her. I’d then tell her, “There would be more chance of you making the cover of Playboy, than there would be of me apologising to you, you fat ugly cunt.”

    Imagine the Beeb the next day? And the huge rise in the approval rating. It would go up so much I’d do my next party political broadcast in my undies.

  18. Anyone see the leaked memo from Heir Druncker in the Bunker and the LibDums, sorry, Fifth Column Dunmocrats?

    Pity Blair removed the death penalty for treason. He did it to save his own neck in the future (because it is his fault how far we have fallen) but these days there wouldn’t be enough rope to go round!


  19. It’s a fucking good job leavers are demographically wide spread because I reckon Londonistab could well have been razed to the fucking ground by now. It’s fucking easy to organize an impressive remain rally in Londonistab when 90% of the population that live there are libtard remoaniac fucktards.

    Fucking cunts!

    Sharpening me pitchfork and soaking me torch in petrol as we speak.

  20. I think there should be a fucking hung parliament – every fucking one of them!!
    Buy my record cunts
    bartender – pour me another … ffs

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