Advertising Standards Authority (2)

The Advertising standards authority. These cunty cunts are getting too big for their boots. Just on the news that the have banned the e-Golf ad because of the hurt it could cause by gender stereotyping! IT HAD THREE COMPLAINTS!

What a bunch of total cunts.

Nominated by Waft

I Would like to nominate the ASA, the over the top PC cunts who are the advertising standards agency.

They have made the news by banning two adverts. One is for Philadelphia cheese, its the one where two blokes are in a restaurant and one puts a baby on a rotating food bar while chatting to his mate, this one received a ‘huge’ number of complaints, around 120 -Banned for gender stereotyping.

The second is for the e-Golf, this one had a massive THREE complaints. It shows a woman sleeping in a tent and a guy in a zero gravity eating an apple, a para athlete doing the long jump and ends with the Golf going past a woman sitting on a bench next to a pram – Banned for gender stereotyping.

What the fuck is going on? The standards agency justify the bans because of the potential of the adverts to do harm.
We are living in a limp dick world full of limp fucking dicks!

Nominated by sick of it

25 thoughts on “Advertising Standards Authority (2)

  1. 1984 is upon us with the ASA leading the vanguard. George Orwell must be spinning in his grave and any medium that cares to contact him will hear the words “ I fucking told you so you cunts”.


    Fuck off.

  2. Until DFS are forced to stop broadcasting their fucking daft never-ending sale adds, which is a load of shit (both the ads, the sofas and DFS itself) and beauty products are allowed to publish “research which shows that “83%* of the volunteers (*based on 74 wimmin taking part)” bollocks, then I will always regard the ASA as a joke organisation, paying enormous fees for self aggrandising freeloaders.

    • DFS ads? Cunts have a multi-cultural fucking puppet family and every bloke has a trendy fucking beard in their pc-fest ads. I’d rather park my arse on a fucking wasps nest than one of their suites. The cunts.

  3. I’m in agreement that TV should show the UK’s diversity of population but the present crop of adverts presents a picture that might apply to London, Bradford or Birmingham but virtually nowhere else in the country. Virtually every advert has BAME characters which doesn’t match the reality. I’m also fucking pissed off with watching white women pandering to black or Asian men, while white men are always portrayed as unintelligent, wimpy twats. There’s always a frizzy haired child (black, white or in between) running around too and they never seem to have a short, back and sides, the little cunts. While not wanting to offend anyone from Bumholia (although I don’t care, really), the prevalence of men kissing men on TV is now beyond a joke. Perversion is becoming the new norm. Bunch of cunts.

  4. I might complain about the HSBC advert where that bespectacled prick does his best anti-Brexit bit., “We buy French dogs, Belgian cakes, Korean laptops…we are not an island.” Erm…yes we are.

    Dear ASA

    There’s a man on the tv who’s a cunt stereotype.


    • Headmistress Swinson laying down the rules to her new batch of seven year olds – my party my rules. We will defy democracy and all the old farts and old biddies applaud her like a monkey that sees a bag of nuts. The LibDem (or Illiberal Undemocrat Cunts) conference is merely a self-satisfied circle jerk

      • They even wheeled out Jurgen Klopp doppelganger Guy Verhofstadt at the Limp Dumbs conference to call for the end of nation states to wet the panties of the audience of traitors. They moan about ‘interference’ when Donald Trump tweets support for Boris or Brexit but regardless of his flaws at least he was democratically elected.

  5. Multicultural Britain should be done under the Trades Description Act. They spent 50 years manufacturing it. And it doesn’t work.

  6. Disagree, just to be awkward. If the ASA bans ANY advert, for any reason whatsoever, they are performing a public service and do not deserve cunting. If ads are targeted at the BAME/LGBTXYZ sectors, they are so much the more irrelevant to the rest of us, and so much the less likely to influence our decisions. This will self-correct once the beard and manbun boys (and girls, and Things) register our indifference to their attempted mind control.

    If Dante were alive today, he would be forced to invent an eighth circle of hell for the advertising industry. But your daily infusion of its audiovisual sludge would be much reduced if you listened to me and binned your fucking boxes.

      • Trouble is, so much of the non-advert output is blatant propaganda or cosy eyewash. Even the entertainment*. I can envisage a not too distant day when I am reliant on samizdat publications and short-lived websites for the other half of a balanced view.

        *Especially on R4, most of which is now unlistenable unless you are a BAME immigrant woman with cancer or relationship ishoos.

          • I choose not to watch any programmes that are blatant propaganda. And certainly not any cosy eyewash. By recording you can decide what and when to watch it.

            Regarding adverts, I haven’t seen one on TV for over 15 years.

            I do however like to keep an eye on what the enemy is up to. As Sun Tzu wrote in The Art of War, Circa 600 BC:

            “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succümb in every battle.”

            Radio 4 is as bad as BBC TV now imo. Awash with BBC trailers and all the other rubbish you mentioned.

          • PS: I Leave all the blatant propaganda and cosy eyewash viewing to the wife. She’s made an Olympic sport of it!

            Goes without saying we have separate TVs and HDD recorders… 😂

          • It just gets worse, doesn’t it? I took the Europhiles for granted, but let us never forget the cunts. Wonder how a white S.African comedian illuminating the corrupting effect of black rule in SA would get on at one of these events?

  7. What chance these days of seeing some of those ”Boddingtons cream” adverts, ho hum the good old days to coin a phrase

  8. Thats why i love the missus, when ‘her’ progs come on she tells me to fuck off down the pub ,because i rip the shit out of ads, progs and any other shite that boils me piss on tv) nuffink but a cuntfest for cunts.

  9. The ASA have upheld a few of my more than justifiable complaints, all of which were due to ads misrepresenting claims or historical inaccuracy.
    For that I applaud them, but they did refuse to uphold my complaint about some shitty yoghurt ad, where some giggling trollop used a man as a footstool.
    So yes, they are cunts on this occasion.

  10. Hooo-eeee, advertising – where the fuck do you start? There is cuntery here that does not sleep – literally.

    As I see it, it’s probably THE most inimical and dangerous of broadcast output. Programmes come and go and take their questionable content and inevitable biases with them, advertisements on the other are the real tool of subversion as The Message is delivered straight into the minds of an uncritical, already semi-comatose, pre-programmed viewing public every 15 minutes, repeating ‘The Message’ over and over and over again, hour after hour, day after day, generation after generation, engineering its own revised and repositioned perceptions of normalcy.

    Rare indeed is an advert that will actually be mildly diverting through its innovation of technique or its intriguing narrative or is genuinely funny, but it’s a once a year event and either way will have no influence at all on what I choose to spend my cash on, in fact advertising is a positive disincentive to any prospective purchase on my part. That’s just in relation to the best of its output; as for the worst of it… fuck me where to apply the rigger boot first?

    Bastard homo-erotic meerkats suddenly getting their magic family? Do I need a fucking animated penguin telling me to buy a gas/piss boiler? The Admiral ad where a female in admiral’s uniform…
    (coz there’s loads of female fleet admirals in the RN aren’t there, our history’s studded with examples of female excellence in naval strategy and warcraft… there’s…er…erm……..)
    …sorts out the life of the male character who’s just fucked his house up because he can’t operate a fucking remote control. All part of the infantilisation process of course so that now cunts won’t buy anything that hasn’t had the thumbs up from a bright pink ‘claymation’ Morph-a-like.
    Everyone has their own particular object of ridicule/scorn/detestation I’m sure but the one that’s guaranteed instantly to turn my piss to fucking plasma are those fucking cunt-cunty-bastard fuck fuckity cunting Trivento ads and the exploits of a self satisfied clique of total cunts sucking each others dicks over their heroics whilst knocking back some grape grog. How long would you last at such a gathering do you think? 5 minutes in and the fingers of your left hand are drumming the table in mounting rage, the right hand clenching involuntarily into a fist, knee jiggling up and down as the adrenaline starts to flow, which one to fucking clump first? Oooooh decision decisions!

    “12,000ft in the air…” and I still can’t escape the realisation that I’m a fucking cunt who can’t pack a parachute!

    “Tent up, fire built, cock out… and that’s why…” you’re a complete wanker?

    “Nothing beats it… or me…(mugs to camera)” Well I have here a well knocked in Gunn & Moore that would urgently like to take you to task on that statement! Smarmy, too-groomed cunt that you undoubtedly are!

    “Face to face with a shark…” Yeah right! Green screened in the Brum Sealife Centre more like. Let’s see how you cope at 32 metes, mid February at the bottom of Stoney Cove in half a yard of viz with a free-flowing 1st stage!! Pike shit come the dawn I’ll wager.

    …actually this wet, hyper cock juggler has some previous from the ads where he catches some cunt trying to mooch his yard and oh so politely enquires “Erm what are you doing?” (as opposed to “Oi YOU! Y’ FUCKING CUNT!!” as would you or I) and instead of the Dark Key/Dooshka with a half brick ready to take out his poncy door bell cam that experience tells us to expect, we get some RADA voiced, middle class ponce claiming he’s “looking for my cat!” WTF??? Inversion of reality again.

    BUT… as has been flagged up several times it’s the blatant promotion of miscegenation that I find the most offensive and insidious. No one can have missed the exponential rise of this ethno-centric, virtue signalling band-wagoneering. Over the past 18mths – 2yrs they’ve really pressed the accelerator to the degree that it’s now practically omnipresent. Literally EVERY advert now features a ‘mixed race’ (fuckin’ hate the very phrase) pairing and 95% of the time its a white wimminz with her silver-backed buck. the remaining 5% will involve a white bloke and and asian female (never black for some reason) Oh apart from that “Just Eat” shite where they cringingly have a WW2 bomber pilot voiced as a black female gospel singer??? Talk about reality inversion! But of course that’s exactly what cultural Marxism was framed to achieve, negation through the dialectic inversion of prior truths and norms such as…

    Alexa Echo – implausibly scened rural coalburner and her ‘buck’ ensconced in a cozy farm house fixing a ‘baby-cam’ their piccaninny’s pet piglet. Aaaahhhh! Fuck off!

    Pampers – featuring the requisite mixed race sprog and parents.

    Morrisons – white female with 3 white kids and a buck in residence. (their father probably having been taken to the cleaners and left in a bedsit living off brevilled Co-op cheese n’ ham sandwhiches)

    Legal & General – Coalburner and buck with an older white child and younger mixed race yard ape, no missing the narrative here is there? (see above for the back story)

    Legal & General (again) – but curiously this time a white wimminz seemingly left abandoned by the buck with a brace of porch monkeys to feed.

    Patient Claim Line – Coalburner in front of a cot containing guess what? Yep. And in case the proles still haven’t got the message…

    Clear Blue – preggo testers feautring etc etc etc do I need to explain?

    …and so on and so forth ad nauseum. Lidl (dripping with it) Lloyds bank (ditto) Flora marg,, Virgin Trains, the latest Vodaphone campaign… all promoting miscegenation without let up. And if the script, content and casting aren’t blatantly miscegenist they’ll dub on a bl*ck soul/(c)rap backing track. No matter what it is they’re hawking “we gotta have some aggressively lyriced NWA track on it, that’ll shift more toothpaste”

    So yes – The Cuntvertising Standards(?) Authority(?) must be cunted; for 5 solid minutes every 15 minutes, every day, 365.

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