Hobbit Humphrey

A gender neutral, soy boy meets soy girl, right on cunting please for this ?woman? and her dim-witted looking partner for deciding to keep their baby’s sex “secret”:-


Even the grandparents were kept in the dark about the baby’s sex for several months.

Apparently, in due course – five years, ten years, twenty years – deranged Hobbit appears not to know, it will be allowed to decide the presence or absence of a dick and either go with it, or go against nature. A lezzie or poofter in the making from day one, poor little sod.

This pair of fuckwits don’t deserve to have children. There is a lot to be said for adoption when you have cunts for parents like this pair of fuckwits.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

51 thoughts on “Hobbit Humphrey

  1. Well, if you’ve been given the name Hobbit you are bound to turn out to be some kind of nutter. Do you think they actually had a fuck to produce that child? Sounds far too normal to me, must be a turkey baster job.
    The poor kid should be taken into care and that Hobbit bitch should be sterilised. Won’t happen though, this is the future. No wonder the peacefuls think we are all a load of degenerate cunts.

    • Wow. Fucking Wow.

      What a pair of attention seeking cretins.

      So in order that their child doesn’t suffer from so called ‘unconscious bias’ they make such a massive statement that’s bound to draw huge attention to the poor child that the unconscious will move front left and centre to the conscious.

      Jesus fucking Christ what a paid self indulgent bastard cunts.

      Hobbit Humphrey added: ‘So much of gender bias is unconscious. When I got pregnant we then were having a discussion about how we were going to mitigate the unconscious bias.

      ‘And we figured that the only way we could do that was just not to tell people.’

      Fuck me I torn between pissing myself laughing and wanting to go and hold their fucking heads under water for about 5 minutes.

  2. It’s a fucking ugly little brat whatever sex it is… I bet the parents have already got it registered for the highest rate of child- benefits. Hopefully it’ll grow up to be a parricidal maniac.

    Fuck Off.

  3. Well I have now heard a bigger cunt name than Noah, I didn’t think it would happen, now we need to work out who the bigger cunt is, the parents for saddling some kid with a name the makes him target number one for a bully that hears his name or the future grown up cunt who will be guaranteed to be a treble cunt after growing up with a fucking stupid name, or he will be hard as nails, like the song a boy named Sue, but I strongly suspect he will be the kind of cunt that goes through life looking for someone to Sue because that’s what these cunts are like…

  4. Well, of course they are. You can bet your life they are also vegans, remoaners, practice yoga, probably bhuddists or followers of the occult and are fascinated by flying fucking saucers.
    Fucking weirdo, tree hugging, hippy fucking cunts.

  5. Yeah because narrow boats are cheap eh? Practically free?
    Are they fuck! They are anti capitalist?
    Afford a barge!
    Exstinky rebellion? Barges are deisel with a woodburner!
    Oh smelling mr &mrs hobbit might be fakes and hypocrites!
    Give the kid to me for 10yrs, ill feed him steak, chips, pudding,hotpot,
    Teach him how to throw a axe, camp out, drink beer, shoot a bow, tickle a trout etc
    Ill give em back a little miserable jr!
    And when they say “ducky darling would you like to juggle with mummy?”
    Jr will say “GET T FUCK! Yer daft twats!

    • Well when you say russian the aptly acted drama chernobyl does spring to mind and im saying nowt about the kgb

  6. Should have splashed it down the sink.
    Kid has no chance with cunts as parents, probably be home tutored to keep it out of harms way. Poor fucker.

  7. Surely this is a form of child abuse…

    You have to have a license to drive a car, a license to have a dog, but any deranged lunatic with working reproductive organs can sire a child.

    Scruffy, work shy, granola eating, weirdos

  8. They fuck you up your mum and dad
    They may not mean to but they do
    They give you all the faults they had
    And add some extra…….just for you

  9. This is typical of the world today, I mean who really cares about these dopey cunts, did they seek out a journalist to tell the story or just some halfwit hack desperate to make some shit news.

    A pair of cunts acting like cunts, not news worthy in MSM but good for a bit of a kicking on ISAC.

  10. Hey Cuntflap the tickie fairys done same for me! Haha
    Im leaving a bowl of milk an a biscuit for it tonight!
    It doesnt do it for everyone though,
    Just for the righteous and good boys.

      • Me too Moggie!
        But im a cunt thats kind to animals, old people and little kids.
        We’re in tickie fairys ‘nice’ book👍👍

        • Your not that boilerman from Burnley who was in the paper the other day fixing boilers for free to vulnerable and needy pensioners of the North West are you Miserable? Brought a tear to my eye so it did.

          • What a cracking bloke he is eh LL?
            Going to heaven that lad isnt he?
            Yeah melted my little black heart that,
            That’s the kind of bloke should be rewarded on the honours list rather than these little luvvie ducky types.

  11. I don’t need any sympathetic likes from some patronising cunt. He can stick his likes up his shitbox the wanker.

    • No hes done you too Freddie!
      You must of been especially good ,
      Me and Cuntflap must be a good influence on you!
      Ive started praying to it at nght after ive cleaned my teeth an got my jimjams on.
      Dont start slagging it off it’ll curse us or something…

  12. If you are that worried what kind of world your child is going to grow up in, perhaps you shouldn’t have had the cunt in the first place. If it isn’t already fucked in the head as a result of a union between those fucking dustbin dwellers, then they are making sure it will be by treating it like that. Put the kid in care and Spey the twats.

  13. Whenever this idiot was shat out my her mother, surely she can’t have been named “Hobbit” ? (Isn’t this kind of look-at-me-damn-it lunacy is a more recent thing ?) Surely she must have deed-polled it upon herself, for attention ?

    Likewise with refusing to stamp her own offspring with a gender, “Hobbit” has now garnered the attention she so desperately craves from the media and even us cunters….

    Advice to her partner – Hobbit ? – Nobbit then Lobbit.

  14. What a couple of cunts. It looks like they live on a barge. Hopefully they can sail it down to just off the coast of Somalia, perhaps in a mini flotilla with Gretas yacht and see how accepting the Somalian pirates (who are even bigger cunts) are of their ideals.

  15. Ignore them. Leave them in a vacuum of nothing. The World has lots more problems than these kinds of cunts.
    Social Services should deal with them and as we know they really are hopless but if they don’t get involved we really can’t do anything about it. And the more publicity we give these kinds of cunt the more will emerge to abuse their offspring.

  16. I almost got these cunts mixed up with some other crusty types who have been in the news this week. Some bone idle new age types, pumping out kids on benefits, visited by that Poundland Lorraine Chase, Stacey Gooney. Feral brats running around their gratis house (your welcome), the crusties reckoned that they didn’t cost the taxpayers much, as the cunts were born at home, and they weren’t going to school, as the parents would take care of their education. They had an eight year old who couldn’t spell its own name. Still, you can sign on with an X I suppose, so, no drama there. Welfare is a lifestyle choice, and if anyone questions this, they are labelled worse than Hitler. Fuck me, we almost need a little dose of cristalnacht to put it into perspective, as they aren’t teaching it in school. All those kids bleating in cities yesterday about climate change, my initial thought was try going to school and learning some stuff, but thinking isn’t on the curriculum anymore. Fucking BBC interviewing 8 year olds about their agenda, they still believe in Santa for fucks sake!

  17. Ho ho ho !
    An American man has drowned while proposing to his girlfriend underwater
    during a ‘ once in a lifetime ‘ trip to Tanzania .
    Perhaps he’s related to these two daft Cunts.
    Go Darwin !
    Good evening,

  18. Evening Jack,
    Well he got what he wanted didnt he?
    Was once in a lifetime, nowt to complain about.
    On the goblin watching the orrible WHO live at kilburn 1977.
    What a band, absolutely blistering, full of energy, talented as fuck!
    Moons fuckin lovin it…😀😀😀

    • Evening MNC. . Yes, he certainly got what he wanted. Keith Moon fulfilled the ‘ My Generation ‘ wish too.
      Good band the Who, never got to see them.

      • I saw them, sans Moon, but would of loved to of seen them with keith!
        Would of loved to see zeppelin back in day and peter Greens Fleetwood Mac.
        Seems to be THE WHO night tonight on sky arts, quadraphenia on later.

      • I did, 3 times.
        A drummer who didn’t keep time, played rolls and fills. Very loudly.
        A bassist who played more Intricate notes than a lead.
        A lead guitar who played mostly chords, some big fuckers at that.
        A great singer.
        We shan’t see their like again.

  19. Some guy who filmed quadrophenia saying he had to meet the members of THE WHO to discuss it,
    Last was moon, said Keith turned up in a roller and did the whole consultation in character as long john silver!😀😀

  20. I bet these two fucking unwashed hippy bastards have an unbelievably high opinion of their intelligence, I bet they are insufferable bores, using the poor little fucking brat as a vehicle to exhibit their right-on ness

  21. OK, I’ve used a real email address now (my bad should’ve read the info properly) so hopefully this works…I found this site after googling ‘Owen Jones is a cunt’. I’m sure I’m not the first.

    These two twats above remind me of Viz’s ‘The Modern Parents’. What cunts to piss off and embarrass the grandparents like this.

    I bet she didn’t get up the duff the normal way. It was either a case of him jizzing into a biodegradable test tube, while listening to whale music in his vegan diversity treehouse or he applauded her boyfriend on in a cuck show of empowering his wife.

    And if this kid turns out to be a serial killer (“It puts the lotion in the basket”) I doubt many would be surprised.

    We used to burn witches in the good old days.

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