Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon is a total cunt. Why? Because she’s the only twat in the world that can make a complete cluster fuck of a situation (Brexit) with all the political and financial uncertainty, even worse by adding even MORE uncertainty for Scots by calling for yet another independence referendum!

It’s only five years ago we had one and fifty five percent of people voted against it, even though it was a “once in a generation” thing, even letting sixteen year-olds vote because they thought they’d all vote for it. She just doesn’t listen. The evil Krankie is completely blinkered with independence, but that’s not all..she uses arguments that don’t add up .

She constantly makes the excuse that Scots don’t want to leave the EU and that’s a reason for IndyRef2. What a pile of horse shite! Every man and his dog knew the EU referendum was going to happen WELL before there was an independence referendum, so the poisoned ginger snap’s speaking shite there. And another thing about the result of the EU referendum…she always shouts about the percentage of Scots that voted to remain in the EU. That may well be true, but it’s a UK referendum. It’s about the total score and not just the Scottish percentage. Basically, she’s taking what she wants from it and completely ignoring what the majority voted for – AGAIN! She’s got the audacity to say she’s “speaking for the people of Scotland “. Is she fuck! She’s speaking for herself and all the people that vote for her poisonous, bigoted, rancid party. Every time this self opinionated, undemocratic excuse of a First Minister speaks, she really should pull out a roll of Andrex toilet paper and wipe her mouth with the sheer volume of undiluted crap that comes from it.

So yes people, in my book, Nicola Sturgeon is a cunt.

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  1. It’s not crap chap ,
    it makes total sense to have another indyref so the Scots could be free from a terrible union and be able to join the EU union and be lorded over by a different bunch of cunt s .

    Jolly well good sense that .

        • It actually makes economic sense to cast Scotland adrift. Come to that, Northern Ireland too. There’s the backstop solved.

        • Never mind about building HS2.

          Lets have a national infrastructure project where we saw through through the ground along the England/ Scotland border … get a long pole and push Scotland adrift. Lets see how they get along without handouts from England.

          If Jimmy Krankie likes being in Europe so fucking much why doesn’t she buy a plane ticket and fuck off and live there…. give all our ears a break from her fucking monotonous whingeing

  2. Let’s be honest, the Scottish Nazi Party couldn’t give a fuck about Independence (otherwise they wouldn’t want to stay in the EU). This is all about the racist cunts hating the English.

  3. Recent polling suggests a majority aren’t in favour of Scottish independence, but majority is just an outdated concept, along with democracy, so it will mean fuck all to sticky Nicky. Like a tiny tears doll, but with less vocabulary. Pull her string and it just says one phrase “Scottish independence, EU dependants”.

  4. I am not really bothered if Scotland goes independent, it doesnt make any fucking difference to me,, but I am not sure why they want to be independent from the UK but stay in the EU.

    Wee Jimmy is CUNT!

  5. How the nation that fought all comers for its independence and freedom on the battlefield is now reduced to believing socialism and Sturgeon are the way to go is beyond me.

    From Scotland the brave to Scotland the dependent. Independence is an option all people should have, but Sturgeon only offers dependence on the state and union with a bigger bully.

    Maybe if Scotland votes for independence from the UK other Scots will wake up and begin to fight Sturgeon and co with a different vision of independence. Sturgeon is like one of those small yappy dogs that goes ballistic at the site of a bigger dog, sooner or later they get chewed up and spat out.

  6. Ian Blackford.
    ‘The people of Scotland will not be dragged out of the EU’. Then the ‘We’ comes. ‘We will not stand by…’ or ‘We will fight this…’
    See the SNP and the people of Scotland are one.
    He often says as well- ‘The people of Scotland will not be browbeaten…’
    But I bet a lot of the Scottish people feel ‘browbeaten’ by the Scottish National Party That they are the only ones who speak for Scotland.
    Arrogant cunts.

  7. There was a twisted litte SNP gobshite of a woman, phoning in to bumbling oaf David Lammy when he sat in for James O’Shithead a couple of weeks back on LBC.
    She was ranting like fuck on … ‘How dare the Government not recognise the Scottish Courts decision to go against the Boris’s decision to prorogue parliament and decide it illegal …. after all the Scottish court should be recognised as a British court !’ … if Lammy had been on the ball, he should have asked her .. ‘Wasn’t the 2016 EU referendum not a British vote ?’. As thick as pig shit I’d say. … the pair of them.

    Sturgeon never, ever mentions the more than 1 million leave voters in Scotland, as opposed to the 1.6 milliom remain voters. ‘Scotland overwhelmingly want’s to remain’ … Fuck Off … Sturgeon and her ‘Uncle Alex’ are a pair of self serving Cunts.

    • Speaking of numbers of voters, in the 2015 General Election UKIP got 4 million votes and received precisely 1 seat in the House of Commons.

      With 1/3 as many votes as UKIP (1.4 million) the SNP were awarded 56 fucking seats!


      They lost a few seats in 2017 but still have proportionately more than makes sense for such a relatively small electorate.

  8. She really is an ugly bitch isn’t she? It’s hard to believe anyone has actually fucked her. Takes all sorts I suppose.
    Anyway, if Wee Jimmy had any sense she would ask for a U.K. wide referendum on the grounds that it’s an important constitutional change so everyone should have a say. I’m pretty sure most English people would vote to get rid of Scotland just to shut these moaning Nazis up. Let them go and be slaves to the EU the cunts. With the added advantage that we could tell the remoaners to fuck off to Scotland if they don’t like their own country. Yeah, all the proper Scots could come down here and we could send them all our scroungers, trannies, save the planet cunts and lecturing libtards. Fuck me, i’m a genius.

  9. Independent Scotland would become another financial EU basket case, in the Euro with a hard southern border. Makes perfect sense.

    • With its massive budget deficit an independent Scotland would not qualify for EU membership.

      • Druncker would demand all their alcohol production, and all that eco-friendly, Thunderpants-approved North Sea oil…

        Wee Miss Thunderpants could even be the delusion-child of Krankie and Verminhofstadt.

  10. Nicola is on a nice little earner, £152k plus expenses annually.

    Must be a struggle, there will be constitutes in her area who can’t afford to eat but rather than less by example and take less tax payer money she blames the conservatives and England.

    Doesn’t matter what flavour of socialist you are, if you’re prepared to take a top 5% income you’re a hypocrite. Corbyn, McDonnell, Abbott, all the fucking same.

      • Small beer compared to the £2 million a year Thomas Cook chief executive kraut Peter Fankhauser has been paying himself to run the company into the dirt.

        🕺Afternoon Q.

        • Not as much as this Cunt.

          Jean-Claude Juncker
          Former President – the European Commission
          Born: 1954 Luxembourg
          Children: 0
          Annual: £355,479.00
          Monthly: £29,623.25
          Weekly: £6,836.13
          Daily: £1,367.23

          • Rat faced French cunt Christine legarde head of IMF …….

            € 326,000 …….. tax free !!!

            The cunt told the people of Greece they needed to pay their taxes!!
            Fucking priceless………….

        • I was going to cunt this man Funkhauser. I expect he will restart Deutsche Reichsbahn and the Luftwaffe as travel companies, especially aimed at one-way trips for certain people.
          Wouldn’t mind betting the Liebore Party are already drawing up timetables…
          Next stop Egdon Heath Penal Colony.

          Funkhauser looks like a Nosferatu; I suspect he’s gone back to Walhalla to raid the bloodbank for a few litres.

  11. Anybody knows you have to chase down and strangle a haggis, that’s why there are so few fat people in Scotland, cough cough.

    • I think the annual Haggis hunt starts soon – see the “Scotsman”. Funny little things with one leg shorter than t’other as they run round hills.

  12. I wonder what she’s like in the sack?
    I know I’m a bit bored but I’ve even managed to upset myself thinking about it.
    Anyhow as long as I don’t have to saddle it she can do what she wants.She will anyway I imagine.
    Fuck off.

      • Oh I don’t know. She’s a very comely wench. I would just love to get the chance to bed her…..

        Now….would that be the leek trench , ? Or, the flower bed. ?

      • Haha! No I’ve knocked myself sick enough for one day.
        Plus I’ve got home and realised I have no beer at all.
        Politicians likely to blame,the useless cunts.

      • Its best to think of Emily Pigberry when trying not to come too quickly i find.
        If i thought of Flabbott the danger is i’d never come ever again.

        • I reckon Krankie had a leg-over with Verminhofstadt, and Wee Miss Thunderpants was the result.There’s a truly hideous photo of her on The Telegraph site today (“Greta Thunberg attacks world leaders for failing her generation as she files lawsuit at United Nations.”). Bloody unbelievably toxic of appearance; one kiss from her, and you’d die in more agony than from eating fugu fish ovaries…).
          Couldn’t work out how to send the pic to admin for possible future use…

  13. Why don’t they ask the rest of the UK if they want Scotland to be part of the Union? Perhaps because they realise that we would all vote to get shot of them. I love Scotland and want them to stay, but if you love someone, you need to know when to let them go. Perhaps now is the time.

  14. Saw that fat sack of SNP shite Ian blackford in the commons a few months ago talking about Scottish independence
    “ we never voted for Brexit and now is the time to ask the Scottish people ( again) do you want to be dragged out of Europe ( it’s actually the EU fatty not Europe) or do you want to vote for Scotland to be an independent nation ( inside the EU you are not independent you fat cunt!! And you a certainly not referred to as a nation either!! You are a member state!! Get your facts right you tubby cunt)

    • I was just going to ask who that lard-arse jock was that always drones on in the House of Cunts – yes, it is Blackford. What a fucking bell-end he is.

  15. Off Topic- just watching our best mate Owen Jones live from the Labour conference!
    And he said I kid you not,
    “To heal the country and for Labour to win a general election, we have to win over the leavers!”
    Dont think Owen knows quite how popular with people like us, he was talking like hes half way there!
    Talk about a fantasist.

    • Would they be the same fascist leavers of the “far right” who beat the crap out of Owen in one of his dreams? Or is there another type of leaver that Owen and his pals haven’t told us about?

      • Seem to be the same ones, wants them to help labour into power and to keep us in the EU.
        Not sure hes thought this through from both sides.

        ‘Thanks nazis!
        Appreciate your help, see you soon!
        Bye you far right scum!….

        • In moderation.
          Think word was name of a borstal film starring thespian Ray Winstone.

          • Amazing! The libtards insult and abuse us , tell us we are too stupid to know what we are voting for and then expect us to vote for them. Fuck me, they don’t want much do they? Talk about blind optimism.

          • They rely on the fact we are too stupid to know what we vote for at every general election, suddenly it’s a problem?

          • Ah! That’s why my post earlier went into moderation – it included the word scüm. Any word in which cüm forms a part automatically goes into moderation.

            All thanks to Jennifer Lawrence and her face dripping with cüm video.

      • When he was accosted by some Brexiteers in London, he whipped his phone out within about 2 seconds to record the whole thing live on social media. Whilst calling everyone ‘gammon’ for just trying to interview him.

        Yet when some ‘far right bigots’ duffed him up neither him nor his 4 mates managed to get any footage. Neither, it seems, did any CCTV.

        I could be wrong and there may be footage somewhere, but I reckon we’d have seen it by now as Owen would’ve been desperate to promote the incident.

        If he’s found to be wasting police time, throw the nobcheese in the slammer.

        I get the feeling that we may not have heard the last of this incident.

    • His tactic so far seems to consist of calling everyone a fascist if they disagree with him on anything in the slightest.

      I don’t see him winning many over to his way of thinking using this tactic.

      If he boiled his own head and then chopped it off he might get a round of applause from me though.

    • Fuckin ell Owen jones and Alexander Armstrong together is too much for me to cope with, CUNT overdose!!
      Imagine having a gun with only one bullet? Which one?
      Probably shoot myself to get away from them.

  16. She’s a cunt of all cunts. She’s only out- cunted on the cuntometer by fat ass Elton John.

  17. I hope they get independence and then this single issue party can see if they really are as clever as they think.

  18. Always bleating on about independence but wants to leave one Union to be part of another. Probably the Eu will give the Jocks more free money than we do.

  19. If I see that self appointed smug little rubber faced cunt, Greta Windowlickerberg on my telly once more I shall do an Elvis and shoot the TV…

    • Norman, you should hear her “How dare you ?!!” rant on the Express site – or maybe that’s what you got on the box ?

      She has a face and personality that were made for a hot Jeyes Fluid douche and a good tickle with a wire coathanger.

  20. think we’re being a little hard on the scots owe the scottish regiments a great deal over the years,just like the UK we have been ill served by the politicians in that the most divisive and economically illiterate have been allowed to rise to the top and spread their poison, what a choice for the Scots over the years Ruth Davison or Sturgeon ( she is poison in its purest form), all a Scotsman should really have to choose is McKewan’s or Tennants

  21. Hateful woman. Apart from her illogical independence/EU rule policy, she was ranting about claiming back land from land owners a few years back.

    Methinks her heart desires all of Scotland to be concreted over.

  22. Looking at the nomination picture, then reading the caption made me choke on my drink. Who finds those pictures?

  23. The politicos of modern times are worse cunts than those who went before and one of the biggest cunts of all time is wee Jimmy-Krankies’s up the arsehole love kid. Her and shit from the mouth windbag fatcunt blackford. The pair of absolute fucking cunts.

  24. I am a Scotsman but despair on all this independence shit we are a small island and should stick together. I voted against independence as I have a brain and will always vote against a folly that will bankrupt Scotland. I have freinds in England and Scottish independence makes me ashamed to be Scottish . How sad can you be to suggest that bravehart movie be shown on the TV on the voting day . Fuck off sturgeon and stay fucked off.

    • Sturgeon seems to be obsessed. She’d happily see Scotland possibly go down the shitter just as long as she could boast that she’d won “freedom” from the wicked English.

      • Independence is the SNP’s entire raison d’être, and the only thing that distinguishes them from Labour north of the border.

        • I wouldn’t want Scotland to go,but part of me hopes that they do just to give us a rest from the constant whinging of Sturgeon and that fucking windbag Blackford…plus we’d get to see just how their “freedom” worked out for them….hard on the Scottish people but if the majority were to vote to Leave…well,have at it Scotland and The Best Of British Luck to them.

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