Elijah Quashie ‘The Chicken Connoisseur’

A YouTube star, famous for his reviews of chicken shops, has criticised the government’s decision to feature knife crime warnings on takeaway boxes.

Oh the fucking irony.

This cunt is an expert on London chiggun shops apparently. He is black, of course. He says blacks eat chiggun. He also admits that they occasionally stab each other. But he thinks the chiggun box tactic is racist-ish and stereotyping. So we have a black person, in London who reviews chiggun shops. Not Italians, Chinese or Indian restaurants. Chiggun shops.

Stereotype or what?

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75 thoughts on “Elijah Quashie ‘The Chicken Connoisseur’

  1. Rather too many people wouldn’t recognise an ironic situation if it came up an kneed them in the nuts. But they still demand to be heard.

    • Maybe the love child of Idi Amin and Benny from Crossroads, the gormless looking little cunt.

      Miss Diane, Miss Diane, gimme some more chiggun you honky bitch.

  2. Another “I’m so offended” cuntstain, wanting his 15 minutes just because he is not white and wants to play the R card in front of all his fake friends on fuckbook!

    I read in the local rag a few days ago that some black group on fuckbook are trying to get rid of other offensive terms such as “Black Magic” (the chocolates); “Black Listed”, “Black Balled”, “Black Jack”, “Black Sheep”, “Black Marked” and other negative references (including the word “niggardly” and “slave”)

    Where will it all end?

  3. Initially I thought this was a very late April fools joke , anyway Little Arnold Willis can fuck right off and go choke on his chiggun!!

  4. I think he needs to be Lynched. Not as he is black, but because he is a cunt. It would make good You Tube for his like as well, Win Win

    • If I was in charge cunts would be executed in a comical fashion. So, he would be given a choice. To be fed to giant man eating chickens or to be deep fried, chopped up and fed to lions. Which sounds best?

  5. Here’s the thing……if you wanted to get messages to Muslims, you’d probably target mosques and curry houses, would that be racist? No, because that’s where most Muslims spend their time. I would imagine nearly every black teenager eats fried chicken, it’s not a secret. This moron probably makes plenty of money using this fact that black people like fried chicken, it’s in effect his business model. You can’t stereotype facts.

    • What about putting ‘No To Knife Crime’ on the base of a white woman’s spine so it could read while she was being r*ped.
      Not racist, just practical.

      • Loads of sexy damaged women covered in tattoos anyway, maybe they could make some cash on the side and walk around naked advertising KFC with their tattoos

  6. According to Wikipedia – the cunt has his own page, ffs – he’s 23 years old and thinks Corbyn makes sense. Care in the community.

  7. This attitude really amuses me whilst simultaneously making me want to puke.

    Youth deaths from stabbings here in Londonistan are disproportionately BLACK, both the victims and the perpetrators.


    This is also a fact that nobody is allowed to mention as they will automatically have a great big, fuck off ‘race card’ thrown at them. ‘Well yes, we know it’s a fact, but for God’s sake don’t fucking say it as you are RACIST’.

    It is also hilarious that a black manchild is regularly sucking on chicken and has made a name for himself (how proud his mother must be) critiquing chicken shops, but to say that black people like chicken is ‘stereotyping’….

    You really could not make this shit up.

    • Arnold is right its stereotyping black people!
      Print no to knives on something else!
      Dunno say melons or bananas!
      Anyway this is all wrong! Should be giving kids what they want, basic supply & demand!
      Free knive when buy chicken!
      Be queuing round the block.

  8. Did he try to buy a knife there because
    he got confused and thought it was an advertisement rather than a warning?

    “Er, I’ll have 3 pieces, two strips, two hot-wings, large fries, a Pepsi and a zombie knife please.”

    “We don’t sell knives here!?!”

    “But it sez on the box, in’it!”

    The crying shame is that statistics (until they are banned for being wrong-think) show that the vast majority of knife crime in the capital is perpetrated by young black males, overwhelmingly attacking young black males.

    Knife crime has risen in the capital because of the escalation of violence caused by the growing gift of Somali and Nigerian yardy-boys (taking full advantage of our STILL wide open immigration policy farce), thus meaning our own West Indies citizens have to “tool up” equally so’s not to fall behind in the arms race.

    The reason for this – according to Guardian sources – is that old white people are not dying quickly enough, they did vote for Brexit after all…


  9. Nice English name. Anyway, perhaps there is a connection between chicken and stabbing? I think there should be a Royal Commission to investigate this – then close all the fucking chicken shops. Perhaps if the cunts ate decent food, they wouldn’t get so excitable.

      • And here’s the deepest display of irony, ignorance and self stereoyping, Elijah is obviously unfamiliar with the works of Thomas Carlyle particularly this little cracker…


        This essay was first published in 1853 in which the term “Quashee” was used to denote the idle bl@ck carib plantation slave doing fuck all work in the fields when he discovered he could chuck a few seeds out of his window and pumpkins (squahes) would spring from the ground in ample supply. Eg…

        “If quashee will not honestly aid in bringing out those sugars, cinnamons, and nobler products of the West India Islands, for the benefit of all mankind, then I say neither will the powers permit quashee to continue growing pumpkins there for his own lazy benefit; but will sheer him out, by and by, like a lazy gourd overshadowing rich ground;”

        Know yer history, eat yer chiggun and be fucking grateful for it you whinging silver backed bollocks.

      • Most definitely an African surname Komodo, the Africunts outnumber the Carribean descendants who came after the war in London massively. I don’t really like these new arrogant Africunts who have literally been in the UK for five minutes, same as the Somalian. Then again I kind of dislike everyone.

        • TY, we coincide on that. Equatorial Africans are the cream of the cunts. Kenyans aren’t so bad in my experience, but Somalis…yeah. And while I don’t like anyone much either, I can’t remember being too bothered about anyone else, even Banglas. Oh, sorry, Indian Brahmins are cunts.

  10. Sign him up for a PG Tips advert …..
    Can you play banjo ?
    ” With me little cube of chicken stock …”
    Get To Fuck.

  11. We’ve got a chicken. The cunt is fast as fuck, you can’t catch it.
    You wanna see it move, poultry in motion.

    Got it from Dublin, only eats potato peelings and four leaf clover.
    Cluck of the Irish…

  12. Why are gorillas always frowning?

    Because they see what 10 million years of evolution has in store for them.

  13. He’s probably mates with the emmerdale actor who had been highly praised for his acting in a knife crime story in the soap.

    So deeply involved in the role he recreated it at some second rate luvvie event by threatening to stab another second rate luvvie to death.

    Stereo type or true to type?

    Here bruv, have some chiggin and chill out.

    • Having endured bits of Emmerdale Farm the past few weeks (courtesy Mrs Boggs) I have to say that the stories sound more fun away from the cameras. I believe this show only went effnic in recent time innit it though?

  14. I don’t see why the government should be paying for these educational boxes. It’s their customers who are dying so let the chicken franchises pay for them!
    As an aside most of these boxes end up on the pavement attracting gulls, rats and urban foxes. Vermin feeding vermin, if you like. If the winged and four legged vermin were killing each other would anyone care? No, and nobody cares about the two legged vermin either. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but even the libtards don’t give a fuck.

  15. I notice the latest yoot to get stabbed to fuck in Londonistan was in the Edgware Road. So, a good chance it might be a peaceful bruvver. Fingers crossed.
    Still, we found 86 replacements in the Channel the other day so high fives all round.
    The one shortage we know for sure Brexit won’t bring is a shortage of scroungers.

    • According to Wireless 4 another bunch of cunts have been picked up off the Kent coast today – one stupid arsewipe in a kyack at 1.30 this morning – I suppose it just proves you can[t have your kyack and eat it too..

      • Maybe the Wehrmacht should have built a million fucking kayaks in 1940, and we’d all be speaking Kraut now.

      • Apparently one enterprising Iraqi tried to swim across wearing a life jacket made from plastic drink bottles.
        Unfortunately, he forgot to screw the tops on to them, so his bottles of 7UP let him down and his body was recovered near Belgium.

      • How many of these crossings has there been and yet there doesn’t appear to have been one, not fuckin one trafficker caught.
        Border Force? More Border Farce.
        Can there ever have been a more inappropriately named

    • I saw this quote and really didn’t know what to make of it: “French politician Pierre-Henri Dumont said migrants were wrongly being told “the crossing will close” after Brexit.”

      Wrongly being told? The fucking crossing should be closed NOW, it sounds to me like the French cunts know all about it and are quite happy for it to continue.

    • Shh, don’t mention Brexit! I did once but I think I got away with it.

  16. He sure does look like a grade A cunt. But at least I’ve been reminded that I need to buy some Brillo Pads.

  17. Wot you taking about ,Wiilis? Is this not the midget from different strokes? They all look the same to me: Dwafs, not Kaffirs.

  18. what!!!!! he bin eatin chikun aint dat sum kinda meat , what would our vegan nazi police say, exactly nothing because he doesn’t fit the blame it on the middle aged white male profile, if I was a chicken I definitely would cross the road if that cunt came anywhere near

  19. Better not mention Occam’s razor on a chiggun box then.

    I’ve always wondered why kuhns like chiggun. Free bone for the nose with each box I suppose.

  20. No idea who he is, but he looks like his mouth is glued on upside down and he’d make a great mudguard for a Land Rover.

  21. Almost all knife crime in the smoke is blacks doing other blacks…
    What part of that does this chiggun scarfin choccydrop bastich not fucking get?…
    Lordy fuckin Lord!

  22. I thought Arnold from different strokes was dead. Obviously not.
    If this cunt reviews Chicken shops then it’ll take him the rest of his life to review the endless shite Halal Chicken shops in London.
    Cheap shite food for cunts. They be cunts. Piss off.

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